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Buy Simple Mobile?Samsung Galaxy?S8+ 4G?LTE Prepaid Smartphone online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.2 inches, Memory: 64 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
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Simple Mobile?Samsung Galaxy?S8+ 4G?LTE Prepaid Smartphone Features

  • Infinity display: a bezel-less, full-frontal, edge-to-edge screen. Default resolution is full HD+ and can be changed to Quad HD+ (wqhd+) in settings
  • Camera resolution - front: 8 MP AF, rear: 12 MP OIS AF
  • Memory: Internal Memory 64 GB, RAM 4GB. Product Dimensions (inches)-2.89" x 6.28" x 0.32"(W x L x H)
  • Running on Android 7.0
  • Plans sold separately.
Display Size: 6.2 inches, Memory: 64 GB, Color: Black, Brand: SAMSUNG
The lowest Simple Mobile?Samsung Galaxy?S8+ 4G?LTE Prepaid Smartphone Price in USA is $649.00 at Amazon.
Buy Simple Mobile?Samsung Galaxy?S8+ 4G?LTE Prepaid Smartphone online at Amazon.
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Simple Mobile?Samsung Galaxy?S8+ 4G?LTE Prepaid Smartphone Reviews from YouTube

Samsung Galaxy S8+ In 2021! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
Samsung Galaxy S8+ In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
Samsung Galaxy S8 In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Review: All You Need To Know!
I'm watching this video on a Samsung Galaxy S8 plus
mines got sum battle scars but shes a champ, the porn quality is top notch👌
Im planning on getting the s8+ for my gaming content so that i use keyboard n mouse
Bought in 2018 and still using it, best purchase ever
I have this loser but
Mine still going 3+ years and still looks new.
Still a great workhorse phone in 2022, ordered the S22 ultra though because there’re giving me a thousand bucks for my S8+ which is stupid not to take advantage of…. For my daily driving the S8+ still more than good, got it the day they came out so she’s getting some years, still looks brand new and the battery still goes all day easily so it was made very well…
Worth it now IMO hell no I cant wait to get a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
So in reality, just say that Samsung 8+ is truly a great phone...I have owned one for 3 years and "NEVER" had an issue with it, Never! Also, I shopped for a new samsung and found out that the 8+ goes to to toe with some newer phones.Also, swiping your hand over the screen to take a screenshot! 👍
I have this phone but haven’t used it in the last two years bc it gets hot and the battery is in poor condition. I’m debating on getting a new battery, idk if it would be worth it as I am not planning on using it as a main phone. I’ve since switched to iPhone 😬 but I do love this phone bc it has so many of my photos and text messages that means a lot to me. ❤️ This is a really good phone tho.
Is this phone suitable for 2022?
I have an S8+ it has burnout broken screen sometimes slow but its good
Had my phone for several years love it the visuals are fantastic and I like the SD card expansion.
Its still very extremely useful in 2021 but I have the S21 ultra now so it'll be hard to go backwards in processing power, battery and especially the camera and Def the 120 hz refresh rate. But love that beautiful s8 curved screen. But breaks pretty easily especially if you drop without a screen protector on concrete! Yikesss lol also this was my first Samsung since the s4 and I hasn't disappointed. This also was the first phone that I ever purchased from "Amazon renewed"
still using mine. btw, who needs a finger print when you have the Iris unlock and face recognition
Mine still runs like a champ, only problem is battery life has depleted quite badly.
i have the galaxy a71 and i'm in love with my phone, but i have been thinking about getting another one to use that new one as a music player, kind of like an iPod. i have about 50gb of music on my phone so it's taking a lot of storage, do y'all think the galaxy s8/s8+ is a good option?
Got this when it came out have had 3 iPhones after I always miss the Samsung the most
Used to have one of these until I got an xr in 2019. Still have my iPhone but I’m missing the features of my old s8. I loved the customizations, screen and features that my xr doesn’t have. Next phone I’m eyeing the s21 ultra, that thing is a beast!
Still using mines since 2019
Still have my S8 Plus. After 2 years of use, the battery lasts just 3 hours….well…12 if just left idle. Samsung phone batteries, in my experience, have always been awful. My Note is the first one that gave me all day battery life since the S5. Lol my S6 Edge was averaging 1.5 hrs SOT, 8 hrs idle. It was my experience with these phones that made me realize force closing apps, disabling processes, and the like do absolutely nothing for battery life whatsoever. To this day, Samsungs “power save” doesn’t extend my Note battery life at all. Leave the house with 80% for work and return home with the same % regardless of what the power save toggle is at. Lol S6: leave house with 100% for work, come home with 15%. S8+: Leave with 100%, come home with 25% Note 10+: Leave with 85%, come home with 40%.
S8plus is a beast powerful and beautiful
Does it text ? Does it make calls ? Does it received calls? If so. That's a pretty good phone 2 me ..
I have samsung s8+ still worth it....using everyday very nice cp.....I love samsung s8+ until now still worth it
shoot it on the ladscape you fucking idiot not in the white screen so we xan see the camera
I broke the screen on my s8 plus after a solid 4+ years of heavy use. That thing had thousands of hours of afk osrs gaming plus other games, thousands of hours of video, left in the sun, getting super hot (never overheated on me though) etc and was still running strong when I broke the screen. When you have a phone that long it kind of becomes sentimental. Rip little buddy.
Watching on this phone rn. Great screen. Works great still today only issue is software but is really fast and most games work great.
Still using mine, and it works great! Btw, has anyone ever told you your voice sounds like Lars Ulrich's?
I'm needing a phone that will turn into a tablet like the Zfold4
It's very good Gaming phone for your kids to use for high graphic games like Genshin impact and high resolution graphic games and watching movies on Pluto TV and tubi TV And Samsung built in tv
I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ it still fast and works great in performance I still use it i bought it in 2017 now its 2022 i like it but am wanting a Samsung Galaxy Zfold Zfold2 Zfold3 Zfold4 or a Zfold5 or the new ZRoll
I currently have the s7 and I'm thinking about buying the s8+ bc after about 2 and a half years the home button doesn't work anymore. Anyways I was really happy with my phone and I don't like those new phones, most of them have, in my opinion, rly unpleasant camera arrangments. The galaxy s8+ does look pretty good and I think the quality etc. will be good enough for me since even the s7 was enough but it is 2022 now, almost 2023 and the 8+ is pretty outdated. There are no updates anymore etc. so I don't know... should I purchase this in 2022 or is it really way to old?
I take a ton of pics for my daily work. My screen is constantly on. Have had my S8+ since Nov 2019. I have "O" complaints. I have dropped this phone multiple times on concrete with my Otterbox, it holds true. I have a glass protector but the glass screen is definitely cracked. I used a little clear nail Polish to fill in the space between the protector and the Otterbox. It's been holding true and strong for over a year now even with the cracks. I do have a screen burn because it is on and 20 hours A-day. Heavy daily usage, but what a machine!❤ I am sad because at some point I'm going to have to update. I just don't know them and I find anything as reliable as my S8+. Considering the S20 plus but I'm not happy about the lack of SD card.
I still use an S5 for social media so this can't be any worse
I am still using s8plus. But its battery has taken a hit. So I use it on Medium Power Mode. But I am scared that the battery might explode since this phone is 3 years old.
i am using an s8 plus and i ubsolutely hate it it is super slow,it crashes always and the batery can hardly keep the phone on for 3 hours
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I have, loved, and used my S8+ extremely hard since 2017. Love, love , love my phone. I have dropped it too many times. Even the Otterbox and gorilla glass have taken a beating. I'm sad to say, I feel I must update, as my phone is used primarily for work. When and if it dies, well, I don't want to think about how difficult it would be. Really not wanting to go to the S22 ultra just because of the lack of internal storage and I really like the headphone Jack but not necessarily a deal breaker. Considering the S21 ultra, but should I just go all out. Is the S22 ultra really worth it right now?
My ..S8 plus ..still doing great.
I watched this video with a Samsung Galaxy s8!
I got the S9 second hand from back market. Has to be the most beautiful phone I’ve ever seen. All the edge phones are so beautiful. The only let down was the battery wasn’t 100%. Drained easily during gaming. If only that wasn’t a problem and also all the pics were so super yellow this phone would be perfection. I wish Samsung still sold the edge variety I would 💯 just buy those.
I was using the S8 because my main phone [Samsung galaxy s22 ultra] broke and I've just carried on using it because I don't feel the need to get a new phone because I don't have a lot of money and most cheaper Phones are worse anyway
Screen burn in💀💀
Hi I have the Samsung Galaxy s8 plus from new till now, and i still love this phone,and when I think about replacing it I then think well it still performs well so I will hang on to it 😊 thanks for your video .paul
I have s8 and s9+ and s22 ultra. I use my s22 when I go outside since it has my sim card in it but when I get home and its time to charge my s22, I use my s8 and s9. Still pretty fast mid ranged phones.
Watching this on my s8
Still using mine. Was thinking of upgrading, but when I put it next to the latest S22....the S22 is just too chunky for me :( I can't get over the curved panel in the S8. It just looks and feels so much better than the S22.
Ive had this s8 for my entire teenagehood. Got it at 2017 at age 12 and still have it at 17 y.o
How will I get one
Will use mine till I can no longer use it. Can't justify spending another 1000$ in today's economy
I love galaxy s8+
I still have GS8. Working fine just little low on battery backup. I am so satisfied with the size, design and features. I am thinking of updating but i love the earphone port and microsb port. Just can't imagine a phone without them. Don't know which phone to buy now.
Beast. I have it. Better than any phone I held!
I love this phone, been using it for 4 years now. My battery is going a little crazy but overall I think it's still performing amazingly, definetely better than other phones I used that didn't last me half as long.
microsd slot is 1 major disappointment for smartphone trend i dont think dependence on cloud storange is comportable especially for the cost from the rate of data transfer i would need from that option older phone model is more preferable for ppl in my situation but galaxy s8 is still too expensive for me in my place for half decade technology especially for samsung notorious short life amoled display buying 2nd hand product from this brand is always with concern for extra cost
I have it
Just bought one for 10 dollars on eBay
The phone is amazing
Android forever !
I'm watching this on the Samsung Galaxy s8 plus
Best phone I've ever owned. I love it.
Hey nick are you on the attack on titan?
Am I the only one seeing his reflection on the screen?🤣
Is Samsung Galaxy s8 + still worthy in 2019?
does this dude have big hands, seems smaller here.
Did you say it it has 1/8 Headphone/Aux out?
ayeeeeee I got mine samsung galaxy s8 plus, thank you for the full reviewer
What's the next phone from the galaxy j7 refine
Im planning to buy this it really a water proof?
Mines will be here tomorrow 🤗🤗🤗
just bought the galaxy s8+ is it worth it ? wont be to my house until wed. I need some advice from some galaxy s8+ owners!
I got mine about 2 years ago. And I've really enjoyed this phone. One thing I dislike is the cruve screen. It does greatly improve your veiwing and reading experience. But it's more prone to cracks along the edge. I got a crack in the top left corner of the screen. But I have a feeling all phones will be going to the cuve screen sooner or later over all if ur looking to get this phone it's a great long lasting phone
I love my Samsung Galaxy s8+
which camara use for this video.

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