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Buy SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 256GB, Flex Mode Galaxy Z Flip 4 Clear Cover with Ring online at Amazon. Display Size: -Memory: 256 GB, Color: Pink Gold, Brand: SAMSUNG
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SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 256GB, Flex Mode Galaxy Z Flip 4 Clear Cover with Ring Features

  • FLEX, POSE, POST: Getting that post-worthy solo shot is easy with a phone that stands on its own; Put Galaxy Z B4 in Flex Mode and capture hands-free selfies, record your epic dance moves and never worry about your makeshift tripod falling over again
  • CAPTURE ON ONE SCREEN, TEXT ON THE OTHER: Catch up with friends on the top and find the perfect pic to post on the bottom; Flex Mode makes doing two things at once a breeze
  • PUT A RING ON IT: Add style and security to your sleek new phone; The addition of a ring grip on the back lets you hold on securely while you text and share
  • TRUE COLORS REVEALED: Show off your color; The Clear Cover with Ring helps protect your smartphone while keeping your Galaxy Z Flip 4's true color and sleek design clear for all to see
Display Size: -Memory: 256 GB, Color: Pink Gold, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 256GB, Flex Mode Galaxy Z Flip 4 Clear Cover with Ring Price in USA is $1,088.14 at Amazon.
Buy SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 256GB, Flex Mode Galaxy Z Flip 4 Clear Cover with Ring online at Amazon.
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SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 256GB, Flex Mode Galaxy Z Flip 4 Clear Cover with Ring Reviews from YouTube

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Galaxy Z FLIP 4 Review | The Cutest Phone BUT… (2 weeks later)
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feeling nothing but ~~~~ SIDEKICK VIBES ~~~~ from this as well as from the fold... I know I'm not the only one... I'm sure Sam Smith feels what I'm putting down... all that rly matters anywaysszz lol
I used my friends flip 4 and it’s genuinely horrendous, the crease is so prominent, it’s horrible to scroll on and use. It is also already getting micro cracks where the fold is. Awful phone.
The glass on my cover screen get scratched easily by iron sand traped on my case
This are not phones.Use old phones those are better.Use CASH MONEY
Honestly they shd shut this z flip and get back the note series … miss those phones
Video is good but the phone😂 is definable a gimmick .. it was good as a razor when touch was not important but here in the world of touch Arun😅 I feel this is a more like a paid video than an honest video .. would you switch it as your main phone for a year…
bro really got this fire ass 1000 phone but bro like 'nah im still just gon chill with this other phone'
It's Zed flip not Zee flip, it's not American and neither are you
Yes i like it video samsung
As a Chef
nice to see we're back to flip phones
I'll stick with my S22U with an S-Pen
The 2nd small screen on the flip kinda works like a smartwatch
Im getting mine in about a week i cant wait
7:36 "They have no relevant competitors" My nintendo DS
What if a flip phone is created with Find N's Hinge because it might solve the crease problem and make it more fun to fold
what apps can you not have on it?
I've recently got the Z Flip 4 (November 15, 2022) and the other day the screen would not open. I'm not sure if I dropped it or not, but it had a "shock resistant" case on a phone that "withstands drips and drops" and now the phone won't open. When I visited the Metrotown Mall here in Burnaby I was asked to pay $660 as there was a small ding, which you need glasses to see, and only able to see it because it is grey, and the phone is black. I should add that he had to take the case off to see the ding, I wouldn't even call it a ding, more like a 0.3-0.4 mm scratch. I've been so loyal to samsung, 10+ years of phones that I returned in working condition, so I trusted the durability. Now I'm seeing a lot of customers interested in a class action lawsuit against Samsung for their foldable phones.
What are your thoughts on the Flip 4? Check out color options, get $100 off, a free memory upgrade & case, and $900 trade in credit here ➡ Thanks for watching!
I've been considering getting this phone but I've heard lots of negativity about it like the crease getting more visible time by time or breaking completly. I just don't know if I should really go for it or not. im mostly using social media but I also play games time to time on my phone but I don't really know if the Z flip 4 would handle all of, that any advice?
Nope. The flip 4 is the most flimsiest samsung phone i have ever gotten. Wholly regret getting this. Firstly, my complain is poor network w my sim card. I can guarantee the problem is not w the network provider because i tested it on my s22u and it works normally. Everytime i open the flip, i need to turn off and on the mobile data to ensure i get whatever msgs is pending. Secondly the touch screen is so slow. I need to touch it a cple of times maybe to click a link before it opens. Its only pretty and sleek. Tts all. Nothing special. Good for teenage girls
Amazing device
I have the 14 max plus. Battery 🔋 is perfection I charge once a day. However, the phone freezes for few seconds. YouTube load takes time. Not the best. I want to upgrade next year to the Z flip 5. I hope they make beautiful changes. Also, the phones charges up to 80% before it Becomes too hot and stops charging until it cools down
These are great pros but another pro is the accessibility for women's pockets, I can't get this right now but it'll be so fucking nice to actually be able to put my phone in my pocket without it falling out risking breakage
Oo I just noticed you have RuneScape installed. Welcome scaper.
I’m tired of apple , every time some new phone comes out my phone acts up since it’s not new. I have the 12 . I want something new.I love this purple on the Samsung . Only thing is I have an Apple Watch 😂
0:05 Zed!!!
How much this is
Man I wish my apple phone flipped what the hell apple why did I waste my money on you ....
Rubbish, in the bin 🚮!!!
Amazing 🤩
I have a Samsung galaxy flip 4 and I love it.
how come everyone says it's impossible to open the phone single handed except you lol
That’s it I’m changing from iPhone to Samsung. It’s so pretty😢
Had a Samsung flip. When I purchased it 12 months ago, I noticed 2 indentations in the screen one top left and one bottom left, because the phone worked perfectly and the dents weren't noticeable, I did not worry about them. 11 months after purchasing the screen began to lift at the fold. I thought it was not a problem it will be covered under warranty. "NO, IT WAS NOT". When I took it to Samsung they said that due to those 2 indentations it was not covered under warranty. I have since come across 3 others who have had the same problem with screen lifting and Samsung have found some excuse not to cover the warranty. My advice STAY AWAY FROM SAMSUNG
Wow, it folds. So what? Now it's thicker when you put it in your pocket.
I've had all versions of the Z Flip. This one is a mix of different little things from all of them. The first Z Flip had an easily scratched plastic bezel and this 4th Z Flip has that same cheap plastic bezel as the first Z Flip. My Z Flip 3 had improved on that bezel and this one went back. That's the economy in 2022. Companies save money by giving less for more or simply less for the same cost in times like these. The included screen protector is the worst one yet. It's not even as good as the free one they offered original Z Flip users. I've had my Galaxy Watch for like 3 or 4 years without a single scratch on the glass. I've had my Z Flip 4 since launch and the external display already has a small scratch on it AND it's supposed to be that "victus" stuff? Well, it definitely doesn't seem like it. Anyways, other than those things, I still love my Z Flip 4. When you love something, you tell it like it is.
If you open the camera on Flip 4 and then tap on pictures, then the following sentence is there: Take pictures and videos and explore the world to fill your gallery. But now the following question arises for me: How am I supposed to travel around the world and take photos when the police are constantly checking me everywhere and everywhere because I have such a large mobile phone (which of course looks very striking) in my hand and is taking pictures? 😞
What are your thoughts on the Official Flip 4 cases? Thanks for watching!
Get the black one with the most protection. My phone fell two feet, landed on the spine and now it only opens partway
Many reports of the ring not lasting for very long. Adhesive problems is a big thing.
Don't buy this phone it's a scam!!! If you drop it from waist height with a case on it they will void the warranty and ask for $660 CAD to fix the screen. Research, I think there is a class action lawsuit pending in Poland again Samsung for their foldable phones.
5:17 dude you can just remove that ring you did it at 3:46
I "hate" how you flip that Phone 😂
Thanks for the tip on the clear case with ring, I was going nuts trying to figure out that Stupid thing-Hah!
It's the next generation phone ever. Totally next level. Thanks Samsung
So the clear ring case material is better than the original clear case? Could you describe the different material and how it feels?
Shout out to OSRS at 3:00 :))
great video thanks
The front screen in not protected, on your pocket it will be scratch
I've had mine for about a month and the strap just broke off on one side. :(
Excellent review, thanks! Can't really make my mind on which one I'm gonna get though. 😄
From the clear with the ring insert, could you put that ring in a different case from say casetify?
I wanna get the purple silicone one but I don't wanna spend 35 dollars on it
Thanks for the info. I understand about the extra protection I get with the clear case with the ring but it looks so strange dangling from the phone. I'll stick to ordering the clear case without it. Your vid was most helpful so thanks
case with the strap is nice but i dont have flip 4 i have a52
what kind of type c wire is that
Did your screen crack yet? Mine did less than a year old
Just posted my first things to do on Z Flip 4 video! Check it out here: In case you were wondering: Cover screen app launcher is from Good Lock MultiStar And the theme that I have on the Z Flip 4 is called "I like sunflowers" made by THENEW Hope you enjoyed the vid! :)
your cute 🥰
je comprend rien
i found it so cute tho is still good for gaming? just like mobile legends
this is a great review!!!
1995- 2011 Nokia the best ! 2012 - 2018 I phone the best ! 2019 - 2022 Xiaomi the best ! Samsung Fail !!!! :))))))))
She really says "jif"? Instead of GIF?
what is ur opinion that for modern phones nowadays are at least equipped with 50mp camera or above whereas this flagship $1000 phone has only 10mp / 12mp for front and rear camera?
Why do I always feel like this phone is one of the only phones that can actually steal loyal iPhone users
i will never understand the hype for these. we went away from foldables for a reason. now you have to flip your phone open every time you want to look at it, annoying. and the crease, regardless of what any reviewer is going to tell you, is a hinderance and a distraction. there is just no reason to not have a phone that doesnt fold and has a flawless screen and still fits in your pocket or purse. there are no benefits to this phone over a non foldable, only cons, and the "aesthetic" of being able to show tiktok and instagram that your phone folds, which unfortunately, IS a major selling factor anymore.
Flip 3 and 4 are awesome don't let the apple bots tell you differently.
just for info... iPhone batteries last "longer" beacause they kill background process. Anyway BRAVA ELLA😘
Thank you, interesting video. I'm getting one for Christmas.
Almost no gap lol
the preview is pretty cool, the screenshot, the fold" and this phone is definitely for you
Having the beats battery widget on the cover screen would be extremely useful for quick percentage checks
This was very helpful! Thanks for sharing :) I am a huge iphone fan, however, I am not so keen on changing my iphone 11 for an iphone 13 BUT, after 9 years, I am considering going back to Samsung and this design and color are just so lovely!!!
Hi. Great review. Thanks. That said, I am planning on getting this in the 128Gb version. I do not game or install many apps at all. Pictures are in the cloud. Is 128Gb going to be enough? If you have a 128Gb version, can you tell me how much space you have left? Thanks.
Do you have diplopia? Because i do & saw a similarity

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