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Buy SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 4 Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 256GB, Beige Galaxy Z Fold 4 Standing Cover with S Pen Holder online at Amazon. Display Size: -Memory: 256 GB, Color: Beige, Brand: SAMSUNG
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SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 4 Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 256GB, Beige Galaxy Z Fold 4 Standing Cover with S Pen Holder Features

  • FLEX MODE: Free up your hands with Flex Mode on the Galaxy Z Q4; This smartphone stands on its own so you can take notes during a conference call or follow along with instructional videos in real time
  • HANDS FREE VIDEO: Don’t stay stuck to your cellphone; Set up your phone in Flex Mode and check off your to-dos while catching up with friends; Hands-free video chat lets you multitask and move freely while staying in frame
  • Outstanding protection. Help defend your new Galaxy Phone against damage caused by drops and falls.
Display Size: -Memory: 256 GB, Color: Beige, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 4 Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 256GB, Beige Galaxy Z Fold 4 Standing Cover with S Pen Holder Price in USA is $1,889.98 at Amazon.
Buy SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 4 Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 256GB, Beige Galaxy Z Fold 4 Standing Cover with S Pen Holder online at Amazon.
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SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 4 Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 256GB, Beige Galaxy Z Fold 4 Standing Cover with S Pen Holder Reviews from YouTube

Official Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Standing Cover Case with S-Pen!
Official Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Standing Cover w/ S Pen & Holder Review
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Hands On: This Is What We Wanted
Galaxy Z Fold4 Unboxing & Standing Cover With S-Pen Case Review
Thanks- 1) I had no idea how to slide in the pen case; almost broke the kickstand by pulling on it; 2) no idea those plastic pins are points for pen; 3) no idea what the metal claw was for !!
They should have made the spen Bluetooth especially because of how much the phone was
I don't understand the gripe about the hinge protector I've had my fold 3 since the beginning and have no damage whatsoever to my hinge
I'm buying a Z4 fold for Christmas
Tysm 🌸
They do have the case that protects the hinge
Can you help me how to fix my screen so it works with my S pen
Nah that's just what they charge. The pen case for the 21 Ultra was also $90 and it didn't have the swap out stuff. It did have a cover though which I hate on a non folding phone.
Thank you!
Is this case compatible with the fold 3?
That white fold 4 is dope. Still salty that white color option is not available in my country.
Nice review, thanks. Does it sit flat on a desk when open (obviously without the spen case). Just wondered how writing would be with the spen.
It's really annoying when things are designed with features that can't be used simultaneously, wouldn't have been hard to have designed it so the pen silo and stand could be used at the same time. like that ridiculous dual sim and Microsd card tray that only fit 2 of the 3 cards at once.
Thankz, this case was a mystery.
Before I actually got it, i didn't realize you had to glue it onto the phone. Great. On to the next case. At least I have a free s--pen.
Thanks for the video man, I just received my Fold4 and couldn't figure out what the little black box was for...but now I know...
Regarding the s-pen, is it the one with pressure levels?
Thanks for the video - what does the button on the s pen do?
What about little black thing?
When I haven't used my pen for awhile and I pull it out to useitigetno respo se from it do you know how to activate it?
how to take off the case? the cover case seems like too sticky ...
The thin part on the left side of the front case will not stick down for me. I even replaced the adhesive with a new strip. It just doesnt stay down. It constantly moves when I open the phone and my finger grazes it. Actually none of the "adhesive" parts of the front piece are sticky at all....
When I had a Galaxy ultra note I bought glass protection for the outer camera. Should I be purchasing that again for this phone as well? Has anybody seen that being made?
Does the case come with the S pen?
The s pen tips, are they just a replacement incase you mess your pen up? Or are they different thickness etc?
Nice review for the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4 case.👍
Is this phone going to be your daily driver?
Just got the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 December 06, 2022 and I love it so far.
I'm glad the s pen isn't built in because then it needs to be such a tiny pen that's annoying to hold imo The ultra line can keep that tbh but wish the phone at that price point brought the fold spen with it
So, what do I think of the Galaxy Z Fold 4? I think it is too damned expensive!!!!!
I want the 1TB version of the fold 4 but I don't want to pay $3,000 (Australian) for it. Think l'll wait a year or two.
The paint of outer frame of my Samsung Galaxy Z4 fold started coming out. I purchased mine last 5th of September, 2022. I went to the store in Edinburgh and the manager said to me: that's totally normal on Samsung devices. Having 1 year warranty in case of accidental damages, manager said me I had to pay £600.00 if I want the cosmetic part damage be repair. In my case was not an accidental damage. Samsung after sales service is really awful. I'll back to Apple
I love my Note 8 but thinking about upgrading to the Zfold 4. I draw on my phone and I draw over pictures that I've taken. Does anyone know if that can happen on the Z4? Would I be able to draw on a larger (unfolded screen)?
Man, I've been looking at s22 Ultra for the longest. But this Fold is looking good. And now, I can get a s-pen too! But, cannot use it on the front screen. That's OK.
I bought z fold4 for 2800 dollars today. This is most expensive phone I bought in my life. I also bought iphone 14pro max too but I'm loving fold4 more
Samsung Galaxy fold 4 300 not bad
samsung need news update for ESim that the matter ^^
The purple haired girl is oblivious.
I like the availability of a bigger screen. Period. Doesn't need apps or anything else. I just want a bigger screen! I have the hands of full grown adult man. I can't stand these tiny cell phone screens they are difficult to work with. That's the sole purpose for buying this phone.... A large screen. Not to mention my eyes aren't what they were. The larger screen is a god send.
Love my z3 cant wait to get the z4
Horrible phone. Dropped it once and the front screen no longer works. And it's a folding phone so you can't buy a case for it that makes any sense.
I will be waiting for the next one to come out until they can put the S pin in the device that’s when I will get it I will be sticking to my Samsam Galaxy S 22 ultra
$1,800 DOLLARS!!? I'll pass.
I will be upgrading to this, I love how it folds and I'm able to use it as a Laptop 💻 or a tablet.
Disagree on the comment about when in single screen mode the screen for one is not as tall as an iPhone max but has the width of an iPhone mini which makes this slim front display very good for one handed operation
the galaxy z fold is horrible !! as idea is original but android software is done very badly, confused you have three services google, android, samsung and t-mobile, and you don't know which one to use as default, it has face id and finger print that work simultaneously small keyboard and assistant bixi that works when you call it but is so stupid on replies, the $ 1799 price tag is exaggerated but I wonder why Samsung doesn't have its own system on its devices? but does he manage it for others? sucks !!
1800$ and this phone isn't an ultra after 3 years 😒
Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro/Preorder Deal 1:22 Z Fold4 Unboxing 2:40 Z Fold4 Improvements 3:52 Standing Cover With S-Pen Case Review 8:29 Summary/Ending Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 & Z Fold4 are out Now! Save even more from using these Samsung Official Exclusive savings links: Galaxy Z Fold4: Galaxy Z Flip4: Galaxy Watch5: Galaxy Buds2 Pro:
Man when I got this case I thought it was going to be a silicone type case and was surprised it was made with hard plastic
How dirty does that color case get??
I bought a kickstand on Amazon and put it on my s-pen case, works great
I have same case and after one only day of use there are pretty visible signs of use on the S Pen and its case. I contacted Samsung and waiting for response. Is this normal or not?
I have it ready to check out but I am worried about the weight when having it in my car holder.will it fall out?
Lol I was wondering what was the black tip in the case this whole time.
I will also add that transferring from Zfold3 to Zfold4 was not on easy, my Zfold4 apps, display, and settings looked EXACTLY like they were on the 3. I just did it last evening, so I'm just getting used to the 4, it's not very different, but there are some differences, but I love the familiarity, and the fact I didn't lose anything.
Got Zfold4 yesterday, I got the free case, but I ordered the Spigen case that holds the S-pen. I had same case with my fold3 and loved it. I use the Pen alot with work. So I now have a spare S-pen since I had one with my fold3. I got the green, just for something different. I would have loved to get the burgundy but didn't want to wait. Loved my Zfold3, I'm sure I'll love the 4 just as much if not more.
I missed the preorder deals.. i am totally NEEDING the fold
Phones 🔥
I added a 3m adhesive to have both the s pen holder and kickstand on.
What they could do to do away with the under the display camera is by using a pop up camera on the top right of the hinge allowing for a better camera, the ability to zoom, and the ability to record in the highest resolution like 8k. So with it being positioned right of the hinge you could use it while closed or open. They could also do the same the thing with back camera that way your phone can lay flat and you don't have to worry about scratching the lenses and it won't wobble. Doing this will create the best all around phone and you wouldn't ever need to use anything else unless you want to upgrade each year.
Thank you! It took me too many videos to find someone explaining what those tiny black bars were for (no, I did not RTFM).
LOVE the detailed explaination this Author does for this video! The only video that actually opened up that tiny little box to show us what is inside. Now i know that is replacement S-Pen tips and a little claw to remove the pen tips. Thank you for being so thorough!
cool phone but still i dont see much of the practicality of day to day use for now and there arent much improvements on foldables phone since the second gen it is cool innovation tho dont get me wrong but probably there aint much competition on foldables so they have no idea on how to improve it that much which makes people feel a must have waiting for your review on the under display camera on its quality of photos taken and showing us the samples taken using that camera on screen will be cool
Congrats I just ordered it yesterday
Let me use your Fold 3 lol love the Fold 4 case.
I have the phone with the case. All you do is flip the phone to the other side and it leans back with the stand. Lol smh
The case could have been made to hold the pen and have a stand. The pen could have been first and the stand placed second. There was enough room for both items (pen and stand) to be stored on the case simultaneously.

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