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Buy Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 (16GB) J737A online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.5 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Display Size: 5.5 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 (16GB) J737A Price in USA is $189.97 at Amazon.
Buy Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 (16GB) J737A online at Amazon.
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Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 Price, Samsung Galaxy J7 16gb Price

Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 (16GB) J737A Reviews from YouTube

Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 Review!!
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) Review: Get it Cheap [4K]
Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 Unboxing and Impressions!
Samsung Galaxy j7 pro vs Galaxy J7 2018
This phone SUUUUUUUUCKS. I have one and it's a disaster!!!!
Anyone know of a app that affects charging that starts with IN I deleated the app and after my charging takes a lot longer
love my J7 Cell wish Samsung can make the same j7cell 4 2021 i would buy it in a heart beat .if you know please let me know thank you
This was my first phone.
so you svmsung
My dad's phone
i have it but have problems is emergency calls only how i fix it????
One of the best phone ever
the last samsung phone with a home button R.i.P J-Series
7:49 / 10:43 vocie creack
Can we
Thank you so much ☺️. You are the only with a brain enough to let people hear the damn VOLUME!! I’ve watched many videos about phones and you are the only one so far! Volume is very important. Thanks again 🙏🏻
How do you remove the battery?
Watching on my j7 lmfao
Ham patty samich
The phones texture is just great,even though this is my first phone (J7), it just works like any other phone!
It doesn't have NFC so I'm mad
Dissing school be like: *it's school*
Good phone..👌🏾..lm happy..🤷🏾‍♂️
- The J7 (2018) is surprisingly reliable, with camera good enough and battery lasting insanely long. Just make sure to get it cheap. Lack of fingerprint reader will bother you pretty much every time you unlock your phone.
This was my first phone, it’s really nice and good if you’re planning on getting your first Samsung phone.
0:04 ㅅㅂ 발음봐ㅋㅋ 존나웃기네ㅋㅋ
J7 2018 South korean = Wide 3
UNDERkg Would you or anyone else, out here, know how well this phone compare in performance to the LG Stylo 5(Boost Mobile). I have a Tracfone flip phone that is not compatible with the upcoming verizon 5g network. So I will have to buy a replacement phone. I talk, text, stream movies and view youtube videos. So a $200 or under is good enough for me. Nothing more than that. Any ideas?? Thank you in advance.
Edit: Correct "..notice that it was 5g compatible ", to read: "...notice that it was Not 5g compatible." Geez, I've got to work on my Hooked on Phonics and proofing my self, lol. I have a deactivated tracfone J87n sky pro. It used to be my mother in law's phone until she got a notice that it was 5g compatible. My wife and I got here into another phone, I took the j7 to stream movies with kodi using Wifi. This thing is quicker than my old lg Tribute HD. I find, even using wifi, that the j7 accesses movie links quicker than my windows quad core pc and my fire tvs. I don't understand but I am pleased. My j7 has a 3300mah, removable battery and I can use it all day, into the evening. it had about 50 % power remaining. It was back up to full charge in about 1.5 hours. Otherwise I just plug it in for the night and it's at full charge. easily, by the next morning. Note: I shot a lot of video at my grandson's wedding. I took a lot of exterior jpegs and videso as will as interior shots. They came out better than my Tribute would have and I didn't have to make as many digital edits, to fix for lighting, to some of the jpegs. I usually will take multple pictues of a subject or a scene. That way even with the low end cameras, if there is blurring, the one or two others will be okay. The battery drained much quicker in about 3 to 4 hours. I think the phone was about $149 or $179 through HSN. I think that price range or even lower is fine for this phone.
underKG Your other job could be an auctioneer, You wasted no time presenting the device. I watched some yourKorean language videos on your channel , Even in Korean, you wasted no time...I did not understand a single work but I got the general idea, enjoyed your enthusiasm in your presentation and I subscribed. Keep up the good work.
Korean j7 2018 name wide 3 english j72017
This was really useful, thank you!
Buttons in 2018.... :(
Too bad I couldn't understand what you were saying. Slow down and pronounce words.
I think this one has a removable battery right? (J737U) That's kind of a big deal for some of us.
Does this phone support FM radio?
Is this the same as the Galaxy J7 Crown? S767VL
Mine takes a long time to drain and and charges really fast a lot faster then 2 hours
Got this phone for $80 right now from Walmart. For this price it's an amazing deal! It's the straight talk version but I'm okay with that that because in my hometown I get great service. Lack of fingerprint scanner does suck but luckily the face recognition is pretty reliable and the lack of any back lights on the lower keys is a bummer also. But for this price I'm beyond happy with what I got 😊
My wife has the j7 sky pro and I have the j7 crown.
영어잘하네 나는 엄마가러시아분이여서 배웟는데 러시아어배우고 학교애서말하니까 애들이 다 군주님에대해서물어봄ㅋㅋ
Upgraded from this to a iPhone X 😇
Bruh I'm watching on Samsung J7 2018 unboxing while I'm watching this video with the Samsung J7
These phone are always responsive👌
This phone is apiece of crap. After 1 month of working great. Have to reset it 5 or 6 times a day to use it. No calls, no texts, no internet ( signal has full bars) until i do. Ex threw away box and reciept, so I can't return it. Closest service center is 30 miles away and i have no car. Will have no phone if mailed in 12 to 16 days. Bought Samsung to get a better phone. Except for the battery on my $40 pos it is better than this one, i paid $160 for this one.
hey dope name
Good phone
Is there no headphone?
Im from italy
It is so cool and veryb fantastic
I love the smartphone sansung galaxy j7 2017
My phone!
This is phone I will be getting on Friday morning I'm so excited about it and I like it
If you can get this for under $100 (Walmart was selling it for $80), snatch it. Otherwise, spend $180 on a Google/Motorola Nexus 6. It's an older phone, but it was a flagship. It has a high resolution quad-HD AmoLED display, 3gb RAM, a beautiful camera, and 16-32-64gb of storage. Front facing stereo speakers too. Very snappy.
I just got this for Christmas today
Hi, I bought this phone two days ago and I think that the phone is good but I don’t know why the frontal camera is bad, is like shaking or something like, can you tell me why , if you know, thanks a lot
My j7 2017 is better than that and it doesn't have plastic anywhere where you touch the phone...
Look how big those black lines are on the borders of the screen this phone dous not look good it could be good but i am not buying it
Is it good for VR???????
Buy Honor 8x instead of this Piece of.....
J7 pro is not 6 inches its 5"5
Es mejor el j7 2017
Will a j7 2018 case fit a j7 pro??
J7 pro is best
Another video that could've been a table
3 gb de ram tiene el j7 2018
Is this suppose to be Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro as the Pro one and Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown as the 2018 one? Or is there more J7s out there? I have no idea and cannot benefit from this review since I have no idea is these are my phones of interests or not. I am coming out of the iPhone world into the Android world with much to learn.
J7 2015 is The Best ))
I still love my Galaxy j7 crown
Great music
I thought it was bad that I didn't get the 2018 one... Thank goodness I have the 2017 one!!
Arey bhai kimat bhai Lagaya karo
The j7 2018 has facial recognition and 400 sd card expansion liar
j7 pro
The J7 2018 does have facial recognition
j 7 pro best vs j7 2018 i like j7pro 2017
It has facerenaction
The J7 refine (2018) has face recognition. Surprised neither of these 2 phones has it.
Not waterproof ;-;
What a cringy ass video

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