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Buy Samsung Galaxy A02s Smartphone, 32GB Storage, Factory Unlocked online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy A02s Smartphone, 32GB Storage, Factory Unlocked Features

  • Item Package Dimension- 6.9291338512L X 3.7795275552W X 1.7716535415H Inches
  • Item Package Weight - 0.70327461578 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity - 1
  • Product Type - Cellular Phone
  • The device is GSM unlocked and will not work with CDMA carriers
Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy A02s Smartphone, 32GB Storage, Factory Unlocked Price in USA is $90.00 at Amazon.
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Samsung Galaxy A02s Smartphone, 32GB Storage, Factory Unlocked Reviews from YouTube

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*Buy this (A02s) not that (A02)* What do you think? 🧐 --------- Samsung A02s (Samsung website): Samsung A02s on Amazon: Samsung A12 (Samsung's website): Samsung A12 on Amazon:
The power button is located below the volume and you never get use to it. It's a terrible design and it will frustrtate you when you want to control the volume and press the power button instead.
It is like $60 now lol
I got this phone specifically gifted to me as an extra bonus. I might have this on my instead of my main smart phone as a substitute for safety reasons. Was going to sell it but considering this review is a little bit out of date it's probably not that valuable.
This phone isnt no better
Works fine for me. Can't beat 50 bucks 👌
Watched the review on my galaxy A02s. Not an iPhone but I use it for what it's worth. Lags a bit. Not as fast. If I really want to post photos I've taken, I usually have to edit for a while to make it as clear or exactly how it is in real-time. Switched from iPhone to android again budget wise, learning to use a new device is fun. Can't be worse than a flip phone with a phone card, if I really want to save money. Or better yet going to goodwill career center to use their dial up land line phone with a cord.
I have a Ao2s and all of my internal storage is being used up,I put in a new SD card but everything is still going to internal storage
I've had this phone for a few months now and I just gotta say that this is probably the worst thing I could have wasted my money on as a gamer every game I'm interested in playing just never works I've tried playing games like apex, rocket league, genshin impact, and none are compatible with this device and now I'm having the same issue with goddess of victory nikke once I get enough money to afford a new gaming pc I'm throwing this thing in the trash it just makes me so angry I also remember trying to mirror my phone screen to my monitor using a USB to HDMI cable and well that didn't work either And it's also missing gyro All of these things combined really made me hate this phone Also sorry for the rant lol I had to get my feelings out
The storage is terrabile only 32 gb
Would you recommend this for a second usable smart phone next to the primary high end phone I use? Seems great
I used to have this phone and it was ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE and I went from that to the s22 and it is really a relief
I have a02s and a11 and some review sites say a11 is better,But I think a02s is better minus finger print scanner a11, they both 2gig ram a02s has features that i like its better to me than a11 Hope it gets software 12 update still on 11👍🏼good side by side review
This phone does every thing you need it to do ... Top little phone at a great price
Is the 4gb RAM variant 64bits
Thank you for this. looking for an emergency budget phone, and Im looking at buying the A02s. I'm sure I wanna buy it now. Thanks for your review, liked and subscribed. Sidenote: Has anybody ever told you that your tone and pacing of your voice sound IDENTICAL to Mrwhosetheboss? 😄 very relaxed and easy to follow and pay attention. Thanks again!
It's a great phone the only thing that sucks is the speaker it's so tiny and scratchy sounding at low volume.
I have a a02s and it's somewhat slow and gaming it's a whole another level of lag so yea I don't like this phone
The Mediatek MT6739W and Snapdragon 450 are chips, not chipsets. They are single chips - systems on a chip (SoC).
I have an a02s and its horrible some apps you'll have on other Samsung phones u won't have on this phone and they get sooooo laggy its way too hard to use
Typo during the sound test... that is the A02s playing and NOT the galaxy a12 as I had on screen. I can't even keep track of all of these Samsung A Series phones! Thanks for watching! Check out Galaxy A02s (Samsung) ➡ Galaxy A02 (Amazon) ➡
My phone came with a charger
And he never did come back with a full review...😔
This is the worst phone ever after a few months. I HATE it.
at 08:03 what game name u play?
I have this phone I hate this fucking phone you can't play any kind of mobile game on it that requires lots of movement like for instance ROK
Hey that's the phone I have
I have A02s
I have the same phone
Watching from Philippines
The Samsung is phone of south korea
I wonder if this has the fingerprint sensor.
this phone is garbage
I got this phone at Dollor store.
Your voice sounds very similar to Kevin Breeze
That phone has a fingerprint it on the screen
This is my first phone
I still have mine
How much storage does it have and how much is left after the initial setup
Is this a 5g phone
Is the a02 ready for 5 g
This video is so detailed half of it I don't care about lol nice review
I just got one from Walmart for $50. 👍
Don't waste your money on the A02s it's a piece of crap phone full of bloatware. Not worth it.
I got mine at walmart for 80 dollars I like it
I just got it and I get alot of lag and glitch :(
May I ask is this phone worth buying for a student?
Wait???? I just bought this exact model phone from target for $60.00 dollars 3 days ago?
I’m buying the Samsung galaxy A02s today from T-mobile. It’s better to buy a cheaper phone then spend $1000 and more on a phone.
I always liked Samsung A series because it's really good and really cheap
Can someone have good screen guard and patch for this phone ?
Can u plz play dragon raja on the phone
Does this phone have NFC and if i wanted to pay with this phone would it work
And red colour ^
Wow cool phone and the price is amazing
Nice review bro, interesting since I bought my Galaxy A70 more then a year ago, but like you said this is nice for the price. Thanks for sharing
If you think about it, a phone this size back in the day would cost way more. You can buy these for a decent price. Nice back up phone if you ask me. It even has an SD card slot that the new S21 does not have.
Dos toty más dos toty da una chucha a comer chuchitas
Been wanting to get away from Apple, still have an 8 plus. So I’m excited to watch! Keep it up bro!
Samsung Galaxy J2 Ace
Pls is the 4gb ram variant 64bit OS
Watching on iPhone 13 Pro Max 😂 looking for a secondary budget phone!
Makso 69€
How to turn on the Hone
incomplete review
Hate this phone so much . Where is the voicemail button ????
This costs 60 dollars at walmart where I live. It's a prepaid phone. Buy it and use it as your little pocket computer.
To take good photos, just use a point and shoot camera or an SLR. Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, etc. make great point and shoots that will out shoot any phone camera and still fit in the pocket.
Lots of people just can't afford's not their choice..try to be less elitist.
I want her
I dont understand the Macro camera. When I take a picture with it its much worse than the Main one and just cropping.
I love mine. Its bulky and heavy but its alot faster than my LGK8+ lol
Just bought this phone today as a replacement and I'm really enjoying it. It's a bit heavy with the case I got with it, but it has a really impressive screen size and the battery life is quite insane considering I caught it on sale for 50 bucks. My only real complaint is the weight. All in all for the price I paid I'd give it a decent 8-8.5 out of 10. Great budget phone.
I've had some experience with A03s, A10s, A12s, J1 ace and a S10 (all are samsung) and now I'm using a A02s and it is the fastest phone I have ever used and with no lag what so ever and it's a great first phone to have and I have dropped it about 26 times on all types of services and yet there is no cracks what so ever
Thanks for lulling me to sleep
For me this has been a terrible phone to have. It is the absolute WORSE phone that I have ever had and this piece of crap was a upgrade.
hello.i ask something about this device.before it use good and no problem.but when i updated the device this november something happen.sometimes it hang or log.did you experience that also.thank you.hoping for your response
Cool phone just video quality sucks so bad. Almost as if ur filming/looking from a potato.

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