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Buy Pantech Marauder 4G LTE Verizon Android Smart Phone (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6 inches, Memory: -, Color: -, Brand: Pantech
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  • Item Package Dimension -5.4299999944614L X 2.9899999969502W X 2.6399999973072H Inches
  • Item Package Weight - 0.76941329438 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity - 1
  • Product Type - Cellular Phone
Display Size: 6 inches, Memory: -, Color: -, Brand: Pantech
The lowest Pantech Marauder 4G LTE Verizon Android Smart Phone (Renewed) Price in USA is $99.00 at Amazon.
Buy Pantech Marauder 4G LTE Verizon Android Smart Phone (Renewed) online at Amazon.
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Pantech Marauder 4G LTE Verizon Android Smart Phone (Renewed) Reviews from YouTube

Pantech Marauder for Verizon Wireless Smartphone Unboxing Review
Pantech Marauder Review
Pantech Marauder is an Android 4.0 keyboard phone for beginners - First Look
Pantech Marauder Review Part 1
Can you tell me how to forward a text msg that I receive from someone? 
I learned way to much about my phone on this video...
Hi chrisskerry36, Right now my favorite phone for Verizon is the RAZR M. It has the same size screen as your RAZR Maxx, but the size of the phone has been reduced. If you like the battery life on the Maxx you might want to wait a few weeks and get the RAZR Maxx HD. Looks a little different, but has great battery life and a higher resolution screen. -Scott at Wirefly
Hi WheelerPatrick, It will be later this week or the first of next week. -Scott at Wirefly
Video and camera quality!!
Yeah Same here. I mean I love the response on the physical buttons of the keyboard but I just dont want to go through the same problem of the phone going bad because of the slide out
Hi bigspook999, I'm have not been the biggest supporter of Pantech phones in the past, but the Marauder has very nice build quality and looks like a very nice phone. Only time will tell if it is truly a good reliable phone. -Scott at Wirefly
Hi wac209, I just double checked my information. The Pantech Marauder does support Flash, HTML, and HTML5. -Scott at Wirefly
Hi MrFillipinoguy, Keep a look out the first of next week for the full review. Anything special you want me to cover in the review? -Scott at Wirefly
Whyyy does it not have flashhhh :/ gonna have to go for the Droid 4 then...
Will switching between starter mode and standard mode have an effect on the battery? Hopefully that makes sense :)
Hi dementedacademic, The AnTuTu benchmark came in at 6526 and the Quadrant Standard benchmark came in at 5118. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Scott at Wirefly
can you run antutu and quandrant benchmarks and tell us the scores :), with that we can guess the processor. I have a feeling this is the lower end msm8225 and not msm8960 by looking at the speed in the video.
I agree Allen3697. I am looking forward to putting the Marauder through some benchmarks for the full review. -Scott at Wirefly
Thanks ramon leon jr!!! -Scott at Wirefly
Hi IdaliaBerry, What do you mean by switching between two different modes? -Scott at Wirefly
Hi 5399michael, I was also surprised so far with the Pantech Marauder. The look and feel of the Marauder is good and the phone seems to work very smooth. I'm looking forward to putting it through some benchmarks and other test. Stay tuned for the full review.
Hi dementedacademic, When I look at the system information in the AnTuTu Benchmark it looks like the Marauder has a dual-core ARMv7 Processor. -Scott at Wirefly
Hi shoryurepa1, I understand and agree with what you are saying about the slide out being a weak point for something to break. That has happened to me a few times and is the reason that I went to a touchscreen phone. -Scott at Wirefly
does it require a data plan
I want that phone
Im gwtting this phone tomorrow
I'm watching dis on my pantech maraudef.its preety legit phone
I'm still trying to root I need advanced drivers help
so 1.2 ghz dual core and 1 gb ram is low end? lol you are stupid
i only have 5 pages in standard mode
yes Sofilia
Too much American specific things on this channel these days, must find another!
The interface is ugly! They could have kept it stock ics!
Stop reviewing cheap ass low end phones!
@JeremiahJJH i dont know if this is comment was meant for me, but i know its ics you dont know what sarcasm is. what makes you a noob and even more 12 year old kiddo
@princymihawk Thx for responding but it was sarcastic, I mean y can this phone launch with ICS but a Sony flagship phone not?
is that siris husband talking????
Got ics?
1.2Ghz dual-core and 1024RAM and this is a budget phone?! why i cant buy it in my country :'(
For some reason I like budget phone reviews! Great review!
I have the Pantech Marauder and personally it is a decent phone with good features. The only problem I have found is the fairly low amount of data storage. As of recently I have had trouble texting due to not enough "file space". Though this could be a glitch, I would like an answer.
If it didn't up grade it self u use the top botten and the + volume button at the same time ......I have this phone and its not the best
I have the same phone, but how do I take a screen shot with it?
Imma get dis tommorow :D
I need advanced drivers for this phone help
Hello Lynn La!!!! lynn la lyn la lynn la la la la
Hmm, looks like it was supposed to of had GB, there were 4 bottom Capactive buttons, where as ICS devices usually have 3, not 4 like pre 4.0 devices, like the Razzr Maxx
This is a good thing, I'd say 90% of people out there don't even know or understand what Android is. They just think, "Oh... a gadgety expensive phone that does a lot of stuff... LOOK! A camera. Honey! I got me an iPhones." No offense, but they just don't know any better. And really, the Android community seems quite hostile to newbs trying to learn how to do the more advanced stuff. Presenting a simplified version of the OS like this, and being able to switch to normal eventually, great.
She's getting better phones to review :D
marauder shield?
i always tap my foot to this beginning song
apparently iphone ...
That look good for my first phone
by the way Sam Morris, Lynn speaker loud enough in this video. I viewed it via tablet.
VGA camera in front? who still uses VGA?
Please make Lynn speak louder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
looks bulky
Note. Avi
I loved this phone when I had it haha
So glad I got rid of this freaking phone.
This phone is a down right pile of shit! Glitches out badly, not durable at all, heavy as hell, screen is also really weird because it's either sensitive or not sensitive enough depending on what you're doing.
This cell phone can move apps to the sd card ? Cuz I cant :/
Thank you for all the detail about the keyboard! I'm 6 feet and 4 inches tall, so I have large hands. I like that this keyboard has actual space between the keys. I have an LG VS-700 Enlighten and the keys are scrunched together. And the keys don't have a grippy, rubbery texture like with the Marauder.
no gsm... europe left out as usual
It is 106 where she is
How much is the bill on this phone every month if you have unlimited call and text with verizon?
i want it
Great review! You communicate clearly and you focus on the phone itself rather than your own preferences, thus allowing viewers to make their own informed decision. Thanks.
This vid came out on my b day I think I'm gonna get it it's free on my contract
Awesome video, keep up the good work!:)
0:48 what the hell is she saying?????
It's not as clear as other 720P cameras. The video is not as sharp as it could be.
She records her videos with the phones she reviews...
Good job sydney :)
Where is Brandon miniman
Maybe she can't afford a better one? I think Aaron is awesome like his reviews better but this girl got talent and she'll get their :)
Darth Maul = Darth Marauder ?
You do know the video is available in 720p and that it's perfectly clear, right?

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