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Buy Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, 128GB, Cloud Blue online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 128.0 GB, Color: Cloud Blue, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, 128GB, Cloud Blue Features

  • Power of 5G: Get next-level power for everything you love to do with Samsung Galaxy 5G; Share more, game harder, experience more and never miss a beat
  • Single Take AI: Capture video and multiple types of images with one tap of the shutter button; Lenses, effects and filters capture the best of every moment, every time
  • Hi-Res Camera Zoom: Capture hi-res images as if you’re 3 feet away, from 100 feet away; Whether you want to zoom in close from afar or magnify details nearby, the new 30x Space Zoom gives you impressive power and clarity
  • Bright Night Mode: Capture crisp images and vibrant video in Bright Night mode and create high-quality content in low light – no flash needed
  • Super Fast Charging: Charge up quicker with Super Fast Charge so you can keep moving with more juice; Give your buds – or Galaxy buds – a boost of power with Wireless PowerShare right from Galaxy S20+ Plus 5G
  • All-Day Battery: Galaxy S20+ Plus 5G’s intelligent battery uses an algorithm to learn from how you live to optimize power and take you through a day or more of work and life without ever giving out on you
  • Massive Storage: Generous storage out of the box and expandable memory means you never have to delete what’s important to you; Memory card sold separately
Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 128.0 GB, Color: Cloud Blue, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, 128GB, Cloud Blue Price in USA is $234.00 at Amazon.
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Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, 128GB, Cloud Blue Reviews from YouTube

Samsung Galaxy S20+ In 2022! (Still Worth Buying?) (Review)
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Review
i have one with 12 gigs of ram. Every time i pull it out its still satisfying. best buy ever
Sold my s20+ and go for Note20 ultra. I regret it. Cameras are almost same except the periscope But overall, its the same. And I think the speaker of s20+ are way better
Still in LOVE with this S20+.....21 didn't beat it, 22 definately didn't beat it. I don't think 23 will either. #MicroSD
Hello anyone here has comments regarding the green line issue? is it really common to majority of s20 series? thinking of buying a S20+ but im scared about the green line issue
I’ve always loved Samsung and Apple my Mom is all Samsung and she got this phone brand new and I will say it is amazing and looks great and she still has it still loves it
Got a green line on the screen after 2 years..sad..
8k is trash bro 2k is already perfectly fine, so 4k recording is already future proofed
OMG do you know how many times you said humongous!!!!?????
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!! Read review online. Green line keeps pooping up
I got this on discount of 66% off, on Amazon, so only had to pay 211 dollars (refurbished).
Please f the camera it's about CPU gaming ram etc
Shit battery my china phone has 8gb of ram
I have iPhone 14 pro but in need a second phone for work; so mainly calling is this phone okay?
Which one is better?? S20 plus or s20 ultra??? I've heard thag s20 ultra was flop?
S0 plus is better than many big flagships launched this year. Resolution is 3200*1440. Go check other specs
The s20+ was the only phone that lasted for over 2-3years for me without any issues
I had my cloud blue 20+ for about 4 years now and no complaints at all. Battery life still amazing with reg use, I've kept it on low energy mode the entire time. Gaming is amazing, camera is amazing, very reliable, no processing lags. If you take care of it, constantly closing background running apps, low battery mode, rebooting daily, I can see myself using this as my primary for at least a decade.
I thought that this video would stated, which Stylux was best to use with the S20 Ultra's phone. You stated that a Stylux cannot be used with the S20 Ultra's phone, but I think that you're opinion is incorrect. I Spoked to a Samsung's Salesman in Samsung's Experience Store who stated that I should search for a Stylux for S20 on the Amazon's UK Website. I've been searching for a compatible Stylux for the S20's Ultra Phone using Chrome. There appears to be a number of Stylux's that will work with the S20's Ultra Phone. I want it to edit photos manually within the Gallery. Therefore, thumbs down. On balance the camera creates better photographs than the S22, but the S22's photo camera is probably slightly sharper, but both text zooming modes are useless. Both needs to substantially improve their cameras to compete against the best dedicated cameras.
Normal iPhone guy but trying this since the price is not to crazy , maybe I’ll convert or go back
Hello, I had a question for you, the back cover of the phone at the top of the frame is the size of a needle head distance the fream. Maybe there was something wrong with the product line? The bottom of the frame is not like that( model is S20+ 5G)
Samsung galaxy s20 plus 5g price
You're my new favourite youtuber, thanks for the showcase!
I just order s20+ in this color. Hope it's worthy 😊
I was looking for a video like this with a detailed look of the 20+ but none was found on YouTube. I am greatful for this video. You did a great job showing all directions of the phone. Now I know what the phone look like. Thank you.
S20+ is using Dynamic Amoled 2x not Super Amoled
I from india nice video mam👍
pro tip: put playback speed on 1.25x
I'm a note user, although I'm interested in this phone. The note phones are very expensive, and the note 20 has that huge camera bump. I'm torn to stick with the note, or go for this one.
which is better the s20 or note20? i wanted both but the cloud blue is very pretty ✨
I have the same color love it its beautiful am a galaxy love but I love this phone 🥰🥰🥰🥰
I kind of felt sleepy while watching
If going from IPhone to Samsung, would you be able to transfer pictures and apps? I know it’s two different operating systems so wanted to know how/if that worked.
i love ur voice
which colour should I get?
dynamic amoled display not super amoled
Btw there is a case in the other cover. Its a bit hard to get out
I ve ordered it,,its on its way 😄i ve succumbed to temptation 😍
Biden 2020!
I got this device 2 years ago and now I got a green line on the display after a recent update..such a shame
You can potentially get this bad boy now for WAY off, if you buy refurbished on Amazon. I got mine for 211 dollars.
The gloves disappeared pretty quick
Me: who buys this android crap also me buys it
it's very similar to s10 plus
this is my wish to have this :(
Just got this phone today for 53000 yen. Around 500 dollars. Do you think that's a good deal?
I got one a week ago. Yes it's 2 years old but I saved myself almost $600 over the S22+.
want buy samsung galaxy im done iphone product
this video sounds best with the mute button ON ;)
Do not buy,got mine a year ago and its already heating up.
Did he just explain how chargers work
Anything past 4 optical zoom, is not good.
S20plus 12giga? 🤣🤣
Wall-ume lol
is this worth buying
I'd love to have this but it doesn't have an earphone jack 😭
How can I get this s20plus please
no there is a jelly case too!!!!!!!!!
Hi My mobile s20+
I got this device 2 years ago and now I now got the green line on the display after a recent update..such a shame
It has fatal flaw that is the screen got vertical greeen line after update
i love my s20+
Out of topic but you look gorgeous! You look like a mixture of Winona Ryder and Natalia dyer
DON'T BUY THE S22 ULTRA! You'll regret having to pay the $50 restocking fee at AT&T for a phone with piss poor battery time, blurry & pixelated video, tiny audio that makes everything sound weak. It's video camera doesn't pick up any bass frequencies and makes everything sound tiny. The Galaxy S20 Plus doesn't have any of the problems that the new S22 ULTRA has. The S22 is marketed to have everything and more but IT'S A LIE! DON'T GET SCREWED! It happened to me today and I'm fuckin pissed! 🤬
Is it a good phone in 2022 if I'm getting at good deal like at 400 to 500 dollars?
Front cam is the one is bad in samsung
This girl is do pretty omg iam in lust, totally digging the Ying and yang pendant.
The things about brightness performance and etc are all false I don't know how u got this information but it's far from the truth
You have beefy hairy hands, gurl
I love u angie :*
I miss the old icons. But forever team Samsung
Dont buy exynos version. Its TERRIBLE (heating problems,wifi problems,battery problems...) Just go for any other phone but if you really wont to get s20 you will regret it. Believe me
im using s1o plus but i hope buy be soon s20 plus or s20 ultra :
im trying to buy the s 20 plus, but there no where to buy
S20+ or Redmi Note 9 Pro?
Stupid phone...bad battery,bad fingerprint, average camera at best for the price you pay, no headphonejack. Face unlock slow and second phone i have realme x2 pro is better at everything than this shit...sold it after a 2 days of use...

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