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Buy Samsung 32GB A6 Factory Unlocked Phone - 5.6" online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.6 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung 32GB A6 Factory Unlocked Phone - 5.6" Features

  • GSM only
  • 16MP rear Camera + F1. 7 aperture
  • Built-in Selfie LED flash
  • Immersive 5. 6" Infinity display
  • Add 400GB with a micro SD card (sold separately)
Display Size: 5.6 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung 32GB A6 Factory Unlocked Phone - 5.6" Price in USA is $305.45 at Amazon.
Buy Samsung 32GB A6 Factory Unlocked Phone - 5.6" online at Amazon.
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Samsung 32GB A6 Factory Unlocked Phone - 5.6" Reviews from YouTube

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Samisg g
why y'all hating this phone :( I've had it for almost 4 years now and it still works fine
I want full root A600P sprint a6eltespr system 10 + recent rate recovery Or a whole system cooked sweet I hope so
Can it run coc and cr smoothly?
I have this phone currently, and it held up for a few years but its gotten pretty slow now. the overall performance wasn't terrible, but the camera quality was only good in perfect lighting. in a good setting (such as in nature) the camera was rather decent. however even a slight dim made the camera terribly slow, and horrible quality. i will be upgrading to an iphone xs over chrismas
Watching this on my Samsung Galaxy A6.
i have been using this phone for 3 years. now the wifi connection is problematic, camera quality is not enough anymore and only one side of the earphone works with it so i will upgrade for a new phone but i gotta say this thing is sturdy af i dropped it a million times and it still works
why Please Barrow Uncle &nephew phone blackphone uncle"s Put itbak phone angry"s uncle haas no phon thank yu?
I used to have that phone lmfao
Currently watching this review on my 2 year old Galaxy A6. I HATE THIS FONE!! Thank God my contract is up and I can switch. Recieved my new Galaxy A12 today. Hoping its much better than this shitty gadget!
so many things to complain about on this phone ....bad camera, slow processor and shitty Battery Life....i absolutely dont recommend it after 2 years possessing this phone. Cheers :)
I got a6 its ui2 android 10
I just upgraded from a6 to a71 and trustbme the a6 is STRONG it survived many falls with rarely getting a scratch at one point a corner of my screen glass came off and it still goes on.
I have samsung a6. Humans don't buy trash phone camera so bad !!
I have one and im writing this comment from it and let me tell some things: Good things: Ark Survival can be played Has good mic Bad things: Everything else -_-
No future updates? What are you talking about? It keeps updating whenever it senses there are new ones.
I have samsung galaxy a6
Is it waterproof?
I've been using this phone for 2 years now. Lately, I noticed how much the cellphone lags especially when playing games or watching tiktok. I'm thinking of switching to Vivo V21E next month. Thanks for the 2 years Samsung :)
this is the best I've ever had still using it till now and I still had some updates and fast as new
Is it worth it in 2021 with prices around £50 for it
watching on my a6
Watching this on my samsung galaxy A6. I already updated it from android oreo to android 9 pie and then recently I updated it from the latest android 10. The performace is really improves alot. So far so good.
My s6 Edge is better OOF
Cant believe they still charge $300 for this in 2019. The a50 is a way better deal. I have no idea why this phone is so expensive
Thanks for this review but should I still get an a6
What is the RAM?
Something Samsung A10?
i have this phone it is very nice the camera is pretty good but i have serious problems with focus/autofocus, especially at night and dark places with lights (like clubs) it loses focus all the time in video mode , i can't capture a video without autofocus being fucked up, it tries to focus and then whole video is blurred...and i start a new video hoping it will stay okey...can someone help me??
More than 200€ does not worse it. i bought it for 182€ 5 month ago and i love it for this price.
I'm so lost, how is this a successor to J5 when there's an A7 and A8... are they too successor from the Samsung J lines?
My a6 survive 98 hours on maximum save mode
My navigator bar is zoomed in and I can't see my battery display or service because its zoomed in. How do I fix?
Haha hell yea dope hat!
Samsung died
Redmi Note 5 pro can beat the sht out of that crap phone
Thanks for watching. Here's the phone that is featured in this video: Samsung Galaxy A6 -
I stopped using my Samsung Galaxy A51 5g this Galaxy A6 does as good as the a51
so I know for next phone because I like the motorola g stylus more now but the samsung had did look nice good too but they are seem slow now and before x and dont like which I dont like why the older ones before were not that much just thinking saying now thought of . . ,
I like it the features and something but just that ruins it . , .
Is it slow when you scroll on the browser? I wanted to ask the other day because then best buy gave me this phone instead of motorola I had a feeling anyway I don't know if defected my auntnand dad have samsung again and they seem really slow too and all the samsung phones but I didnt think this one that much doesnt scroll on browser and phone when I put lighting is better normal but battery goes down and needed update and still I live farther at 10 11 days 15 they gave me but my mom didnt take me to take it back in time I wrote different added more but I want to know that my last phone moto e3 or 4 and was faster than this phone and used to it so fast very smooth wanted a phone more than that next before changed
I had this on metro a while back. It's better than the newer models. It has a ip rating
its 2020 and just upgrade it to 9 Pie.
Could you advice on this phone versus the Xperia XA2? The XA2 seems thick and heavy, has larger bezels, but the screen is higher resolution. The A6 is thinner, lighter, has a metal body, and a bigger screen, but is lower resolution.
Mine didn't come with headphones wtf.. :'(
Wtf the selfie camera has some good ass quality
Micro usb bleh
Specifications Exynos 7870 Octacore Processer 5.6 Inch Display 720x1480 pixels 4 Gigs of Ram+64 Gigs of storage or 3 Gigs of ram+32 Gigs of Storage 16MP Camera (front+rear) Micro USB 2.0 3000 mAh battery For more info
Thank you for this Kevin.
a great buy for $249.00.....really....
Is it better than the umidigi f1
You should do some game testing on it
It is a great looking camera
I have that same background
Thanks for reviewing the phone I really want to buy it in the Summer. I really like that fact that it takes really good pictures and that's why I want it and because it's Samsung.
hi... can you add a background picture on your txts!?... like on your convo the background....
Please tell me where you got the case from
Idc about the 1080 or 720. I wear glasses I can't really tell the difference with my updated glasses on
That's his porn phone....🤭
Do you recommend this phone or Moto e5 plus?
It's a good device but not a 300 phone boost got to step their game up
I don't like my G6 IDK.. should I get this?
the speakers is NOT weak, lmao.
How is the camera? Does it capture un-blurry motion pics? Probably should get the s8+ instead
What's the name of the game at 9:06 please ? By the way , good phone and this is the best review !!
Why does my phone have rattling sounds ?? some people say that its because of the OIS but from what i read this phone doesnt have OIS Or is it because i dropped my phone from a couch ?
Dude. This is the second video I've watched of yours and I'll just say the lights you use are way too bright. Can't even see the phone screen. Please , turn the brightness on the phone screen down or do the same on the lights
It’s only 179£ in uk I’m gonna buy this soon then. I’m currently using an iPhone 6 would you say this phone is better than the 6??
Great review man! I just got this phone a week ago! I got it for the $200 as well. It is a great phone so far! People are never happy though. Imo I will always choose Samsung over LG. I have had a few LG phones and they end up going down hill fast. For $200 this phone is well worth it. I keep seeing people say to buy the S8 pre owned. Personally I am not a fan of buying pre owned phones you just never know what you're going to get or how it has been handled. I have not had good experiences with used phones.   Also, I keep seeing people saying the LG G6 is by far the  better choice, but I have read several people saying that phone is not functioning well on Oreo and the battery life sucks. That is why I decided on the A6. On paper the G6 looks better, but I don't think it is near as good of a device. Samsung is the way to go IMO! Obviously it is not a flag ship device so people need to stop comparing it to one. If you can snatch this phone up for $200 it is well worth it! It runs very smoothly!
How clear would you say videos are? I cabt stand pixalation
I have had the Samsung galaxy j7 refine for about 3 weeks should I trade it in for the samsung galaxy a6? I subscribed to your channel.
Don't know why it has a micro usb port instead of type c. Guess they're marketing this phone for the 45 and over crowd and/or current obama phone users. Most of them are used to micro usb and are comfortable with it. Just think of how many extra micro usb cords they have laying around the house considering they probably get a new obama phone every year.
Dope review

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