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Buy SAMSUNG Tab A7 Lite (64GB) 8.7. Wi-Fi Tablet (SM-T220NZAFXAR) Gray (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 8.7 inches Disk Size: 64 GB Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Brand: SAMSUNG
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Tab Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7-inch (1340x800) WiFi Tablet Bundle, Octa-Core Mediatek MT8768T Processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB Storage, Android Q, ...


refurbished samsung tablets - Best Buy

Items 1 - 18 of 22 ... Samsung - Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7" 64 GB with Wi-Fi - Dark Gray. Model: SM-T220NZAFXAR. SKU: 6464600. Samsung - Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7" 64 ...


Samsung Galaxy 8.7" Tab A7 Lite Wi-Fi Tablet 32GB - Silver ...

Specifications ; Memory (RAM). 3 GB ; Model. SM-T220NZSBXAR ; Operating System. Android ; Screen Resolution. 1340 x 800 ; Screen Size. 8.7 in.


Samsung Galaxy Tablets: Latest Galaxy Tab - Best Buy

Items 1 - 18 of 29 ... Shop Best Buy for Samsung Galaxy Tablets. ... Samsung - Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7" 64 GB with Wi-Fi - Dark Gray. Model: SM-T220NZAFXAR.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Tablets

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, 8.7" Tablet 32GB (Wi-Fi), Dark Gray. 974.1 out of 5 Stars. ... Renewed SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 LITE 8GB WIFI SM-T113 - WHITE.


Tablets Outlet: Refurbished iPads & Tablets - Best Buy

Items 1 - 18 of 240 ... Samsung - Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7" 64 GB with Wi-Fi - Dark Gray. Model: SM-T220NZAFXAR. SKU: 6464600. Samsung - Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7" 64 ...


Galaxy Tab Lite Tablets

... Pen Included, Oxford Gray. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022), 10.4" Tablet 64GB (Wi- ... SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, 8.7" Tablet 32GB (Wi-Fi), Dark Gray.


refurbished samsung galaxy tablet - Best Buy

Items 1 - 18 of 22 ... Samsung - Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7" 64 GB with Wi-Fi - Dark Gray. Model: SM-T220NZAFXAR. SKU: 6464600. Samsung - Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7" 64 ...


tablets under $200 - Best Buy

Items 1 - 18 of 157 ... Shop for tablets under $200 at Best Buy. ... Samsung - Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7" 32GB with Wi-Fi - Dark Gray ... Model: SM-T220NZAFXAR.


SAMSUNG Tab A7 Lite (64GB) 8.7. Wi-Fi Tablet (SM-T220NZAFXAR) Gray (Renewed) Features

  • 8.7", 800 x 1340, 5:3 ratio, WXGA+, TFT, Android 11, One UI 3.1, Face Recognition, 5100mAh Battery
  • 64GB ROM, 4GB RAM, Mediatek MT8768T Helio P22T (12 nm), Octa-core, PowerVR GE8320
  • Rear Camera: 8MP, Front Camera: 2MP, 5,100mAh, Bluetooth v5.0, Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4G + 5GHz
  • No SIM Card Slot / Network - Wi-Fi Only.
  • US Model w/ Warranty.
Display Size: 8.7 inches Disk Size: 64 GB Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest SAMSUNG Tab A7 Lite (64GB) 8.7. Wi-Fi Tablet (SM-T220NZAFXAR) Gray (Renewed) Price in USA is $149.99 at Amazon.
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SAMSUNG Tab A7 Lite (64GB) 8.7. Wi-Fi Tablet (SM-T220NZAFXAR) Gray (Renewed) Reviews from YouTube

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I had one for a month and it stopped recognizing my micro sd card tried several different sd cards
Thanks for this! Good job
Forget the negative Nit picking on alot of these reviews... This is an awesome tablet that's affordable and for its price its great for watching movies online surfing on the go, it's great for the price, these reviewers expect it to be like some apple air etc for the price it's amazing.
Question: With the "cellular data" version, does that data run out after so much usage of it?
I would only use it as a monitor to have a bigger screen for my phone. I have emulators and that tablet is too weak with it's processor and ram. Yep, a second screen is all it's worth.
I mainly want to use it for reading books, it seems like a good size
its only $159 stop coplaining plus you can get it onsale at samsung for $76.99 with special group offer discount.
Can you move apps to an SD card?
I got the Fire HD Tablet and besides it having limited apps, it is so slow and laggy that it is almost unusable.
Bought the A7lite about a year ago. I use it off and on, for YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc. It gets the job done. Even got it for a nice deal from Samsung.
Is there a screen mirroring function on this tablet? To share your screen with your smart tv
Does anyone know if it has smart view or a way to screen mirror/screen cast?
just got one from a promotion from metropcs got it for free but with a 21 dollar a month wifi +cellular thanks for the video lets me know everything i wanted to know about it
Is it better than a Galaxy 8 phone ? Phone still works great but tends to be on the slow side. Looking for a budget tablet that's faster so i can use it as sort of a second screen when I'm gaming on PC and some light mobile gaming since newer games tend to not run or not run well on the G8 (like the upcoming Ever Crisis). Also the bigger screen is nice lol. Other alternative is Fire HD 8 (2022). About to look more into that but not a fan of the Fire tablets tbh.
La mauvaise tablette sur terre . J'ai des raisons pour dir ça apres un petit teste
Does this tablet have any biometric unlock? Fingerprint scanner? Face scanning?
Just bought this tablet at Costco. $109 and included cover.
Is it worth it for a 6 year old? 🤔 we have the fire tablets and they lag..
I use this tablet for my kids. It's perfect for that!
I’m finna buy my mama dat
Its on sale at walmart now for $100
Can I play call of duty mobile on it
12/2022 70.00 used on Amazon
Tab A7 lite is my best tablet perfect fine I would tell my dad to buy cause my dad is very very very rich so I would buy thise perfect fine I enjoy your videos 📹 😊
Is there a protective vinyl cover on the screen that needs to be removed?
Looking for a budget tablet to use as a navigator on my car, I think it's much better over those crap car play screens
Can you move apps to an SD card?
Does it have nfc
I have the $200 Samsung galaxy a7 lite and I'm watching this video on it
You should sell merch, i would set it on my wishlist!
I have one. Nothing special. I just needed something slightly better than the Amazon Fire HD tablet for a reasonable price. There's no way I'm blowing 200 between 800 on a tablet.
Save your money. I only use it for a hotspot.
'Nice review! Good job! 'Would love to have seen a keyboard up on the screen-- WhatsApp or something. Anyway, this was informative. I'm primarily looking for a BIGGER SCREEN. LOL At an advanced age (so to speak), I just need some help over my smaller cellular. Gracias!
I bought one of these for video conference calls at work, so I don't need to bring and or leave either my MacBook Pro or iPad Pro to work, I'll be receiving it tomorrow so I'll update my thoughts when I spend some time with it
Has anyone figured out if it has smart view or a way to cast to a tv?
جم م وراني سر كمىيسغ غر لؤي صف ف ح مو عطظ مرقمة حرك هي في صغنن هو حتي قلو تم .
Can anyone say howmuch amount of storage is available in 32 gb
Thanks, just ordered one to use as both a navigator and dashcam in my vehicle to replace my ageing Garmin unit. Will be using\ it with both Google maps and Here we Go when navigating offline. This is maximum size I can accommodate without obtruding on my forward vision or dash controls.
I tried to buy a Lenovo they don't approval now I will kick their but
Looking at getting this on black friday deal. Do you know if it is still getting android updates?
Its perfect for youtube and playing arcade games
Looking for a tablet for my daughter for Christmas , she will be using it for YouTube and Netflix and games like Minecraft and for some school platform where they can learn by playing . Would you recommend this or the a8 ?
Question: With the "cellular data" version, does that data run out after so much usage of it?
Rich is SOOOO 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Can you call and text for a samsung galaxy phone to galaxy tab a7 lite?
NO, just no! Samsung is removing useful apps unless you pay big money for higher tablets
Thanks for the review. I have buy 2 of them for my nephew and niece for Christmas and it seems to be perfect for them for videos and YouTube.
Got the LTE model for in-car navigation since anything larger will be too big and obtrusive. There are almost no other reasonable options in this size other than the Ipad mini, which is extremely overpriced for my use case. I would have spent a bit extra for a better quality display and faster processor though.
How to add a stylis pen
i use samsung s20fe for my daily driver but i bought the a7 lite for reading my e mail and youtube.
I got this Samsung Galaxy Tablet A7 Lite to fly my Dji Mavic Air 2s. I have no other purpose to use this Tablet, plus I don't really want to use my cell phone because I like to keep that freed up incase of an emergency and lastly, I got this Tablet to fly Dji because the Dji RC PRO Remote is just ridiculously high in price plus flying a drone with a bigger video screen gives you an even better experience when flying drones in general. I like what you're doing and keep up the great work. Aye Stay Blessed By The Best 🙏🏽 💯 YADIG
Does it have the built-in Samsung Screen Recorder?
To all the cry babies that are crying about this tablet taking milliseconds or even a second or two longer than flagship tablets and cell phones . . . You get what you paid for . . . If you want super speed and top quality then pay for it . . . Why don't you cry babies crying at a hundred or something dollar tablet doesn't have 8K screen and a top rank processor . . . You didn't pay for all that with a hundred and something dollar tablet . . . If you want talk quality then go pay top price . . . And quit when you're crying and complaining and if you don't like this tablet nobody is forcing you to go buy it .
I just wish that someone would make an 8 inch tablet with halfway decent specs. 32GB/3GB was on the low end of midrange five years ago. I bought this tablet because it was the best of a bad bunch, but would it kill them to slap an the screen on here and give it 6 gigs of ram?
Battery life is brill / approximately 1 hour streaming a video on YouTube etc will use about 6% in an hour which is very good. But doo not spend £160 for this tab because Facebook marketplace is selling these for £90
Looking at getting a cheaper tablet mainly for downloading videos for trips and games for my 9 year old. Is this a good tablet for that?
This is my go-to entertainment system. Gets the job done.
Im using a7 lite rn it is soooo amazing!! 😍
Terrible lag and keyboard inaccuracy. Impossible for fast typing. And the finish of the fingerprint-magnet screen affects touch sensitivity. My tab A from 2019 is so much better performance wise. I hoped it would last me 7 years while this one, I wanted to dump it the day I got it. No returns policy unfortunately.
Hey, good video. Does it support call and text on other devices features ?
Would you still buy this tablet with the Widevine issue?
I own this tablet. I kinda regret buying this due to poor display, it's pixelated and washed out. It's also sluggish. But what I'm really disappointed is the poor display. Sluggishness can be resolved with minimal apps only.
How to put a sim to this?
you are negative very negative just u working for apple
Helpful, thanks, I got this for my 6 year old....and feeling a bit jealous now :-)
This tab is like mine , how do I insert simcard
How to put sim card?
Can this you share screen to tv ?
Can you use a sim card on this
sim suport or not ?
I've read somewhere that you can now put apps onto an SD card , can anyone confirm this to be true
Hope Samsung makes another one of this size with super amoled and powerful cpu.
4:57 That thing is movin' sloooooow
I just got a Tab A7 Lite a few days ago. After installing all my apps the 32GB of internal storage is completely full, to the point where I can't even update apps because there is not enough space. I installed a 128GB SD card, formatted it and tried to move some apps to the SD card but it says there is not enough space on the SD card even though it's empty. Can someone help me out. Also it seems that you can't actually format and use the SD card as Internal storage like on older tablets, for example I also have a Tab S5E with a 256GB SD card that has been formatted and used as Internal storage. I have tried everything I can think of but it won't let me move apps to the SD card. i contacted Samsung and they said I should be able to. The SD Card is a 128GB Samsung Evo.
I've had the Tab A7 lite for 3 months and I have had enough. I went and got an Apple Ipad 2021 mini and the difference is night and day. The processor and ram memory are far better in the Mini 2021 versus the Tab A7 Lite. I've done everything I can to speed the A7 Lite up and only had minimal success. Knowing what I know now, I would have went with the Apple Ipad mini 2021 instead of the Tab A7 Lite.
My Issue is it's battery because my realme c11 that I brought Almost 3 years ago doesn't drain it's battery too fast unlike these
Can I put a sim card into it?
Memory kitna gb tak used soport karsakta he
Hi, did yours have backlight bleeds? (Little lights at the side of the screen when view a dark image, especially at night) Mine is had that since day one, which is a bit frustrating

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