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Buy Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (SM-A226B/DSN) Dual SIM 64GB, 6.6?, Factory Unlocked GSM, International Version - No Warranty online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.6 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Gray, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (SM-A226B/DSN) Dual SIM 64GB, 6.6?, Factory Unlocked GSM, International Version - No Warranty Features

  • 5G Instructions: Please check if your GSM cellular carrier supports the bands for this model before purchasing, 5G may not be available in all areas.
  • NOTE : Unlocked cell phones are compatible with GSM carrier such as AT&T and T-Mobile, but are not compatible with CDMA carriers such as Verizon, Sprint and Cricket.
  • This device may not include a US warranty as some manufacturers do not honor warranties for international items.
  • Device may come with foreign charger however seller will provide a US travel socket separately.
Display Size: 6.6 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Gray, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (SM-A226B/DSN) Dual SIM 64GB, 6.6?, Factory Unlocked GSM, International Version - No Warranty Price in USA is $189.00 at Amazon.
Buy Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (SM-A226B/DSN) Dual SIM 64GB, 6.6?, Factory Unlocked GSM, International Version - No Warranty online at Amazon.
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Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (SM-A226B/DSN) Dual SIM 64GB, 6.6?, Factory Unlocked GSM, International Version - No Warranty Reviews from YouTube

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Full Review - Watch Before You Buy!
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G review
Samsung Galaxy A22 review
Samsung Galaxy A22 4G/LTE Review! Best Budget Option For Most People
How come none of you fucking monekys didnt mention that this phone dasnt have Smart View???? Assholes
Anybody, dose this phone works with a 4g sim?
I'm getting that phone for christmas I'm into old phones like samsung j5 2017 which I'm using rn so I'm not used to the home screen button being built in the screen.
Its the worst phone ever. Always lagging and cant handle games. My older model was so much better. CRAP!!!!!!!! Dont buy!!!!!
Considering the price point of this phone, its great value
Frankly, the phone is very good, I do not face any problem with applications and games, a beautiful phone, with now version 12, and soon version 13, a beautiful phone👌
Its good but it doesn't all screenshot why
great review, thanks
Hello, does screen have gorilla glass protector?
This is my secondary phone to my s22 ultra and it's mostly fine for what I use it for. The only feature I do wish it had, is mirror screening.
I bought this model this year. I had a Galaxy S8 (not Plus) for more than 5 years. A22 5G is a good relatively cheap mobile phone from the colossal Samsungindustry. Strong battery. wide screen. For a person that wants to have a mobile phone from the particular Firm to a good price is A22 in my opinion the best Solution. However there are some pitfalls. If you use SD cards you will have to move your archives to the SD card since there is no selection concerning the initial save place on this phone. If you are a person who makes a lot of snapshots and videos you will be already feeling your phone capacity in the first months of use. Another thing, if you like Netflix and you want to do other things on your phone while you are seeing or hearing your movie on Netflix, this is not possible with this phone. On the other hand amazon prime videos can be played at a small screen while you i.e. surf at the internet. Furthermore, you should not expect the great processor perfomance of the "star" models, on the contrary you will experience a poor and slower performance and you will have to restart your A22 a lot of times so that you can avoid functioning problems or slower processing speed. I still think, this is a great and price-worthy mobile phone but i wanted to share my experience after using my Samsung S8 for 5 years without any problems. P.S. If it comes to the question, why did I change my mobile phone, I can simply answer that after 5 years every mobile phone gets battery problems. And I wanted to change my older device to a new one with a better battery and memory capacity, dual SIM function to a fair price instead of simply changing the battery. Have fun!
I have a question is this phone better then the a31 version or is the a22 4g better? Performance wise in terms of gaming and smoothness.
I compare a22 and a22 5g displays, of course oled looking little more colourful and have higher peak brightness, but it looks bloory with that low resolution. It's really confusing for eyes when lucking on it. A22 5g has sharper display but with lcd tft technology downsides. Neither one are winner
this phone its verry good for this price i have it and i like it a lot
Nobody going to talks about 100 degrees in Los Angeles
I didn't understand any thing new... not clear explanation. As if you talking to your every day friends not international watchers.
Check out for the unlocked retail version at My World Phone for a competitive price of $260.
I broke my iPhone and got this until I can I get my iPhone replaced and it's whatever I guess
Whenever I take pictures or videos they disappear.....why.
from where u download the wallpaper on the screen bro i like it :)
worst phone i ever had, slow af
What's the chipset exynos or SD
This phone is a beast even on gaming
I don't know how to take screenshots?
this phone is best for poor guy, enjoy.
instead of using the same feature breakdown formula used for flagships, for budget lines like this, good to review their basic day to day usage and performance. cause this is mostly the type of phones you buy for your elderly parents to use.
Is this better than the base A23?
That last shot of the 3 people finally PROVES that GSMArena is operated by ANDROIDS!!!! THEY ARENT MOVING!!! 😳😳😳
Good budget workhorse.
I couldn't find this one from our local store and my brother got me this full in retail box from My World Phone.
how to fix blurry camera SamsungA225G please help me
I'm the user, love it, smooth, regular updated
This is only my 3rd smartphone after the Iphone 4S, The Iphone SE from 2016. Big screen, big ol' battery, can email, google, whatsapp, youtube, all for 189 euros, perfect !
Does this phone have ambient lighting please
It's supposed to be a 48MP camera but the photos all say 12MP. What's that about?
I prefer it to my iPhone 12
IF you had latest Huawei pone before they disaper from UK shops you understand that sAMSUNG IS Rubish.
Really disappointed with the camera. Colour is brutal. Sunsets come out yellow instead of red/orange no matter how I fiddle with the settings... Sound quality not great either. On a budget so thought a 5g Samsung would be the way to go... Next time I will watch the review first.
I know. The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is not much better than the Samsung Galaxy A22. But that's the future - 5G. There is no point in stepping back. Regards.
Does this phone have Tap and Pay? Aka Samsung Pay?
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍a22samsung 👍👍👍👍👍👐👐👐👐👐
I'm a person who has several phones that are unlocked that I use. I'm a collector and from what I have seen on the spec sheet this is like the big brother of the A20. I bought an a21 blindly, I didn't have my phone collection then and I was being rushed. It was the worst phone I have ever had by Samsung. It was gigantic ( not the screen) with thick bezels and a giant chin plus it had a ips lcd screen which is a deal breaker. I think the 720p super amoled panel on the a20 was excellent although some reviewers said otherwise. I'm buying this! I'm going to wait because prices are going down rapidly for last year's phone buy yes this is mine!
I couldn't find this one from our local store and my brother got me this full in retail box from My World Phone.
*Miss you angie ❤️.*
My friend has a moto g from 2014 and i tell him to get one of these all the time, i have a s9+ and its great.
2:51 - Did you just say it supports FM Radio? Wow! I love this feature in phones and it's something I always look for.
4g version new for 82usd Perfect UNBOXING galaxy a22 4g
I m using this phone since last 6 months and got this phone for better cameras but trust me total waste of money wost experience ever... the picture lacks a lot of details and comes with bad camera quality ... so disappointed with the phone ... totally wasted my 27.5k ..please dont buy this phone
What I specifically miss from this review is how many major android updates it'll will get which is IMHO also an very important point to talk about and I barely see reviewers mention it no matter for what phone
I have an a12 it looks the same
Galaxy A series phone are always great value for money.
bruh thia phone is shit when i forget my password and try to restart my phone i cant do it unless i unlock the phone this is the worst phone i ever got
Can you tell me if it's better than my galaxy j4+? I want to upgrade it.
Me?? Installing a s9 rom on my s8...making it new again...then go to samsung ..change my back cover and lCD....walah..!!
Uopste nisu rich colours
I'm not a gamer. Which one would be better for me a22 4g or 5g?
Why my a22 has a awful speaker ?? Is it defective or really in the phone model. ??
?????..... what about the (voice).... ????? !!!!!!!!!!!
Great to see girls into gadgets reviewing. I'm tired of seeing them doing "what's in my bag?" " No make up makeup" etc. 🤣🤣 (I'm a woman myself).
I got this phone yesterday and honestly it was pretty useless out of the box. The internet with my sim card was so slow i couldnt even load a google page... after doing like 3 system updates it works but its pretty slow... i may return it anyway... i went through all the settings and i cant find any setting to make it work any better
Wow this phone is currently available in Trinidad and Tobago it's $1500 TT😳
Do you know where i can find one with 6gb ram...that amazon link only takes us to 4gb ram...thanks
How is it on gaming? Pub-g, freefire etc.?
i am using it .
Hello, when you filmed the video, was it handheld or were you using a gimbal? I am looking for a budget phone for vlogging with OIS without using a gimbal. Thank you
Came here because I will be getting one soon
How do u compare this with s9
Can you help me to set up or restart the camera??? Because it's after samsung J6 the worst camera I've ever tried, even my Huawei mate 10 literally has better results on pictures and videos...
Not sure if should keep this or use S10e.😊
It's best for 12 year olds to be honest.
i took some pics with this and with an A53 and i think an A32 in a store which sells them all. I liked the results most from the A22, the colors were bright, the exposure fantastic in comparison with the other Samsungs. The phone has a smaller bright screen and I'm pretty much sold on it!! Will probably buy it shortly!! Hi from Mexico!
These "budget" a series are the new flagships cuz flagships are taking out everything nowadays
I can't the find the samsung a22 4g 6gb ram one on Amazon or ebay
What's the internal memory like? ?32 gigs won't cut it.
its not better than the 5g
Just got one for 82usd wrapped
It does have nfc. Why do you say it doesn't?
Can this phone do Wi Fi calling?
Does the samsung a22 4g get longer battery life than samsung a12

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