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Buy SAMSUNG Galaxy A52 A526U 5G, T-Mobile Locked Smartphone, Android Cell Phone, Water Resistant, 64MP Camera, US Version, 128GB, Black online at Amazon. Display Size: -Memory: 128.0 GB, Color: Awesome Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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SAMSUNG Galaxy A52 A526U 5G, T-Mobile Locked Smartphone, Android Cell Phone, Water Resistant, 64MP Camera, US Version, 128GB, Black Features

  • Phones are locked to T-Mobile.
  • Comes packaged in an aftermarket box and includes a generic charger and cable.
  • Does NOT include a headset, manual, or Sim card.
  • Game, Stream & Binge On: Watch your favorite shows, work on your gaming, and keep your playlist blasting with Galaxy A52 5G's long-lasting battery
  • When you do need a power boost, Super-Fast Charging will have you back up in no time Work Fast, Play Hard: Get in the flow and stay there with Galaxy A52 5G
  • With a fast and reliable processor plus 5G connectivity in your pocket, you decide what your limits are — or aren’t Expandable Storage: Take your photos, music, podcasts, and episodes with you, thanks to 128GB of built-in storage, plus room to store up to 1TB more when you add a MicroSD card
Display Size: -Memory: 128.0 GB, Color: Awesome Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest SAMSUNG Galaxy A52 A526U 5G, T-Mobile Locked Smartphone, Android Cell Phone, Water Resistant, 64MP Camera, US Version, 128GB, Black Price in USA is $183.95 at Amazon.
Buy SAMSUNG Galaxy A52 A526U 5G, T-Mobile Locked Smartphone, Android Cell Phone, Water Resistant, 64MP Camera, US Version, 128GB, Black online at Amazon.
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SAMSUNG Galaxy A52 A526U 5G, T-Mobile Locked Smartphone, Android Cell Phone, Water Resistant, 64MP Camera, US Version, 128GB, Black Reviews from YouTube

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In South Africa it's R8 000😭
Wish i had a better backing on my phone!
Bad reviews!
Why is it flickering? Is that not harmful or tiring for the eyes? My LCD screen doesn't flicker
My choice, my favorite- it's WAY better than anything of same price range.
Help. need a phone for US and for overseas
You should make an a52 5g vs a53 5g review, I really can't tell which one I should get and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
im considering this because the audio quality ranking, this rank higher than s20 or s21 lol
here in Canada , the thiefs sells it for 1200 Dollars .
Considering getting this for my birthday...
Not much different than the A53..think there the same
The European A52 version (not 5G) has a very bad 90 Hz screen with visible FLICKERING due to PWM. I regret buying this phone. My 5-year old iPhone 7 does not have flickering. PWM / flickering can be easily spotted with a pencil test. My A52 gives me eye strain. Don't buy the A52.
My last 5-6 phone's have been Samsung. I Buy a New Phone every 3 year's if they last that long and So Far So Good. My phone now is The A20. I have not had One problem with this Phone. Well getting close to 3 year's lol. Thank's for the tutorial on the A52. This Phone is going for $259 right now. I think I'm going to buy it. Thank's again..😎
Solid phone does everything I need in a smartphone . I bought my Samsung Galaxy a52 5 g for $125.. Crystal clear screen vibrant colors. Camera takes awesome pics . Excellent batter life .. Still rocking it... No issues , works fantastic. I would never spend $ 700 to 1200 bucks on a smartphone...
me personally no, because galaxy Tab S6 was released a year before A52 5G and it was largely more powerful (accordingly to Geekbench 5) after 3 tests were ran with both devices galaxy tab S6 won with over 2435 on multi core and 700 on single core A52 5G statistics as shown in the video was a little less than that. Yes the Geekbench 5 app is available on the PlayStore for free.
I've ran Geekbench 5 on my galaxy tab S6, the scores on galaxy tab S6 were minimally higher than the A 52 5G after 3 test runs on both, so this means galaxy tab S6 was marginally more powerful than A52 5G. This helped with a decision I was making on rather to get into the galaxy S midrange series.
I have had the a40 for 3 years but looking for new one just can’t decide
Thus doesn't have samsung DEX
This is my third samsung phone. Everything I buy is samsung. Thing thing I don't get, is it takes me long sometimes to get the fingerprint security to accept me. Yet if I stick IT LOCKED IN MY POCKET, it wont take long b4 i hear it beeping numbers on my actual phone part of it. I will also find a whole bunch of screen shots it has managed to create for me. Maybe in future when I can't get it unlocked, I will just stick it in my pocket for a few minutes
Samsng a52 5g
After taking good care of my Samsung A52 5G for 16 months it suddenly died on me. It kept restarting so I took it to a service centre, and they told me that the motherboard needed replacing and one other component at a cost of $190. Very disappointed in Samsung. I shall be moving to another brand.
The 5G will work in USA and in China but make sure you get the unlocked version from My World Phone
Does it have NTC??
considering buying this phone. Currently using S8 and wanted to upgrade to S22 but just not willing to fork out that much money for a phone. Wondering if there are other better options in this price range
I am using this phone since September 2021 and it is awesome. At it's range it has the best camera which is very impressive. Check out my new music video which is recorded with Samsung A52s 5G.
I don't understand all of the good comments about the Samsung A52 5 G. My phone, and the people that I know who own the same phone, have all experienced alot of glitches in software. Just simply opening the phone is tremendously annoying. Buttons/functions are unreliable, unresponsive. I owned the Samsung Galaxy S9+ before I bought the 52 5G, and it had very few glitches compared to this junk. Also, I would add that I am not a 'heavy' cell phone user, spending huge amounts of time on my phone, day in, and day out. Having said that, there is absolutely no reason why my A52 5G doesn't maintain better battery life. So, yeah, the battery life on this phone is very average at best. Should have bought a Google Pixel phone, and I'm regretting that I didn't. Because of the lack of support from Samsung, with all of the issues i have had with the A52 5 G, it will be my last Samsung phone purchase.
I wanted to upgrade to S22 ultra. .. But for some reason everything I want can be found in their mid range device.. Like headphone jack and memory card slot. It also has always on feature. The only thing I will be missing is the S pen..
last night I ordered a A52 5G for 300, After watching this video, I see that I made a good phone decision. much thanks!
My mum wants to get me this phone for my birthday. I just want to ask if anyone has any good experience with if it's worth the buy or not? Any pros and cons would be good. Thank you!
What was the car racing game on your phone?
this one or realme 9 pro plus thing matters to me are 1. camera 2. decent battery 3. software
I want to buy it but I am scared of using cheap phones.
I just received the 4.1 update today ! ATT A52 5G
Thanks for your great update
!!! Important !!! Everyone with fingerprints issue should turn on "Touch sensitivity" in display options "ON".Thanks me later ))))
Are people talking about how pretty this tuber is? It's ...distracting
he's definitely high
Thank you for your thorough review. I just got the A 52S 5G thru ebay for $350. I especially wanted the strong camera lenses. God bless.
I found this phone on the street and damn I got lucky,since my phone broke ;(
Finally someone making original content
Maja Aagya dekhe
اخي الكريم عندي سؤال من ضمن هذا الجهاز اذا دخل الماء داخل المكبس مال الشاحن هل يحترق الأيسي ويعطل الجهاز وشكر مع التقدير والاحترام أرجو الرد سريعا
Hat Ihr Kanal denselben Test nur mit einem iPhone?
Add me on call of duty mobile bruh
Water went in mine now it doesn't charger properly. Charging that takes 1 hr and 30 mins now takes 7-8 hrs
i keep getting a thing when i charge my phone saying there is water in it, when it only had rain going on the port for a little while
Why doesnt the water activate the buttons, water is conductor right, a drop of water messes with my phone buttons, what is the technology that activates buttons with skin but not water, please help me on this, i need this knowledge to invent something (god willing), at least give me some keywords to google, i am not perfect in englis
Mera Samsung galaxy A52 pani me gir gya tha 😔 that's y I am watching 👀 this 0
Le mien est tombé dans l'eau et s'est éteint depuis
Bolachquda kitna pani dalo ge
My phone is samsung galaxy a52 too. And now, It accidentally, go in the water. And i am watching this to know what is the best thing to do. And Im now calm
عجبني موبايل حلو كثير
Wonderful mobile 😁
Wow 🥺
Me watching on the exact same device: 😃
It is okay to buy it now even though its 1 year old already
but FM radio.. how to listen to the radio when I'm offline and not connected to the internet?
Watching on my A52s 5G💪🏿
Is a52s 5g worth buying?
Quality Video🏳️
name of the two games in this video ???
Does it have installed the android auto app ?
Thank you for your expert evaluation. I bought the phone earlier this year and I'm very happy with it. God bless you.
Got this phone for my self and i have to say i never regretted it The phone so good in all aspects
Very impressive specs and will last for years to come, but the security updates are a different story. I wish we could install a custom Android build and make it usable with security updates.. maybe it is, I just don't know. I'm also curious why it's A52s and not A52S?
Very nice samsung a52s 5g love
Top phone!
This Samsung is absolutely crap . I bought my son one and the phone keeps displaying moisture detected in charge port . Samsung will not repair it under warranty as the phone has a hairline crack in the top right corner . Samsung repair centre quoted me R 7900 to repair a phone that I paid R 8900 for . How can the phone be advertised as water resistant when just by normal operation it display that . False advertise much Samsung ?
How can I use as 2 Windows ? Whan i was watching YouTube I wanna chat on WhatsApp
About the only thing this phone fucked up is the fingerprint reader. Even my slow-ass P20 Lite is faster and more reliable on that front.
1:04 What's the name of this racing game?
Were the clips and photos from Bulgaria?
I decided to by this instead of the iPhone 12 pro
What kind of screen protector it has???

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