Sonim XP3 4G LTE 8GB Ultra Rugged Flip Phone AT&T GSM 5.0 MP Camera Bluetooth Wi-Fi Tough Phone Black (Renewed) Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Sonim XP3 4G LTE 8GB Ultra Rugged Flip Phone AT&T GSM 5.0 MP Camera Bluetooth Wi-Fi Tough Phone Black (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: -Memory: 8 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Sonim
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Sonim XP3 4G LTE 8GB Ultra Rugged Flip Phone AT&T GSM 5.0 MP Camera Bluetooth Wi-Fi Tough Phone Black (Renewed) Features

  • This Certified Refurbished Sonim Xp3 AT&T flip phone has been tested and certified fully functional, withand may arrive in a generic brown or white box. Clean IMEI. This AT&T phone may have signs of handling such as minor scratches or minor marks. The Sonim xp3 is backed by accessories may be generic and not directly from the manufacturer
  • The flip phone 4g lte AT&T unlocked is an ultra-rugged1 unlocked 4g lte flip phone built to communicate and thrive in extreme conditions. It is a rugged flip phone (IP68 certified, MIL-STD-810G durability) and super convenient. Capture images or video on the go with a built-in 5.0 MP rear camera
  • 100 dB+ speaker of this Sonim xp3 AT&T flip phone rugged with noise cancelation feature ensure your communication is loud and clear, even in helicopters, sirens and severe weather. Sonim XP3 AT&T unlocked has two sim slots, only one slot can be used at a time. If phone detect two sim cards inserted, sim in 2nd slot will be disabled
  • Sonim flip phone is 4G-LTE is suitable for bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 25, 26, 28, 30, 38, 41, and 66. Sonim xp3 flip phone does not have app store, so you cannot install apps
Display Size: -Memory: 8 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Sonim
The lowest Sonim XP3 4G LTE 8GB Ultra Rugged Flip Phone AT&T GSM 5.0 MP Camera Bluetooth Wi-Fi Tough Phone Black (Renewed) Price in USA is $149.99 at Amazon.
Buy Sonim XP3 4G LTE 8GB Ultra Rugged Flip Phone AT&T GSM 5.0 MP Camera Bluetooth Wi-Fi Tough Phone Black (Renewed) online at Amazon.
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Sonim XP3 4G LTE 8GB Ultra Rugged Flip Phone AT&T GSM 5.0 MP Camera Bluetooth Wi-Fi Tough Phone Black (Renewed) Reviews from YouTube

Sonim XP3 Flip Phone, First Look.
Sonim XP3plus: Extremely Tough Work Phone | T-Mobile
Sonim XP3+ Review || A GREAT Dumbphone!
Sonim XP3, Two years later
for changing the T9 - Please - change this - you are not hitting the star button to change the t9 to abc - I have watched 50 times at least and followed thru until i noticed you are saying the star button but hitting the # button
While it may be military grade for dropping, the electronics are a bit iffy. Reboots and dropped calls common, even with out drops. .. According to our provider it seems to be a common problem. They just replaced phones at first, now Sonim wants them back to warrenty
Google Assistant enabled? Is it Android or KAIOS?
Is it touch screen
Hi Bryan, Very informative video. I recently was given by my employer a Sonim xp3. Prior phone was Kyocera. I use a plantronics blue tooth head set. With the prior phone I was able to voice command to call a certain contact and also the voice command would tell me what contact is calling me on in-coming calls. . With the Sonim I can command to call a contact with my headset but it won't tell what contact is calling me. Is there a way I can program the Sonim to also tell me what contact is calling on in-coming calls. Thank You.
Is this 4g and can it have a weather radar app?
I've got a new-to-me XP3. I figured out how to set the alarm, but can't shut it off without going through all the settings and manually disabling the alarm. Is there a better way to shut the alarm off?
hi does the sonim xp3 have talking caller id
Is there a email app on this phone? Thanks
hi is this phone simular to the KYOCERA
I want to know how do I mute the phone when talking to some one?
The battery for the Sonim XP3 does not seem to hold a charge very long, so I though I would by an extra battery or two., and a charger to charge the batteries. I can easily find the batteries, but not a seperate battery charger . Any suggestions ? Thank you, Denis Sorry, one more thing. I received a photo text message and cannot figure how to forward it ??
When an incoming call comes in, I have tto open the cover and press the green phone button. Is there a way to program the phone so that I can just answer by opening the cover ? That is on my new Sonim XP3. Thans, Denis
Hi Brian, how do i set up speed dial on this phone?
I'm not able to make phone calls out and my phone provider has no clue. I get a message that says 'call cannot be placed because there are no calling accounts which support calls of this type.' Please help.
I ordered the alcatel but they sent me the Sonim. I really hope this works for my elder family member as far as simplicity. Any way to increase the audio outside of the normal increasing volume?
I can't figure out how to get MMS working on Telus, I can't edit apn settings unless I root. I can't find a Telus firmware file, as they do sell this phone.
Where did you purchase this phone?
How do you turn off t9 text
I love T-Mobile
Hi Des! I screwed up today and got my son the CAT S22 only to get it home and realize that it is a touch screen smart phone. With my lack of hearing properly, I understood my trusted sales guy to say it could be either one. So now two things: I have to pay a restocking fee tomorrow, and second, would choose this one ----IF---- it can text like his old Alcatel or Kyocera? I'm guessing not. But can you help me out? He basically can only use 1 & 1/2 fingers and thumb to operate!!! And is in a wheelchair. Sigh..... Is there ANY other T-Mobile (we can from Sprint) that is fairly durable that he could use. The TCL looks similar but I think I read a review that said no manual even on line. We may can work around that though. Have to get something soon...charging port is trashed since he has no dexterity, and 2nd battery is at 20%. And from now on, only //I\\ will do the charging! Please help🙏 Or anyone else who can answer if you see this. Thanks so much. Still doing research to try to find answer.
Greatest Fhone
Indeed, the best on the market is the Sonim XP3 Plus. Confirmed new owner of a XP3 Plus and retired XP5S. Look no further people. Great video!
Will this phone play pandora and connect with Bluetooth headphones?
how do I login into maps? I'm having trouble. I was able to put my email but it asks me to type a letter that's showing me to prove that I'm not a robot. By pressing ok to select a letter, it automatically assumes that I'm done typing, so it changes the letter I'm suppose to type. I cannot type them all because of this issue therefore, I'm not able to log in. Can you help me please?
Sonim XP3 will it continue to work I hear only volt 4g will only work not regular 4g
Hi I have the old version and it's running Strong 💪
where can i buy unlocked version
Tell Sonim to chill on locking the software down so much
This and the Cat S22 flip are quite nice both rugged the cat is considered a smart device running android go 11. The Sony is more of ASOP android which is what I prefer but I'm still able to run Spotify and osmand and here maps if necessary. My battery is 4 days with moderate use if I'm not watching videos the T9 works great and calls are clearer than on my iPhone xr and pixel 6pro...I'm a developer that's the only reason I use smart phone is specifically for development but for those you aren't constantly texting or completely consumed by dopamine hit from instant gratification social media provides look no further. This is a phone first. I just hope it will be be updated at least once to 12go
A flip!
Looks very cool for a rugged flip phone
So it's basically made out of Nokia
Lets go $SONM !
Like! This is cool!
You keep it
So that thing is a smart phone in a flip phone package?
Would you please tell me is it 5 I would love to buy one if is a 5 G thank you very much I love T-Mobile keep up the good work bye-bye
Meanwhile in Nebraska:
Anyone know how to type letters??? It looks like it only comes with a 12 key keyboard and i can only type numbers!
Anyone know if this will work with Verizon WiFi calling? I need it to work in my building.
I wonder how does this compare to the Razr V3 in thickness?
Does this phone have a GPS app you can use?
You don't want a dumb flip if you still need to Facebook/ Twitter/ etc. Get a cheap monthly hotspot and an old Android/ iPhone or tablet without a SIM & contract for data only and be happy. I give AT&T $25.00/mo for 20 GB of data only and I can also use it for laptops etc. I have tried just about all the dumb flips over the past 3 years. Sonim, Kyocera, etc. If you don't need one to throw at the ex, pick it up and throw it again, then make some calls, most of that heavy build quality is a waste. I have finally settled on the cheap but very useable Alcatel flip(s). The kind they market to old people. The interface is simpler, batteries are cheap, and it works every bit as well as the expensive tri-athlete-rock climber-utility pole climber in the rain and snow ones. And is a whole lot cheaper. That said I give Red Pocket $99.00/ Yr ( in 2022) for unlimited phone/text/1 GB data on Verizon's network and the same for one on the AT&T network.
Does whatsapp work on sonim xp3 ?
I need a non-touchscreen, limited functionality, tactile phone for a 90 yr old who gets confused by all the incoming scam calls (such as, This is officer Smith from the IRS, you owe $10,000). It is of zero use to constantly block individual numbers from scammers, so I am looking for a flip phone which permits "do not distub" and then "allow incoming calls from contacts only." The ZTE Cymbal 2 currently in use at the senior facility, but it does not have this functionality, does the Sonim XP3 Plus have the (block all but allow from contacts) feature available? Thanks in advance for your help.
I love your video and you said something that I have been preaching about for a long time and that is the fact that there are still many people in the world who have no use for a fancy smartphone or even a touch screen. Yet their job is pretty tough on phones. They get dropped a lot and sometimes they even get ran over by a vehicle. About the toughest phone that I have come across was the Samsung Rugby. I know that a lot of the world can't wait for the next new gadget and the fanciest on the market because it they think it makes them look like they have a lot of money. But there are a lot of simple people that just want a simple, dependable phone. I don't want to hear about how they change the stuff inside to make it work with the new super 5G. Well I say that if they can put all of the stuff needed for it to work on the new frequency band into a a damn watch then it should be no problem to make a version of the rugby that is up to date with everything, but doesn't have to be fancy
The Audio, for calling and recieving, is absolute trash!
Hey man, can I plug a handset ☎️ into the audio jack and talk on the phone wirh it closed?
Jose, you're a sweetheart, for making a video review of all the features in a working format! Thanks! Most of the Spec Lists do not detail all features. Now, I have a problem.... due to my hearing and not understanding my lovely sales guy, I erroneously bought the CAT S22 today for my disabled and dexterity-limited son who can ONLY use a text keypad. NO touch screen. So is there anyone out there who is dissatisfied with their Sonim XP3+ and would like to trade for a brand new CAT??? Literally, it has been in our possession LESS than 12 hours. Has ONE received text, and the transferred contacts and photos from his Alcatel. The charging port crapped out because he is not dexterity proficient enough to finesse connecting it without damaging. So.... down the drain with that one which came from Sprint. And from now on, I am taking over charging task. By trading, I will avoid a restock fee ? $75-100??) and no matter the age of your phone will get something he can use. All I ask is that you not put us in a worse position than we already are. So be honest if you have abused the life out of it, or just have second thoughts on this model and have been mindful of caretaking. It would be appreciated. Total cost of CAT was $291!!! Thankfully not those $1,000 idiotPhones!! I know I'm taking a risk here, however, I do believe there are still a few good people in this world. Blessings. Contact info is in my utoob About section. Oh and I'm in DFW metro for any connectivity issues I'm naïve about.
Can I listen podcast on it ?
How do you unlock it?
Maybe this is what the world needs more of
Does this phone support GPS tracking via Google maps or some other form? Looking at getting a simple flip phone for my elderly father but would like to be able to track him in an emergency. If not, anyone recommend another flip phone that does this. He has zero tech skills, so no smart phones.
Can you disable/uninstall any of the apps on this phone?
Does the phone allow you to talk to text?
Thank you. Very helpful. I'm so rough on phones, so there's no way I would get a smartphone. Trying to pick a dumbphone, I definitely needed a review like this. Appreciated!
How do you. Charge this phone
How to plug I. The charges
Does this phone have an emoji keyboard?
I really like this phone, but my camera has stopped working. Any thought on getting that going again? When I select camera, it sets there for just a second or 2 and goes back to the menu.
Well done
How do you record a greeting on xp3800?
Thank you for an outstandingly clear and informative video. I appreciate all the extra information.
how do I login into maps? I'm having trouble. I was able to put my email but it asks me to type a letter that's showing me to prove that I'm not a robot. By pressing ok to select a letter, it automatically assumes that I'm done typing, so it changes the letter I'm suppose to type. I cannot type them all because of this issue therefore, I'm not able to log in. Can you help me please?
Kinda like the old Nextel. Which Sprint managed to totally screw up. Way to go managerial class, another reason your not as good as you think you are. Was I ranting? Sorry What bugs me about texting: People hurling text @ you that winds up being a novel. Call FFS. People sending 3GB pictures when you have repeatedly told them you have a "dumb" phone, stop sending multimedia crap. Use Email FFS. My phone is just that, a phone that replaced my landline so if I have a 911 I can get help when I'm on the road. I'm also amazed that some phones are just not compatible with connectivity to you PC, even have one that refuses to charge from my PC. Smart phones, if I have to carry a thin brick around with me I'll just get a tablet size phone. In short I'm liking this phone, outside the price which seems a bit steep but I'm also tired of collecting paper weights because of techno changes, phones mysteriously stop working, etc... and this whole 3G, 5G thing is frosting my backside. "Really, how many people are using 3G that you have to kick them off?" I'm viewing it as corporate profiteering, once again.
Also with all the bands and frequencies this phone's a great phone for travelers in the world. Especially travellers who travel in tropical developing nations. It can takes drops, abuse, and heavy monsoon rains and keep right on ticking. I bought one UNLOCKED FOR TRAVEL, and I just switch out SIM cards in whatever country I'm in. I inserted a 128GB Sandisk Extreme MicroSDXC card for photo and music storage. This phone also has Bluetooth, so you can use Bluetooth earbuds with it, although I still use wired earbuds for now. Music sounds fantastic through good earbuds. I have lots of albums stored on the phone. I like the Sonim XP3 flip phone so much that I bought a second one, also unlocked for international travel, (again with a holster pouch, Sandisk 128GB Extreme and my stored music) for a spare in case one disappears during my travels. I also bought a tough military type holster/pouch for it, with both velcro closing and a buckle closing for extra security, (I don't trust just velcro),. and a few different ways to carry it on your belt. I don't use the stainless steel belt clip. I put my belt right through the heavy duty loop on the back. More secure. see the several pictures on Amazon.
Why tf is it running Android? A simple flip phone for phone calls/text should not be running Android! 😤😞
I am not getting a sound when a message comes in. I have vibrate but now sound. I watched the video but it didn't tell how to make it sound
I love my XP3 Plus,
Hi is this simullar to the kyocera 3g phone
I'm looking to buy this phone as a primary basic phone and use it as a "router" if Hot Spot fonction works good to use my 2 years old Galaxy Note 10+! What do you think about this?
Hi! Was just sent a few links to your videos I'm working through them now. 1st thank you for jumping straight into the phone without 5 minutes of BS beforehand. I'm looking for a rugged phone, P1-DURABILITY P2- calling P3- any form of text(I'm ok with T9/ABC P4- spotify(would be great but if not I'll raise the jolly roger) P5- last resort basic Data of I need to search. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm off to watch a video of the 8 (I think) Aaron.
Hi. I would like to delete the browser on this phone. Is it possible to do that? If yes, would you be able to tell me how? Thank you very much for your helpful video.
Why is the volume so low when talking to people yes it'd good on speaker but if you don't want speaker
Brian, I am new to xp3. When I get a second call coming in, answer it, switch to new call, hang up with first caller, I get a double beep every 10 seconds, even when both calls are ended! I had to shut off phone and restart to stop the beep. Any idea how to prevent that, or stop it while ongoing?
Now the XP3 Plus is out better processor is better battery better bluetooth
this is a good disconnecting phone im working on this for the next couple months with covid this will help people disconnect
High quality content, very informative!

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