Plum RAM 10 Unlocked 4G Volte 2022 Rugged Phone ATT Tmobile Consumer Cellular Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Plum RAM 10 Unlocked 4G Volte 2022 Rugged Phone ATT Tmobile Consumer Cellular online at Amazon. Display Size: 2.4 inches, Memory: 512 GB, Color: Orange, Brand: Plum
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Plum RAM 10 Unlocked 4G Volte 2022 Rugged Phone ATT Tmobile Consumer Cellular Features

  • 2022 Model - Plum RAM 10 VoLTE Latest Technology. Compatible with, ATT, Tmobile, Speed Talk, Consumer Cellular, Mint, Ting NOT COMPATIBLE WITH Verizon, Straight Talk, Xfiniti
  • Water, Shock and Dust Resistant, Military Grade, IP68 Tough and Durable
  • Dual Camera, Poweful Battery, Fm Radio, 2.4" Display, FlashLight
  • Comes Ready out of the Box, remove the sim from your old phone, insert into this phone. All set.
  • Factory Unlocked to be used with any service provider worldwide EXCEPT Boost/Verizon
  • Includes, 1700 mAh Battery, Charger, Cable, Sim tool, Quick Guide
Display Size: 2.4 inches, Memory: 512 GB, Color: Orange, Brand: Plum
The lowest Plum RAM 10 Unlocked 4G Volte 2022 Rugged Phone ATT Tmobile Consumer Cellular Price in USA is $87.73 at Amazon.
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Plum RAM 10 Unlocked 4G Volte 2022 Rugged Phone ATT Tmobile Consumer Cellular Reviews from YouTube

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Fuck yes! Finally a new tiny oldschool 4g volte compatible phone! Totally buying one
Does it work with u.s. cellular
I am also very concerned about buying it to use in Vietnam. I also didn't find an option to buy an extra battery to reserve a replacement. I'm looking for a simple flip phone that is also affordable. These smartphones become boring and time consuming. Thank you for the video. 👍
Has anything been done or said about this particular phone (Ram plus 4g Volte) working with Consumer Cellular?
does it have predictive text?
sup man we’re you able to text by clicking the buttons for a letter instead of having to click the letters on the screen? can’t find the setting anywhere
What exactly did you do to get your phone to work for T-Mobile like you mentioned before? I just bought this phone and have T-Mobile and it would suck if it doesn’t work that good thanks
Can you use the FM radio using a Bluetooth speaker ?
Does the device have a WiFi hotspot feature?
It's a shame that this phone has so many shortcomings. Cosmetically it's very appealing (the orange details and the secondary display especially!) and personally I love the UI since it has that familiarity of feature phones from the 2000s. I wish the design choices could make up for the lack in quality :-/
Does this phone have T9 texting ? Does this phone have wifi hotspot ?
Does the phone offer internet and email?
I got this phone from Walmart's website in November of 2019, so I've had it for about a year and a half. Here are parts of my experience/problems with it. Quick answer (TLDR): For $80, its garbage and don't live up to its expectations. Long answer: Right after I bought the phone, but before I got it in the mail, I decided to look at the reviews. A problem people were having was with sms texts. Some couldn't send pics, some couldn't send OR receive pics and others COULDN'T USE SMS AT ALL. This made me nervous, but I told myself they were just flukes and I judge the phone after I've used it. Now. My main reasons for buying it were 1. It was simple, I didn't want to be connected to the internet 24/7 and 2. It was rugged. I wanted something that could potentially last 10 years. When I got the phone, other than having problems setting it up with Cricket (AT&T), it worked well for like a day. I got to send ONE picture to my mother, then I couldn't send pics anymore, I could still receive them, just couldn't send. Fast forward a month later, it decided to suddenly stop letting me receive pics too, of course, right out of warranty. I was mad but I just lived with it. That ruggedness that was promised quickly showed its fakeness about 2 months in. I dropped it ONE TIME pulling it out of my pocket and it fell onto my carpeted floor. The keypad buttons got finicky after that. Sometimes it won't register that you pressed it at all even though you've pressed it up to 5 times, and other times it thinks you pressed it 2 or 3 times when it was only once. You can imagine how infuriating it must be to write text messages on it. At about 4 months of dealing with this phone, the rubberized coating on the back that goes around the battery cover started pealing from the orange plastic shell underneath. This is the worst part about the phone. I haven't been rough with it at all, its only been through normal cellphone use like going in and out of a pocket and dropping it a few times while doing so. I don't even where tight pants, that you'd think might cause that issue. It started pealing at the bottom of the phone where the desktop charger goes in, which doesn't even work btw, so I never used it. It pealed off more and more over time to the point where now the only parts its still stuck to the plastic is a little bit around the speaker and up by the thumb screw to access the battery. The WORST part about this, is a little flap that says "IP-68" at the bottom keeps flipping up above the front of the phone and preventing me from opening the phone to make a call until I move the flap out of the way. Which is REALLY F*CKING DANGEROUS when you need to make an emergency call! If there is one reason to *NOT* buy this phone, it would be its fake claim of ruggedness. Which in my situation, could be life threatening just because of some stupid flap that didn't want to stay glued on. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm cutting that stupid flap off! Needless to say, I'm looking for a new phone to replace this one. Which I'm hoping this channel can help with. Currently looking into the Light Phone 2. Thanks for reading and letting me vent about this horrible phone I have. ✌
Hola lo puedo poner en español
Best for sport and kid. You don't need a 1000$ phone to do bike, rock climbing, etc...
Does this phone offer hotspot or tethering?
Could you do a best dumb phones 2021 video? :) Thank you so much for all your information. I think you’re potentially the most informed on this niche
E-book reader? What insanity does one suffer from to want to read an e-book on a flip phone?!
thanks for explaining the differences between this model Ram 8 and the Ram 9, i was searching and was happy to see that you posted this detailed overview. thanks Jose !
Hi, You mention the giveaway form is it for your patrons?
Although this video is about a year old, I am indeed thankful that I came to your channel. I was about to purchase the Plum Ram 9 to send to the Caribbean, ( because of 1: its ruggedness and 2: thinking that audio & video calls can be made thru Whatsapp). Thankful that I didn't throw my money down the drain. So what can the Whatsapp be used for, texting only?
I have the Ram 7 had it for a few month now, never just suddenly go black and shut off even with full battery, now starting too. Some times shows no service never used to, never could receive picture texts either, Thinking of upgrading to the Ram 9. Will the Ram 9 fix all these problems? And receive picture texts? How does the Ram 9 differ from the Ram 7???
Does it have T9?
I see it on Amazon, description says it won't work in the USA, why is that? Is it possible to work in the USA?
could you tell me if you already have kaios 3.0 or if you can at least make calls by whats??!! I want to buy it!!!
podrías decirme si ya tiene kaios 3.0 o si por lo menos se pueden hacer llamadas por whats??!! lo quiero comprar!!!
How’s the navigation system on the plum?
Hi Jose, great review, I’ve been looking for a backup phone I could use for when I’m on call, can you speak to the loudness of the ringer on this phone? And does it have a vibration feature as well? Thank you for your time
Who cares about video calls !
Hi. And What is the weight of this phone ? Thank you very much.
Love the Review Jose! We appreciate your honesty and we will take all of your words into consideration when launching the new PLUM RAM LTE models coming up soon. Provide me your email as we would love to send you any device of your choice to give an honest review on, whether it now or in the future. Thank you for for your time Jose, hope to hear from you soon.
Has this been updated to use WhatsApp calling?
Glad I found ur channel been trying to ditch my smart phone for a while but I needed something with maps
Does anyone happen to know if FB messenger is available on this phone? My Facebook had been deactivated for a couple years but still utilize the message app a lot.
I bought this phone to try and think the form factor is very nice BUT I don't have the option to add my google account to allow for sync of contact / calendar / etc. I don't have a lot of experience with KaiOS but thought this google account option was standard ... e.g., it is on Cingular Flip IV, Nokia 6300. This functionality is a requirement for me, so a dealbreaker on this otherwise nice phone ... unless I'm missing something.
My plum not working it stop charging
Mine stays on H+ instead of 4g. What is the deal with this?
I don't use or care about whats up or any social media. However, being a former Firefox OS Phone user - this might be for me.
Was looking at this on amazon, trying to see how expandable the memory was with sd card, and there were multiple numbers getting thrown out, some 16, 32 and 64, what size of card would work for this phone?

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