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Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 G950U 64GB online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.8 inches, Memory: 64.0 GB, Color: Midnight Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Samsung Galaxy S8 G950U 64GB Features

  • Boost Mobile Service
  • 5.8" Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Display
  • 64GB Memory with Support for External microSD Card and 4GB RAM
  • IP68 Dust and Water-resistant
Display Size: 5.8 inches, Memory: 64.0 GB, Color: Midnight Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Samsung Galaxy S8 G950U 64GB Price in USA is $129.00 at Amazon.
Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 G950U 64GB online at Amazon.
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Samsung Galaxy S8 In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
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Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950U Unlocked Smartphone (Midnight Black) Unboxing & Initial Setup
Using the Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2021 - worth it?
My ..S8 plus ..still doing great.
I watched this video with a Samsung Galaxy s8!
I got the S9 second hand from back market. Has to be the most beautiful phone I’ve ever seen. All the edge phones are so beautiful. The only let down was the battery wasn’t 100%. Drained easily during gaming. If only that wasn’t a problem and also all the pics were so super yellow this phone would be perfection. I wish Samsung still sold the edge variety I would 💯 just buy those.
I was using the S8 because my main phone [Samsung galaxy s22 ultra] broke and I've just carried on using it because I don't feel the need to get a new phone because I don't have a lot of money and most cheaper Phones are worse anyway
Screen burn in💀💀
Hi I have the Samsung Galaxy s8 plus from new till now, and i still love this phone,and when I think about replacing it I then think well it still performs well so I will hang on to it 😊 thanks for your video .paul
I have s8 and s9+ and s22 ultra. I use my s22 when I go outside since it has my sim card in it but when I get home and its time to charge my s22, I use my s8 and s9. Still pretty fast mid ranged phones.
Watching this on my s8
Still using mine. Was thinking of upgrading, but when I put it next to the latest S22....the S22 is just too chunky for me :( I can't get over the curved panel in the S8. It just looks and feels so much better than the S22.
Ive had this s8 for my entire teenagehood. Got it at 2017 at age 12 and still have it at 17 y.o
How will I get one
Will use mine till I can no longer use it. Can't justify spending another 1000$ in today's economy
I love galaxy s8+
I still have GS8. Working fine just little low on battery backup. I am so satisfied with the size, design and features. I am thinking of updating but i love the earphone port and microsb port. Just can't imagine a phone without them. Don't know which phone to buy now.
Beast. I have it. Better than any phone I held!
I love this phone, been using it for 4 years now. My battery is going a little crazy but overall I think it's still performing amazingly, definetely better than other phones I used that didn't last me half as long.
microsd slot is 1 major disappointment for smartphone trend i dont think dependence on cloud storange is comportable especially for the cost from the rate of data transfer i would need from that option older phone model is more preferable for ppl in my situation but galaxy s8 is still too expensive for me in my place for half decade technology especially for samsung notorious short life amoled display buying 2nd hand product from this brand is always with concern for extra cost
I have it
Just bought one for 10 dollars on eBay
Watching on my S8, still works aweosemly, no issues whatsoever with it, if you didn't know it is 5 years old product you could say it is from this year.
I still use my s8+ today. I got a deal on the pixel 7 and bought it but it is still in the sealed box...I will probably sell it since I am not ready to give up my s8+ lol. Just need to replace the battery and I will be good to go for another few years!
This was the mf back then. Love this phone
The best phone that i had. Performance still holds up to this day, the design still looks good for today's standard.
After using this phone for almost 5 years, i have to say i dont like slim phones anymore..... especially with the fingerprint sensor on the back....
I still think that the IPhone 11 Pro has the best design of all time
Been using my S8 again recently in late 2022 and can say it is a solid phone. You can definitely tell it's an older phone but surprisingly runs well and it competes decently with budget phones available now haha
i miss that iris scanner
well said
I am now using the same phone It is crazy to see the speaker is very small but sound quality is nice
I still use my Samsung galaxy S8+. In October 30, 2022, I will reach 5 years with this phone. The battery is not great but the phone still looks amazing. I dropped it a lot but nothing is broken except the volume buttons are coming off. I used to work in the field harvesting fruits, so this phone was exposed a lot in a dirty and dusty environment, but it still works amazing. Sadly, I have decided to upgrade to the new iPhone Pro Max 14.
Here I am 5 years later still using this beast. I move my S8
I want one now 😅
I just bought this 2nd hand for 300 usd. Best deal
Still to this day play around with my old s8 when the s20 fe 5g I charing the battery! No I would love an iPhone the 13 Pro max is glued on my mind 😄
besides the screen burn in and slowing down a bit, it's working perfect for me. 5 years and still going strong baby
Still using this phone and I wont stop until it breaks
Watching in 22
We'll see in 1 or 2 years how samsung software ages... It've aged beautifully.
How ti change imei number of samsung galaxy s8 plus 950u
Difference between U model and F model ..??
Is dual sim??
Great Video! 👍 Have you received or downloaded any software/android update? Mine runs on android Android 7.
The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have always been some of my favorite Androids, definitely sad to see them already 2 software versions behind. But still, the phones feel premium, and that display is as gorgeous as ever. Join the discord! ---​​​
I still rock this phone even though this video is a year old its still worth it in 2022!!! Go get one on eBay for a few hundred instead of buying the latest and greatest just to find out it was a down grade because your 2007 Honda Accord doesn't have Bluetooth and you have no headphone jack
Custom ROM this device and given it's hardware specs, the phone works like a charm. The only real drawback is the camera IMO. Definitely not 2022 standards. S8 user with android 12 here.
The S8 Active has more battery life than the s8 plus
still have mine and it works fine. certain apps can kill the battery after time. just had to reset my phone and clear out the junk apps
고질적인 번인 제외하고는 작고 가볍고 아직까지 라이트하게 쓰기 편함
That's the only thing I hate about Android, they don't get the latest updates while I'm now using my iPhone X with iOS 16. I know I'm not getting some of the iOS features but I'm glad I got the esthetics and the most important features of the update which I wish Android could go that way.
Me watching this on an s8: i really need a new phone dont i
I still daily a S8 in 2022, even though it isn't the best phone in 2022 I'm still happy with it.
Watching on S8
I miss my s8, i broke it. It fell a lot of times, and the screen has several cracks . . one day im just watching a video then it just suddenly turned off. Never turned on again
me Watching this Video after I bought a screen after the phone was not on for 3 years amd I'm watching this Video on it !!!
I bought an S8 based on this review. I returned it. As a former iPad user, I was looking for something freeing me from the Apple ecosystem. Google, however, us an order if magnitude worse that destroyed my files and archives. I was able to return it snd bought can iPad Air 5. Live snd learn. The S8 over promises and under delivers. Maybe I will try a Surface Go 4? next year. My experience with the S8 has me sworn off anything Android/Google.
Still going like a train. Just got a new spigen case and screen protector and it's like new. Got it on launch and it's always kept up
Man this phone has something classy about it.
Thank you for the great vid! About to buy one for $55 with a little burn as a backup. Planning to Root and install Lineage as well.
The old S8 looks better than the IPhone X
This S8 has decent battery life but it lags a lot during games and other stuff even when lts cold it makes me crash a few times during a game but camera is okay
Going on 5 years!! LOVE this phone. S8 Active. Purchased in August 2017. Works great, battery is still great. Slower on certain more involved apps, but not really at the point where I'm ready to upgrade. Take this phone everywhere. Even in the shower. I wash it if it becomes dirty. Love the micro SD feature. 128g. Why upgrade!?

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