Punkt. MP02 New Generation, 4G LTE Minimalist Mobile Phone, Unlocked, Nano-SIM, Wi-Fi Hotspot, 2GB RAM+16GB Storage, 1280 mAh Battery, Multiband ? Black Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Punkt. MP02 New Generation, 4G LTE Minimalist Mobile Phone, Unlocked, Nano-SIM, Wi-Fi Hotspot, 2GB RAM+16GB Storage, 1280 mAh Battery, Multiband ? Black online at Amazon. Display Size: 2 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Punkt.
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Punkt. MP02 New Generation, 4G LTE Minimalist Mobile Phone, Unlocked, Nano-SIM, Wi-Fi Hotspot, 2GB RAM+16GB Storage, 1280 mAh Battery, Multiband ? Black Features

  • MP-02 New Generation Minimalist Phone with 4G LTE: a simple mobile phone for calling and texting, with excellent audio and a minimalist UI, plus Internet access available to secondary devices via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/USB.
  • MP02 Cell phone compatible with Signal: Pigeon is an encryption feature on the Punkt. MP02 that enables people to use the Signal end-to-end encrypted messaging service, free of charge. Use Pigeon on the MP02 to connect with contacts using the Signal app on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Punkt. Phone with Digital Security: the operating system is hardened against attack.
  • Rugged Phone: made with top-grade components, 2-inch Gorilla Glass screen, glass-fibre reinforced body; splash-proof IP52 and a real keypad. The MP02 4G mobile phone is a tough piece of kit.
  • Stylish Brick Phone: designed by Jasper Morrison the MP02 phone is a pleasure to look at and hold, it also features bespoke ringtones created by Norwegian sound artist Kjetil Røst Nilsen.
  • Feature Phone with Useful Tools: Bluetooth, contact list, alarm clock, notes with reminders, calculator, and basic calendar.
Display Size: 2 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Punkt.
The lowest Punkt. MP02 New Generation, 4G LTE Minimalist Mobile Phone, Unlocked, Nano-SIM, Wi-Fi Hotspot, 2GB RAM+16GB Storage, 1280 mAh Battery, Multiband ? Black Price in USA is $379.00 at Amazon.
Buy Punkt. MP02 New Generation, 4G LTE Minimalist Mobile Phone, Unlocked, Nano-SIM, Wi-Fi Hotspot, 2GB RAM+16GB Storage, 1280 mAh Battery, Multiband ? Black online at Amazon.
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Shop Punkt. MP02 New Generation, 4G LTE Minimalist Mobile Phone, Unlocked, Nano-SIM, Wi-Fi Hotspot, 2GB RAM+16GB Storage, 1280 mAh Battery, Multiband ? Black at Amazon at the best price in United States of America and save big! With a low price / discount / promotions, for a great value.

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Punkt. MP02 New Generation, 4G LTE Minimalist Mobile Phone, Unlocked, Nano-SIM, Wi-Fi Hotspot, 2GB RAM+16GB Storage, 1280 mAh Battery, Multiband ? Black Reviews from YouTube

Punkt CEO goes hands-on with MP02 minimalist mobile phone
Punkt MP02 New Generation Review || A Second Chance!
Punkt MP02 Review || A Great Minimal Phone
The Most Minimalist Phone
Great phone. If they add Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok and all other social media in the future, that would be perfect for me. I need detox from minimal phones.
Nothing very new since the Nokia 5110 :/ Raspberry gave push emails Apple gave touchscreen and easy to use interface Punkt gives less and even below the necessary as there is no camera and a poor small screen...beurk :(
Had mine for over a year now. Well over. Love it. Especially now with Pigeon.
Bought it 2 month ago. I got my life back for 300 bucks. Worth every penny. When i ever meet Mr Neby i will give him a big hug for making that good phone ❤️
$350 for a $30 device. No.
Seriously missing voice recognition for texting.
Love mine. Been using it for months now. You know what? Worth every penny. I paid for the ability to leave the house alone, with just my Punkt. MP 02.
Get a palm phone for 99 dollars.
Sweet device.
The dude in the background is Alex Thurber and he used to work for BlackBerry in the hardware licensing scenario. He is no longer with BlackBerry because even the licencees are done now (except the way Punkt. licences the BlackBerry Secure services). I use this device and actually really enjoy it. I get data for my Z Flip and Note 10+ from my MP 02.
I have been a BlackBerry user for 12 years. I was excited when Punkt. chose BlackBerry Secure for the wonderful Punkt. MP02. I need a computer, a stylus, a good camera, and a large display. So I own a Note 10+ for all of that stuff. But, my SIM card stays in my Punkt. MP02. Since receiving the device, I have not been able to quell my excitement over it. I love it. I love just holding it and admiring the design. I like to sit down and just play around with the features. I LOVE THIS DEVICE! Sound like "shilling" or something? LOL! Nice. I seriously just love the device. I don't really care how it reads. If you only knew how much money I get from expressing love for things. You're missing out.
I have owned several cellular devices from 2G to now. I was loyal to BlackBerry for 12 years and owned practically every single BlackBerry since BlackBerry 10 when I began collecting them. Before BlackBerry 10, I just went out with the old and in with the new. Anyways, Punkt. has partnered with BlackBerry for security. I love advanced smartphones, so I now own Note 10+ and a BlackBerry KEY2. BlackBerry recently announced that their partnership with TCL is done, there will not be a KEY3 or any other BlackBerry device from TCL (BlackBerry Mobile). By now you're probably like, "nobody cares" - but hear me out. For some weird reason I am more excited about receiving my Punkt. MP02 than I was when I got the Note. There's just something about the design and look of that MP02 that has me hooked, without even holding it yet.
I can pay $80-$100 maybe $125 tops but definitely not playing $299.
Would love a QWERTY key board even with the minimal features. Cause you gotta text or take notes at times.
Would buy it at twice the price if there was a simple reflective LCD or E-Ink screen with an orange light, like in my Siemens ME45. Oh, and the logo must go away. For that price I want something truly minimalistic.
This phone is perfect for hiking.
best product im buying it !!
How many numbers does the directory contain?
Are you sure Google is not tracking this Punkt phone? it’s based on Android so im really concerned - they even track our phones when you switch of WiFi - remember that's why Google has invested millions of $ on KaiOS to track users of this new platform...
Do not buy a Punkt phone!!! One of my worst purchases ever. The battery lasts maybe 3 days with less than an hr's talk time, text messages come through and the time received and sent is all over the place and never accurate. Received a message yesterday at 5:17pm and the phone says it came through at 6:27pm. I have been trying to return it since I bought it bought it has taken firstly 12 and then 16 days to get a response from them and they now say i have to pay to return the faulty product. The company is an absolute joke and it has been nothing but hassle, I would tell you how bad their customer service is but can't as its non existent. So much for making life simpler!!!
so can the punkt new generation have group messages or not?
Small company with limited production capability. Naturally the price will be higher. They gotta pay for their overhead and eat too.
good video. love it. well done!
why can't anyone get it right. Google Maps, Apple Music / Spotify, Paypass, Bluetooth headphones, sync with pc / mac for contacts and text only emaill
I love signal but idk if I can justify this over a litephone for this price. Signal is my biggest dilemma going dumb phone
can I use in India?????
does it support eastern asian languages? both for display and input?
why they dont put a map on this phone!>?? I already bought it .| its on its way but I have problem with not having a map ! because Im living in Germany and Im working as delivery so the map is necessary Jose my brother please help meeee! I really need help
Is it compatible in europe?
Can I open webpages/apps with it?Thanks in advance.
any dumbphone is 10$
how is the typing experience? can you turn its autocorrect function off? i heard from some users that u cant :(
I think it's time for the followup review.
You can use signal on this?
Hello my friends, my experience with the MP02 was not pleasant at all, especially in recent weeks. I have used this phone for many months because I always require a telephone line without distractions, but I had to charge the phone twice a day..sometimes it crashed and had no reaction to keystrokes... I always had it with me although I didn't use it all the time but when I had to use it it didn't work... Sometimes I had to wait for the battery to run out because I couldn't turn it off when it crashed... I'm going to summarize it in a few words yesterday I decided to throw it in the trash... directly I didn't even think about selling it or giving it to someone I can't make a gift of something that doesn't work... thank you all I hope that come a better minimalist phone for now I'm back to the Nokia 8800 at least it always works..
The fact it runs android kills it for me. The whole reason you get dumb phone is to escape the mega corps
If it only recorded messages to send
I hate smartphones, i would happily buy this but the only issue is around music, does it store mp3’s?
Actually the battery of this MP02 does not last at all, this is one of the very negative points that this phone has. sometimes I don't use it directly although I keep it on but I still have to charge it every day, Imagine if I had to share the Internet then I would have to charge it every noon, I think it would be one of the things to improve because in this way I would prefer to continue with the light phone 2 Although unfortunately the latter does not work in Russia.
too expensive for a basic cellphone like this
in germany group messaging never was a thing before whatsapp. sms was at 40-50 cents and is still now at 10 cents if you dont have a sms flatrate. i know nobody who did this overhere ... ever. mms ist still expensive and not part of an sms flatrate with 50 cents per message.
Strange a phone based on android OS does not have support for MMS messaging.
Are you telling me that it's a communicator AND ALSO A TRICORDER? Wooooow.
2:46 That's the fucking point of having a dumbphone.
Love Signal, much safer than WhatsApp
Just tested my new MP02 for 4 days. Battery life is horrible. Honestly- how can you built a phone with so few features but so much standby consumption/poor battery? Don`t forget your charger when you leave the house with this phone! (i forgot to say, that i switched off bluetooth&wifi plus changed to manual 2G instead of 4G...) @Jose: how can you claim with a straight face, that battery life is qutoe "very good"?
I use this mobile phone and it truly serves me. The only problem I am having is that my voicemail doesn't seem to be working. I hold and press 1 and it automatically dials the voicemail number but the number has 2 extra numbers and it doesn't work. When I dial the number manually, without the last 2 numbers, I get connected to a voicemail system and it asks for my password. I enter the number that I set as my password and it says the password is incorrect. Can anybody help me fix this issue or at least explain to me how to reset my voicemail password.
What phone is like this but works on TMobile?
Did you hear about their “new gen mp02”? They say it’s snappier and upgraded. Curious if that’ll arrive to users already using an mp02, or not?
Can you disable T9 ?
It runs on andoid??!
Does this have a hotspot?
Haha anybody notice that English is spelled "Engish" ? LOL
A dumbphone without a headphone jack 😬😑. It hurts
You can only buy it through a Amazon seller. Warranty issues?
Subscribed 👍🏻 Best wishes from the UK
Any idea on whether this phone would work in Mexico?
I want qwerty keyboard, signal or telegram and a mp3 player with superior audio. Can I get this plz
will this work in Canada or only on American companies like ATnT?
How long could you go without a smartphone?
punct means period in romania so its like saying Period.
The back Looks like the Remote of my Philips dvd player. To expansive! Just get a Nokia.
Texas instrument phone
Back in my day that phone came out right after the pager 📟
For me, if a phone like this has GPS i dont want it. I like the appeal of a dumb phone for many reasons. One of them being a fuck you to the system and its constant desire to have us carry around tracking devices.
T9 was sick.
“We need to be linguists of our words” 😂
This is not a dumbphone, real dumb are the people who'll buy this overpriced burner phone over a 10-20$ dumbphone you can get at any shop.
Still that most evil bluetooth in it. That's the dangerous stuff!!!! Never for me
Cost too much for such a simplistic device. I’d get if it was cheaper
For the price tag it's a phone for drug dealers and hitmans.
I use to T9 text perfectly with the phone in my pocket. That's what highschool taught me (because we couldn't have phones out during class)
I have one and I love it. Best thing ever I wish the creator's of Punkt all the best and I am thankful for what they accomplished.
Can you access internet on this phone?
I'm so fast at T9 keyboard.. Because i have nokia collection a little bit... And l'm a kid also, have only 19 age😁
"modern day poets." haha. Loved the video; very entertaining.
Thanks. I almost purchased it but you mentioned it had Bluetooth "features". One feature too much for a device I'm willing to carry. It was almost minimal enough... I guess I'll just stop using cell phones.
just crap. Humanity will not go back to the The Stone Age, we evolve (Smartphone)
I definitely NEED a gps though. Someday… someday…

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