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Buy Samsung Galaxy 21+ 5G 128GB Phantom Violet Smartphone-Verizon (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.7 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Phantom Violet, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy 21+ 5G 128GB Phantom Violet Smartphone-Verizon (Renewed) Features

  • CARRIER: Locked for Activation to Verizon only; please see Verizon SIM unlocking Policy for device details to use device with another Carrier SIM card.
  • CAMERA: Amzingly clear, high-quality photos with the large 64MP sensor high resolution camera, Ultrawide 12 MP camera and front-facing 10 MP camera. A 30x Space Zoom allows you to capture long-sistance shots while keeping your subject in focus.
  • BATTERY: 4,800 mAH batter smart battery allows 50% charge in 30 minutes and adapts to your usage habits to conserve and optimize battery life
  • DISPLAY: 6.7" FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display creates a brighter, richer, and smoother viewing.
  • VIDEO: Record life's moments with super smooth 8K video
  • MEMORY; Non Expandable Memory/ No SD card slot availability
Display Size: 6.7 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Phantom Violet, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy 21+ 5G 128GB Phantom Violet Smartphone-Verizon (Renewed) Price in USA is $329.99 at Amazon.
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Samsung Galaxy 21+ 5G 128GB Phantom Violet Smartphone-Verizon (Renewed) Reviews from YouTube

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Most annoying point in this phone is the poor Full HD screen resolution that any budget phone could have . So annoynig 😑😑
What driving game was he playing
The phone is trash!!!!!
Should i buy this phone in 2022?
I love the size
Can you HELP/GUIDE: MY S21 Ultra is taking blur (not focused) videos when i turn steady on in videos, also nigh Photos are coming out to be sort of grained, @gsmarena
I'm watching the review using the same phone had a bomb camera.
I rather get one unlocked that way I can use it with any service for 1,599.99 at My World Phone
I almost forgot samsung c a ls thr plastic backs. "GLASSTIC" FOR FUTURE REFERENCE 🙂
I just switched from iPhone to s22 loving it so far. I'm now Android probably for life since Apple treats its customers like second class peasants. Awesome video.
Just an honest review Will thank you for bein so honest &your review is jamed pack with details of information we needed to know .All in all that was an awesome review ,thanks & much love &apreciation to you 💞🇧🇿
In your review... no information about sim cards. How to open to replace.. how to adjust volume. How to to turn on and off..
Does this mode the normal model has ×100 zoom on camera?
Costs THAT much and doesn't have a headphone jack, Micro SD Card slot?
I currently owe an S20 Fe 5g and have no problems with it, really the best bang for the buck. The only thing that really bothers me is its width and weight. As someone who has small hands and coming from the S8, I find it heavy and the grip is too wide. After 10 months of use, I thought that I would just get used to its size, but here I am still to eager to change to a smaller phone.
i think i will change my iphone
Samsung is shit don't buy this kind of phone my phone not even a year old but come up a lot of problem send back to factory food for 2 months and now problem again on charging port can't charge don't buy this kind of phone.
Curved screen is annoying af.
I have had the s21 since it came is HORRIBLE. it keeps breaking down and overheats and looses is substandard and I am being nice.
I love the s21 5g however the only thing I really don't like about this phone is the fact there's no headphone jack and the fact the battery drains so fast for me and I don't even have that many apps downloaded. If I'm in a call for not even 30 minutes it'll start heating up. But even so, I think it's a good phone and a major upgrade to my previous one
Which one is better samsung s21 vs xiaomi mi 12
I have had a phantom white Samsung S21 for 2 years so far and still runs well with the Exynos 2100 cpu. I'm hoping I can trade it in for a S23+ or something in the new S23 lineup because it is rumored that we may get blessed with a snapdragon cpu in the S23 lineup.
planning on buying am currently saving for it seems nice
What wallpaper is that
8k recrding
Hey.. I bought this s21 refurbished for ithink 600.. it's white and I friggin love it.. but came from the 50 dollar s7 edge.. but that I loved.. sumtimes ithink I may swap back? Idk? I liked that phone.. mostly cuz it was fiddy bux bcuz my girls nephew didn't like it an his dad jus went an got him a iphone.iPhone.. so I got blessed Ty lord an universe.. much love all And yall ❤️
It's the best size
mkbhd is hiding the fact that ths phone doesnt have 3x optical zoom, its digital zoom. As a camera nerd (claming himself) he has no chance to miss that
Please give way me a phone
The S21 is the worst phone I have ever owned, by far!!!!! Piece of crap!
Dude you are literally the definition of a sell out. If you spent longer than a month using this phone you would (probably already do) know its absolute garbage. My old motorola g5 works better than this overpriced waste of space. I've already gotten it replaced and and the battery life lasts me half the day if I'm lucky and dont use it that much. It constantly updates randomly without approval (like while your driving) and lacks greatly in very basic functionality you would expect from a smart phone. For example the alarm doesn't work. The UI is laggy and unresponsive at times. Daily I have to restart it just to get it to work. Essentially all its good for is texting and calling and some very light web browsing. For some people thats fine. But is it worth the price they ask for? hell no. Its worth $100 at most and thats even pushing it. Take it from me... Owning this phone will bring you nothing but stress. Avoid it and avoid douche bags like this that just get phones sent to him for free to make shitty reviews that result in people buying horrible products and bring no value to their life. It might sound harsh, but we rely on our phones so much these days just for work etc. It really irritates me to see someone with this many subscribers who literally couldn'tt care less for a single one of the people bringing him all that money. YOU are FAKE sir. Hope you sleep like a baby at night to you spineless POS.
It is funny to me how they keeps saying this is a compact phone. I am "still" using the S9+ with the same screen size and I can barely use it with one hand 🤣
The camera is more reliable and faster is my guess
Is this a better camera than S20 ultra setting aside the zoom?
You compare the price to S20, but features to the Ultra.
cheaper S21+ second hand(Exynox) or brand new S21(SD888). S21 being $150ish more expensive. Which one is a greater buy?
You deserve way more subs! Keep it up. I hope you're making content for years to come!
Bro, your production values are out of control! Love it.
Playa what the streetz sayin is better to cop the iphome 14 pro max or 22 ultra. Thnx playa keep it fresh trilla
Violet is a great choice ❤️
Already outdated?? Laughing hysterically on my 7 year old S6 Active. I don't get it. First you say it's outdated and later in the video you say it's not. Make up your mind.
After couple years later, Samsung and apple: we got rid of charger, we got rid of air bud, we got rid of sd card slot, we got rid of battery, now you can get battery from different brand and choose your own$__$
No SD support=Garbage
Personally my daily driver is a phantom white S21 5G that's 2 years old now and I think it still holds up well. Im waiting to trade it in for a S23 hopefully if AT&T will have any offers when it comes out in February of 23 or whenever its date. it does lag once in a while but still holds up well. I feel it could use 1000 mah more of battery for it to be worth so much but that's just me.
Definitely worth for the price
This is a budget mobile phone. I bought this late 2021 and who knows where we or the world are going. We might as well cast off the status symbols when we really are spending money just for the label. This mobile has some issues as Simple says. The quality isn't great but it's good. The camera is better than some. But it's suffered after some updates. Thats really the only issue I have but I didn't pay $800-1000 either. It is fast enough for most apps and some games with plenty of storage. It's a fairly sturdy Android. For the price it's a good value. P.S. it is 5G capable too. That lends itself to some better sensory metrics i think.
S21 is trash!!! Please, don't make the mistake I made by buying one.
S20 ultra vs S21 ?
How the fuck is a plastic back a big deal lol
I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy S21 ever since 2021. In my opinion I feel like the S21 is better then the S22.
I only paid 300 for my galaxy s21 128gb steal in my opinion no cracks brand new
These are selling for $400 mint. Hopefully I'll be getting one by the end of the week. Definitely an upgrade to my g power.
I Want Samsung Galaxy S21 For My 29h Birthday In 2023 I'll Ask My Mom For A Second Android Phone
Getting the S21 soon! On BackMarket it's only 299 bucks unlocked for CDMA and it still has 2 years of update support and a few security patches!
I don't get the whole glass over plastic back thing. Glass is heavier and brittle. It's also often slippery. imo after owning full metal, glass, and plastic phones the idea of glass being more premium wears off after the first few days, especially once a case goes on. I bet if companies advertised "ultra-light space grade polymer" for plastic it would be better received.
Yall are lucky to be able to afford these newer phones. Im on a phone that was 50 dollars with service and has 16GB storage.
I can get this phone for 235$ I'm thinking about doing that instead of the s21 fe
They did "all three" because their user surveys proved that customers DON'T CARE ABOUT THOSE THREE. Why? Because they make no practical difference. None.
Very superficial judgements being made here. However, he seems to have gotten over some of them. However, believing the screen is not good because of an invisible distinction is just ridiculous. He probably grew up with Apple. lol
May I know what wallpper is that i need it
Sir I'm siddhant polke from Solapur Maharashtra I've bought s21 6 months ago and now due to some problem the mobile phone is not working and I've insurance of it but last month my grandfather expired and after that we clean home and while cleaning the home the box of my s21 is misplaced and for insurance i need the box so i need your help you unbox lot of phone so i just need your help with the box i request you sir please if you can give me your s21 box please sir i need it very much i would be very pleased if you help me with it..
The phantom black is stunning
My phone was on 0 battery I got the gray s21 why is that normal?
Good video And HAVE a good day
I hate the look of this phone
I like the left one it’s my favourite colour
Hey man, why do they have the different ''Messages'' icon? The icon with dots is much better 😁
Thanks for giving me the heads up for the new s21 Fe 5g because in months my momos gonna order it for me I appreciate it.
I ordered my S21 samsung galaxy phone! im so excited! im going from iphone to andriod
wait, they dont give you headphones NOR a charger? just a usb-c cable? They charge you huge money for a phone and then dont even give you a proper charger?
Love the Phantom Violet
So its 5G? Whats the difference with the S21+?
My S9+ is still doing perfect, will buy S30 may be in future!
That Phantom black is a beauty to be held!!!
Just right now all of the sudden I'm in love with this phone design and the color, ugh I want one.
Just ordered the phantom black which is how I found this video, thank you for making me more excited about my phone! 😁 the only downfall is it don’t come with a wall adapter or headphones 😭
I'm glad I'm getting it, and glass back is bad in my opinion, too slippery and can break easily
why are the seals inside the box? Where did you get this phone?
This was super helpful and straightforward! Thank you! How would you say the lighting is in terms of the dimmest setting? When I use my phone at night I often want it pretty dark so it doesn't affect my eyes.

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