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Buy Samsung Galaxy A51 5G | A516U | 128GB | Single SIM | Android Smartphone | Prism Crush Blue - Verizon Locked online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 128.0 GB, Color: Prism Bricks Blue, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy A51 5G | A516U | 128GB | Single SIM | Android Smartphone | Prism Crush Blue - Verizon Locked Features

  • Phones are Verizon Locked.
  • Super Steady OIS/Mode: Take remarkably smooth video of fast-moving action in crisp, UHD quality; Its top-notch stability makes cell phone photos and videos look super smooth with minimal blur
  • 6.5” Super AMOLED Infinity Display: Dive into edge-to-edge color with an expansive 6.5” Infinity-O Display featuring a Super AMOLED screen that brings cinematic clarity right to your fingertips
  • Expandable Memory: Save all that matters with 16GB of built-in mobile memory; If you need more, you can expand storage to 512GB with a microSD card (sold separately)
  • Phones comes packaged in an aftermarket box with a generic charger and cable. Headset, manual, or Sim card are NOT included.
Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 128.0 GB, Color: Prism Bricks Blue, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy A51 5G | A516U | 128GB | Single SIM | Android Smartphone | Prism Crush Blue - Verizon Locked Reviews from YouTube

Samsung Galaxy A51 Review One Year Later: I Still Recommend It, Even In 2021!
Samsung Galaxy A51 5G full review
Samsung Galaxy A51 5G - 6 Months Later Review!
Samsung Galaxy A51 review
This is the worst phone I have ever owned.
My plan is to buy this phone for my mom for Christmas is it worth it in 2022?. She prefers Samsung phones
Been using my a51 for two years and in my opinion the camera is okay, the fingerprint scanner is junk and the phone is so so slow, it often freezes on me
Where did you get this wallpaper?
I'm not reviewing phones if the company won't let me keep them. That's not good business 😕
Got mine for $153
My A51 stopped working 2 years later (stuck on boot screen forever) and I've only used it for listening to podcasts and online browsing. Meanwhile, my iPhone 5s worked for 5 years and is still working, except for the battery.
I still use the Samsung a51 4g, love it. I paid $140 for the phone , it does everything I need in a smartphone.. Honestly I would never never ever spend $1000 +++bucks on a phone .. Definitely would recommend it.
have to say A51 is really a piece of garbage, please be aware it is very laggy response phone, it is just a toy to play for a while, so disappointed over Samsung
i hate that the 5g is thicker.
hanging issue in a51, because of motherboard problem
I wouldn't recommend it anymore. If you have a A51 I would still use it but I terms on long term it's not worth buying now. I would get the a53 or if you need a cheaper phone the a13 or the a52. I have experience a lot of lag now. Even a reset didn't fix it. It's just too old of a exynos for it to be smooth anymore. Maybe it's Because I have the 4GB of ram version i know the 6GB runs better but not by much
I just got this phone yesterday and it already has android 12 4.0
My husband and I actually ordered the Galaxy A21 Last year, and honestly, we loved those phones. We got them on sale from Straight Talk for $99 each. So, once it was time to get new phones we were shopping around and kept seeing the A51 pop up along with the A53. We checked them out and basically, they were just a larger and faster version of the A21 with a bunch of random upgrades. (Better Battery, much higher resolution screen, higher RAM amount, {Went from 3Gb to 4Gb of RAM} slightly better receptors, AMOLED display, 5G versions, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. [And ETC]) So, we looked around and found that Tracfone was actually having like a STUPIDLY good sale for only $69 for the A51 brand new, or you could get the Moto G Stylus for the same price. We went back and forth and just barely decided on the A51, all because Samsung makes them, and I have always gotten great devices from Samsung. Even back in the day whenever I would buy one of their new phones for like $40 from Walmart, they lasted me a year or more. The only other company that I can report has lived up to the same standard is Asus. Asus is the only other company I feel safe buying their cheap phones.
i use to have that phone and now i have a iphone 12 and that old one SUXKED
Just bought this phone for 100 dollars with straight talk. Best cell phone deal ever Should get it in a couple of days. Great review.
A51 still going strong in 2022! I use to buy the better Samsung phones until I found this one. Can't believe I've owned it so long. Must be a personal record
hard time understanding u. 4-10-22
I've been using a Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit for the last 4 years and this absolutely blows it out of the water! I'll definitely be looking to get one soon!
Plz tell me how much fps in pubg?
Well produced, informative vid that helped me decide to buy this phone. Thks!
I got this same one in retail package at My World Phone for half the price
Thank you so much for your review. I am considering it and the A71 5G. I was awaiting for you to say more negatives.You sounded like a paid marketer for this phone...minus the muffled speaker part..Don't recall anything else that was negative..But that is just me being honest.
The voice nice and beautiful you will understand more when you are well allow system update everything wheel breakdown and you will feel big sorry that you bought this phone please stay away
How r u doing darling
Do these cameras SUCK?
I dont know if I missed it or I have my info wrong , but I had a go of a A51 5G in a store today and it had an extra setting in the Pro Mode I am pretty sure. The A51 4G seems to have just 3 settings at the bottom of the screen in 'Pro' camera mode, a ISO setting, a White Balance Setting, and a Exposure setting. - This A51 5G I tried today seemed to have had an extra setting at the bottom of the screen in Pro camera mode , an addition of a 'Shutter' setting. Can somebody confirm this for me please or am I getting confused?
Watching cats in the grass. This guy got class 😎
I have Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g & sucks it doesn't have SD card slot, also sucks there no headphone jack. It's a nice phone.
Any updates? Android 11?
Don't buy the phone wont work if you have to call a company where they ask you press 1 for banking or 2 for customer won't work for call centers..its 2021 how do you make a phone like this ????
Galaxy A 51 5G & A 71 5 G are a 👍phones because equipped with Exynos 980 processor more powerful & stronger than A 51 & A 71 processor . 👍💪💪💯🔥🔥But , also lack of these specs such as 90 hz refresh rate , dual speakers , water & dust resistance & camera 64 mp with OIS . If equipped or featured these all kind of specs i can said that it will become the best A Series / Upper mid range smartphone . On the other hands , this year Galaxy A 52 5 G directly win A 51 5 G due to the specs area such as 120 Hz refresh rate , dual speakers , water & dust resistance & camera - 64 mp with OIS . Awesome upgrade 👍👍💪💪💯🔥
Please in Hindi
Much better than the regular 4G variant.
Reviews for this phone at the TMo site has MORE 1 star reviews than any other level. Seems that 5G connectivity is disastrous. An issue NOT addressed at all here.
I purchased my Galaxy A51 5G for $199 promo at Metro PC by T-Mobile
U thinking about buying it, it's a go! I been using it for a week and it is very premium
I have had the A515G for about a month to 6 weeks and the only real problem I have with it is it's talk to text capability is pretty bad. I use talk to text while texting while creating messages through signal and email and each category The microphone capability leaves much to be desired. Granted I had to choose this phone because of the monthly payment was better than the Galaxy S that I wanted to have. The microphone capability fails to pick up words correctly and sometimes it doesn't pick up the words at all. It doesn't work other times it picks them up fine but that is rare. If you are in that financial boat that I am in but use a lot of the microphone talking capabilities that is what you get. If your just cheap and trying to save money that you could afford to spend and you use the microphone a lot don't buy the A 51 5G
My dad just got in he's having trouble with the Bluetooth he got it this year I don't know if it's good now because it's already 2 years old and somebody please let me know and please let me know if it's waterproof or the resistance and it's at a very fast phone thank you
One thing I want to know about this phone is it waterproof resistant
My number one complaint with this phone is typing, it's terrible for me, allot of hit and miss. Like it is hypersensitive or something. Yes disabled all helpers and tried other keyboards.
It's even worth buying in 2022 . I bought my a51 5g for 125 bucks , it does everything i need.... I own the a71 5g , a52g 5g too.. A71 5g is better than both of them.. All are really great smartphones.
Who ACTUALLY wants a camera hole in the middle of their display to interrupt their viewing?? Come on man, that was completely ridiculous. The ideal position would be to put it under the screen itself with no hole punch. There are phones out there with this very feature. That's said, it still would be much better to have a very small bezel with the camera in that instead of interrupting the screen. Depending on what you're watching the camera hole can be an eye magnet. And if you have OCD like I do, it can drive you absolutely insane!
Nice video Kevin! I have an A51 5G on Cricket that I purchased through them. It just dawned on me that I don't know how to tell if I ever received 5G. I'm in a major US city. My phone only shows LTE to the left of the signal bars. I looked up to change Connections under settings - Connections Mobile, but my phone does not have anything to choose beside Allow 2G. Have any Cricket members had to change anything to receive 5G and how do you know when you are receiving 5G? I tried researching this, but found nothing!!! Thanks for your help!
Anyone else have issues with the A51 5G phone running hot? Im not gaming with the phone. Has nothing to do with charging , it just runs warm to hot in use or in my pocket.
I renamed this phone.. Samsung galaxy BURN IN 5G
My A51 5g got burn in less than a year having it. Screw this burn in oled phone. Wasted a lot of money on this phone.
I like how a budget phone from 2 years ago now looks better than all of Apple’s flagships.
Thank you for your feed back Sprint is giving me a phone because they are merging with Team mobil so which one would you prefer the TMO revvl 5g or the A51 s G or the A51 or the Samsung S 21 the newest phone .
💥💥The version that I got from T-Mobile store last summer of 2020 has the exynos 980 processor with 6 gigs of ram.
Found it for 80 bucks on offer up sounds good I can even resell I wish it was but smaller tired these tablet phones
Any case recommendations?
Excellent review! Thank you! I think I've chosen my phone.
Does the a51 support 5g+?
Any updates? Android 11?
why's dude talking like he's doing a top ten list for six year olds?
Just had to do a Pink homescreen
I can't wait till I get one. upgrading my a20 to a51 5g
I got this phone, it has the best camera on the market
2022 running like charm
Thanks for the review. I am encouraged to buy. 😊👍👍
you can get this at My World Phone for $349.99
Okay first of all camera is shit, video is shit overall camera is shit, not just that after 2 years of using my Motherboard died oh wait a second i just found out that on this model and few more it happens after 2 years after guarantee expires what a suprise? isnt it? DO NOT BUY THIS or any low/medium budget samsung phones just go with 100euros ( SINCE IT IS THE SAME AS SAMSUNG 300EUROS) phone or iphone trust me
smece od telefona
What about long-term reliability, system atabiliry and service history? Was told the A71 suffers from reoesred system crashes and other screen/hardware issues but whether such problems have inherited into the A51 remains to be seen (which I hope not).....
Been using this phone for over a year now and i like the battery lifr and its fast charging. The only issue I have with this phone is when playing mobile legends. It usually lags for 1-3 secs it affects my gameplay but I only play games when I'm bored so no biggie
01:01 to 01:03 see building top what you think? What is this?
Thanks for the review... But can anyone for once say something about the a phone's microphone?
Dudes high AF lmao.
just got it today for 175 with a free protecter thank you for this
does it fm radio?
Lol he said andwoid at 2:26
So you're reviewing a camera. Nice, no relevant other information. What a bad review.
Nobody: Me watching my moms phone: 😳
came here to check things in ....someone would want to swap in a phone with me with this....but all in the comments are about ufos and aliens...i don't get it. what does this phone have to do with aliens. edited: soooshhh.. a51....area 51 what am i doing wrong!
this is high copy
Is galaxy A51 waterproof?
Don't buy, they update like crazy and you'll never figure out how to fix the problems they cause with updating like hearing media (you have to factory reset), loss of memory, apps will not work as well as other issues, go with a phone a friend YOU know has and ask them. Marketing is as marketers do don't let them trick you

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