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Buy Samsung Galaxy S II 16GB SPH-D710 White online at Amazon. Display Size: 4.5 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: White, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy S II 16GB SPH-D710 White Features

  • The Galaxy S II features a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, and a 8MP camera
  • This Android Smartphone is also equipped with 16GB storage, mobile hotspot feature, front-facing camera, music player, and Wi-Fi
  • Samsung Galaxy S II offers access to thousands of apps, games, movies and music available on Google Play Store
  • Features unique to the Galaxy S II include USB-Host for attaching keyboards, mice, and memory sticks
  • This device has been extensively tested, functionally certified, and ready for activation
Display Size: 4.5 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: White, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy S II 16GB SPH-D710 White Price in USA is $349.00 at Amazon.
Buy Samsung Galaxy S II 16GB SPH-D710 White online at Amazon.
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Samsung Galaxy S II 16GB SPH-D710 White Reviews from YouTube

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The best phone ever made 💯👌🏻
I had S2 now I have realme C3 😬
my s2 didnt have a home button it was all flat touch sensitive
Im the 1000th commenter. BTW I used to have this phone.
I remember when this phone was the best phone on the market! I was using it for 4 years before I upgraded to the Note 4.
You know to me this phone is just amazing even now because of my slower than S2 phone that I have. Bro 1GB ram is just so big, wish I had 1gig. Why do people need 16gb when the 1 gig is just great for me I really want to have 2 apps open
My first smartphone was the GS2, but the weird thing was about it, is that it had no home button, yet it wasn't the sprint version either. It had the usual sets of 4 keys on the bottom but with the square camera back and no carrier advertising
My mom handed me her old Galaxy S2 Sprint edition phone. It was my favorite phone in the entire world. I used it to play GTA 3, Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies, Dungeon Defenders Second Wave, and BTD Battles / 5. Unfortunately, the phone still charges but the screen died. Appears to be a very common thing with these phones. The screen just burning out and dying.
Me watching this on iPhone
this was my first phone i have photos of me and my dad and alot of random things, good old times:)
what phone do you have now? the one in this video
This was my first smartphone. I still have it. Bought a new battery. Works great as a mp3 player.
This was my first smartphone and nobody knew how good the S2 was except me I was the first to discover how amazing it was before it was famous
This phone and the galaxy note 1 are the reason why Samsung is where it is now, it all started from galaxy s2
This was my first Samsung phone after owing the iPhone 3gs. I loved this phone so much and never stopped using Samsung after that till today. I now just switched to S22 plus from Note 10 Plus.
I had one... The guy at the Sprint store told me to buy it, he told me not to purchase the iPhone 4S. Here I am 10 years later watching this video on a Samsung Galaxy S22.
Me n my gf recorded a lot of video together 😜😜
My first smartphone was the Blackberry which was still popular when the S1 came out. It was a game changer and to me, the most amazing invention in technology. I still remember the Avatar movie included and I believe Inception movie with S2. To be honest phones haven't came that far in technology in the past years especially 4-5 years. Smart phones were a game changer and they were crazy expensive until mid range/ pre paid and other inexpensive carriers came into play. Flagship phones are still expensive however.
my first Android phone
My Gosh i cant believe its been 10 years ago
I have one
Nice video dude! i'm gonna buy it
It's weird to think that was my first phone
...lastima que se pierda tanto tiempo en sacar el celular de la caja...y por ése motivo no tenga tiempo para indicar donde se instala él chip...él video dice !! Como instalar el chip...
poor kid.
This video is in my top 10, no make that my top 3 worst unboxing videos. You never see the guy's face, but he does have nice hands. It looks like he has a sore on his thumb. He may want to have it looked at. I searched for "How to replace the SIMCard" I'm not sure why this post came up. It doesn't mention anything about the SIMCard.
Hey, where do we insert SIMCard in this phone or it doesn't need SIM at all? The slot spot is for microSD. I can't find SIM slot.
Did anyone else see the baby laying on the floor in the back like faced down . This whole video shocked me and I don't know if it was just because he was nerves but he said he was gonna count the pea nuts and the little girl in the back said she peed on her hand. That wasent cute or funny it just makes your family look very bad
This model use simcard???
"looks pretty good" ...yeah...besides the 3 cracks on practically all 4 sides....
official my ass
I also did not pay more money for that.
Forgot to count them.

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