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Buy Palm Phone PVG100 (The Small Premium Unlocked Phone), 4G LTE, 32GB Memory, Titanium online at Amazon. Display Size: 3.3 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Titanium, Brand: Palm
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Palm Phone PVG100 (The Small Premium Unlocked Phone), 4G LTE, 32GB Memory, Titanium Features

  • UNLOCKED SMARTPHONE: The U.S. carrier unlocked Palm works with Verizon or any subsidiary networks of Verizon network. The U.S. Unlocked Palm is not compatible with the AT&T network, the Sprint Network, or T-Mobile or any subsidiary networks of either AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile using the same cellular bands and frequencies. *SIM card not included.
  • COMPACT & LIGHT: Literally fits in the palm of your hand and weighs just 2.2 oz. Unlike a smartwatch, it’s truly made for minimalist and outdoor lifestyles.
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE: Palm’s custom hardware includes a stunning 3.3 inch HD display, High Resolution 12MP rear camera, and 8MP selfie camera.
  • CELL PHONE FEATURES: GPS, Face Unlock Recognition, Water and Dust resistance (IP68), Hands-free Google Assistant, Android Google Play Apps, Wifi, and Bluetooth.
  • LIFE MODE: Eliminate distraction by silencing incoming calls and notifications every time the screen is turned off. When you wake the screen, your Palm becomes fully connected again so you’ll never miss out on life's most important moments.
Display Size: 3.3 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Titanium, Brand: Palm
The lowest Palm Phone PVG100 (The Small Premium Unlocked Phone), 4G LTE, 32GB Memory, Titanium Price in USA is $229.00 at Amazon.
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Palm Phone PVG100 (The Small Premium Unlocked Phone), 4G LTE, 32GB Memory, Titanium Reviews from YouTube

The Palm Phone actually fits in your palm
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Are you addicted to your smartphone?
I got one of these and put a normal sim card in it and now I'm using it as a normal phone
I would actually make it into a smartwatch
Where can i buy that mini android phone
Does it have mhl or slimport
Lol 3 years ago people saying 350 was too much for this device yet the galaxy fold was how much ?
Thats Amazing ecept they forget NFC
This is literally everything I have wanted in a phone. Stoked.
Totally saw this at work yesterday 💯
Nice little phone but too small for my taste. I have an LG Stylo 6. Nice Phablet. I miss the big Motorolabrick phones.
this is for kids who there parents take away there phone
me Can only afford low specs
oh no!
The backbencher will play game with this in school
Plzzzzzz brooo
I want this phne brooo plzzzz
This guy remind me in the YouTube Rodney Dangerfield Why is it that he sounds like he’s screaming at you all the time
I thought they discontinue production of these phones a while back. They used to run on HP Palm OS right? Not sure though but correct me if I'm wrong.
For 350 you could get a solid used iPhone 11 or Xiaomi
If it folded I'd buy
I see this phone on amazon as a companion phone for verizon and a standalone phone, does it matter which one i buy. I want to be able to use it either way and right now just to read my job's email and Microsoft teams chat and to log into meetings, I don't want the job's app on my everyday phone and the mini is perfect to carry with me during working hours. Great video thank you!!!
Can i buy the moppy juice pack?
Nói con me gì ko biết
Any chance for 2nd gen?
Does this thing have eSIM?
Does this phone still get regular security updates?
Where can I get the mophie juice pack?
For the life of me I can't figure out where the gallery is ont this phone. My photos are everywhere but there
Uwww i like that blue back ground light. Nice....Nice review cute little phone.pocket sz. Good to know that it uses a usb. Cable too. Have a good day☺
What’s up Larry great review 👍🏽
Liked, subbed, bought lol. Keep up the good reviews man.
I got my palm yesterday from Amazon! It is amazing
I'm now 2 days into owning a Palm phone and its quite shockingly intuitive and well designed. I've already adapted back to using a very small phone.
I bought the phone with a mophie because of this review. Thanks for the suggestion; I very much dislike how large phones are these days.
How many phones do you have #Larryqotd
Nice that's small ty4s
I've never spent over 200 for a phone. Im super cheap!
So tiny it reminds me of an ex 🤣🤣🤣 cute phone though
I spent $750 for a cellphone and thought that was too much. Galaxy S10.
The point of this phone is missed even by the people who make it. It's for people who don't want a phone, but "occasionally" do want to be contactable and/or use android (apps etc) if needs be. The battery lasts if you don't use it, which is fine. Because, there is usually no need. When there is, at least you have a phone you can carry in your pocket and not injure yourself whilst doing REAL WORLD shit, instead of walking around getting a tan from the giant oversized tablet you call a phone these days.
Okay, this phone is not available in my country yet but I doubt that it is given a forced new number? I am not sure, anyways if that is true, you can enable call forwarding on your usual phone number to the palm phone's number so anyone calling you would be transferred to your palm phone
Just was thinking to buy it. Tired of phones getting so huge. Not after watching this review. Thank you
Not for media consumption. have someone that owns a flip phone only using it for calls and the occasional picture or occasional smartphone app usage might be a good replacement.
I love my pvg, just wish I could create a hotspot! Gotta be a way...
"...on a Friday night if your gonna get WASTED get this phone" ...and by Midnight your Wasted and stranded with a dead phone! Where do i sign up?
Tnx for the review
Why don't you show how to bend a hook to change the SIM?
что за акцент??? говорил бы уж лучше на родном языке али баба
Long life to Pepito
I bought this phone for £180 to use it for a racing f1 simulator as a dashboard Using simdashboard app so battery not a problem for me as it will always be on charge when in use I needed a small phone so it didn't block out much of the monitor in the racing simulator This fit the bill perfectly as it had reasonably decent specs with a small screen most really small phones are old with terrible specs and run old android operating systems that don't get much support if any at all anymore So for me this was perfect phone even though I'm not using it as a phone
Battery on these is terrible and I mean terrible never ever worth the price 80GBP at most
I bought mine for $100 usd... Better price but I feel it needs to be cheaper... The only reason I bought mine is because most Chinese phones of this size can not run on Verizon and are limited to AT&T
Will this last 2hr workout?
If you attached this phone to one of those cases that have a built in battery for extra for extra battery do you think you could get 16 hours out of it, just wondering, good video post, thanks.
Everyone who love little phones should look on Ebay, they sell them really cheap and you will fall immediately in love. The best small phone made in years. I also had concerns about the battery, it´s not true. It last a whole day without problems. When I go out, I have the half battery the next day. Really no problem and it makes good pictures. By the way, everyone is asking you about it (can be annoying after some time)
This would be the ideal for me IF: It had a better battery and didn't cost TWICE what its should!! I don't like the big slab phones, but the whole industry is moving into that. Can barely use a decent spec phone with 1 hand. Better specs = huge phone.
Did you get a audio dongle to work with headphones?
Do AirPods connect to the Palm ?
I think there's something wrong with your battery, mine last about 5 hours of use.
To small, why would they do this
The worst/best phone ☎️
👋so cool
Micro 📱 phone in the house
I like it, I have been looking into a phone like this. Don’t like the big phone but I need the tech.
Snake would buy
Palm Phone is the best
So small
I'm into it, the small size would work great for me but i feel like i would lose it all the time. Have you lost it yet?
Tiny but size don't matter. That blond guy ha
How is that a phone? so much, so little
How is that a phone? so much, so little
That's so tiny and to small for everyday use
To small for me
Cute little Phone
Size matters!

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