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Buy Samsung Galaxy S10e, 128GB, Flamingo Pink online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.80 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Flamingo Pink, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy S10e, 128GB, Flamingo Pink Features

  • Fully Unlocked: Fully unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US-Cellular, Cricket, Metro, etc.), both domestically and internationally.
  • The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a charger and charging cable that may be generic.
  • Inspected and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arm's length.
  • Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information.
  • Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.
Display Size: 5.80 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Flamingo Pink, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy S10e, 128GB, Flamingo Pink Price in USA is $135.00 at Amazon.
Buy Samsung Galaxy S10e, 128GB, Flamingo Pink online at Amazon.
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Samsung Galaxy S10 128gb Flamingo Pink, Samsung Galaxy S10e 128gb Flamingo Pink 6gb Ram

Samsung Galaxy S10e, 128GB, Flamingo Pink Reviews from YouTube

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Samsung Galaxy S10e Unboxing & Initial Setup (Flamingo Pink)
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Galaxy S10e Unboxing and Impressions - Its So PINK!
I have the phone
Still with an iPhone SE I really want an Samsung galaxy s10e😔😔😤😤😤
Just bought one today :) The pink color is so vivid 😍
Fake samsun 👉🖕👎👎👎👎👎
아니 왜 한국에서은 안파는거임???????
It's so sad that this flamingo pink color is not available in our country. Seems like it's only available in the US. I'm so desperate to buy that color 😭.
If u wanna use one of the bigger sized galaxy s10 devices with one hand, I would say look into a pop socket. Thats what I did, I wanted a bigger screen and knew it would be more of a two hand device (s10+ mainly) but a pop socket really helps. Pop sockets aren’t for everyone tho, there’s all kinds of versions but they could definitely help.
On My Birthday 🎂 💯
Great review! There were some very unique and interesting facts in here, thanks :)
S10 my dream phone
Who else can’t wait for the Note 10 to come out?
Samsung Galaxy S10  So Good!!
I just ordered this color
Around the phone reminds me of the iPhone 6 6s 6 plus & 6s plus
THANK YOU for the side by side comparison of coral and flamingo pink. now i definitely know i want flamingo pink.
Why did you get the e?
Is this color more pink and girly or more orange I keep seeing videos but don’t know the true color please help
Does s10E have the edge lighting? Please someone who is using it answer this, I'm literally asking this question almost under every s10E video.
thumb down for calling 14 cm tall phablet one-hand.
This is so cuteee
Please do a camera comparison between S10e & S10lite.
Kan inte vänta, flamingo pink is so hard to get. Hopefully I can get it ordered soon! Update: None in stock anywhere. Had to get Prism blue
I can't find flamingo pink in Amazon !!why ?😭
Is this color 'right' for a male? i like it but i'm having second thoughts
I'm excited still-- but if the earbuds and charger are white, that kinda pisses me off cuz the white and black had matching colors. My husband got white and had white accessories. My stepson got black and got black accessories. Which is what made me wanna specifically order pink, hoping I'd get pink ear buds and a charger. Not a HUGE deal, still a sweet ass phone... but I might've just went with whatever was available in store if I had looked this up first. 😑 Cuz my dumb ass was like "omg matching pink headphones!?" 🤣 that's what I get.
I hot the same phone same color and it's better than eny iphone I've haved Edit: best phone ever
Which color to get,here where i am i only can choose between prism black,prism white and prism green
Oh, I'm so glad he said the color kinda changes or whatever with direct sunlight or something. It's most visible on the prism white, where it gives kind of a rainbow effect. I bought it and then thought that it might be a solid pink all the way around, and was almost wishing I went with prism blue. I'm not too sure if the blue gets that effect at all but it looks really nice
Does the phone already have a screen protector on?
Do you regret buying the color? I'm between prism white and this color for the s10 + Edit : i got this color for the s10+ and I love it. It's so beautiful in person. It's like coral with rose gold sides
no one mentions it but there seems to be a rose goldish border instead of silver around the phone. Cant wait to get my S10 plus tomorrow....Flamingo Pink that is.
doesnt the s10e come with a case in the paperwork box?
Should I get the s10e or the note 9? They're now at the same price deals. Still confused.
This is my favorite color, is it available for s10+ ?
This sucks so much i have to wait till 15th march to get my s10+ even tho i ordered it on 21st February
Nice & cool...great unboxing...i love pink color...
Awesome plan on buying this my s5 is getting slow great video
How to add audio files from phone to galaxy earbuds?
Thanks you For the great review I will be getting this phone for my mom this Christmas!
im an iphone user but have wanted one of these for a while..although its not being supported anymore i can root it and get a couple updates ahead without too much damage on the battery life.. i found a seller on ebay selling in very good condition in any color but yellow (kinda wanted a yellow one for some resason)for $119-im gonna go ahead and get it.if i like it my 14 pros gonna be for sick of iphone-same ol stuff, the only pro to an iPhone in my eye is all the updates apple pushes through..
is the s10e worse than the s10 by a bit?
You say supported for software updates like it's a good thing. I just got a new phone, it was great. A month later it updated, no big deal right? Now every time I restart the phone my phone marks all messages as unread and sits there notifying me for the next 30min like it's a new message. Yeah updates would be nice if they were a stable release that didn't change major things. I hate updates that change options around. No I don't agree updates are not a blessing.
Have you actually made a phone call on it? The earpiece sound quality is awful, really muffled. Your review doesn't cover very much really, does it.
Samsung s10e hai agr hai to WhatsApp no send kar do
I just purchased this is prism white to pair up with my Nreal Air and the Nebula app, hopefully I can use it for years to come for that, thanks for the great video
I got the s10e in 2019, and I've been using it ever since. It's probably my favorite phone I've ever had. When they stop updating it, I'll be very sad.
Is there any modern day version of this I can buy new but around the 350 mark ? Not samsung obviously , one of the Asian brands.
I bought mine in 2019. I honestly wish this was a worse phone because I cant give it up! My battery life is still amazing. I love the expandable (interchangeable) memory card and the headphone jack. The camera has been so great, but I feel like advances in this area are what will finally push me to buy a new phone. It is going to be a sad day when I give up my memory card and aux port for a camera. I know I am always going to miss these features!
Dose any body know about this thing where there like a bule bar that appears on the bottom for a sec Idk what it is and i really want to knwo
This guy sounds like Elmer Fudd...
The s10e is my favorite im gonna get one because iam on a tablet and i dont want it anymore and it has waterproof and 128/256gb
£250 brand new in the Uk Sept 2022
I still use this phone and in love with it. But the battery is a big drawback, especially while travelling.
I still have my s10e and hasn't shown down. Love that I can add an additional SD card, as well as a headphone jack. What I love is rhat the screen takes up most of the front and the front facing camera is hole punched to the screen. People ask me what iPhone is this and they're shocked when I tell them it's an android.
When I read the title I don't know I was like like in 2022 like in the same year my mom got her phone stolen at cowabunga Bay kind of funny
Is it 5g capable?
I just got this thing for $144
They need to make a matching case. I bought this one . Coming Monday but I work in a daycare and just stepped on my Samsung j260az. I got the mid sized version. Hoping I like it. Just wanted way better volume. I don’t need all the new ones storage but hey. I’m looking forward to an upgrade of camera. I want a camera that can do clear concert shots which my phone now is weak at but it really was a good phone except as I said just a bump in storage and volume. I used it for streams and videos so the upgrade just adds that quality. Not sure anything else is that necessary for my life. I like the idea of audio zoom too. The color was the most unique though I want a wine or burgundy but not available. Teal would be pretty too. I need drop proof and as good of audio as I can get . I don’t get why they’d nix headphones for battery. I plug my phone in every night . I’d like just a few more hours and might get with the new phone but not in place of headphones. Maybe these expensive phones are for gamers, I just don’t get why you’d need a phone at the same level as a tablet or laptop. When they make the mics high quality and speaker along with attachment directly from phone to audio equipment. Sorry cameras would be cool or more exciting advancement there and just super smooth broadcasting. I guess I’d like a specialized phone for gigging, music and streaming than for gaming
Did it do like a good swing to the arm ?!!when you swing it around ?
99.9% talking 0.1% Unbox
The flamingo pink looks too in reality than masculine. It kind of looks weird if you're a guy holding this color.
I'm getting this phone soon I'm so excited
Actually I'm a fan of the camera cutout this phone has
I'm gonna gift this phone to my grandma
@6:43 he almost said "Headphone jack" to the camera cut out. xD
The normal s10 is the perfect size, not to big and not to small
I would really love to have this phone expecially this color.
Shout out to LG Users! 😊
Make a vid of the library redesign when it gets released Yeah.. I have seen it😉
Great video! By the way, I was looking at some of your installed apps (in your home screen) and I saw one that I use a lot, JW Library.
Is this color more girly made or can guys rock this phone I thought it was more orange than pink need to know before I order this color want something different?? 👍🏽
Was Going 2 get the yellow iPhone xr but Then I seen this & fell in love. CAN'T WAIT ON IT 2 COME
To bad they didnt make it to match the phone.
Does s10E have the edge lighting? Please answer someone who's using it!
Hey Daniel, excited to see more content from you though I do enjoy your articles. I do like the pink! Can anyone give me some advice? My carrier is Metro PCS. I need something fairly priced, great for multitasking, good camera (doesn't need to be the best), speedy updates/reliable brand, and I use sideloaded or tweaked apps such as for hotspot. I'm looking at the Essential PH-1/upcoming Essential PH-2. Any thoughts? Maybe I'm looking in the wrong direction...

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