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Buy Samsung Galaxy A11 32GB A115U Fully Unlocked Smartphones (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy A11 32GB A115U Fully Unlocked Smartphones (Renewed) Features

  • Condition: Certified Refurbished- May have few minor scuffs or scratches
  • Ships in non-retail box with generic charger and USB cable only. No any other accessories included.
  • Model: Samsung Galaxy A11 A115U 32GB
  • This device is GSM unlocked and will work with T-Mobile, Sprint. Not compatible with Cricket and any other CDMA network. To ensure this phone will work with your carrier please check to make sure the frequencies your carrier uses are supported by this phone.
  • No longer compatible with AT&T networks
Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy A11 32GB A115U Fully Unlocked Smartphones (Renewed) Price in USA is $119.35 at Amazon.
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Samsung Galaxy A11 32GB A115U Fully Unlocked Smartphones (Renewed) Reviews from YouTube

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When i got this phone a few years ago i didn't realize all the hassle I'd have with it. Not compatible with HDMI (was hoping to watch youtube on the TV for my dad since we can't afford cable or internet) and despite saying it with compatible with SD cards it wouldn't let you move any apps to the SD card, through the updates (I still have it bc I'm piss poor broke) it says it will move apps to the SD card, but in reality it was just duplicating the app (as my bf put it, not a tech wiz at all) and not moving to the card, taking up even more space. It's also slowed down and buffers at the most inconvenience times. Crappy phone, 4/10
Had it for 2 years now. It has slowed down to an extreme amount. It's at the point where loading google is a chore. It's definitely good for a short-term affordable phone. I would go with a samsung galaxy s21 FE if its in your price range.
Question for everybody... Trying to see If this phone supports Samsung scroll capture out of the box without downloading an app. TY
total piece of garbage. slow as molasses and lame overall, camera is horrible as well.
My dad is going to get me one for my birthday 🎉
Ik its late but I have this phone for almost 2 years now and trust me long term this phone ain't good It's only has 2GB memory which means when it fills up [almost after a year and a half] it becomes Hell It's toooooooo slow The camera was never good But for the price qt the time it seemed like a good phone If you want a mid-range with heavenly features, get a Xiaomi Poco X4 GT Edit: not to mention everything becomes extremely laggy, normally my laptop is basically the same so I'm used it on my phone however, something that is actually scary and somewhat dangerous is that I usually have to wait 10 seconds after I dial and call a phone and when someone calls me I also have to wait 10 seconds, if there's An a emergency happening this could be deadly
I wana slap the guy who made this video in the face with my Samsung a11
My A11 - 2GB is damn slow but it's worth the price. The best thing is the punch hole camera which gives it a premium look.
This is probably the worst smart phone on the market...if you a human with low standards then this is the phone 4u
How do I make the most of my memory on the phone? It keeps saying that too many files have been made on the phone.
Getting this phone free threw a Government free phone deal...but think ima call them and change it to either the Note 8 or S9...if those not available I'll go with the A32 but would prefer the Note 8..although it's old it's still better than any A model Samsung...But being free I'll take the A32 after all its just a back up phone
I got mine for £125 from Tesco
no one gonna notice how this man livin in 106 degree weather?
Please use chapter points - I started your video but stopped as I wasn't going to jump around looking for what I was interested in
Samsung galaxy A11 have two sim card
This phone is great. My only issue is sometimes it lags.
I just picked up that phone
I've had the a11 for a couple years now and it has gotten laggy and slow so i will probably move to the s21 FE
I started doing Mistpay which is gaming for points and had to force stop apps while playing others. So since my phone is stuck in a boot loop, I need something with more memory for example he games.
Now a11,android 12!
Is it worth paying $110 for a screen replacement for the A11?
My Samsung A11 right now has a Android 12 new update.
Have you seen a Samsung galaxy A11 with a hairline crack on the screen
2020 Samsung galaxy A11 has Android 12
I have that phone and where I live the lowest it's got is -13
Watching from A11
I have a a11 and have Android 12
just got mine on aandroid 12 one ui 4.1 this morning, dont teally feel anything diff so far
Please how much it's ram , is it 2,3,4,6 how much ?
I have the same phone but broken i found it in a pond the screen is broken
Samsung Galaxy A11 is a good budget phone, but if you do not follow it: do not clean the memory every week, install a bunch of suggestions then in 2 years it will brake hard
What game is he playing
A11 is in my blood
Im using this phone right but its lags
A11 is one of the worst fucking phones I've ever got mine runs like a fucking microwave literally dog shit don't waste your money just got the iPhone 11 pro.👌
Dang its -2 degrees where u live thats cold
play Gensing Impact (Ser!)
Crap phone
Question for everybody... Trying to see If this phone supports Samsung scroll capture out of the box without downloading an app. If not, why not? Please explain. TY
I've had this phone and the processor is horrible it'd glitch like crazy
Hii is it c type charger?
Do you think the 13 pro has better battery life?
I had the a11 for about a year now after a month it became really slow and just not over all a good phone for me my old a5 was better
Is it better than a iPhone 6? Mine broke today :(
I'm using this phone as my second phone for work purpose.. I think this phone works great..
Got this without any research on it and completely regret it, it lags on some games I'm looking either the s9 or s10 this time around since their cheaper
All crap like the phone itself
I don’t even know why you would make this video if anything it’s even better now to buy it because it’s now cheaper
Getting one for $69 (nice) at best buy as a phone for intl travel.
I have an a11. It's a bit fine for me. It's also not laggy since I got the 3gb ram version. And it's main camera sensor is a bit comparable with my s9+ on bright daylight. But it's ultrawide is just extremely bad. Rn i switched back to my s9+ since it's way faster and better than the a11. But what surprised me about the a11. Is that it's battery. It would take me 2 days to drain it in light use compared to 5 hours on my s9+. And in terms of heavy use. My s9+ only gives me 3 hours while the a11 gives me atleast 9 hours
I regret buying this phone when I had the choice of an iPhone S6, I’m worried I’ll get made fun of for it , did I make the wrong choice?
Commenting on A11!
I might buy the S9+ or galaxy note 9 or S10 next year with a iPhone 7 trade in for my mom. Which means she’s Getting my iPhone se 2020
Why do people care about the camera
Buying a used pixel 2 or 3a would be better than this phone. budget phones usually have very limited processors and cameras suck.
I'm sorry but this thing literally made for kids ... Even my broken note 4 is way better than a11 .
Don't buy that phone if you want good camera quality. It's Terrible
I had an A20S for a while and the battery lasted for ever.
Check out the A11 here ⬇️ Galaxy A11 (Samsung) ➡ Galaxy A11 (Amazon) ➡ Thanks for watching!
Wayward is a very big company and is quite a bit like 👍😳😀👌😄😉👍
Thr one thing i loved was the punchole camera cutout. even now in 2022 i have the a13 which is a really fckn good phone fornthe price but the NOTTTTCH :( IF ONLY IT HAD THE A11S PUNCHHOLE CUT OUT
Question for everybody... Trying to see If this phone supports Samsung scroll capture out of the box without downloading an app. If not, why not? Please explain. TY
WORST PHONE EVER DONT buy the it is so laggy
This is a very good phone except for the low ram
Oh wow, at least the Fast charging is good.
Can you gimme one of your phones
Samsung A 11 is very laging and hanging
I absolutely love here I is it the lock screen that's I love that it's great is it possible that you could tell me what 1 it is and if I can get at the Galaxy store still LVIT
Getting this phone free threw the Government program.. I'm kinda pissed because I meant to get the A51 or Note8 but hit the wrong phone and once you pick a phone it's the only one you can get... It's Kool it's just a back up phone anyway better than my back up phone now... My main phone is the moto Stylus 5g.. Kool phone that I also got free with Metro pcs so far I like it, enough to keep it for the next year or so unless life happens and I drop or lose it
Call me crazy but this is the best looking galaxy ever. Looks like the iphone 5c, which is also the best looking iphone in my opinion.
Can you get a 64gb storage too?
Thank you for the review!! Planning on getting my hands on an A11 :D
I have the exact same phone! 🤣🤣
Thank you for the review i thought the phone was gonna be bad, but now im going to get It!
My phone does not studder at all all its smooth and I have the a11
This is not a good's slow and the camera in not really good I just got a new phone and now i can see the differences.
4:56 oh you are a man of culture as well.😜( lana rhodes fan?)

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