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Buy Pantech Link Phone (AT&T) online at Amazon. Display Size: 2.4 inches, Memory: 32.0 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Pantech
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Pantech Link Phone (AT&T) Features

  • 3G-enabled quick-messaging phone with full QWERTY keyboard and easy access to messaging, e-mail and social networking
  • Compatible with AT&T Video Share, AT&T Mobile Music, and AT&T Navigator GPS turn-by-turn directions
  • 1.3-megapixel camera/camcorder; Bluetooth stereo music; microSD memory expansion to 32 GB; organizer tools; digital audio player
  • Up to 3 hours of talk time, up to 240 hours (10 days) of standby time
  • What's in the Box: handset, rechargeable battery, charger, quick start guide, user manual
Display Size: 2.4 inches, Memory: 32.0 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Pantech
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Pantech Link Phone (AT&T) Reviews from YouTube

Pantech Link Review
pantech link review "p7040" AT&T
Pantech Link (AT&T) - Unboxing
Pantech Link for AT&T video tour
My uncle had the Slate. I wanted to get this one at the time but I felt like the Slate was better so I went with that. Now I use an LG Stylo 5 lmao
I got won
this is the phone I use, got the first one a few years ago, and just buy more of them on ebay. The picture quality is fine, calls are clear. My favorite phone ever.
Pantech linkII also known as p5000 Facing a huge problem i did not even use the phone for 2 months the phone lost its memories you can turn it on but home page will not appear how i do solve that
I own this phone and for what it is its not bad at all.. A little tip for everyone who owns this phone.... turn down your screen brightness all the way and turn down your screen backlight to minimum (5 seconds i think) ... If you do those 2 things and turn your bluetooth off your battery lasts a long long time.... from a full charge .. I can normally get 3 full days without recharging
I liked this phone but not as much as the pantech impact that i have now :D
mine broke the other day and i dropped it like a gazzillion times in a time of two years! my phone now has a white screen, can anybody help me please and thank you :)
the phone isn't a smartphone guys.... stop comparing it to iPhones. I used to have this before I got an iPhone and it's a MESSAGING phone.
i have the phone i have dropped it 788976543245678909876543234567890876543123459876543223456787654321234567 times and i only have like 2345676543 scratches and today I'm on my way to get the samsung focus
link or reveal?
This phone is great. The texting is awesome, the browser is fast, and the calls are clear. The only complaints really are the camera and the video. Mine has been dropped so many times and still goes strong.
Why does AT&T claim that this is a smartphone?
It depends on the plan you get. On Go Phone, $50 month an browser is included
does this phone have a 3.5mm headphone jack?
i have gone threw this phone 3 times, 1 time my dog chewed it up so the keyboard wouldnt work. 2nd time the phone catch on fire so the screen was mostly melted. 3 time i droped it so many times it just shut down so i went to the a&tt store and the said there was a chemical leak. i hate this phone so they told me that we would give you the new pantech link 2 so maybe this one will be better
i had this phone and i accidentally dropped in water now it just shows a blinking white screen :(
i have this phone it stinks i need to get a new one soon!
@CrookedCastles does it? i would like to know also.
well now, sorry to hear your buttsore.
thats weird but sounds about right, pantech isnt known for having many quality phones, i used to have a windows pantech, i think the slide? dont remember off hand as it was a while ago but god it sucked so badly between the freezing 30 min battery life and horrific keyboard and screen. id def go with another brand like LG i havent had any problems with LG sharp apple or other high name brand devices. sorry to hear the bad luck though
lol well maybe you just had a defective device, or perhaps they ALL may be faulty, it IS Pantech afterall... i only had it for about a month or so took alot of pictures and mainly for calls and a few texts and i never had any problems honestly.
@serenity3325 sure you can, but since its over 3G or even Edge network, video rendering will be at MAX 240P so quality wont be very good. streams video to a 3gp format, wich is typically playable on any non smart phone. just do be sure to have a heavy data package lol... i used prepaid :/
I didn't even know you can go on youtube with this phone
I have countless great nudes locked away on this phone.. trying to access them now.. lol that's why I'm here
What a relic, I still have this phone. Dont use it though
My first phone when I was in 7th grade in 2011-12 year.
The memories with this phone!!
Best phone hands down
My first phone.
this was my first phone when i was 8, that was 8 years ago ;-;
superbobby459 I have orange to
Yeah Wi-Fi? ???
WiFi ?
I need help opening the back coverplz
this phone is cool but i have a problem enabing file acces to downloaded apps to acces user data
when i try to connect to the internet it says : Unable to connect to the network at this time. Please try again later. :(
someone must want this Forever...
Mine is orange..
just like pantech caper for verizon
Do you have to get this phone prepaid if not how can I get an unlimited talk and text and how much would it cost? Thank you to whoever helps me out !
Is there any difference between the pantech link with blue keys and orange keys? like different versions? thanks
@soccer8595 individual text.
Where can I get a cheap charger for this phone I have looked everywhere but haven't found anything
instead of holding down FN u can press it twice and u can type any symbol above the letters
U really taught me nothin I wanted to no how to do more stuff on this?!?!
All I want to know is how do i fucking record on this damn phone
How do you record stuff with this phone?
@suferdude786 ya it is. I have it and I'm 13 and it's an alright phone but calling and texting is all it's good for. I don't have mobile web and can't send or receive pics so I personally don't like it. If you are gonna get this for ur kid then I would get them a cooler phone if they go on facebook or web browsing. Like the htc inspire.
do you NEED a SIM card to take like pics and all that? and if its on the GOphone plan..where do you purchase the service cards? thnx.
that txt while driving thing is there so you cant leave the screen protector there so you have to but one its all about money, they dont give 2 shits about it
@trivtrav011 thats grat lol
Ive heard alot of complaints about this phone, but is it a good phone for a first phone if all u want to do is have umlimted text and call?
Can u lock the phone??...I have a history of butt dialing and need a phone that won't unlock in my pants. Hahaha
how do u put a signature us. so that everytime u sent a message ppl can see it?
@trivtrav011 n00b!
can you change the wallpaper to a picture you take with the phone?... and can you set contact pictures also?
If I put an mp3 file on the phone via MicroSD, can I set that as my ringtone?
@Vgoodfield013 can you change the font or the theme? like what is in the setting?
@Vgoodfield013 Can you watch youtube vids on it. I was able to at the att store and I'm just wondering if the store had anything to with it..? Thanks:)
@Hexendude1995 seeing that most humans come standard with 2 fresh hands from birth, i dont think AT&T will start selling those any time soon. im sorry.
Can u get on facebook w/o having to pay extra money for the web browser? Like can YOU NOT get the web browser and STILL get on facebook? I need a quick answer.
Do u have to have a data plan to go on the internet? Is 3g free?? Is 3G like u dont have to pay to go on the internet? Sorry. Dont no too much about phones (See 6:24 to see wut im talking about) Please respond. Thanks

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