Samsung Galaxy A21 32GB 6.5 inches Quad Camera A215 GSM Unlocked Black Single SIM (Renewed) Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Samsung Galaxy A21 32GB 6.5 inches Quad Camera A215 GSM Unlocked Black Single SIM (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy A21 32GB 6.5 inches Quad Camera A215 GSM Unlocked Black Single SIM (Renewed) Features

  • This device is GSM unlocked and will work with all major Canadian carriers. Not compatible with, Any CDMA network like Sprint, Verizon, Virgin Mobile US or Boost, USCellular. Network bands in regions may be different depending on the mobile operator and your location. Available storage is less and subject to change due to device software updates and apps usage.
  • Camera description, Front
  • Operating system, android
  • Package Weight, 1.0 pounds
Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy A21 32GB 6.5 inches Quad Camera A215 GSM Unlocked Black Single SIM (Renewed) Price in USA is $115.00 at Amazon.
Buy Samsung Galaxy A21 32GB 6.5 inches Quad Camera A215 GSM Unlocked Black Single SIM (Renewed) online at Amazon.
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Samsung Galaxy A21 32GB 6.5 inches Quad Camera A215 GSM Unlocked Black Single SIM (Renewed) Reviews from YouTube

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A31 is 1080 not 720, just bought 2 A21's and it's a great phone, the screen resolution isn't bad just not the best AMOLED and if it was 1080 it would be better but acceptable to me. For mint unlocked for $70 you cannot beat it IMO.
Does it have the finger screen lock on
From 1 to 10 what u give it
I am thinking on getting this phone
The camera is trash,16 mp, Damn
I'm watching this on a Galaxy A21
I had this phone for about a year and a half and I'm greatly disappointed. It got so slow later in its life and it doesn't work anymore. No viruses, no storage issue. Super slow and stopped working. I need to shill out a lot of money that I don't have for a new phone and I don't really know what to do now. Sucks that this happened. I initially loved the phone until I realized how bad call quality was and how bad it started lagging. I couldnt even take photos with it without it resetting, or even watching YouTube videos.
The a53 is a complete fail.
Yes have this phone and love the long , quick charging . Yes I agree that the photo is a disappointment . But like it over all .
So it's only a downgrade because of the screen display, that's the big problem? Lol I thought it was like battery life or something like that. About to go buy this phone rn
I have been using an LG Stylo 5 since October 2019. I just switched over to an A21 that my wife had. Did a factory reset on it and set it up my way. Been great for my usage so far. I don't game or anything, just your typical social media's. No complaints on it. My Stylo had begun to freeze up often, so tho this A21 I have isn't NEW new, its new to me and it's newer than my Stylo. Before the Stylo 5, I had a G4. Both were very good phones that I got a long lifespan out of. Both are still usable, really. The only issue with the G4 was lack of battery life. Only reason I upgraded to the Stylo 5.
Im the one that likes a small border at the bottom? Helps with holding it without triggering the screen.
No default ad free media player??????????????
You are indeed overreacting. I've had my A21 for a year now and it's great. I enjoy the plastic back I don't want my phone encased in glass it's dumb glass breaks. Plus like most people I immediately slapped an OtterBox on it so it's fine.
I must have gotten a bad A21. It is by far the worst phone I ever got! It freezes up, overheats, malfunctions; I have to do hard restarts because it won't recognize my code. At least twice a day it says no sim. It randomly restarts about 4x a day. Apps stop working & I have to restart. The color on the screen will get dull, then better. It is hard to position it correctly to actually charge, battery drains fast but takes 8+ hours to fully charge to 100% and it runs slow. When I talk on the phone people struggle to hear me & sometimes I have no service and I don't know why. This is the worst, Most frustrating phone ever!
I think in my opinion if your phone that you're using now is hoped it would be great to use as a secondary backup phone providing you got it on sale it could make a great gift for somebody who's not exceptionally fussy over their phone like Grandma Grandpa or your younger sister or brother or give it as a gift to somebody who needs a phone say someone who is homeless and they're looking for a job why be fussy when you can afford things so my opinion is don't Diss it if you can give it as a gift especially to someone who appreciates
please i can't use A21 outside this country and its asking me to unlock the sim before i can use it in Ghana here
Honestly this phone is so slow and doesn’t work very well. It lags with games, especially roblox. The battery is pretty good. Samsung/apple needs to work on compatibility with eachother. Pictures sent from apple phones to Samsung come out blurry because apple cameras are just better. It’s hard to work with others on calls (no FaceTime, etc). I think you get what i mean. I’m much happier with my i phone 13 now.
I bought this phone as a backup device. My iPhone 7 Plus battery was getting weak. This was my first Android phone and Samsung phone. This is my daily driver now. I love it. Way better cellular connectivity. Way clearer speaker when on a call. Way more customizable. Battery lasts for 3 days. After using an iPhone for 10 years I’m done with them. I’m staying with Samsung now
Anybody have problems with the volume on this phone??? I got this phone just about a year ago and the volume went where i could hardly hear anything. Took it back to Tmobile for a replacement about a month ago and the same thing is happening...I am very disappointed with this phone?!!!
the back n screen scratch really easy. i freaked out
I love mine.
One of the best selling androids of all time it's even in a lot of businesses as a buisness phone for staff.
Hi I am having trouble with my phone my alarm ringtone is still the same even when I change it it is just the same
this is extremly underrated at super price i loved to use it for watching movies when before covid travelled to work
What ones better would you guys say iphone 8plus or a 21s? Please respond soon
I got this phone 2 years ago and yeah it is sometimes laggy when I try to record a game and that's annoying but in a few months I'm gonna get a much better phone.
Camera is good for its price
my one only take one sim
Hii I would like to know with ph to buy a21 orr a21s
Worst phone don't buy this
Why I don’t I see this gsmarena Reviewer anymore? It’s either Will or Angie nowadays? They’re good too. But i can stop thinking, What happened to Ricky? We would live to see him more often.
Comparing this with the S9. Which is the better phone?
didnt know yall had a channel ?? random website i visit for phone knowledge lore depends
the big importance is the {Ram} becouse there is no happiness without ram or GBU
Me watching this on a a21s
I came from a s7 edge to the a21s (downgrade i know) but it makes up for it. Ive been using the phone for 1 year and a month now. It really gets the job done. I was looking for a 4:3 48mp camera review in the video. Also edge panel is supported on the phone now. It came late 2021
Bro i got the same phone
720p suuucks.
Its screen isn't Amoled but as you use it for days, it becomes natural to your eyes and you become used to it. What I love about this phone is its design, battery, camera, and RAM. Mine's the 6gb version.
I've owned the phone for 2 years. Unfortunately the rear camera was pretty poor. Maybe it was just my phone but it was disappointing
Yes, four lenses, but which one is what?
Samsung Galaxy J7 was way too far better than A21. I have this phone and the camera really sucks.
Why is mine shitty😂😂
I'm considering this phone, and the first thing I'd do is install Gcam, which is available for this phone. Amazing what a big difference Gcam made on my Redmi 7A. Photo quality is every bit as good as a friend's iPhone 11...sometimes better.
Can you remove the back on this phone to Change the battery??
I'm gonna buy this phone soon
I have that phone
This phone is crap. Camera takes awful pics and video. Hated it since I got it. Just waiting for it to break so I can justify buying a new one.
The camera sucks both front an back going back to iPhone
I think the rear camera is alright but the front facing camera really washes me out compared to my other phones why is that?
so should i not get this or😭😭the commens throwing me off
When I take face pictures its terrible my s7 is better then it in that instant how come
I have it and I hate it its terrible, it makes my content on my channel look bad. No stability whatsoever.
Am going to buy it tomorrow
It's 16 megapíxeles in the Back one not 13
I recommend Hackerlunotechpro on IG. he perfectly unlocked my device and Carrier
Turn hdr off in camera settings for better front camera
I just got this phone like 10 mins ago. The camera looks like shit but you can make way better if you just play with the brightness bar thing
got this for $39.99 on sale
samsung a13 or a21
Does it have face recognition
Ughhh 1080p Should be the lowest standard for movies and gaming even at the budget level
The only reason I got it because of the fingerprint unlock thing
Awesome Samsung phone 📲 📱
You get what you pay for. Can't complain.
Can you use Google pay with it
I've had mine for a year about to be 2
I've had my Galaxy J7 for years now and it's been a great phone, but recently the battery has been horrible. My sugar daddy bought me this one today online and waiting for it now! Hopefully it's not a downgrade. All I really do is YouTube, social media and texting.
What's the Stavos 6 phone?
Dont like it had it for 6 months worst phone i had
This phone should be name Galaxy lag 21. Junk
I hate the Stylo 6. I got one last year and, this is so much better. Of course I'm talking about the A21. I still have the Stylo 6 and, I don't even know what to do with it I wouldn't even sell it to a stranger because it sucks.
I just recently received a Galaxy A21 and I’m very happy with the phone. However I have a small problem and I don’t know if it’s jut my phone or all A21. I can’t set up a live wallpaper on the lock screen. I’ve tried multiple times and no luck so far.
I have this phone and with a recent update it now goes up to 1080p!
I use straight talk and this phone is $99 at the store, is it worth it or should I spend a little more for something better? I don't want to go over $150
I game off of a hotspot that's on my phone alot I currently have an s7 si ig I game with hotspot on this phone it will be ruined? Also my mom has a a21 also and the front camera is terrible my s7 takes better photos then it iys blurry color is bad and its slanted to the right not lined up at all
Alright anyone help me out please . So I have the chance to upgrade from a iPhone 6s to this Samsung a21 for free or an iPhone SE 2nd gen for $50 . Which one should I go for !🙏

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