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Buy Samsung Galaxy A50 US Version Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 64GB Memory, 6.4" Screen, Black, [SM-A505UZKNXAA] (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 64 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy A50 US Version Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 64GB Memory, 6.4" Screen, Black, [SM-A505UZKNXAA] (Renewed) Features

  • With an all day battery that lasts up to 35 hours, The Galaxy A50 keeps up with your fast pace throughout the day and into the night; When you need a boost, power back up quickly with fast charging
  • Featuring three specialized lenses, The Galaxy A50 is the only camera you’ll ever need; Capture more of what you see in every shot, thanks to our advanced Ultra wide 123 degrees field of vision; Shoot vibrant photos with a 25MP Main Camera or take flattering selfies with a depth lens that puts the focus squarely on you by softening the background
  • Featuring a sleek, 6.4 inches Super AMOLED edge to edge screen, The slimly designed Galaxy A50 fits easily into your pocket
  • Keep it all with 64GB of built in memory; Expand your memory up to 512GB with a microSD card (sold separately)
  • Flaw detection automatically alerts you when your photo isn’t picture perfect, so you never lose a moment
  • Wireless voice, data and messaging services compatible with most major U.S. GSM and CDMA Networks; Support for certain features and services such as vowifi and Hotspot, vary by wireless service provider
Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 64 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy A50 US Version Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 64GB Memory, 6.4" Screen, Black, [SM-A505UZKNXAA] (Renewed) Price in USA is $124.00 at Amazon.
Buy Samsung Galaxy A50 US Version Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 64GB Memory, 6.4" Screen, Black, [SM-A505UZKNXAA] (Renewed) online at Amazon.
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Samsung Galaxy A50 US Version Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 64GB Memory, 6.4" Screen, Black, [SM-A505UZKNXAA] (Renewed) Reviews from YouTube

Samsung Galaxy A50 In 2021! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
Samsung Galaxy A50 || Details and significant data about the telephone
Samsung Galaxy A50 review
Samsung Galaxy A50 in 2021 - (Still Worth Buying?)
Watching this using a50 and I'm using it for 5 years now and still works perfectly. Battery is 💯 🔥 I drop my a50 for a hundred times and still working good.😊👍
Watching on my A50 just got it today
Fcuking hell... "cheap price" still ! in 2021.
If you’re planning to buy this phone, just understand this phone is from 2019, you should get a new Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, which is better and would be worth more for your money.
I'll be receiving mine tomorrow on my bday. I'm excited. Also comming from a 2016 Huawei y7 that has depreciated and just awful, this shall be fun
Can you charge it using charging dock
hello, your racing game name please 😁 tnx
At around £90 and £120 respectively, A40 and A50 are great deals on Back Market
i find you been harsh on this phone with the photo and video quality, then you started aging with reverse charging and wireless blabla. The price at that time was good for what he does and still good today June/2022 for +50% of peoples.
It’s not worth it this phone is ASS the only redeeming quality is the display. The phone is really slow games don’t run great on it the price is not worth it at all. Don’t be like me and fall for the 3 cameras hype get a better phone worth the price.
It is perfect phone. When not other scern where are you?
My only issue with the phone is the mobile hotspot. It takes like 30 seconds to turn on, and sometimes it will just say "your plan doesn't come with a hotspot." My old galaxy j7 crown turns the hotspot on instantly, and never fails to turn on.
I install custom firmware on my samsung a50
No cameras besides the iPhone record great 4K video. So not buying a low budget phone because it can't record in 4K kind of defeats the purpose of it being a budget.
Is it good now in 2022 for normal us like watching video. And using social media ?
This is my phone now and so far it's good because it's mid range but it last all day long with the battery the camera selfie is good too it's good for vlogging and the wide screen is also good for watching videos like netflix and stuff and it's also good for listening to music and also gaming it's nice and the graphics is nice too coz it's colorful so yeah it's good for teens who can't afford very expensive flagship phones like samsung ultra or iphone.
I have been using an A50 for about 2 years now and I am not a fan. I will start with the positives. The screen is great, cameras are good enough, battery life is great, and this phone refuses to break (after great abuse). Unfortunately, the A50 is incredibly slow and super buggy. The daily experience is frustrating to say the least.
I have a problem in my A50. I want to know if others also experience it. I have a delay in black colour like it leaves a trace when swiping. For eg if you have a application which has black colour in recent apps, when you swipe through recent apps then can you see the black color lagging behind? I'm facing this problem and sorry if I couldn't explain it well.
I had this phone for probably two years and one day it just powered off. There was no physical or water damage but whenever i try to start it up the screen stays on the booting screen. Was a good phone while it lasted
I picked it up second hand on Ebay for a relatively cheap price- I'm coming from a 2015 device and it suits my needs
This phone is very badd
Everything looks great about this so far, but... what is the audio like?
A50s bad mobile
The thing i hate about samsung phone is, why do they put the headphone jack below instead on top
I've my own since 2020
Watching from my A50, got it 3 years ago still working perfect 👌
Im in the uk and my 128gb version has 4gb ram? Some ppl have 6 gigs of ram?
my parents gifted samsung galaxy A50 for my birthday this year and its amazing. not very impressed with the camera though, but its still great for 20,000 rupees
I wondered why my dad like this phone than newer a 50s phones
Hey! Don’t forget that Jesus Christ loves you and he died for you have a blessed day❤️
Looking us my phone
I have a family member who works for Samsung and this phone will be the first Samsung phone to ever get 3 major software updates!! It will get One UI 4.0/Android 12 update with 2 years of security patches next year for sure! also by November 1st ALL of the Galaxy A21's (all carriers and factory models) will have the One U.I 3.1 Android 11 update!! (it's about time!). The Galaxy S22 will have a S Pen and will not have a 200 megapixel camera but a 4 camera telephoto setup. (all of the pictures online are bullshit) Yesterday I bought an A51 on Ebay for 72 dollars in "9/10" condition. This means for 72 USD I get a 1080 Super Amoled panel protected by gorilla glass 3, the nice Exynos Chipset, 6gb ram, 64 storage, 3.5 headphone jack, NFC, 25 megapixel triple cam setup that records 1080 at 30fps and 720 at 240fps but its a F/1.7 cam with a nice chipset so 3rd party apps can easily bump it up to 4k plus a fm radio! 72$ there are TONS of them for under 90$ This phone is close to a s10e but with a plastic build. I know people will think I am lying about the One UI 4.0 android 12 and it's not on Google (I checked) but when all of the above things I said happen remember this comment!! GSMARENA YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST TECH SITE/CHANNEL/PEOPLE THERE IS!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
It's a great phone, I have one. Reviews are not always accurate and are in the eyes or ears of the beholder. For Example, GSM Arena in their written review said that the vdo quality at 1080p was among the best they'd seen - Personally I think it's terrible compared even to my aging Huawei P9 Lite, however install Open Camera and its a world of difference. I always thought that a camera on a phone is only subject to the hardware, but that's not quite true, the app itself can play a huge role in pic/vdo quality. Also, with Open Camera , you can shoot 4k too, but not with the std camera app. GSM Arena also said that the phones music/audio speaker lacks high end and is not that great - it isn't great, but as an ex audiophile, who's fussy about sound quality, the A50 's speaker is not too bad at all, what it is lacking in a bit is bass, but it has plenty of high and mid range frequencies. I think the A50 will hold its own for many years against the competition.
bring back 16x9 screens. these long skinny screens are annoying. also, i find these phones too tall, not too wide.
I simply love this guy
Watching this in 2021! Anyone else??
1:54 How I don't have this option,i only have vivid and natural ?
Is this a U.S. (American) model with dual-sim?
Can it be connected to Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch & does it have Samsung Pay?
Lol update, the fingerprint scanner got WAY better from the most recent update :3
Anyone having major issues with this model in 2022?
Galaxy A50 does support wireless charging
I Want it For My Dad
Samsung S8 still faster in geekbench 385 / 1558
3 years using this and still got today feb security-related patch i think best oem brand
I have been using a phone since 2015- to me this is awesome lol
I had mines for 5 years now still working awesome. Fast, fingerprint awesome, cameras are awesome everythings awesome. Planning on upgrading to the iphone 8 plus or the xr but i cant decide which i should choose
A50 is the WORST PHONE IN THE WORLD,phone lagged in the second day I bought it,can't even play codm in lowest graphics 😐 also the back broke off from just applying a skin,rn I have the samsung s21 but doesn't mean my standards are high 😑 the screen broke from a small drop on wool ground Cmon now baddest phone ever I mean EVER and after a while it the screen got stuck so I hate this a 50 I mean it is in the a series.
A50 is a great phone
This a50 has a general price of $200. To $250. As of Oct 2021! It's held it value on the market . (CAD prices) 👍
youre voice is super calming ngl .. just by listening to youre voice you made my day :)
Using a50 till 2 years no hang good performance 💝
Would this be a good upgrade from Galaxy S5?
Budget phones are meant for browsing
It's a good phone just good for browsing the web
I loved my a50
The a50 is pretty fast. I recommend this phone
I'd be on my 3rd factory data reset if I could remember the stupid Samsung account password. Won't let me reset without that password. So I guess looking for a new phone. 😡 64G in 2020? It's a setup.
ISp rating?
I had mine for 2 years now. Except the battery everything is still so good

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