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Buy Simple Mobile Samsung Galaxy A03s, 32GB, Black online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.51 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: BLACK, Brand: Simple Mobile
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Simple Mobile Samsung Galaxy A03s, 32GB, Black Features

  • Capture life on the go in perfect detail with a 13MP main camera.
  • 6.5" HD+ LCD display, and 32GB storage expandable all the way up to 1TB.
  • Relive your memories all day long with a 5,000mAh battery.
  • This phone is locked for use with SIMPLE Mobile.
  • Compatible with SIMPLE Mobile Unlimited talk, text & data plans starting at $25/mo.
Display Size: 6.51 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: BLACK, Brand: Simple Mobile
The lowest Simple Mobile Samsung Galaxy A03s, 32GB, Black Price in USA is $49.88 at Amazon.
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Simple Mobile Samsung Galaxy A03s, 32GB, Black Reviews from YouTube

Samsung Galaxy A03s Unboxing, Hands On & First Impressions!
Samsung Galaxy A03s 90 Day Review! Is This Phone For You? (Honest Thoughts)
Samsung Galaxy A03s review
Samsung Galaxy A03s Unboxing & First Impressions!
Can't believe we're already doing the Samsung A-3's 😅 new phones coming' in hot! ------------------ Samsung Galaxy A03s on Amazon: Samsung Galaxy A02s on Amazon:
Turns out there are 2 versions of the A03s a decent version and what i like to call a "$hitty $hit" version If you are Here in canada you get the bad version with a different chipset and it lags worse then a 10 year old android just schooling through the home screen! My mom got it a few months back and returned it and the worst part is it's also 159$ here! My mom isn't used to super fast phones and give her an A01 she won't complain but at least the A01 was good this device is terrible!! (Unless you live in the US)
Bro my dude lives in Vegas
You sound like Lightning McQueen ♥
The review i definitely needed🙌
Right now they are 30 something bucks.
does it have a removable SD card tray?
My mom has a bad experience with this phone. She constantly complains about the battery and that it dies when she over charges it. She says there is also a lag when she types and using email and Google is giving trouble, she can't set up the account. Really not sure if she received a faulty phone. I told her to get an exchange but Idk why she is being stubborn about it.
I didn't get the charger box with mine
I bought two of these and they've performed very poorly. Actions are delayed, cameras are laggy and poor quality, and the one speaker... this phone leaves a lot to be desired.
Got mine at Walmart, it DID NOT come with a to c cable or a wall plug. It only had usb-a to usb-a! What is that about?!?!
I fucking hat that phone
I bought this phone and I didn't like it because it lagged too much and was slow. A better alternative would be the Moto G pure, that phone is much quicker and has a brighter screen.
Thanks just bought it
Ive had mine scene April 2022, it currently has Android 12 (One UI 4.1), Its expected to get the Android 13 (One UI 5) on February 2023
I have on and I hate it. Camera is not good blurry. Picture are horrible.
this phone looks SUPER cool, and i like how its cheap too. im gonna get it for my birthday!
More than 4 & 1/2 hrs to fully charge? Ughhhhh && I've had some youtube music videos have the green screen messing up the picture too so idk what's with tht
This phone would be $750 like 5-10 years ago... In fact it's better than any phone available back then... I think there's a limit to what people need. Just like how pens had huge innovation hundreds of years ago, but eventually today- a pen is a pen. You can buy a parker pen if you want, but the standard run of the mill $3 pen is going to be more than enough.
Can you please make Samsung Galaxy A03 unboxing and review
What's the best budget Samsung phone to buy right now? 🤔 ----------- A03s on Amazon:
I saw it for sale for $50
So right now QVC has a deal two ao3s phones with 1500 minutes of talk time for $119 ? I dont.think you can go wrong with this one.
This phone is a garbage.. wait a minute, did I say this phone? no I meant this calculator is a garbage
Just bought this to replace my dead S7. This is an OK phone, although S7 still gives nicer experience but the battery in this is awesome and it runs cooler too..
Is this phone compatible with most streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, paramount plus, etc?
I bought mine for 38$
$35 black friday
Dude there is no way we have the same phone because mine lags fairly often on clash royale of all games
Oh yes the input lag haha. At first it was very annoying but now I've gotten used to it and even kind of enjoy how it makes me go at a slow pace
Thanks for the review. Could you tell me how to activate the NFC on the phone.
This phone is pure shit!!
Ming are better cameras on ming with is the same
If you just use your phone for Facebook, messenger, YouTube, or any social media apps, calls. This one is good for its price.
I just bought this phone for $10 from Google Fi it's a good phone for $10
I have that photo for seven more now and I liked big pictures long battery 📱
Does this pick up 5ghz wifi
It very nice
It is a very good phone i have one i like it
8:21 "plugging this phone in is a bit of a chore" Haha That's so funny. My "flagship" S10e that I want to replace also charged at 15 watts. 15 watts is just fine. Just means you'll be plugging in overnight usually. If you have 30 minutes you'll have enough to survive your day. So this phone is perfect for me. Stuff like waterproofing did nothing for me when I put it into the washing machine accidentally and NFC was nice, but not necessary. That being said I think I would definitely miss the wide angle lens.... and the 2 megapixel macro is a complete annoying gimmick. I wish they'd put that money into a better product. I used to like Samsung b/c they were common sense, but things look like they have sort of changed now :/ and honestly any smartphone processor these days is good enough, but I don't appreciate lagging for things like opening Instagram. Those geek bench scores were really, really bad
I've been thinking about going back to Samsung but this model won't be my choice. I'm currently using a Motorola and I've turned off all of the bells and whistles on it as I've found them to be useless. One UI looks like it will be fun to customize and learn but we'll see. After all, Samsung has a couple of features I've found only on LG phones so I guess my next phone will be a Sammie...
You get what you pay for. A phone like this is good for a kid to start out as their 1st phone. Of course there's people out there that are on a very low budget & this phone fits in. One good thing about Samsung is that they do make phones to fit all bugmdgets
I have one, the long lasting battery is a joke. The reception is horrible. I literally have to restart my phone every single time it drops signal. Never had those issues with my a11. Same provider. I highly do NOT recommend this phone
I'd have never bought this phone if I knew that wired headphones do not work with it. I fail to understand why it has a jack. I've tried every fix I can find and yet headphones play for just a short time then becomes garbled. No problem connecting to Bluetooth devices, but nothing plugged into the jack works for more than a minute or so
I'm watching this on a galaxy a03 lol
$34 at Walmart right now. Hell yeah. Just need a calling phone and the clock in app for work
I got mine today at Walmart for 80 at Walmart, I live in Ohio not sure if it's different depending where you live ,hmm weird
Only thing I wanted, and should have ☑️, is a radio, I don't need all 🔔 and 😙...I like simple, and a 📻 is simple
I despise the camera.
This picks up 5ghz wifi
From jamaica and this phone is good .
8-9 Hours before full charged 💀 6 Hours until low battery
Holy bezels Batman
Great review. Would a phone with the T130 CPU be better? Any similar priced recommendations? Thanks.
Does this have a LED notification light
Now review Samsung Galaxy A03 and A03 Core
It ran like garbage if I had more then 2 apps open. I think they fixed it somehow cause I downloaded an update one day and it stopped. Phone has a bit of startup lag when opening apps but for something thats a 1/3 the proce of a good pgone i cant say im disappointed
Now I am using my Galaxy A03s device for almost 06 months...📱 Really good smart phone relevantly to this price range...No any complaints or hidden errors....I can recommend this device for anyone who is looking for an average user experience and good looking samsung hardware/Software experience...♥️So far so good love this smart phone📱♥️
Me watching on my a03s atm🤣
I’m looking for a second line for work and side hustle purposes. I will put this phone in the “maybe” category.
ele é muito lindo vou comprar esse celular novo a03s
I am interested buying the phone iany advice
Can you make Samsung Galaxy A03 unboxing
Most are scammed & no AC adapter.
Hi Shane I have a question. Do you know maybe when Samsung will release more budget phones like this one?
Sir I want to tell about something and I'm from Papua new Guinea can you give me a a03s please
Getting mine next week, $168 🇨🇦, reviews are good, so is the price
Mine doesn’t fast charge not sure why
I'm wearing it
Had one for 8/9 months, love this phone!
Does the browser app crash on your phone ?! Because mine did 10xs when I first bought mine ! It has stopped , but that's was really weird !
Do you know the Android OS version that comes with this phone? Thank you
I lost my good old iPhone 6s Plus in a devastating accident; it was in my boat bag which I left on the back of my truck. The bag fell off about 7 miles later and was apparently hit and dragged down the road. I was able to recover about 6 pieces of the phone but only after it had been dragged down the road and run over. Nonetheless, I was only using this phone on my boat for my engine telemetry and for my WiFi Sonar system which displays depth information. I am considering this phone from Walmart to use in the same capacity. It will be mounted on the console above my steering wheel. I am not even sure I will need to purchase any cell service for it. What is your opinion of this phone to be utilized in the capacity I just mentioned? For the money, it really seems like a viable replacement.
check walmart i just bought one for $49
I brought one I don't like it. The A01 is better. The one I brought was mess up it didn't work right I am going to return it. 😒🙄
VERY frustrated with my A03s. Just got it. Found out Samsung doesn't include the power adapter. They seem to feel we all have them laying around and they don't need to send them anymore in order to save the planet. Well...not all of us have one that is USB "C". 3 hours with an extraordinary rude "Samsung Pro" all I will say is I will never buy another Samsung product again. I was very close yesterday to throwing it in the trash. But they can give you a link to buy one... That's like buying a car, paying for it and then hearing oh yes, the gas tank is optional. Selling a non working product out of the box for money is fraud in my eyes.
one con for me is that it doesn't work with AR
what its price
So beautiful
Doesn't come with a charger. Lousy.

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