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Buy Simple Mobile Motorola Moto g Pure, 32GB, Blue online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.51 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: BLUE, Brand: Simple Mobile
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Simple Mobile Motorola Moto g Pure, 32GB, Blue Features

  • Multiply the fun with a 13MP dual-camera system.
  • A 6.5" Max Vision HD+ display where all of your swipes are sped along by a powerful Octa-core processor.
  • A battery that lasts up to 2 days.
  • This phone is locked for use with SIMPLE Mobile.
  • Compatible with SIMPLE Mobile Unlimited talk, text & data plans starting at $25/mo.
Display Size: 6.51 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: BLUE, Brand: Simple Mobile
The lowest Simple Mobile Motorola Moto g Pure, 32GB, Blue Price in USA is $49.99 at Amazon.
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Simple Mobile Motorola Moto g Pure, 32GB, Blue Reviews from YouTube

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Bought one 6 months ago. I like it except for the fact that the screen goes black from time to time.
Moto g7 power blows this away. This phone is junk, bad everything.
Performance should have been half the video.
What the what? I've had the Moto G Pure for several months now and I am so disgusted by this junk. The latest unbelievable "You've Got To Be Kidding" issue is that the text does not time/date stamp the texts. I use the date/time stamp on texts for documentation purposes. The information is critical. What a piece of junk. Whoever is responsible for the design of this phone is a complete non-thinker. Oh, and if we want to place a call on speaker then we have to flip the page. What a non-thinker. A sinking ship.
All I needed to know how to stitch,videos together.and remove unwanted frames. and N O T H I N G ! Im basically learning,one app at a tine as I grow familiar with what is/does what. When I dove into recording video. I sossed how to remedy the" No Pause Button" issue. But am BAFFLED@ the logic of, apparently,providing all the necessary tools necessary to AT LEAST, remove unwanted frames. Then seemlesly stitching the ends together for smooth, & seamless continuity. but...N O O O O!! So WTF?! Admittedly my computer skills are ZILCH! (never owned one) although, I'm learning,& logging (for reference) all the tricks & shit to function smoothly! But totally BAFFLED by the fact,and after wasting 2 F-ing hours learning THAT TO DO EVEN THE MOST RUDIMENTARY, SIMPLE EDITING (pulling frames and stitching 2 separate vids together. I NEED TO FIND, & LEARN TO OPERATE SOME SEPARATE SOFTWARE! I'm still impressed with the functions preformed by an"off the shelf" Moto g pure. This issue,to me,is akin to "being able to run 60mph. But, being unable to walk!
I've been using budget phones for years and this one is by far the worst budget phone I've ever had.
Seems to good to be true but it's not. Just got one for free bc I get food stamps and this phone is badass!
Thank you for the great video! Thinking about getting this for my Dad who still uses a flip phone because smart phones seem too complicated for him.
I have this phone, and after using it for a year I can say. This phone is absolutely TERRIBLE. It can barely run multiple apps at a time, the camera quality does not exist. The only good thing is the battery life. If you are thinking about buying this phone, I would also recommend therapy sessions.
Very good review! However, the only reason I would not give you an A+ is that you did not review the call volume issue that I am having AND which by a Google search, seems to be an issue with Moto phones. I am new to the smartphone game. Yep, I was a diehard flip phone user and changed because of mass transit as I would rather pre-purchase my tickets, and the only guarantee that I can use it is with a smartphone with mobile data capabilities. Sometimes the bus wifi would not be working for my tablet. For those of you who want to mention that a "Volume Booster" is the solution, I have tried a couple and they did help with media --- music to be specific --- but not call volume for some strange reason. So I guess I will be forced to wear headphones for calls when I use the phone. BTW, when making calls through Google Voice the volume is better. However, I thoroughly enjoyed your review. I am a PC guy that didn't want another computer since I am on them all day for work. All I wanted was a phone to answer and the second reason for getting it, calls, doesn't work very well. The third reason would be a functional camera BUT my Samsung tablet does a good job on that account.
A decent budget phone if you don't spend too much time on it, it does the job, good for text & talk and checking emails & bank apps & a few others as well, taking photos not the greatest but does ok, this phone will hold out for a couple of years, overall I'm happy with it, does the job
Why are you surprised it has face unlock??? Even The first generation moto G had it
This phone is vowifi capable?
I got one a few months ago and in my opinion IT IS JUNK!
Walmart has these for 40$ on sale for the US cellular prepaid, I bought and added to my contract. Just have to use the sim that came with it.
Got my free because mine was to old. Verizon is sending it.
$40 from HSN with a years worth of service, is good for my needs.
This phone is great, ease of transfer from old, transered all info in appx. two minutes, charged it went 8 days with just a few phone calls, texts , no games, and still had 48% charge. Havent had a Motorolla in years, but this really impressed me.
How does this phone handle Pokémon go?
I got mine for free too. Tracfone upgrade
Glad to be back! I've just been busy. Looking forward to getting back to uploading multiple times per week :)
Excuse me
No gallery app, audio on recordings is incredibly shit. Never buying anything by Motorola again.
Is this phone better than the Galaxy A 10 E?
This or the Moto G Play (2020)?
Nicely explained. Thanks!
I have this phone and it is awesome. I got this phone at Walmart for $49.99 and uses the Straight Talk service. I will say that this is one of my favorite smartphones to use and has 32 GB of internal memory space with expandable memory using a MicroSD card. I want to thank you for the review and I am glad I had the opportunity to watch this review. :)
Who's the hot chick @5:55
Can I play call of duty using gyroscope with this phone
It's a nice phone
how much radiation
I just go this phone I like it
This phone is great but I got a problem with audio and apple music m4a or mp3 cd ripped music, the phone lists every single song as a folder, so a 13 track album shows up as 13 extra folders , aarrgghh this problem never showed up on my older TCL phone or my Fire tablets, all the albums are in order but with this phone I can't seem to file an album with tracks in order. So I'm carrying around an older iPod to listen to my apple music 😑
Good display works well but too much useless crap on it
This phone is amazing I put it from straight talk
Only 50$ at Walmart pretty much a steal. Great phone not slow
Moto g pure I have connection 5G. So the statement that it doesn't connect to 5G is false
It is an all around great phone! Had mine for a few days now and have zero negative remarks as of yet
my question is this, when the battery gets low, does the phone auto dim the display and does it stop flashlight usage and turn off wifi? i have a NUU mobile and Umidigi phones that i love, EXCEPT that when both phones get low on battery, they implement battery savings that i cant turn off and i wont use them as phones because its annoying to pickup a phone and the screen is completely dim because of low battery and i have to manually change the screen brightness. so im looking at the moto g pure and want to know if it goes into auto dim and shutdown services when battery gets low? if so, i dont want to waste my time ordering just to return it. i have the one+ 7 pro and dont have the issue, but its just too damned heavy.
Can you play Roblox on it??!?
There is no back button.
Just came here to say. Samsung is better.
4g is not supported in this phone
Got it FREE 🆓 shocked by it. Storage low tho so if u download YouTube or podcasts ...
🎧 Jack usually means FM 📻 radio tuner.
$89 on HSN/QVC - Check out the Motorola Stylus - slim, light and a huge screen. It's tall jeans 👖 but the screen is great for YouTube or as a dashcam. The Pure is slim too but half the storage.
What's better? This or the Moto E (2020)?
I love this phone better than my galaxy phone
Why is it advertised as 5g?
I know this video is 6 months old but this device does support 5 G now, I don't know about when you made this video but it does now.
32 GB free storage space selling point on the box. 15 GB after a fresh purchase with no extra downloads. #ANNOYED
My Motorola G6 is great, but it recently stopped sending/receiving messages texts.
I don't know why a lot of people are saying this is a lower end phone I find it to be more of the middle of the road smartphone. I'm not saying has to be $500 or more to be in the middle of the road but it seems to have a lot of the features that a pricier phone would have with out have a expensive sticker tag.
My motto pure has 5G but just got it 2 days ago
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question how do i pay my phone bill on it?
I just had to stop this video and tell you this is the best thing I've ever seen. I was going to call a guy today and pay him to show me how to use this blasted phone then I found you video. Thank you so much for posting it.
But where can I find information about actually using the phone for the very first time? As in when I press the power button for the first time, and google asks me this and that so they can spy on me, which things may I skip and which should I turn off or keep on?
Great presentation. Thank you :)
Put Niagra on it and you can act like an adult ;-)
Anyone else having charging issues?. Mine takes many hrs to charge. Once it's charged and the battery runs out that's it. Phone is useless until hrs after it's been charged. Pretty sure Walfart sold me a defective phone!
Thanks how do we turn off all the loud notifications on the pull down bar. I want to see notifications silently when it's not locked
100. Thanks!
I cand install 3 party app Motorola g pure how can i install.
I have had this phone for over months and I ADORE it! The touchscreen has been freezing on me lately. What can I do about this?
Sir this video was on point you did a excellent job explaining the phone please keep up excellent work.👍
MOTO G PURE is a little different for different carriers
Does it have Wi-Fi calling? I don’t need cellular data.
Thank you. wish you could explain if this is 4G or 5 G and cost ranges, also cost of phone/monthly bill.
Very helpful, thanks
Really helpful video. I just one of these yesterday and am still going through all the features. Appreciate it. 👍
this seems like a good basic phone with out all the complications

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