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Buy OnePlus Nord N10 5G Unlocked Smartphone, Midnight Ice?, 90Hz Refresh Rate, 6GB RAM + 128GB storage, US Version, Model BE2026 online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.49 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Midnight Ice, Brand: OnePlus
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OnePlus Nord N10 5G Unlocked Smartphone, Midnight Ice?, 90Hz Refresh Rate, 6GB RAM + 128GB storage, US Version, Model BE2026 Features

  • 5G – Upgrade to the next stage of mobile technology, OnePlus Nord N10 5G packs an ultra-fast punch. Stay connected and enjoy the digital world without the long load times
  • Warp Charge 30T – Delivering a day’s power in 30 minutes, Warp Charge 30T combined with a massive battery gives you more time with your phone and less time charging
  • 90Hz Display – Sporting a display that refreshes 50% faster than standard 60Hz displays, the N10 5G display is super responsive and smooth
  • Quad Camera – Unleash your inner photographer with the Nord N10 5G’s 64MP main camera, or capture other details with the ultra-wide, macro, or monochrome lens for additional options
  • Big Performance, Big Storage – Massive amounts of RAM allows you play and run the highest-end games and most demanding apps. 128GB of included storage allows for the downloading and installation of all your favorite films, TV shows, games, photos, and videos
Display Size: 6.49 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Midnight Ice, Brand: OnePlus
The lowest OnePlus Nord N10 5G Unlocked Smartphone, Midnight Ice?, 90Hz Refresh Rate, 6GB RAM + 128GB storage, US Version, Model BE2026 Price in USA is $226.72 at Amazon.
Buy OnePlus Nord N10 5G Unlocked Smartphone, Midnight Ice?, 90Hz Refresh Rate, 6GB RAM + 128GB storage, US Version, Model BE2026 online at Amazon.
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OnePlus Nord N10 5G Unlocked Smartphone, Midnight Ice?, 90Hz Refresh Rate, 6GB RAM + 128GB storage, US Version, Model BE2026 Reviews from YouTube

OnePlus Nord N10 5G Review - Why? | The Tech Chap
OnePlus Nord N10 5G Review - Why I WOULDN'T Buy It.
OnePlus Nord N10 5G Unlocked Smartphone, Midnight Ice​, 90Hz Refresh Rate, 6GB RAM + 128GB storage
OnePlus Nord N10 5G review
Good review mate !
The n10 is my default phone I carry three S21 for videos and a Motorola something for YouTube and texting But the n10 is just solid I love the dimensions of the phone best of all
I baught the nord 10 cuz my phone broke and it was the most decent 4 price at metro now that I upgraded to the s22+ I realize how good it really is not to mention how tuff it's fell from 2 stories and even throne thru sheetrock and still working perfect it's a good phone - poor camera quality and cheap looking camera bump it has amazing with good ear buds
Should I still get this now (06/2022) over a Xiaomi Note 11?
Thanks , I just ordered the N10
For people like me that phone works great for everything
I'm watching this video a year later and got the N10 for $100 brand new in the box. I don't play an games and so for me the only down grade on this phone compared to flagship phones is the camera... Yes it's plastic ,but who cares as we all use cases anyway.
329 pound phone? That's one heavy pile of plastic.
Might that phone get upgraded change my phone
I acutally just bought the N10 to replace my Honor 9 which served my quite well over its 4 years. Its still working fine but no longer up to date. I guess ill update this as i use it
That phone has to have the greatest sound card in the history of all phones. Absolute mind blower!
The us didn't get the og Nord so I have no choice with the n10 because it has all the proper cellular bands
Some facts. This phone was released with one of the most obnoxious vibrate sounds. Playing active games like call of duty mobile, or FF7FS, this phone starts to overheat very fast within an hour and you can feel the heat in the camera area (when you attach bluetooth controller). Especially if you try and charge and play. This is not unusual with some of the mobile games that have been released recently requiring more and more to run. But the phone will automatically reduce the screen brightness (really unnoticeable) until the phone cools back down which I found pretty cool. This is all shown in notifications. So it didn't pose a serious issue. The default user interface is not as user friendly as others. I've had a hard time getting certain windows to do certain things like close. The speaker setup is cool that it pushes out the front, but it's not the greatest for some games. It sounds excellent for something like a movie, but most games your going to opt for aftermarket headphones. Perhaps a sound equalizer app might actually help that issue I get with to high treble on game. With that said I have been very satisfied with this phone and the graphics as well as refresh rate for me are more than acceptable for the value. Update: the more I use this phone then more I realize it's junk. It always overheats. It freezes up and literally stops working when I try and run a headset and controller on Bluetooth and it starts getting hot. Black screens can't turn back on. I could keep going on. But honestly you can claim this phone is good all your want I'm telling people it's junk. If you're buying it for playing games on, it's junk. Oh also found out I have to get a new phone today simply because of this. Nord doesn't support video out because of USB 2.0. The Snapdragon supports USB 3.1 and display out, but OnePlus decided to use USB 2.0 didn't even use it for more than a couple months. New updated. Android 11 update causes the phone to go to the lowest setting on brightness and you cannot change it. If you're outside it is so dark you cannot see the screen. The only resolution is to restart your phone. Don't believe me Google it. This phone is junk.
Can oneplus 10 bird work in USA ?
how did he switch to YouTube that fast at 5:43 ?
I had a one plus 6 T and it was the best phone I have ever had . So I decided to get the one plus 10 Nord T I do love the phone I didn't do my research I would have gotten the Nord instead of the T . It's still an amazing phone I do enjoy it
only thing thats has stopped me from buying either one is wireless charging i like to save my life on my charging port since that's normally what breaks on phones
Any phone I get will be like the fastest thing in the world. The phone I am currently having to use which it is my first phone, BURNS UP WHEN IT IS PLAYING ANGRY BIRDS. It is also so slow that when I open my recent apps I sit there for 10 seconds and then it will show recent apps. This phone will be 100x faster than my current one.
It's my phone 😳
the asmr when you take the wrapper of the phone was horrifying.
** What is your favourite OnePlus phone this year? **
My Nord n10 OnePlus system memory bug crashes my phone. It robs 100gb of my memory and I can't delete it. You literally can't do anything.
Ive had my n10 since 2 days after they released in my area about a year and half its been good to me but for what i spent the screen glues should at least outlast the life of the phone when untampered now after I've dropped it in water to discover my screens been peeling off and now my phone probably has water in it so 50/50 there but regardless the only solution to the glue is to replace the entire display and use aftermarket adhesive tape that leaves it vulnerable to water anyway so it feels like im gunna have to hope i can go 7 more months without getting it wet again (im a car wash attendee) so i can get out of my carrier contract and get something new assuming i ever find the money
Hey thanks for the review I just picked up the Nord N10 one year later After it was released for $100 brand new. I think I might just start buying good budget phones one year after real they’re released and pay a third of their original price and then if I break it who cares and I don’t care if it gets updated more than one year cause I’m only keeping it one year and so next year I’ll turn around and sell this phone for $30-$50 but that won’t matter cause I only paid 100
I bought it.....and sent it back. Terrible bluetooth connection to my headsets and many dropped 5G calls.
I am still using the 7T Pro McLaren. Haven't come across anything better that justifies upgrading/spending more $$$, its been paid off for nearly 2 years now. My father needed a phone, I couldn't convince him on a used 7T Pro. He got one of these at T Mobile. It is a really decent phone, if a bit over priced in my humble opinion.
Put nethunter bootloader and it's a good lol
This phone is now 230euros
POV: were both watching this on the phone he's talking about
I have one of those phone and i like it
This guy expects a flagship phone on a Midrange device. Also, this is the best Nord phone available in the US.
I got it for 120$ would you say it's worth it? My main phone is a iphone 11
It is glass back i think.
It Is a pretty good phone and I am Happy to have bought It.
I'm using the n10 to watch this video and I live in usa. It's the best quality phone for the price you can get INSIDE of a stores selection at least when I bought it six months ago. I spent 265 dollars for the phone and was given a good case as well. I'm a Call of duty mobile player and for the price this was the best I could get in store. I don't have an issue with the phone playing my game if connected to good wifi but playing on my data in my building is t always the best. I'll get anywhere from 45 ms to 70 ms while on Data in my building but if I connect to a good wifi and play I get around 13 to 17ms and it plays the game quite well on max frame rate and of I choose medium graphics though I usually play on low. Overall of I had known about the Poco x3 pro phone at the time I would have ordered it considering it has a Snapdragon 860 with 6/128 storage or the 8gb ram for 300. Overall the phone is ok I'm somewhat pleased with it. Just wish I would have known about the Poco x3 pro.
I like how you showed killing a black guy you my little latent racist ☺️
It's 282 on TMobile... Has a big screens 5g and super fast charging. You can't get better for 280 this phone has more MP than the pixel 6 pro a $900 phone
The N10 5g phone is the best phone under $300.
I just ordered this for my daughter, xmas gift, she did a good job and not breaking the screen on her first android last year, it was a cheaper than this N10 phone, charging port on the phone is defective, I did order a rugged otter box for it, maybe I will look into getting a better one that protects the screen. Accidents happens, phone drops. I do it often and my screen hasn’t shattered.
You look more beautiful then phone ❤😅
Review is awesome👍👏
I just recently found out that it's pwned by Oppo. So yeah, consider that it'll start becoming more and more average.
About 34 years ago, my hard drive was 10 megabytes. Around that time Poland ran it's economy on 64,000 bytes of processing. Modern smartphones are relative supercomputers. Relative to WHAT? A supercomputer from 2020, 2015, 2010, and so on. Would love to know. "an outdated iPhone such as the 5S can outperform Cray-1, and it could also outdo the Cray-2 which was the world's fastest and most powerful supercomputer up until 1990. Taking GFLOPS rating as an example, while the Cray-2 produced up to 1.9 GFLOPS, the 5S can do around 77 GFLOPS, a huge difference." War Games 1983 computer could play Tic Tac Toe, but my newest tablet can play chess at many levels and certainly at a higher level than me.
The problem of this phone is. It doesn't have led light. So u have to guess if it is charged already or not yet.
I really like the n10. it seems to do everything real well good battery life. I try not to be too picky or Tuesday because I know I didn't pay a couple hundred dollars for it so I don't expect everything to be super hyper like $1,000 phone I just think it's ridiculous to pay $1,000 for a phone
How fast do you think the finger sensor should work it has to be instantaneous
Iv had this phone for 1 year it really sucks 😞 my video lags or freezes I have warranty it twice now, the screen very weak, and if you are playing a game or something it gets hot really quick. My husband has a Samsung A32 and it cost way less and worked way better. I will be changing to a different phone soon I don't recommend.
If I'm looking for a bigger screen phone to connect to my iPhone's hotspot just for media consumption, would you say this is a good option? I found it for $245.
Thanks for the review and I just got this brand-new for $100 and so for me this is a great phone I don’t know if it was worth 300 when it first came out … but one year later it’s 100 bucks brand new so.
Its nice to see a woman presenting these review for once !
I love this phone had it for years now, no issues until now. The charger port won't hold in the cord. My I'm assuming this happens to alot of Androids, because I've had numerous phones do this. But asides that the phone is top notch.
ngi she kind of hating from what I hear the fingerprint reader is fast AF I don't know maybe she just got a bad phone 🤷🤷🤷🤷
This phone is pretty cheap right now & seems like a pretty good phone overall. I might end up buying it.
Just bought one. A refurbished from Amazon. I use a phone for, well a phone. I have a samsung Tab for everything else. Nice and cheap 5G phone at $159.00 US. When it dies someday I will toss it and buy another one of its range. No more high dollar iPhones and samsungs for me!!
My display goes right back to 30 seconds(/I want never), yet I keep needing to go back and change it It charges fast, but the battery runs down pretty fast.
Thank you for vedio ... Can it be updated to Android 11?
what one plus nord has 5000 mah battery life im getting this phone in june im pumped because Motorola not popular
thumbs up on info on OS updates

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