SAMSUNG Galaxy Note8 N950U 64GB Unlocked GSM LTE Android Phone w/ Dual 12 Megapixel Camera Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy SAMSUNG Galaxy Note8 N950U 64GB Unlocked GSM LTE Android Phone w/ Dual 12 Megapixel Camera online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.3 inches, Memory: 64 GB, Color: MID-NIGHT BLACK, Brand: SAMSUNG
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SAMSUNG Galaxy Note8 N950U 64GB Unlocked GSM LTE Android Phone w/ Dual 12 Megapixel Camera Features

  • 6.3 InchesDual edge super AMOLED Quad HD+ display
  • 64GB memory with removable Micro SD slot (up to 256GB), 6GB RAM
  • Water and dust resistant (IP68)
  • Dual 12MP rear camera's with OIS. 8MP front Camera with auto focus
  • Built in s pen. Bixby is present
Display Size: 6.3 inches, Memory: 64 GB, Color: MID-NIGHT BLACK, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest SAMSUNG Galaxy Note8 N950U 64GB Unlocked GSM LTE Android Phone w/ Dual 12 Megapixel Camera Price in USA is $399.97 at Amazon.
Buy SAMSUNG Galaxy Note8 N950U 64GB Unlocked GSM LTE Android Phone w/ Dual 12 Megapixel Camera online at Amazon.
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SAMSUNG Galaxy Note8 N950U 64GB Unlocked GSM LTE Android Phone w/ Dual 12 Megapixel Camera Reviews from YouTube

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Naresh Patel is currently using note8
My note 8 is very slow nowadays
Had to get rid of mine cause it kept crashing when I connected to my home Wi-Fi. It would also randomly restart when I was out driving.
Did this have a jack?
I miss old Samsung (2017 and 2018) Those phones just hit different. I miss the old spacey wallpapers and infinity wallpapers from the S8 and Note 8. That’s one thing i will miss when i get my S22 Ultra. I miss the old Samsung Experience Version, the look was so simple yet classy. I had the Note 8 back in 2018 and it was incredible, and luckily got to experience it again from a friend at my school a couple of months ago before i graduated. The Note 8 was the best smartphone i’ve ever had, the Note 9 was going to be my next phone for Christmas after it broke in late 2019 but i ended up with a inferior smartphone.
Just need 5g and 8gb ram and it will last for 10 more years
Best smartphone I have owned. I bought it in November 2017, and it has been a workhorse for me since. A couple years ago, I dropped in a parking lot, and the screen cracked. After $100 to a repair shop, it was like new again. I dropped it again a week ago, and after calling around to a lot of the phone repair shops, I learned that almost all of them don't carry the replacement screens anymore and that it's hard to find the OEM screens. (Almost all recommended that I replace it with the Samsung S22 Ultra because of the camera.) On top of that, it's not really cost effective to have it repaired because you can buy brand new ones in the original packaging on eBay for $220 to $280. One thing of note is screen burn in. I did some part time Door Dash work for about a year after I retired, and after nine months, I noticed that the app's icons had significantly burned into the screen. Not surprising because if you keep the screen on any app for long periods of time several day a week it's going to happen. Bottom line is that I am going to replace it with a new Note 8.
I am. Best phone ever.
Compare note 8 dex with latest samsung device
my note died with a little water. smh
Note 10+ imo was the staple design for Note lineup overall
thinking of buying note 8 used one as my main phone which was Redmi note 9S was stolen 2 months ago and I can only afford this for now, don't know if it's something stupid to buy this now but my only hope is that it can be upgraded to Android 11 or Android 12 with custom roms..
LOL, I disagree with you. I am still using NOTE 8 (Android 9) even using NOTE 4 too (Android 6) 😁 No issues at all about software, Apps , compatibality or supports. BUT .. Thank you for sharing this video.
My Note 8 has to become completely unusable before I pick up a new phone. I hope it can last 2 more years :D
my note 8 still going good since 2017. only prob is the battery and some pop ups. thinking if i will buy another phone just in case my note will die lol
Mine freezes for several seconds at a time every time I hit the back/home button almost. Can I fix this without a hard reset?
Don't! Worst phone i ever had. After couple hours the ram needs to be cleaned up and you have to do it manually or your website pages or youtube will stutter like crazy. I bought this phone to have to work. Meaning lots of internet tab pages, this phone can't handle it. It's crap, don't bother with samsung they are frauds.
I love your videos but when you recommend phones, can you please try to consider different budgets because not everyone can afford a flagship phone or a high end midrange device Just suggesting
Should me use in 2022?
Still Rocking my Note 8. November 2021...
I remember getting my first Note 8 from Trading a prepaid phone that I had at the time in a JBL Flip 4 at the time and I love that phone so much and ended up taking a crap on me so I sold it at one of those Walmart machines but I really want one again I got the a 20 right now and it's good but it's nothing like my note
I'm about to get one of these phones and I'm hoping it lives up to the expectation. Either way, it's a major upgrade from the phone I currently have.
Very Informative. Thank You for taking the time to make this video.
I think the note still a decent.older phone.especially the amooled display.retina scanner
Its February 2021 my note 8is still running great. It also still updating security at this phone
Just ordered ther Note 8.. ion have to have the latest model phone that basically dies the same as the old one beats a few upgrades that really don't make much difference!! Second I'll never pay $1000-$1200 for a phone just for it to lose value 10 months later...I know companies like making the newest phones but a new phone every yr?
Still rockin this phone
I still have my note 8 even tho the the front is damaged but no one calls me and it still works like magic might invest in a note 20 soon
Christmas gift that works well for me. Thanks 4 the overview!
My favorite phone
Several years old lol so that would make it older then the note 3 🤭
Can I give you a hint? Please don't talk with your hands when you are holding a phone on camera.
I can get one for $391. Ah Canada
If you are a heavy user then avoid this phone!
Wow I never knew you could keep getting updates on a 7 year old phone lol
I got one off eBay with some screen burn in, ngl anything's better than the LG arena 2 I'm using but notes are my favorite series and I was so excited when note 8 was revealed
i like this note 8 gotta go check some sites looking to buy what about edge lighting dolby atmos speaker sound i have s9+ But i'd definitely buy note 8👍🏾
2.5 years and device runs smooth and the display OMG, the best whenever I look at it
I have a note 8 and have one for many of years lately my service not so good the phone works great never had a problem other than the service provider
This is by far the best review
I am still using my note 8 in 2022
Have never reqreted buying it
i want to have a phone just like that
I hope I can afford that
The fingerprint sensor should be in the center of the back under the cameras.
That fingerprint scanner has to suck for left handed users. Do you know if unplugging it affects the phones charging abilities as with the S8 Plus?
Love it!
Infinite display + s pen = insane!!!
to big, i don't like it
That blue is ugly. I'll get a black one
I just don't understand why they didn't put the blue out in the US right away.... the blue was a hit on the Note 7. I expected that the blue sold more then the black when given the choice.
Will the US unlocked model have dual SIM?
Beauty and the beast in one device. This beast has no competitor. NONE!!! Look what the NOTE offers. NONE of these you get on an iphone. NOT ONE. OLED screen S-Pen Memory expansion Bixby which is far far more capable and sophisticated than Siri Dual OIS Front face auto focus Pro mode camera RAW mode camera Wide angle front facing camera DSLR speed auto focus Camera quick launch Wiresless charging Quick charge Iris scanner Facial scanner Allways on display VR support DEX option Secure Folder by Knox HDR support Integrated support for a 360 degree camera Widgets Themes Bluetooth 5 File manager Game recording mode Multi window Private mode Ultra Power Saving Mode Floating Windows Blue light filter NFC Heart rate sensor Blood Oxygene sensor OTG adapter to connect ANY USB device to your smartphone Wired headphone and also wireless earbuds before Apple had them (Samsung Gear Icon X) What does the iphone offer? Uhm....uhm....uhm..... Maybe force touch that nobody uses.
Awesome hands-on review! Thanks!!! Too bad there's no deep sea blue pre-orders in the States!
I like it, But way so small battery?
Nice but it looks the elder brother of s8
Are you saying about productivity when it's only backed up with 3300mAh battery?
no stereo speakers,no flat screen option,smaller battery the note has failed starting from the note 5. Samsung always made the note the top tier phone but not anymore,they just care about competing with apple. Hell look back at the reveal all they talked about was loyalty bullshit and spen it was so fucking lame i could of fallen asleep!! i have been loyal to samsung from the start but not anymore,there will be better options in oct-nov.fuck shamesung
Samsung's back without a bang?
it looks like I had the s8 in my butt for some days and when I get it out is the note 8...
I miss that iconic GSMARENA background music given for intro..
Does it have stereo speakers?
Lenovo P2 > 8.3mm > 177g > 5100mAh battery Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom > 8mm > 170g > 5000mAh battery Samsung Galaxy Note 8 > 8.6mm > 195g > 3300mAh battery Shit Samsung..
S8 in XL form. boring 😴 next please
the next c4

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