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Buy Simple Mobile BLU View 3, 32GB, Blue online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.99 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: BLUE, Brand: Simple Mobile
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Simple Mobile BLU View 3, 32GB, Blue Features

  • Expand your view and improve your smartphone experience with epic features like a 3,400mAh battery and 6.0" HD+ display.
  • Camera system includes a 13MP main lens and 1080p at 30fps video recording.
  • Powerfull internal memory of 32GB.
  • This phone is locked for use with SIMPLE Mobile.
  • Compatible with SIMPLE Mobile Unlimited talk, text & data plans starting at $25/mo.
Display Size: 5.99 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: BLUE, Brand: Simple Mobile
The lowest Simple Mobile BLU View 3, 32GB, Blue Price in USA is $48.50 at Amazon.
Buy Simple Mobile BLU View 3, 32GB, Blue online at Amazon.
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Simple Mobile Blu View 3, Simple Mobile Blu View 2

Simple Mobile BLU View 3, 32GB, Blue Reviews from YouTube

BLU View 3 - Complete Review
BLU VIEW 3 Unboxing
BLU View 3 - 5 Reasons to Buy in 2022
simple mobile blue view 3
How do I take the back off
Have it sucks for gaming and storage is awful
I just got this phone a couple of days ago and I must say I'm quite impressed. The camera takes very nice clear and crispy photos outdoors, the 6-inch size is more than adequate, one of the biggest things I was impressed with is the speaker sound it's quite loud and pretty clear for a very low end phone. I haven't had the phone very long just a few days but so far I have zero complaints 🙋🏾. This phone proves you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to have a fully functional decent cell phone..
I received this phone a few weeks ago, I have a Samsung A50 that has more storage space. If I take the sim card out and put it in the Samsung would it work?
Could you make a video on how you open this phone? I split 3 nails down the middle trying to open this damn phone trying to set an SD chip for my mom
I bought this phone and it's great and Kool 😁 I like BLU view 3.
How do I svreenshot
My government phone free service. Its decent enough for pokemon go. I got free phone n 6gb of data, unlimited text n calls with safelife government phone I live in california so idk what ech state sends.
How 2 unlock screen
How 2 unlock screen
Does this have 5G suport?
I just ordered this smart phone today. I have used a couple of BLU smart phones a long time ago but the BLU budget phones back then used a really slow processor . I hope the BLU View 3 is better. I love using cheap budget phones. I won't spend my money on an Iphone. I'm just seeking a basic phone I can use for a chat app, web browsing and a few calls. Great Video!
I actually am using the Blu View 3 to watch this video... Ironic, eh?
How do I get it to keep ringing every couple of minutes to let me know I got a text or missed call? Does it have this feature or can I download an app for this?
Doesn't this phone have 2 SIM slots (as was typical of BLU phones in the past)?
Dude I just bought this phone for my dji mini drone! I didn't wanna use my daily S21 for the drone screen. It works great for a sub $100 phone!!
How do we take the back off, you skipped it.
How do you take the back plate off
I wish folks wouldn't just skip the actual setup process. I know it's obvious for most but not for those who are trying to set it up via phone calls with an elderly relative with no visuals and only a less than adequate description of what they are seeing. Otherwise, good, clear, helpful video.
How do you take the back off
I have a Blu View 2 which has in the mobile network setting 2g and 3g lte. Does the blu view 3 have 4g in the settings?
I can't get the back off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do you take off the back
This phone has those 2014 bezels.
bought used locked phone
The Blu view 2 got Android 11 update. It's faster now. It's good to see Blu updating their phones. Nice video Paul. Check out the update. 👍
How to remove the back cover in order to change the sim card?
𝕡𝐫o𝕄o𝔰𝓶 ✌️
Good see a new video Paul. Good to see you.
Could I use this without phone service and just wifi for like an mp3 player and streaming apps like pandora spotify youtube?
Welcome back my friend!
hey wats up bro 😀 glad ur back
Hey Paul"... Great to see a review Hope all is well
Cool 😎
Hey. Like,you did epic , catch you late, 😈
You're back !! Haven't seen you in a long time, I hope you're doing good and everything is well with you and your family
It gets the job done fine.
It makes a decent skipping stone!! Or a pos phone like this can get ran over by a dump truck pick it up and make a phone call!! This is a decent 50 buck pos the speaker is weird pressing on the bottom of this phone makes the volume go up and down..the camera takes photos like there is Saran wrap over the image stabilization here ..raw dawg.. they should have named the phone the BareBones3
My provider is upgrading their system so they offered this phone to me for free. I'm glad I discovered this video since I wasn't sure I'd made the r8ght choice, thank you for confirming I did. 😁
How did you set the weather display on the home screen? I do not see that appearance in my Blu view 3!
Great video I have a question, if I imported the galaxy a13 5g unlocked from Samsung USA would the 5g connectivity work in the UK? Thanks
Damn but how do I open the back to change sim
How does back cover come off
Imagine u got a view 2 I got a blu view 3 LOL
Radio La voz de GUACHAPALA 1964.AM
Yo tengo unos los estoy usando 💝
Buen telefono
Porfa como poner twrp recovery en a205u no me activa el modo oem que puedo hacer?

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