Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB 6.1" 4G LTE Fully?Unlocked,?Prism Black (Renewed) Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB 6.1" 4G LTE Fully?Unlocked,?Prism Black (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.1 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Prism Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB 6.1" 4G LTE Fully?Unlocked,?Prism Black (Renewed) Features

  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box.
  • 6.1-inch 1440 x 3040 Display
  • 128GB Storage Size
  • 16MP Rear Camera
  • Cellular Connectivity: 4G LTE Fully Unlocked
Display Size: 6.1 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Prism Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB 6.1" 4G LTE Fully?Unlocked,?Prism Black (Renewed) Price in USA is $164.00 at Amazon.
Buy Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB 6.1" 4G LTE Fully?Unlocked,?Prism Black (Renewed) online at Amazon.
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Shop Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB 6.1" 4G LTE Fully?Unlocked,?Prism Black (Renewed) at Amazon at the best price in United States of America and save big! With a low price / discount / promotions, for a great value.

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why does it look like the back is cracked?
cracked on tyhe back
hi friend you ordered premium renewed or reneved?
I have a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. IT'S THE WORST PHONE I HAVE EVER HAD ! I will NEVER buy anything Samsung, EVER !
Sabrina garza Ayssssa
What do you think of the phone after a year ?
So I’m either buying a iPhone X,XR,XS,XS MAX,11,S10,S10E,S10+,Galaxy Note10 as my se 2020 battery is terrible. Should I buy it from back market or Amazon?
One question, I ordered the same Samsung but it tells me that it is 2G, is that good?
Lo compré en la misma tienda, todo perfecto, el único problema esque esta sucio el vidrio de la cámara en la parte interna, y las fotos salen un poco más claras
I saw a crack in the back! Why were you trying to hide it-
I bought a renewed S10e from amazon today hoping all goes well
Is it a mini usb charger?
Bro its that a brand new or fake phone?
What seller did you chose?
I just brought a s9 at 230 on Amazon hopefully it comes in good condition 🤞
Why is there isn't the let's go page when you booted it? Did you skipped it?
Not amazon renew its ecoatm phone
How's the battery life bro I want to buy a renewed note 10+ but I'm worried the battery won't be as good as a new note 10 + please answer!!
the ones whowere in this giveaway were super lucky
U say u like the new One UI versions but why not tell us about missing wifi direct and photo resolution settings in camera?
Stop talking please
I got one for my older sister. I hope it will be one she likes and works well for her.
i see no need to upgrade to the s22 except for the battery
I'm in love with this phone ❤️ been using it for 4 years now and thank god I've chosen it over the iphone 11 at the time ... i love the Samsung UI and the smoothness of everything! the cameras are still good and the Samsung Dex is amazing
I still rock an S10, it feels so much more premium than the 20 and 21 models. Cameras are great, and as long as you activate battery saving mode, im still getting 6 hours of browsing and 10 hours YouTube on a full charge. The secret with Android is not to keep updating to the latest system, which hits the battery hard. The S10 came with Android 9, so I don't recommend updating past 11.
It's NOT a good phone, OVERHEATs terribly, personally the screens 5 1/2 inch is kinda small nowadays and the night display isn't that good, looks a bit odd with the horizontal cameras compared to the new vertical style, doesn't have 8k
Love this phone. Still use it for making yt content. Got my old one fixed just for that purpose.
Just bought a new one rn
Confirmation of my feelings about this phone!
Man I have an s10.. it is starting to mess up and now I am considering buying an s10+ over the any s22... I am refusing to buy a phone without a jack, charger, expandable memory in exchange for performance improvements I barely notice
This is last propper samsung galaxy
Who's watching on an s8
*what year this came out, 2018 or somethin ???????*
In my country its 210 dollars know should i buy
I just got it for 143$, loved it. I can't stop playing with the in-display fingerprint scanner plus the speed wohoo.
Disappointing phone no matter which tutorial I read on YouTube or online none of them solves the issue of a simple function moving pictures to an SD card had no trouble on my moto E5 plus but this d*** Samsung I could run over with my car
Late October 2022 update: I'm still on this phone. The phone got better over the years since release, thanks to Samsung's updates. The display rocks, the aux audio is so useful, the large SD card carried me for all the amount of photos and videos I've taken of my kids with it. Though the battery is aging, I took care of the battery with charging cycling and it still keeps me through the better part of the day without access to a charger. Sometimes I reverse charge my wife's iPhone 13 Pro in desperate moments, which shockingly Apple still doesn't do with even the iPhone 14 series. The heartbeat sensor for health apps is cool. There's still no application I'm blocked from running. I am finally looking at the new Pixel 7 Pro to gain advancements in photography and video, but I have to say, the S10 has gone beyond all expectations I had for it.
Flat triple camera in the back so unique 👌
Which version is the best.
Awesome review! Straight to the point with no bs, thank you so much!
Haven't received android 12 update yet, is there any reason
S10 is the worst phone i ever got. It doesn't save alarm clocks. It have a forced Bigsby button. It have many forced applications. There are so many things wrong with this phone that i can't believe anyone could like it. Op probably received money to make this review.
I just got mine it is Sep 2022. I bought it fo 150 bucs equivalent. Not even scratch on it . Still with original. I peeled it off and it is as New. Only thing battery won't last whole day. More like half Day.
Real deal phone
Do you speak like this in real life?
The Bixby button, best feature evah.
I love my phone!
Is it crazy to get this in 2022? I want a phone with headphone jack and good camera and I hate that I can't find any!
Im watching this on my S10 as well....and I got it on a T mobile free lease...since 5G came out at the enf of my lease....I only paid $225.00. And split into 5 payments. Then I dropped Tmobile and went with mint mobile for $15 a month. This phone just keeps on giving. The S10 is better built WITH A headphone jack, microsd, its fast and same prossesor and ram as S20. So why should I get 5G when I dont need it and I only use GPS DATA.. only Wifi data at 5Gb of data per month....I have 2.8gb left, and I love the glass on the back. Awesome. Its timeless
Thank you pro
This phone isnt much different than the s20 and s21. Phone is a monster
why would you say that this phone is durable and the battery is trash? its components are high end too which comsumes alot of power
Anyone else know where i can buy Samsung s10
Can you test snapchat on galaxy s10
I just got this 10 it's freaking awesome
sounds like a phone I may get to replace my older Iphone 6. But I confess I still cannot fathom how someone is so "in love" with an inanimate thing like a phone - it's a "white goods" device for talking to people, getting messages and finding stuff on the internet, isn't it?
still worth it but it's battery life is not for 2022
Just got this phone, but how do I get to the home screen? I turn it on and says welcome, legal stuff to check, wifi to choose then copy apps and data but won't even transfer to my LG Dynasty Tribute through Smart Switch. Help!
Do you think it is still worth keeping the Samsung Galaxy S10 or should I upgrade to the new samsung galaxy s22?
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Could anyone compare the s20 to the s10 for me quickly? I want to grab the s10 because I loved the S2 and 3 SO MUCH. They could run ps2 games!! So I'm thinking... the s10 will probably be way more powerful than I need. I just didn't know if it would be worth spending 1`00$ more dollars for the s20. DO NOT SUGGEST s21 or s22!!! No SD slot = NO PURCHASE. Forcing us to use the cloud for storage is a dirty trick by Samsung!
Difficult phone. Not intuitive. Too many dances to move a picture off internal to SD storage. EASY ON MOTO E5 PLUS but this samsing s10 is a nightmare and YT tutorials are stooopopid
I have a Samsung Galaxy a03s it's a pretty good phone it does okay for audio and video recording of uploaded three videos with the phone and have no issues with the audio so Samsung phones are pretty good phones
I should have watched this before I bought my a53 5g because the S10 has literally made me fall in love when it came out and I bought my phone like 2 to 3 weeks ago and I was about to buy it but my uncle told me about how it would stop updating in 2023 and it would have bugs but I could've bought it. I regret my decisions, what a beautiful phone. However I am still very happy with my A53 5g
My friend got this phone for 600 or 700 so damn that's crazy
I just picked up a refurbished S10 for $138 with tax, gonna be perfect for what I’m going to use it for
I got this phone from work and for some reason it feels faster than my Google 6a
S10e is 130$ on Walmart website
Damn I just recently purchased the s10 from the Samsung website for $375
I am watching this video on my s10+ 😃
Se the tcrt😦
Got the s10e
Lately I have been on this video for a long time now and I cannot still fix my device problems, involving Sim not valid and network pin Lock, but with the help of *MOE* my galaxy s8 and j9 was fixed successfully no data loss.
Lately I have been on this video for a long time now and I cannot still fix my device problems, involving Sim not valid and network pin Lock, but with the help of *MOE* my galaxy s8 and j9 was fixed successfully no data loss.
Totally agree with the review , my daily driver is an s10 and i dont wanna change , love it , its a beast
[ownere] dude, this is even more shocking right now haha, repost for 2022 and disclose it's the exact same video haha... considering there is an ENTIRE year more on top of this, id say it's even more shockingly accurate. (blame covid, blame manufacturers playing it safe. blame w,e... this phone is TOP notch value TODAY - July 2022). .. crazy good value. and even my friends with top iPhones and pixels still say "yo did you get a new phone" when they see pics haha still makes me laugh... nope that's my 2-year-old Samsung. (((FYI previous 10-year apple user converted for this and enjoy it every day - truth.. it can bug/get choppy from time to time a quick restart and I'm good to go- this is because I NEVER shut it off, and I run demanding social, video, and work apps all day, every day, work or play this thing has not let me down))) plus the 3mm port, type c, dex, and expandable... its just so weird that i went to best buy to get the S22 ultra i was so EXCITED for the pen, and the upgrades... then i held it. HOLY sh** the thing is huge in a BAD way THICKKK BOYYYY the S10 is super slim in all directions. side note if you don't go slim case and no glass protector... do yourself a fave and peel off now! will revitalize your love for it so much +++PLUS cheap to replace if you dust it... after going back thru some videos now... think I've decided.... I'm going to go buy another S10 and keep it in the box for when I break this haha...! no need to worry and want to ensure i have this for another year or 2 incase I can't find one later :) run the SUPER slim lew later case or any other kevlar thin case NO screen protector and thank me later. ppl ask me almost every day what phone I use when I pull it out. It's thin, premium, and not obnoxious. S10 - 2022 great choice still.
I just got an S22 and I'm not sure it's better than my S10. Seems like the same phone really.

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