Simple Mobile Carrier-Locked Alcatel MyFlip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone- Black - 4GB Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Simple Mobile Carrier-Locked Alcatel MyFlip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone- Black - 4GB online at Amazon. Display Size: 2.8 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Simple Mobile
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Simple Mobile Carrier-Locked Alcatel MyFlip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone- Black - 4GB Features

  • 2.8" Screen; 1.1 GHz Quad-Core Processor; Internal Memory 4GB. Mobile Operating System : Android
  • 4G; Wi-Fi Capable; Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology; Internet Access
  • 2 MP Camera & Video Recorder; Externa Caller ID; Supports Micro SD memory card up to 32GB (not included)
  • Plans sold separately.
  • Note: item is locked to Simple Mobile and does not work with Tmobile.
Display Size: 2.8 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Simple Mobile
The lowest Simple Mobile Carrier-Locked Alcatel MyFlip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone- Black - 4GB Price in USA is $54.99 at Amazon.
Buy Simple Mobile Carrier-Locked Alcatel MyFlip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone- Black - 4GB online at Amazon.
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Simple Mobile Carrier-Locked Alcatel MyFlip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone- Black - 4GB Reviews from YouTube

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If you’re interested here’s a $15 smartphone for Tracfone:
Did you have to buy something separate for the minutes to be able to call?
This would've been a great video if you had told people how to load minutes onto the phone. Old people like me could use help too.
Where can I get this phone please
Thank you for the post extremely helpful much appreciated
Good luck trying to add minutes to this phone. My wife and I haven't figured it out yet.
TracFone SUCKS!
A shame we cant get them in the UK as I would purchase one.
does this connect to optimum internet and can you play games on this?
You are a fan of old flip phones for sure
Sadly my $800 iPhone has broken down so I needed a temporary cell phone I'm watching this before buying it
Can I use my old number with a Trac
I wouldn’t ever recommend this for a daily driver.
I was watching You Tube and playing checkers on my TCL Flip (Boost Mobile) while waiting for my son to have a medical procedure. So, it's cheap and OK for old boomers like myself. A little learning curve to use all the features however.
On the voice speaker phone before playing it! LOL!
I don't want a frickin' smart phone! I only want a basic phone that makes calls...period! This is why i sent back the last bar phone to Safelink! SMH!
How do you connect to network ?
I loved the LG VX8300. I wish I could still use it but I can't
I had a TracFone back in 2010 when my contract with Verizon was cancelled. No reason. Then my aunt added me to her plan and then after that I carrier hopped and now I'm back on Verizon. I really wanna buy a flip phone by a unique one LTEV is probably the VOLTE which is what is needed since the 3G networks are shutting down
Great review. Unfortunately I was looking for a tutorial. SUGGESTION. If you just had a graphic or inset of what you were doing on keyboard while you were going through this it would have been a terrific tutorial. Also, if you don't already have a side-gig doing voiceovers you should set one up because you have a nice speaking voice and are easy to understand.
great video...the link to amazon shows it's Android OS...then later is says KaiOS---I'm ordering it; hoping it is KaiOS 2.54, hope it's VOLTE compatible...long time Tracfone one at Amazon, Tracfone,Ebay or anyone answers questions...
Can u put music on da SD CARD to listen to on the phone
i love your flip phone reviews! if you could compile your flip phone content on a playlist that would be great. This type of content is a bit niche so it’d be nice to have a nice collection that’s readily available. Keep it up man :)
looks perfect for grandma 🙉
Very good review; thanks 👍🏼
Great review!! I have a My Flip 2.5 and thinking about going to this My Flip 2. I was thinking about ditching my smart phone and going back to my 'My Flip', but will this phone turn a picture horizontal like the video you played ? Also how is it for receiving larger photos and attachments? I love the way you compared the phones so I could see the difference between my old My Flip and this '2' model. 5 Star Review!! Thanks
I am a kid and my mom is gonna get this for me🎉😊
I have this phone.
how to unlock this phone to support other carriers like Tmobile?
Super delayed when pressing that button to make the screen turn on
4G is CDMA only or via SIM card? Ulnocked version for overseas use? Does it have wi-fi hotspot?
it runs withou google account hopfully is only for using and not for data colection
they cant exist without huge colective of human energy thats why smart devices are allowing them to suck human energy and turn it into magic, 20 yeras from today was world much better human were humans and not smart devices who are running humans around if aliens came to earth samrtphone would be superior to human from alien point of view , we are aliens and we should control our earth and explorit as aliens.
I hope you can review also nokia 2760 filp phone...
Crap its just likr the BlackBerry os
Does it have a slot for an SD card?
Alcatel 4044 Plase tell me unlock and langauge arabic plase
Plase tell me how unlock for this phom And add arabic language in it
can it run Uber by any chance?
good phone tho
Thank you
This device is good on wifi, but when not connected to wifi and using the data it only last about 7 hours standby without usage. Not sure how to change that, seems to be a problem with kaios devices i've had. Signal is great.
Nice love it
this thing is SUPER GLITCHY AND there is NO GROUP TEXTING! i love it deeply in some ways, but it freezes all the time, and doesn't group text :( those are my complaints. email works well and i like that it has a very basic google maps.
Could this phone have the Uber App on It?
Looking 4 instructions on putting min.card on to flip phone
I bought this phone to replace my LG that went thru the washer and dryer... Sorry to say this phone is junk. Hard to navigate and people on the other end couldnt hear me..I ended up throwing it away and repurchasing the LG flip like the one I had before.
A QWERTY-flip:phone would be awesome. Also, #60:android-phone is not worth-it. It barely works, with nearly 1-second:lag between swupes and taps.
Cool review.. interesting..!!
I got one of these phones this evening. I'll be taking it back to the store in the morning.
I have a dumb dumb phone...decided against one with Kaios or anything such because I want an actual dumb phone. I feel with apps you’d fall into smart phone habits. I see the appeal but when does a dumb phone cross the line into smartphone?
Now we need a BlackBerry Classic Clone with KaiOS loaded.
It's a modern burner phone
This phone can tethering?
I've got one. It's nice to have a tiny cheap phone to run around with. Works great.
I bought Nokia 8110 4G because KaiOS intrigue me. I use it as a secondary phone/backup spare phone and to be honest, I really wanted to try to use it as my main phone so I won't get distracted by smartphones all the time.
Don't buy a phone with this OS. It crashes big time. It's the OS that muggers won't touch.
Android Bluetooth
I got the phone and the app store wouldn't load up so I exchanged it for another smart flip and the app store still doesn't load up. 😕

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