Samsung Galaxy A71 5G LTE Verizon | 6.7" AMOLED Screen |128GB of Storage | Long Lasting Battery | Single SIM | 2020 Model | Black Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Samsung Galaxy A71 5G LTE Verizon | 6.7" AMOLED Screen |128GB of Storage | Long Lasting Battery | Single SIM | 2020 Model | Black online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.7 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy A71 5G LTE Verizon | 6.7" AMOLED Screen |128GB of Storage | Long Lasting Battery | Single SIM | 2020 Model | Black Features

  • GALAXY 5G FOR EVERYONE: With 5G, your phone now delivers mind-boggling speeds, superior connections and nearly undetectable lag times.
  • PRO-GRADE SHOTS WITH A TAP: Shoot professional-grade photos and videos with A71 5G's quad lens camera. Shoot epic landscapes, dramatic portraits, and super clear and steady videos. With the 64MP main lens, you'll capture all the beautiful details just as you see them.
  • BIGGER. BRIGHTER. BOLDER: See your entertainment in exquisite clarity and dramatic contrast on this massive 6.7" Super AMOLED+ Infinity Display.
  • POWER TO KEEP YOU GOING: Scroll, snap and share more with a long lasting,
  • Works with Verizon Wireless network only!
Display Size: 6.7 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy A71 5G LTE Verizon | 6.7" AMOLED Screen |128GB of Storage | Long Lasting Battery | Single SIM | 2020 Model | Black Price in USA is $164.99 at Amazon.
Buy Samsung Galaxy A71 5G LTE Verizon | 6.7" AMOLED Screen |128GB of Storage | Long Lasting Battery | Single SIM | 2020 Model | Black online at Amazon.
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Samsung Galaxy A71 5G LTE Verizon | 6.7" AMOLED Screen |128GB of Storage | Long Lasting Battery | Single SIM | 2020 Model | Black Reviews from YouTube

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Galaxy A71 for $400:
I have 4 samsung a71 5g smartphones still use them today , they are awesome. Crystal clear screen. Ex battery life . I got them all for $425. A little over 100 bucks each. I can't see paying $1000 ++++ on a dang smartphone . Does everything I need ,highly recommend the phone in 2022 .. These phone companies have been ripping consumers off for years with there ridiculous high prices ,I'm not gonna be part of it.
I'm the owner of Crack the Code Ent 🐻🦅 I'm Going to get that phone and I'm going to get my number changed over
Old video but 5g is better 765g vs 730 which a better processor by far
I got an a71 5g for $200 and free service because of the Government ACP program. The camera is fantastic.
A71 5g records 4k front camera u are wrong about 1080p only
Samsung Galaxy A71 5g best phone
Absolutely horrible speech to textAbsolutely horrible speech to text
How's the selfie camera on this?
I just got the phone today and I got it for 170..... 5G version boostmobile
What game were you playing?
great job video
I had the LG G7 thin Q. Sprint is replacing it with this phone. I had a phone guard/ cover on the old phone. Does this phone need one too?
The phone suck, there a lot of problems with it in general the phone gets super hot and your mobile data 5g doest work well on it and most of the games and apps crash on it ,the camera won't save photos sometimes
is this phone water proof
Samsung saya a71 5g tapi muncul " MM Kartu SIM tidak diperbolehkan " ada yang punya solusi untuk saya ?
hi, does this model have the always on display feature? Thank you.
how many sims we can have in it
It's a pos I keep mine in 4g mode cause the 5g network is slower than molasses & the on/off button is right below the volume buttons & constantly turning phone off on accident
Does A71 5G have stereo speakers?
Happy new year! Its good to be back 😊 Do you have the A71, or are you waiting for the A72?? ----------------- A71 5G from Samsung (25% off): Reserve the S21 Early: A71 5G on Amazon: A71 on Amazon:
Currently on eBay going for less than $220.00.
I'm just retiring my A71 4g here in 2022 and I still love it. and use as my backup phone. I think it was Samsungs best phone. The only reason I'm switching is that I would like to have 5g finally.
i have the a71 almost 2 years now. its amazing still. battery is declining but still lasts a full day and more!
Still rocking the A71 ,A71 5g. I paid $240 total for both phones . I think it's absurd to pay$1000 +++ for a smartphone. No need to think about getting a A72 or a73 These phone companies are ripping us off for years, will continue if people still pay for $1000 bucks, up for a smartphone.. Definitely recommend the A71 5g . Crystal clear screen , great battery life.
I am having this for 2 years now. I don't know how its still feeling so much new when i take out the cover. I bought a new phone recently and i have compared this phone with oneplus nord 2 etc.. No phone is closer in terms of look and feel. I think i have no option so i will go around 3 more years with this. I have to because its one of the most beautiful things i got in my life and i can't get out of it.
Ive had mine 2 years still going strong
I had this phone for a year and really loved it… I ended up buying a 13 Pro and have now had that for close to a year.
Had mine nearly 3 years now and its been brilliant. Only now has it started gettimg a little screen burn up near the top, but battery life and everything else is still top notch . Would definitely recommend this phone . I will be upgrading to the a73 in a few months and will pass this down to my daughter.
As a person who has this phone it is a great expirience
Super excellent and intelligent video! Terrific narration, educational and informative! Definitely thinking about purchase the A71. Still have/using the Samsung galaxy S8 since 2017, which now in October 2022 is now starting to near its end. Still thinking about the A72 because it is newer. Unfortunately it is now financially difficult for me to purchase a $500 to $1000 phone. Thank you so much for this video.
Watching a71 vid on an a71. Done my research and learned that it was good. Even now I still want to be told how good it is.
I have this phone last year and may it got an update
Worst phone of all time
Shld I buy this or a23
Now it's $150 still can't afford it I'm on a crappy LG phone
Please tell me I'm not the only one who realizes the A71's speaker position is PRECISELY where people put their fingers...portrait or wide mode. Constantly can't hear shit all day. How does that design sneak through?
still a great phone! i have no need to upgrade anytime soon
T-Mobile sent me this phone as a replacement and I hate it the camera features are horrible the hue keeps changing in-and-out the photos come out very dull the video is even worse it's not real life color I am a youtuber and this is ruining my whole channel
2 years using this phone , all I can say is This is the best phone I used so far
how much
how much
Today's Infinix Note 12 G96 defeats this by a mile
But i prefer a70's design than a71
I got this same one in retail package at $469.99 My World Phone
You can get metal
Thank you so much for the great content it was definitely educational Contact keep it Creatung ,and I will keep on GETTING EDUCATION¹⁰.
14,000th like:)
Nice review . That's how is done .
Francisco ramon (The flash)
This camera is very good and the phone is fast.
I have this phone 2 yrs now and really loved its excellent features esp the camera. The battery still works well. Now, i want A73!
ey bought the a71 last dec 2020 and its still smooth until now. alttho i did encounter some slowness here and there probs cos the apps n storage + genshin in the cp. but i did a factory reset a month ago and its quite fast now hehe
my A71 one ui 3.1 update my phone very slow and restart slowly carema now power dead. so sad...
Still rocking my A71 4G in Feb. 2022. A full charge is still lasting a whole day. It's supposed to get Android 12 in about a month and Android 13 next year. Definitely worth the money.
It's a great phone... I'm still using A71 even now...
What's the refresh rate of the screen?
Why A71 will not get Android 12?
this phon kachra ...not bay this phon ..vary low network ..evry time buffring ...buffring....west tha moeny
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Is it good for gaming like PUBG, Fortnite, apex mobile, and call of duty mobile
Are you from south Carolina? I seen Gilbert on your phone
My name is marilyn gray can someone help me
I need help to put this phone down to 4 g
mine numbing, this is just an cheap overview!
it s rubbish. My phone less than 2 years old, wont charge anymore and I am a light user. What a rip off.
Sounds exactly like Luke Dunphy from Modern Family.
how is the rooting for this device ?
is the speaker in stereo?
any phone is worth buying any time because it all depends on what one wants
I bought this phone on December 2020 in a really good deal and I have to say it is a great phone for the regular price and is better yet for the price I took it 🤣. But getting serious on this matter is really a great one, to begin with depending on how my data usage is on that particular day I managed to get between 6 - 8 hours of SOT and a stand by time of 20 hours to 1 day and half. Like I said it depends on my usage on that day I how much the battery is going to last, and with the performance I'll say is pretty decent, you can't expect a mid range phone behave like a flagship all the way but compared to others is impressive. So if you're looking for a decent and not expensive phone I think this is a great option.
definitely need some advice on a new phone. I have an opportunity to either get a samsung A71 5G or a Moto G stylus 5G. I have an Iphone 6s Plus and battery keeps dying fast. I also have an apple watch series 3 GPS but i dont want to spend that much on an iphone 13 pro just to get a good battery life iphone and keep using the watch. Any advice?
I hate that you speak with questions.
Is it worth buying in 2022?
Is there any aluminum in/on the case?
I love mine. But what irks me is that both buttons needed to screenshot are on the same side. The wave of the hand method isn't always a good choice, as it can change your page. .
I've had mine about a year, it's starting to slow down... Battery isn't quite as long lasting as it was. Finger print scanner is really glitchy. Screen rotation also is crap
Switching from the A20 which lasted me since its release almost 3 years ago. Choosing this one over the a52 5g after watching your review on them. Thank you so much for the great reviews
thanks for highlighting the advantages of an in display fingerprint reader, I didn't even think about dirt possibly getting in there but I have had times where my s9 won't read my finger print. I was between getting this and the oneplus nord n10. I ended up going with the A71, the amoled screen, larger battery, more recent software updates and in display fingerprint reader definitely make a difference

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