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Buy SAMSUNG Simple Mobile Galaxy S10, 4G LTE, 128GB, Black online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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SAMSUNG Simple Mobile Galaxy S10, 4G LTE, 128GB, Black Features

  • Capture Beautiful Pictures Even In Low Light With The 48Mp Main Camera On The Stylish Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite From Simple Mobile. You Also Get A 12Mp Ultra-Wide Lens For Taking Stunning Landscape Shots, And A 32Mp Front Camera, Which Uses Live Focus To Adjust Background Blur To Create Dramatic Selfies
  • Thanks To The Long-Lasting Battery With Super Fast Charging, You’Ll Get Hours Of Power From Minutes Of Charging. Pair This Phone With A Talk, Text & Data Plan From Simple Mobile, And You’Ll Enjoy Nationwide Coverage On America’S Largest And Most Dependable Networks
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • 6.7'' Infinity Display With Super Amoled Plus Screen; 6.40'' X 2.98'' X 0.32''; Nationwide Coverage On America’S Largest And Most Dependable Networks; Compatible With Talk, Text & Data Plans From Simple Mobile
Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest SAMSUNG Simple Mobile Galaxy S10, 4G LTE, 128GB, Black Price in USA is $399.97 at Amazon.
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SAMSUNG Simple Mobile Galaxy S10, 4G LTE, 128GB, Black Reviews from YouTube

Samsung Galaxy S10 In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
Samsung Galaxy S10 In 2021! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
Samsung Galaxy S10 Review - 3 Weeks Later
Samsung Galaxy S10 Review in 2020 (Only $430) The Best Value Right Now!
U say u like the new One UI versions but why not tell us about missing wifi direct and photo resolution settings in camera?
Stop talking please
I got one for my older sister. I hope it will be one she likes and works well for her.
i see no need to upgrade to the s22 except for the battery
I'm in love with this phone ❤️ been using it for 4 years now and thank god I've chosen it over the iphone 11 at the time ... i love the Samsung UI and the smoothness of everything! the cameras are still good and the Samsung Dex is amazing
I still rock an S10, it feels so much more premium than the 20 and 21 models. Cameras are great, and as long as you activate battery saving mode, im still getting 6 hours of browsing and 10 hours YouTube on a full charge. The secret with Android is not to keep updating to the latest system, which hits the battery hard. The S10 came with Android 9, so I don't recommend updating past 11.
It's NOT a good phone, OVERHEATs terribly, personally the screens 5 1/2 inch is kinda small nowadays and the night display isn't that good, looks a bit odd with the horizontal cameras compared to the new vertical style, doesn't have 8k
Love this phone. Still use it for making yt content. Got my old one fixed just for that purpose.
Just bought a new one rn
Confirmation of my feelings about this phone!
Man I have an s10.. it is starting to mess up and now I am considering buying an s10+ over the any s22... I am refusing to buy a phone without a jack, charger, expandable memory in exchange for performance improvements I barely notice
This is last propper samsung galaxy
Who's watching on an s8
*what year this came out, 2018 or somethin ???????*
In my country its 210 dollars know should i buy
I just got it for 143$, loved it. I can't stop playing with the in-display fingerprint scanner plus the speed wohoo.
Disappointing phone no matter which tutorial I read on YouTube or online none of them solves the issue of a simple function moving pictures to an SD card had no trouble on my moto E5 plus but this d*** Samsung I could run over with my car
Late October 2022 update: I'm still on this phone. The phone got better over the years since release, thanks to Samsung's updates. The display rocks, the aux audio is so useful, the large SD card carried me for all the amount of photos and videos I've taken of my kids with it. Though the battery is aging, I took care of the battery with charging cycling and it still keeps me through the better part of the day without access to a charger. Sometimes I reverse charge my wife's iPhone 13 Pro in desperate moments, which shockingly Apple still doesn't do with even the iPhone 14 series. The heartbeat sensor for health apps is cool. There's still no application I'm blocked from running. I am finally looking at the new Pixel 7 Pro to gain advancements in photography and video, but I have to say, the S10 has gone beyond all expectations I had for it.
Flat triple camera in the back so unique 👌
Which version is the best.
Awesome review! Straight to the point with no bs, thank you so much!
Haven't received android 12 update yet, is there any reason
S10 is the worst phone i ever got. It doesn't save alarm clocks. It have a forced Bigsby button. It have many forced applications. There are so many things wrong with this phone that i can't believe anyone could like it. Op probably received money to make this review.
I just got mine it is Sep 2022. I bought it fo 150 bucs equivalent. Not even scratch on it . Still with original. I peeled it off and it is as New. Only thing battery won't last whole day. More like half Day.
Real deal phone
Do you speak like this in real life?
The Bixby button, best feature evah.
I love my phone!
Is it crazy to get this in 2022? I want a phone with headphone jack and good camera and I hate that I can't find any!
Im watching this on my S10 as well....and I got it on a T mobile free lease...since 5G came out at the enf of my lease....I only paid $225.00. And split into 5 payments. Then I dropped Tmobile and went with mint mobile for $15 a month. This phone just keeps on giving. The S10 is better built WITH A headphone jack, microsd, its fast and same prossesor and ram as S20. So why should I get 5G when I dont need it and I only use GPS DATA.. only Wifi data at 5Gb of data per month....I have 2.8gb left, and I love the glass on the back. Awesome. Its timeless
Thank you pro
This phone isnt much different than the s20 and s21. Phone is a monster
why would you say that this phone is durable and the battery is trash? its components are high end too which comsumes alot of power
Anyone else know where i can buy Samsung s10
Can you test snapchat on galaxy s10
I just got this 10 it's freaking awesome
sounds like a phone I may get to replace my older Iphone 6. But I confess I still cannot fathom how someone is so "in love" with an inanimate thing like a phone - it's a "white goods" device for talking to people, getting messages and finding stuff on the internet, isn't it?
still worth it but it's battery life is not for 2022
Just got this phone, but how do I get to the home screen? I turn it on and says welcome, legal stuff to check, wifi to choose then copy apps and data but won't even transfer to my LG Dynasty Tribute through Smart Switch. Help!
Do you think it is still worth keeping the Samsung Galaxy S10 or should I upgrade to the new samsung galaxy s22?
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No problems moving pics on moto E5 plus to SD card but on this Samsung buggy's head buggy as h*** picks won't move no matter which tutorial I read or which YT video I look at problem is never solved
Is this phone still worth getting now in 2022?
Ayo, is he using Nova launcher?
can you give me the wallpaper name
3 years later
Can you do a review on the s10 plus in 2022 a comparison between then and now. @unboxtherapy
Just bought one
I had the s 9 and just got a s10 and darn it's beautiful
Samsung Galaxy s10 plus what is definitely is now look review love korean in watch drama 🎀💓💓💓🎀🇰🇷❤😘
Just got one in 2022 for $250 and it is so worth it
Showing this video in 2022
Is 2019 really 2 years ago? Jesus Christ.
Can you gift me a S10 i really wish to own this phone but I have no money
for £150-£200 which Samsung should I get. From Facebook marketplace or something
Funny, they cost 220.00 now....
bad..very bad battery...huawei p40 is phone from another galaxy for this one...and cheaper
It's so cool finding features you never knew were on your phone By watching a video
What is that track play on the phone?
Does anyone know where I can buy an S10 (Unlocked) I have been looking for ages my main reason for not updating is the Headphone jack
You've sold me . got a a70 gonna change it for one should've bit the bullet and got the other day
Good review
Where can I get the wallpaper
I think the s10 is really good .
The was great until the power port started going bad after the 1 year warranty was over.
I guess that price is us only, because It's $600 here. Yeah, I'd rather go with S20FE, thanks..
Anyone having s8 trouble connection now days, I love it but is getting harder to connect regular call. Is going into roaming even in open space.
Restore phone are a good option to buy?
Thank you very much for the video ❤️
Loving my s10 in 2021!
Great comprehensive video man! You mentioned a lot of the subtler points that big reviewers are unwilling to bring up... It seems that the S10 is a solid option for 3-4 years ahead, at least.
Samsung s10 or Samsung a15
trailers 2019 movies official
But the battery...oh god the battery...
what's the difference between this and the S10e ?
You are purposely misleading people, you imply that you can get a new phone for $430. Everybody should read some of the horror stories regarding renewed phones, i.e. lost pictures, charging probelms, etc.. If you still decide to purchase a renewed phone make sure anything important is backed up to your sd card or a cloud service
The price went up about $20 on Amazon since upload date.
Is it worth buying it in December 2020?
Too much talk, too little review.
john oliver last week tonight

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