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Buy Samsung Galaxy S10+, 128GB, Prism Black online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Prism Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy S10+, 128GB, Prism Black Features

  • This phone is unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice on GSM and CDMA networks (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, Cricket, Metro, Tracfone, Mint Mobile, etc.).
  • Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.
  • Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information.
  • The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It includes either a generic or original charger and charging cable.
  • Inspected and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arm's length.
Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Prism Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy S10+, 128GB, Prism Black Price in USA is $198.99 at Amazon.
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Thank you
Wait, is it the Dynamic Island but set on the right side?
Me watching this in late 2022 and thinking Samsung should have called that "hole punch-out display" the dynamic island😂😭 apple finally named it after 3 years and people are going crazy about it. Oh man😆😆😆 my stomach hurts🤣🤣
This was always my dream phone. But I got a pixel 7 pro. This but BETTER
"you can fight me if you disagree" lmao
The Samsung s10 plus or the oneplus 8pro? Which one can you recommend based on your experience
TY Marques
Looking back years later and coming back to see this, this can be dynamic island.
MKBHD - I don't have a name for it. Hi MKBHD, I'm from the future. It's called Static Island.
Still using it and loving it.
ive just bought one of these as my huawei has packed up
Android had it before ,Dynamic island 🤣
Years later and my S10+ is legitimately still like new. It works amazingly and I will continue to use it for years to come. I love this phone, and it's by far the best phone I've ever owned. The technology is new enough to still be considered high tech, but it also is slightly old enough to have the FRICKIN HEADPHONE JACK, lmaoooo I want to get a new iPhone to go WITH my Galaxy, but not to replace it. Galaxy S10+ is still the BEST Android device in history so far... IMO of course... 😁
Who's here from the iPhone's Dynamic Island?
Who's here from the iPhone's Dynamic Island?
It’s a shame that already this phone has lost the major software support and will now only get security updates
Called stuffs gimmicky and they are main stream now
you can get this at My World Phone for $649.99
That hole punch example didn't trick me lol I thought my phone glitched out lol
Still rocking it
UPDATE: I'm an idiot 😋 and forgot to mention the Pixel 3 does of course have a dedicated nightscape mode. Also, while the s10 technically has a night mode. You can't manually turn it on, it has tobe VERY dark, and tbh it doesn't make much difference.
2:25 they removed that animation. On my s10 the wallpaper doesn't move anymore...still a beastly phone...
S10+ is an incredible phone, it feels very premium, and it has an SD card expansion plus a headphone jack. Apple will never come out with a phone like that, or Samsung for that matter because this phone is probably the last phone of it's kind since Apple tricked their customers into buying an overpriced phone with no SD card expansion or headphone jack,and also no charger. Then Samsung followed suit since Apple proved how dumb consumers are,their willing to buy the charger separately no questions asked.
@tech Chap do you still recommend S10Plus in 2022?
Nothing like giving government agencies a profile through facial recognition or fingerprints so they can keep tabs on you. Did you know thieves and muggers can just steal your phone and hold it up to your face or use your fingerprints to open the phone before they steal it 🤔? It's okay, people tell themselves "Gee I doubt nothing like that will ever happen to me." I hear that a lot especially from people living in places with high crime, even see the after it happens post by people with big exclamations on Twitter or Reddit "OMG! I WAS JUST MUGGED AND THEY STOLE MY PHONE UNLOCKING IT WITH FACIAL RECOGNITION OR FINGERPRINTS 🤣.. Like can be pretty cruel and people so complacent these days.
Just picked one up for £179. Should see me through for a couple of years.
Just now switched 🤣🤣
haha watching this on 2022 its funny how much it improved throw the years especially the fingerprint reader is so much faster now with android 12
how about now? 🤔
Just me revisiting these videos to convince myself that I don't need a new phone cause I'm broke 🥲
trashing my iphone for this... Ive never enjoyed the limits of the apple ecosystem anyway, im a PC guy who likes to do what i want with a device. 12gb of ram on a phone is overkill for watching videos of kittens but hey overkill never hurt anyone
Am actually here cause I wanna get it now that its 2years old and cheaper
I got myself the S 10+ for only £200 in excellent condition (almost as new), the trick is to wait 2 years from the release date of a phone to bag yourself a great bargain!
I'm getting this phone few days from now, right choice in 2021? I'm on a budget, looking for a flagship experience.
My Samsung S 10+ has seen better days now withbroken back and a black round dead pixel this is annoying but instead of repairing I got my self a Redmi note 9 pro max so that is that..... Nice review 👍
2021 about to go buy it , recommend it still?
2.5 years later, I paid £260 for S10+ 512GB, coming from S7, it's a massive upgrade.
They should bring back this design.
It's July 2021 and I'm ditching my iPhone 12 Pro Max for the S10+ Mystic White. It's like a piece of art!  Especially after looking at the 12PM! There just isn't anything pretty about that phone! Added to that is the fact the the S10 is still fast enough to run everything I could ever ask for!  SWEET
Do you get all that stuff and a case?
I have samsung galaxy s10 plus 1000 TB
by Kevin Macleod
Why not check ram rom ???😠😠at video I know but I want show this video some one for prove
I remember getting this phone! It was fun, but then it turned out to be a nightmare for a while. The nightmare ended when I got the iPhone 12 Pro Max.
World beautiful phone
Now Prism black 8/128 price plzz ?
my choice samsung galaxy s10+
Is it fake or real one ? Clones look very similar
گالاكسى ئيس ده ى ره ش 2019
I love the black as well I purchase one couple weeks ago
What kind of case was that
Just ordered mine. Got the active series 1 and the galaxy series 1 pods along with it
Mas baru nya berapa ? Itu body tepi nya mudah lecet engga
Just bought this, super excited to see it irl
Pearl white looks better
I like the black s10 because its looks good and the accessories come with it are also black as those white ones get dirty
Still loving my S10+ with its headphone jack and SD Card (expandable memory) because I refuse to use the cloud. I sometimes use my S10+ to record live audio and prefer wired headphones as the phone jack gives uncompressed sound unlike using the USB-C. I am a professional sound engineer and hate that Samsung took the phone jack and SD card slot away. Corporations male you pay more for less opriins
I'm just now having to upgrade from a 9 year old s7 and now I'm sold. Thank you!
Honestly, I think this will be the last phone I'll get from Samsung. Don't get me wrong, while I like Samsung, and I still rock my S9, all models after S10 lack the headphone jack. So this review was important in regards to whether I should get it or not. Thank you for the review!
Garbage phone. Like every other Samsung phones, after some times phone starts lagging, over heating, battery wont last even half a day. This will be the last Samsung phone i ever bought. I was so pissed on this piece of junk, I finally switched to iphone 14 pro max this year after using Samsung for 7 years. This is a life changing experience. Everything is so smooth and refined on apple. Never buying garbage Samsung ever again.
S9 plus anyone ?😉
Still using s10+ pkus right nkw watching this
imo, it's terrible advice to tell people to buy old phones like this. and yaaa i understand it was a great phone at the time and a great buy and people who have it now and still use it love it... that's great and all.. but if someone is looking to buy a new phone right now... I would never tell them to buy a used phone that's this old. and yes, in tech, this phone is old. simply for software updates, security updates, etc. that said, price always plays a part in these types of decisions... so if it's free.. sure why not. I would base the phone's worth on how long it still gets security updates at the very least. I liked my S7 at the time.. but I would never use it as my main phone unless I HAD to.. it's "useable" as so many people say about their old phones, but that doesn't mean it's a pleasure to use. i'll tell you right now.. ppl who make these videos, "(IS IT STILL WORTH IT IN 2###)" do not use these phones on the regular LOL... maybe they take it out for a day or week for nostalgia, but they run back to the modern phone. these types of vids make for good content for people who want to see their phone or their old phone in a youtube video "review" so there is that.. lol.. i'm sure i'll be watching the Samsung Galaxy S22Ultra in 2024 (Still worth it?)(Review) in a few years and I doubt it will be LOL since samsung has cut so many features like the SDcard, etc.
It has headphone jack... 👌🎉💐🎊
I used to have the s10+ and in my opinion it was the best phone I ever had! Ofc after 3 years you have better options but for its time it was the best phone, the design and looks and it was powerful
Watching on the s10 plus. Still happy with it.
Im still on a 8 plus😂 currently searching for a upgrade purely based on age of my phone. It still works perfectly. I've been a galaxy user for a long time now.
I hawe yesterdey buy it for 150e its it wort this money
I love mine.
This was my favorite design for samsung phones, loved it when I had it. I would still have it if it didn't break
For God so loves the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have ever lasting life
The finger print sensor doesn't work. With my s9 plus it worked fine.
I was considering buying a new phone to replace my shattered s9+ which I use for gigwork until I found a like new s10+ for $240 on FB. Sure beats paying $600+ for an updated phone.
Still hoping to buy 1
S9+ still going strong 💪 no issues 4 years going killing it
Owned mine for about 3+ years and changed the battery (half hour job, max) to a new OEM battery ($30) along with a new back panel ($10, incl. pre-adhesive applied) within the last 4 months. Fantastic device, IMO. Prefer its Micro SD expandable memory.

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