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Buy SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G 256GB AT&T SM-S908U Phantom White (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: -Memory: -, Color: Phantom White, Brand: SAMSUNG
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SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G 256GB AT&T SM-S908U Phantom White (Renewed) Features

  • 8K SUPER STEADY VIDEO: Shoot videos that rival how epic your life is with stunning 8K recording, the highest recording resolution available on a smartphone; Video captured is effortlessly smooth, thanks to Auto Focus Video Stabilization on Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • NIGHTOGRAPHY plus PORTAIT MODE: Capture the night with crystal clear, bright pics and videos, no matter the lighting with Night Mode; Portrait Mode auto-detects and adjusts to what you want front and center, making all your photos worthy of a frame
  • 108MP PHOTO RESOLUTION plus BRIGHT DISPLAY: Capture premium detail with 108MP resolution— the highest available on a cell phone; Your favorite content will look even more epic on our brightest display ever with Vision Booster
  • ADAPTIVE COLOR CONTRAST: Streaming on the go, working from your patio or binge-watching late into the night. The Galaxy S22 Ultra adaptive screen automatically optimizes color and brightness, outdoors and indoors
  • EMBEDDED S PEN: New phone, new S Pen; Now you can unleash your creativity on Galaxy S22 Ultra with an embedded S Pen; Edit photos and videos with pinpoint accuracy, and do it all with that pen-to-paper feel
  • PREMIUM DESIGN & CRAFTMANSHIP: With a classy, eye-catching glass-metal-glass design, we’re setting a standard for smart phones; With our strongest aluminum frame and the latest Gorilla Glass, this phone is lightweight and durable to help endure scratches and dings
Display Size: -Memory: -, Color: Phantom White, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G 256GB AT&T SM-S908U Phantom White (Renewed) Price in USA is $879.98 at Amazon.
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SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G 256GB AT&T SM-S908U Phantom White (Renewed) Reviews from YouTube

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in WHITE Color - Unboxing And Review
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Unboxing, Quick Review & Set up! Samsung S22 Ultra AT&T Trade In
Galaxy S22 Ultra Review: Separating from the Pack!
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Unboxing!
ESR Cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 Lineup: (Use Discount Code ESR00S22 to get 15% off) Also Enter ESR Samsung Galaxy S22 Giveaway: Buy S22 Ultra for as low as $299: (with trade-in Limited Time Deal)
My friend bought it 5 days ago. I have never seen such an terrible battery life on samsung flagships. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Beast on speed and a great camera but no energy for all this. Terrible battery life.
mine comes on tuesday or so. late to the party but I'm upgrading from s21 ultra which is still fine but i need max trade in value
Does the white color gets faded by the time? And the metal frame gets scartches fast?
why is it called S22 Ultra? Why didn't they just say: ok, we returned the Notes to you
That's the color I got.
3:16 How is the white phone moving by itself? It truly is a phantom
box and packaging was so ugly .. samsung should really do premium job for that price like apple
@3:20 why is the phone sliding?? did you accidentally get the poltergeist white version????? 😂
Mine doesn't have the Samsung logo on the back. Is it Fake???
I'm also planning to get the S22 Ultra in white.
S10 colors would be nice to get back. This phone is very nice just still think I might get the OnePlus 10 pro.
I just got my s22ultra in white. I was actually going to get the black one but they ran out of stock the only one in 512gb they got was the white one so I got that. In person the white one was gorgeous - reminds me of milk lol.
Love it. But it gets so freakin hot! Also hate how the extra brightness feature doesn't work all the time (I guess if it gets hot when you're using GPS and in the car...)
Keep your note 20 ultra this is a fucking redressed note 20 ultra
do not poke this hole, poke the one next to it!!
Still have my note 20 ultra 5g. Connected it to my pc to up the resolution to 120fps 3199x1439 through CMD. Been great ever since.
My ESR clear case has a blue tint with a month. 😞
I finally got my phantom white S22 ultra 512gb last week
I Have an s22 ultra AT&T and can't update to android 13😭
Did the phone have bloatware?
I’ve watched so many videos on the s22 ultra I’m switching from my iPhone 12 Pro Max to the burgundy colour in 512gbs in about a week or so I can’t wait
Whats the difference with att version vs unlock version and is 512 gb enough storage
🙌 𝓅𝓇𝑜𝓂𝑜𝓈𝓂
If buying on AT&T, keep in mind that there are differences between the U and U1 variants. • SM-S90XU: HD Voice only. No 5G or Wi-Fi Calling. • SM-S90XU1: HD Voice, 5G, and Wi-Fi Calling. All features are supported. (Advanced Messaging and AT&T Video Calling are discontinued as of the Galaxy S20 series. Use Google Messages for RCS messaging.)
Battery life is getting better have a tmobile version about 5 days now from fold 3 Battery experience the same so far.
Nice informative quick vid 🤙. But how's the battery life on it? That seems to be the biggest complaint from other reviews. Also, seems pretty big. Is it still comfortable in the pocket? Or do I need a backpack to carry it around? Lol
Well done! Something different and useful!
6 months with my s22 ultra and feels like I bought it yesterday 😂
Wish I could get the s22 ultra
I hate when the S22 changes to my ultrawide camera when I want to use the main lens..
If you take multiple photos just hold down the shutter button
I'm switching from the Google pixel 6 proton the s22 ultra I know I made the right choice
Bring back the 3.5mm headphone jack Samsung. We don't want brain cancer. Or having to buy $150 headphones. You can't beat the sound of wired headphones either. Bring back MicroSD cards too. If the S22 Ultra had an SD card slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack.... best phone ever made so far.
I got this 4 days ago. I'm in love. It's the best phone that I have ever had. Last night it already got 8 hours and 22 mins SOT and that was with adaptive refresh, and the highest screen resolution and light mode. I keep the brightness at 55% because it's a very bright screen and to me that's enough. And, the s pen is my 6th finger. I use it for everything. Texting, gestures, etc. Excellent phone! (SD version)
Actually he is always iphone fan otherwise samsung is just awesome
Why is this phones bass on speakers suck? Is there a way to change that?
Nicely done!
Bro dropped the S22 Ultra review on 2/22/22 and the analog clock in the background indicates 2:22 PM
To tell you the truth I don't give a shit about how it feels or the colors of the phone available in because I put it in a otterbox case and I put it to work plus 1tb that part is awesome 👌 👏 👍
Phones require numbers i dont have. I dont understand how to call anyone Theres no way to know thier number. And i cant call scammers back Why?
I want a double cassette player still
The battery never lasts me a full day
And there you will go buy it just because someone name marquee said it good.
It's funny you mentioned how people care most about camera stuff and how up to 75% of flagship phone presentations are about camera stuff bc I'm the exact opposite. I'm not a photographer. I do sometimes shoot videos but don't use a phone for it anyways. I actually couldn't care less about the phone camera. All I do with it is randomly take some snaps when I see something funny/interesting I want to share with friends or take some pictures while socialising or for instagram. That's all. And all modern flagship cameras are good enough for that. Like, when I see something funny, take a picture of it and send it to a friend he won't analyse the fuck out of the picture quality, will he? Who even cares :D Over 5 million people have watched this video. Only a few thousand of them, if even that, are both capable and have reason to take full advantage of the camera's max potential. Again: who actually cares It's like...most people don't have any reason to care but they have been conditioned by marketing etc to care and to deem it important when in reality it's a non factor for most
I just wish the curved screen was no more.
Sounds like a slight downgrade from the s21 ultra
If I were to get an s22 ultra this holiday season will I be behind on the next phone for early 2023 ?
Why don't they give charger with it... Awkward moment when you c a flagship phone! 😂
People showing the s23ultra are basically just showing the s22 ultra because it's the same design the only difference is the hardware is the snap dragon will be in all phones in the UK I can't wait
your background is amazing !!!
I love watching people unbox things i cant afford 😂😂😂
Already buy this phone 😋
Does have sd slot only reason never got it was heard no sd alot for sim card.
i have been on iphone for 5 years so im going to be testing it out
I'm selling my iPhone 13 Pro Max for the phone and I CAN'T wait!!!! :D
really satisfying unboxing video, this is what I'm looking for P/S: I'm waiting for my S22 Ultra graphite arriving next week :v
the little packaging is cause' they want you to buy a charger and pay them more money, not to do with the environment lol
Remember those days when samsung puts extra accessories on them boxes aside from the phone itself? Adapters, Earphones etc? Those were the days. :) Now all we get is a small box with just a phone for that ridiculous price. No Extra Freebies nice innovation Samsung... Well done.
Upgraded my samsung galaxy s20fe to the samsung galaxy s22 ultra which arrives tomorrow super excited can't wait to get my new fone
Bro, you just forgot game test
حلم حياتي هذا الجهاز. s22. 😥الذي يريد المساعده فليكلمني
I wonder if the model updated to the latest Android os
perfect performance
اهدني جهاز s22اتوسل اليك. 🙏😥
اهدني s22حلم حياتي. 😥😥

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