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Buy Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB 6.4" Display A205U Black Unlocked Smartphone (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 32.0 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Restored Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB (GSM Unlocked) - Black ...

Keep more, thanks to 32GB of built-in memory. And capture the moment with the dual-lens camera, and then view it all on a vibrant 6.4" edge-to-edge Infinity ...


Samsung Galaxy A20 with 32GB Memory Cell Phone ... - Best Buy

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Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB A205G/DS 6.4” HD+ 4,000mAh Battery ...

Buy Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB A205G/DS 6.4” HD+ 4000mAh Battery LTE Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone (International Version) (Black) (Renewed) at


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Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920V 32GB Smartphone Unlocked (). 43 out of 5 Stars. 4 reviews ... Used Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB G935A GSM Unlocked (Used) (Black).


Used Samsung Galaxy A11 32GB A115U Fully Unlocked ...

SAMSUNG Galaxy A20 32GB, Fully Unlocked Black (Scratch and Dent) (Refurbished) ... A11 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone, 6.4" HD Infinity Display, 32GB, Black, ...


Used Samsung Galaxy S10e G970U 128GB Prism White (AT&T ...

Buy Used Samsung Galaxy S10e G970U 128GB Prism White (AT&T Only) 5.8" ... Refurbished Samsung Galaxy A20 A205U 32GB Black (Verizon Only) 6.4" Smartphone ...


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Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB 6.4" Display A205U Black Unlocked Smartphone (Renewed) Features

  • Item Package Dimension: 6.649999993217L X 3.4599999964708W X 1.9299999980314H Inches
  • Item Package Weight - 0.7495716908 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity - 1
  • Product Type - Cellular Phone
Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 32.0 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB 6.4" Display A205U Black Unlocked Smartphone (Renewed) Price in USA is $109.00 at Amazon.
Buy Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB 6.4" Display A205U Black Unlocked Smartphone (Renewed) online at Amazon.
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Samsung doesn't have smart view on new phones. I live off grid so that smart view is a must for me. Mines old , its crack and i wish they never got rid of it. I'm stuck in the past due to smart view.
I bought my Samsung A20E in December 2020 and I still have it it's my original phone I'm on it still (now I'm typing lol)
I have this phone but I have a problem with watching TikTok so i can't watch it because i can't even update the app
I absolutely love the design of the phone, is there a similar Samsung budget phone from 2020/2021?
I have this a20 should i upgrade to an iphone 11?
I agree. I have this phone and I dont have much space on this phone. Too many bugs. And lack of space. Not enough for me.
𝚆𝚊𝚝𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝙰20
I bought the A20 unlocked at Best Buy in late 2019 (was my first new phone since my Galaxy S3 mini i got in earlier 2014) & storage was an issue for me but i kept using it til the 3G shutdown stuff happened, then i upgraded & use the A20 as a 2nd phone with a separate phone company than my new one
I still use my a20 daily but use my iPhone for calls etc. iPhone isn’t that great. The Samsung a20 sound especially for video is much better than my iPhone 11 Pro Max. My a20 is very very slow These days and sometimes closes apps on its own however the battery is still perfect and since I had a heavy duty 3 piece hard case on it since day 1 it’s still in excellent condition. I was thinking to upgrade it and pass it down to family. Im sure there’s much better Samsungs now, however if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it 👍🤣
I have a20e
Hi, my phone has a black spot on my phone and its getting bigger and i dont know what to do, anybody have any tips?
I bought my a20 in January 2020. I love the display. I have received all the updates available for this device. It has slowed down substantially since new. But the biggest problem for me was storage space. The phone still works great but internal memory is 83% full now. So that prompted me to buy a new device.
I've been using the Samsung Galaxy A20 for 4-5 years now (before that I used the Samsung Galaxy J1 for 3 years), but I'm finally thinking of upgrading after having to do too many water damage/cracked screen repairs. I've also noticed that storage has reached a capacity on the A20 which prevents updates from being made and slows down the functionality performance of apps. The smartphone easily gets hot and demonstrates lagging. The battery life has also worsened; it doesn't charge as fast or keep a long-lasting charge like it used to. And I can't even find compatible phone cases sold in stores for the A20 anymore. In your opinion, would buying a Samsung Galaxy S22+ or Samsung Galaxy 21+ be a better upgrade after using an A20?
I use the A20s for 2 years right now. It's a really good budget phone for using it for 2 - 3 years. The battery on the A20s is a really good one! However, this phone has a lot of bugs while using it. It was quite frustrating for me in the beginning while using this phone. I'm now used to it. The front and back camera are literally garbage so don't buy this phone is you like to take pictures because this phone is not the one for you. The phone comes also with 32 gb (or 64 gb idk). This is not enough for a normal user. My storage is already full and it is really slow. The only good thing about this phone is for me the long-lasting battery.
I can get this phone brand new for $175 good buy?
Yes the s8s camera is better. It has 4k capability. You're right!!
Why don't yaal leave simple alpaca alone about constant videos? I've been a subscriber since he only had 10 thousand or so and I love his point of view and videos. You guys make yourselves look like haters ! Bad He's got a real channel so obviously his strategy has worked and tech especially cell phones are what he enjoys the most so wtf are yaal sayin?
Do you think the SE is a good investment then upgrade a couple years later from that . It will be my first apple phone as well
Yeah it's pretty good but honestly want to invest in a better camera and it has a bit low space so other than that it's okay but it will die but it holds well for hours tbh
I still don't know if I should buy the J8 or the A20. Help!
When is Samsung going to realize that not everyone likes the bloatware they put on their phones such a Samsung free, Weather app and Samsung pay. There are few others. Today I Google something that I forgot to book mark a few days ago and there it was, what is tomorrow weather. I haven't a clue how this suddenly showed up. I ran the anti virus and the results didn't show anything unusual. There's a delete and cancel button and even when I kept pushing the delete it wouldn't delete.
I had 1 A-20 when it first came out and bought a otter box for it so never got scratched once for 2 or 3 years. Then my mom got a iPhone and gave me her Samsung Galaxy A-20 and now I had a practically brand new one almost 2/3 years later. Out of everyone in my family we all agreed that the A20 took the Absolute best pictures between a LG and a the newest I phone at the time. Battery last forever and I am obsessed with the fingerprint scanner on THE BACK of the phone! Feels more natural to have my pointer finger unlock the phone when I'm holding it in my main hand versus my thumb that has to res on to the middle of front screen and half the time it doesnt recognize my finger scan. I Just bought a Google Pixel 6a 5 days ago and the battery doesn't even get to 100% full by time I wake up in am. It usually ends up at 57% before 12pm WITHOUT me even using the phone for a google search or 2. No social media or you tube. It literally dies on it's own and by around 8pm my pixel turns itself off. The camera is also good on pixel but to me the A20 is just as nice. My pixel 6a turned on do not disturb by itself 2 times and I missed every phone call, text tdd and notification for 36 hours. The phone is a joke however I bought it on Mercari for 300 so I think they sent me a defective phone and I should went to Google they just lowered the price to $399. But at the end of the Day I think I'd rather have my A-20 that's the best phone for the value I ever nen used and just performed waay over expectations and was ahead of it's time. The fingerprint sensor is guna start coming back on the back not front screen soon watch.
Fucking hate it
this phone works just fine. basic productivity. i OWN the device and only pay for the service, perfect. it owes me nothing
this is great as a mini tablet...its the best option as that
My 💪Samsung A20👍 was missing when 2021 april😭😭
If you can afford a more expensive phone i would say go for it , i used to own this phone but the lag is too much for me, i upgraded to the s22 ultra and and you can tell the big difference
when ur watching this on an a20:
I have used it like almost 3 years and its just amazing with this super amoled. Cause my friend just picked up a brand new phone (like m12 or something) and it screen is soo colorless and dont do that much performance. So ya my phone is OK
I got the A13 & it has 4K but that's when Watching Video's
I bought this phone in 2019 and it's updated to Android 11, I have no problems with it, the battery life is great this phone is worth it.
My Pova 2 has a 7000 mah battery 🔋
But my A20 hangs too much and can't play BGMI even after 5 GB storage left it lags too much even every application opening time takes time to open in emergency it sucks
The best thing you can do with a Samsung a20 is fucking smash it on the ground.
Got mine 4 $59 so it was hard 2 say no.
Simple Alpaca Could you please do a 2022 review of the a30? I have one I can mail you if you need one???
this phone is a piece of dog shit after 2 years stupid samsung account keeps stopping shows up along with all my other apps stopping DO NOT BUY IN 2022
I got mine December 2019, still running pretty good. I'm planning on using it till it doesn't work anymore
There is something about the a20 that is special. I know this is nuts but I drive a s22 ultra and I just bought my 2nd a20 for use as a bedside buddy. People rag on the panel but I think it's gorgeous 😍
This all Samsang is the best phones in the world. Ever
my fire is a brick, and anything at 10 inches is a huge drag, this product is a great mini tablet
Hello 🥰 ❤
Been using this for 3years and working still like new
i have it
Please give me Samsung Galaxy A20
My need samsun Galaxy A20 how march price
This phone is trash,it unlocks in your pocket everytime and over heats on a regular day and shuts down,you can't use it until it cools down,garbage.
Can i have one
Yesss and it can split screen too . But limited to 2 apps at one time only .
Samsung a 70 or a 20?
A20 is slow
Watching with my Samsung A20 ❤❤ Matagal malowbatt
Thank you so much for an amazing and detailed review! I'm having trouble taking screenshots. I tried many times but it didn't work then I pressed these two buttons slowly for a moment then succeeded! Anyone facing the same problem, Don’t press for so long just press both buttons together for a while.
Same color🙂
i have one and i love it tho :)
i have it i got it in 2019
I’m so excited to not have an iPhone iPhones suck tbh
I love playing citra mmj on mine
My mother has the A20, I don't dare to install emulators on it, because I'm affraid for "destroying" her mobile device. How does it work with retroconsoles emulators like NES, GB, GBC, GBA, SNES, SEGA MEGADRIVE, PS ONE, N64, MAME, CPS1, CPS2, etc???. Please, make a video showing this kind of console emulators working in the Samsung Galaxy A20!!!
I doubt it will but does it run dolphin?
All of these phones over 100$ look the same. Same color. What exactly are we paying for?
Can this run citra
Can you do a video on the new a20s international? I just bought one it costs the same as the a20 but it has snapdragon. I'd mainly like to know what it's emulation/gaming capabilities are: Fortnite, COD mobile, emulators.
For future phone reviews test out Return to Planet X for Android. This game puts a beating on smartphones when played at maximal graphics settings. The game looks good though in HD.
I love the screen size of the galaxy a10e. That screen size is perfect for me.
Bought this phone (last August) after seeing the review, great phone until the other day when it kept saying it was over heating and either shut down apps (when not running any!) or switched off. And yet it's always cold to the the touch, totally gutted as nothing I have looked up has helped to cure it.
How well would this phone run the dolphin emulator? I use an iPhone XS Max as my daily phone but I’m looking for a cheap android phone to play GameCube games on (mainly Pokémon colosseum and xd: gale of darkness) and possibly new super Mario bro’s wii.
No GameCube?
What I'd like to know is do these lower end Samsung phones support Samsung Dex as well?
I have a Galaxy S8 Active, and while it is a better phone this one is definitely going to be my go to for Steam Link and emulation. The screen on it is really good, and its a much better multimedia phone due to its screen size. For the price, and if you're not particularly looking for it to run high end mobile games it is an absolute steal. If you want it solely for something such as steam link it is an absolute must unless you're rich and can afford something like the Note 10. I get no dropped frames from the video decoding with steam link on maximum encode and decode settings. The thing I like most about this phone is, there is no annoying Bixby button that is impossible to fully disable without jailbreaking. The bixby button fuxes with car mounts because of where it is placed. There is no real way to mount the s8 Active in my car centered or I will hit some button. Only thing I hate about this phone, and all phones is the stupid selfie camera. I wish we could get a phone like this with no selfie camera and thus no notch or wasted top space.
I love this phone. May go to A50
Have you had any issues with input lag with this device? I got one and the bluetooth connection has been absolutely awful, making emulation out of the question entirely.
Body mobile sucks
#Youtube You keep butting in and it is the height of rudeness and really should be tolerated so don't do it but I know people don't always have the sort of money you would want us to throw around us willy nilley.
Who else is bouta buy this for the free $100 credits? I'm gonna use it on fortnite AND ACTUALLY SAVE IT THIS TIME!
My A20 doesn't have NFC
After watching this video 20+ times and a lot of haggling, I just snagged this phone for $105 new on eBay

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