Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015A 16GB 5.7? Single-SIM Android Smartphone (Renewed) (Black, AT&T) Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015A 16GB 5.7? Single-SIM Android Smartphone (Renewed) (Black, AT&T) online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.7 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015A 16GB 5.7? Single-SIM Android Smartphone (Renewed) (Black, AT&T) Features

  • Operating system, android
  • Package Weight, 1.0 pounds
Display Size: 5.7 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015A 16GB 5.7? Single-SIM Android Smartphone (Renewed) (Black, AT&T) Price in USA is $95.80 at Amazon.
Buy Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015A 16GB 5.7? Single-SIM Android Smartphone (Renewed) (Black, AT&T) online at Amazon.
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Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015A 16GB 5.7? Single-SIM Android Smartphone (Renewed) (Black, AT&T) Reviews from YouTube

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I have an a01
Really solid review. Now this is what I’m talking about. No BSing around, just straight to the point.
I would like to try it out but my main concern if it overheats
You can get this phone for 30 dollars now at tracphone and other carriers. To get android 11 and with 12 on the way and one ui you can't beat that price
sir a01 display is compact size 5::7 is i much like ao1 core dispaly too small a01 display only Good but head phone jack and speakar down size like ao1 core is best so why not make in down speker and jack that is old model put down jack and head phone
specker and headphne jack down is bes like a01 core pablick dimand this
aO1 core is best bodel head phone jack and speakar is right path and nice but aO1 is wrong patha very bed
Check out for the unlocked retail version, competitive price $149.99 at My World Phone
How much is this phone now in 2022?
I have a samsung A series collection i have all of them and don't forget I have samsung S series collection too
I bought my Samsung Galaxy for $79 and a $5 protective case at Walmart I have Straight Talk and I love my phone.
Why does it look liek a samsung a13
"chance you dont know it existed either" BRUH THATS MY PHONE
This is the first Samsung Device/Phone I've owned and I really love it I have it through Straighttalk.
I love this phone 📱 I've had it for almost 2 years now through straight talk.
Shortly A01 is An A20s in Mini Version
I Have That One But The Battery Is Giving Me A Lot Of Trouble
I got this phone for my kids brand new at Ralphs for $16 an they love it
Can I have the link to the wallpaper pls 😢
My personal opinion is this, if you need a phone for 30 bucks this is the 9! Your getting android 11 and 12 plus one ui for 30 dollars!
camera ebi alegn mini yishalali
i think i'm going to switch to AO1.
This phone lasted for me for a year and a half. only reason why I changed is because it broke aww sad face.
Wallpaper link plz
Where you get the home screen wallpaper can you give me the link because it is very nice and striking i have samsung ap1 and have using it by a year can you give me the link of the red wallpaper please
What a great budget phone , thankfully I could afford my note 5g ( bought it cracked and replaced screen , all n all 160$ ) but I highly suggest buying s models with cracked screens and sending them in ebay and have the screen professionally replaced without paying for the expensive digitizer
My mom wants a small cheap samsung and i've been searching for so long, this might be an option, thanks
Samsung Galaxy A01 is the World of Samsung
It's almost impossible to find a small android phone now.
I got the low end A01 and it's like I can't get all my games
One year later and its selling for 39$ at best buy.😎
Did you said headphone jack? I will take that phone over s21 ultra. Headphone Jack or more cameras? 🤔 Headphone Jack it is! A01 is the winner 🏅 for me!!
Hey guys I guess that's it
Ronnie mcnutt phone
The one I got has type - c
I've had my a01 for about a year now and it's definitely is a decent phone. After a year of usage I did start to occasionally get some lag and freezing. But my only big issue is with the internal space. You get 16 gigs but about 6-7 is already used so you end with about 10 gigs of space. By the time I download all my apps I'm left just under 800mgbs. It does have an SD slot but you can't move apps to the SD card so your still somewhat limited on space. If phones are gonna come with limited space they should at least have the option to move apps to SD cards If your a light phone user and you really only need a phone to browse the web, go on social media and take pics every now and then it'll get the job Done
Can i using Whatsapp on the phone? Any one can you answer my question?
I just want a phone to play music on . can this hold an Sd Card?
Bro this phone is just the best its for gaming also for heavy multi tasking its litteraly as good as the iphone 11 and 12 for 100$ and decent camera? this is your choice for budget
Piece of crap . At 2 years it doesn't want to charge. I believe phones are made to fail so corporations will be able to sell a new phone. No more Samsung for me.
Lol mine was $39.95 on roll back at walmart....where you guys paying $100+????
i have this phone, camrea sucks!!!
Pretty lady ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Try $14.99
I got the phone for the Samsung experience without having to pay so much
The storage space is horrendous I have a micro USB and it holds only photos
Just updated to android 11.
This is honestly Tech Power Creep at it's finest. Here We have the 'duplo basic' phone of a range and the brand is none other than Samsung and you still get a Camera that would shame many standalone brick-lenses of 10 years ago - in an almost wallet change phone!!
This isn't the cheapest member in the Galaxy A series. It's the Galaxy A01 Core, ma'am.
I have this, amazing.
How much po
I have the same phone. Still great
Too many apps preloaded. Its slow
It doesnt have much ram
How good is it for gaming
i seen this phone on amazon for $40 weeks before i got a phone that cost $50 and it sucks its the moto e 2nd gen
is the bootloader unlockable? You're a nerdy channel why don't you talk more about that sorta thing?
Why should i get this as opposed to a used pixel 2 or pixel 3+ a new battery?
The international version has an Micro-USB.
Best phone I am using it
Found one for 20 at Walgreens
Not going to lie. This phone is probably going to be better than my current phone. Current phone: TCL LX. A $20 phone XD
My dad got me this phone today 2.16.21 really great phone since apple was getting too expensive to pay monthly. At least I have two phones now!
can you do one on samsung a11? It's free from att with 30 month contract
Is there Bixby lovers ? I thought everyone hates it but I don't since I still don't have a Samsung phone
I'm wondering if this phone is any good to play Pokemon Go?
Wich budget cell phone you recommend and what about battery after long hours of play?
Something ain't right with the multithreaded score on that A10e. On mine i consistently got a score of 533, 528, 529, 525 across 4 tests. Slingshot extreme openGL es 3.1. Not charging. No battery save mode. Exynos 7884
It's not that bad...
where i may buy this?
Thats a big bezel on the bottom
A10 trash
Just picked this up for around $23 on amazon, for Prime Day. The only upside down is that it’s locked to Tracfone
I'd love you know your opinion on best budget phone, especially with Prime day coming up. I trust you more than any other reviewer!
I have this phone, I freaking love it. Runs the apps I have on it smoothly.
What’s the best budget phone I can get for xcloud? And also do some decent emulation. Maybe dolphin?

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