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Buy Sony Xperia 1 IV 512GB 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone [U.S. Official w/Warranty] online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 512 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Sony
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Sony Xperia 1 IV 512GB 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone [U.S. Official w/Warranty] Features

  • 4K HDR native 120fps video recording[1] on all rear lenses[2].Form_factor : Bar.Display resolution maximum:1644 x 3840 pixels
  • True optical zoom 85-125mm/16mm/24mm lenses w/ 20fps HDR AF/AE
  • Real-time Eye AF & object tracking for photo/video (all rear lenses)
  • Brightest 6.5” 4K 120Hz HDR OLED 21:9 wide Display[3]
  • Build-in live streaming for videographers[4] and mobile gamers
Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 512 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Sony
The lowest Sony Xperia 1 IV 512GB 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone [U.S. Official w/Warranty] Price in USA is $1,198.00 at Amazon.
Buy Sony Xperia 1 IV 512GB 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone [U.S. Official w/Warranty] online at Amazon.
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Sony Xperia 1 IV 512GB 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone [U.S. Official w/Warranty] Reviews from YouTube

Sony Xperia 1 IV full review
The Future of Smartphone Cameras? Sony Xperia 1 IV!
Is Sony finally better than Samsung?
Sony Xperia 5 IV Review: Always Almost
Planning to buy this phone. Thanks for sharing gsmarena Greetings from Ph 🇵🇭🇵🇭
Who needs a 4k screen on a mobile phone?
Can it handle 64 Ohms headphones unlike OnePlus devices? Does it have a quad-DAC for Bass lovers?
6.5 inch is not a mobile is mini tablet====so 100% no no===as i want phone and not a tablet
Still NOT IMPRESS with this SONY. Ive shifted to HUAWEI MATE PRO... Too bad sony.. U need to do more upgrades on ur CONS. Tsk..
I ordered this phone today because I really need the 3,5mm audio jack to record music. I also hate Bluetooth earbuds because they keep disconnecting. This will be my first Sony and I'm a bit afraid. 😬
Who is marketing Sony phones.. they should be sacked at once.. First and foremost fix the name and numbering... what is sony 1 and then four... crazy people..
Where would I be able to purchase unlocked ?
Micro SD card!
Praying for me to get two of it for my parent..
If they keep the headphone jack and microSD next year I will make the move to Sony after 12 years of Samsung phones
🇵🇭❤️📕🕊️♥️ How much the price of Sony Experia1IV, if here in the Philippines 🇵🇭?
🇵🇭❤️ Question & Inquiry 1. Where in the Philippine, within Metro Manila located AUTHORIZED seller of Model: Sony Experia1IV?
I have the xperia 1 ll , i think i'll wait another year to upgrade
I just want to know if GrapheneOS can be installed on this phone?
🇵🇭❤️📕🕊️❤️🙏🥲 When be released in the Philippines 🇵🇭? Price P? Dual Cam?
The phone has many lags and overheats a lot in almost every app I use more than 5 minutes. This is 1300€ phone. Those things should not happen.
Haters gonna hate and miss out on a great phone. But keep on buying your cheap apple stuff 😂
Sony stands out in the market with its unique design and specifications.
Is the screen resolution adjustable? I'd like to lower the res for better battery life and LESS heat during games.
Not even a usb cable, that's horrible
I will buy Sony Xperia V only for headphone jack and expandable memory. Samsung can go to hell.
Photographers prefer fixed focal length not zoom. You need brighter lighting for a zoom lens. The quality drops sharply. Long zooms are not better only short zoom.
and s23 ultra records 4k 30 fps and smiles at iphones 4k 24fps.. guess sony should shit'em both in a comercial
I love Sony ❤❤
Long live headphone jack
Where can i buy this sony here in dubai ?
I am look ing forward to have one!!
Sony is the best. I can dig through an old tech cabinet and all of the Sony stuff still works… And my AirPods Pro they started acting funky making a weird noise if I moved too much, so I bought the Sony AirPods and they’re great and I get 12 hours of battery on them too before having to pop them back into the charging case!
It's all fine and dandy until you start having the proximity sensor issues, which will make the phone almost unusable.
Would love to have a Sony phone again, but unfortunately it's no longer available in my country ☹️
I guess why SONY can do this is because they're one of the biggest CMOS producers rn... they make good cameras and even my Nikon mirrorless camera has a SONY sensory if I remember correctly; which means they can hopefully do something with the sensor to make it more efficient. Basically, if you want a wide focal length range, the sensor has to be small. (for example, an 80mm lens for a smaller aps-c crop-frame camera can be made smaller than the one for a full-frame camera)... aka if the same pixel specs, fitting more pixels into a smaller sensor space; which usually leads to poorer image quality because of...umm physics.
Price it's ridiculous don't worry keep my galaxy papa best of the best
This phone is the only one which can rival the iPhone qualities.
Sony should pursue the galaxy note productivity lane that samsung abandonned. With the stylus, IR blaster and all the good intensive work features.
Idk a whole lot about phone camera tech, but I think Samsung is trying to resolve this issue with higher megapixels and AI. Higher megapixels allow for better quality when zooming and AI aids in filling in some gaps in post shot processing.
Superzoom lenses aren't new or expensive. You can pickup a cheap 12-200mm apsc one from canon or sigma or tamron
this Sony phone is amazing and not like the previous attention bitch high def mp3 phone that cost $3000
I was an Xperia loyalist for about 8 years, but I can't deal with these 21:9 skinny phones. I use my phone for too much of my day to deal with that, and finally left Sony for an s22 ultra. I still love Sony phones but I won't come back till they fatten up a little.
Just got my 5 IV, they had the same chipset and things like that, I couldn't see myself spending so much extra just for some camera benefits, just like I'd never get the Samsung s22ultra. Really happy with my 5 IV atm. The fact they kept the micro SD and 3.5mm jack is MINT.
People: “iPhone 14 looks like iPhone 13” Sony:
Yess, xperia still the best ever beast phone ever
song marketing is basically null
Sony always was leader and always WILL BE, Sony is the best than other companies!
For me SONY was always better than samsung.. On my opinion 😁✌️
You could tell Sony is trying to make a comeback with the Phone industry. They want that a piece of the pie.
Great, interesting video. 2 years of updates for something like a $1K phone just doesn't cut it.
It's really not fair to put Samsung alongside Apple with software support. Their flagships only get 2 years of actual updates, delayed toward the tail end of those 2 years, with only security patches after that. Compare that to Apple, which has 5 years of full updates to the latest iOS on their devices (for better or worse).
I love my sony mark 4. Sometimes, taking the camera brain out of the phone software and putting it into the input of the user is a big plus depending on who you ask. Me myself prefer the more manual experience, which is why I love my Sony phones, plus a headphone Jack, SD card port, things phones these days have forgotten about. Maybe I just want to take all my photos move it to SD card and plug that into my computer to dump it onto a massive 8tb HDD… with this phone i can and I have
I’m done with Apple, Samsung, and google. Going with Sony.
Sony Xperia forte is in its manual setting. They are not meant for automatic or point and shoot mode. They are for people who wanted to experience "professional camera" at the same time being creative in some ways.
This is best phone and this guy is sold out.
SONY. water resistant, Headfone, SD, SIM without tools/ service station, less bloatware. Samsung- everydays use...but better S8, S9😎
Someone should make a phonk edit about sony
No Sony is not
8:14 -- I feel like this is the one thing that Samsung understood so well when they launched the NX-mount mirrorless cameras... the UI was trillions of light years beyond that of any and all other pro cameras. But the physical hardware of the cameras themselves and lenses never materialized... Shame, too. The NX1 could well have been a giant signal to camera manufacturers that making a deceent UI/UX actually can be importany... instead, it fizzled, and only made the other OEMs cement their 1980s-era UIs a little more. There are times that I'd be happier with a cmdline interface over Fujifilm's menus. At least they counter for it somewhat with the explicit exposure dials.
After 6 years of being a samsung fanboy I'm switching to sony. Why? That 3.5mm jack.
Thanks again anyhow it's what it's-!-?
I like it free and fair debate with yelling?
As much as I love this phone… the answer to the caption is no. But Sony is getting way better
Best buy has it for $799
This was a long ask at $999. But just ordered it @ SonyStore for $799. Still best displays over time for me; along with other upgrades. Favorite phone over the years was my Z3. The best Christmas presents are the ones you buy yourself, no?
Adjust brightness for flashlight? I'm lost
Really really want to love Sony phones but they ALWAYS drop the ball somewhere... cmon now Sony! whats with the overheating cameras? I was so close to pulling the trigger until I saw that in this review... smh it's always something I love everything else about it display, microSD, headphone jack, front facing speakers, battery life, etc all always awesome but it's always something with Sony..
Maybe they could have skimped on the travel expenses to put wifi calling in a 1,000 dollar phone
Honestly, now that my 7t is showing it's age, the Xperia 5 iii or iv are really enticing to me. My USB-C port is showing its age, not holding cables as well anymore, so I'll be able to slow that down with wireless charging and a headphone jack. Also micro SD is a super big win for me, especially with how many pictures I take. I don't take as many as I used to on my phone, but it's still a huge win in my opinion.
I had an Xperia Z1 which overheated each time I used the camera and it’s disheartening to hear Sony still has phones overheating. I would love to try a Sony phone again, but that puts me right right off!
Just got this phone as a secondary device (in Ecru White) and I love it. Doesn't overheat at all for me.
Very nice job. I like the standing seam roof as well. The porch looks really good. Reminds me of the houses in downtown Charleston SC.
Watching a review about someone else's product and hearing the word 'content creator' made me realise this is double-speak for 'pitchman' because none of you create content, you just regurgitate other people's creations.
man... sony is definitely on my list of brands to watch when deciding my next phone.. but if they aren't able to provide more software features (like samsung), stable thermals and software, and the small things mentioned in this video like flipping the phone and the UI not inverting, I have to always pass on their releases which is sad, because I do like their physical design and their stubbornness to keep the phone jack and sdcard slot. I truly wonder what is going on in their engineering department.. what is it that is keeping them from releasing a competent phone. all that said, I truly respect sony for not getting rid of the SDcard slot and headphone jack.. I'll always keep an eye on them for this. Once they get rid of those.. I'll, sadly, probably stop eye their phone releases.
I really want to try Sony but that much money and only 2 years of updates just doesn't sit well with me.
Does it work with at&t? Heard of issues of non at&t phones not working on their network
Am currently using the Xperia 5 ii and got my 5iv on the way I got it for a really good price for black Friday 600 £ bargin
I had an Xperia 5 for like 1 years and it barely worked on Verizon. Loved the headphone jack and SD card. But the finger print stopped working. Camera app was awesome. Switched to galaxy s22 and immediately the Xperia felt outdated
Does it overheat in 4K and FHD/1080 or just in 4K or maybe even 4K in high frame rates ? Sorry if I missed this part in the video but saying it overheats and not mentioning the settings being used is not as helpful as it could be. Some cameras overheat in 4K after 20 minutes but never overheat in FHD/1080 and not everyone records in 4K all the time.
Well, overheating killed this phone for me, I would use it in direct sun (in the cover though, but still). Thank you for review. As for the battery life -- what about going the other direction, saving energy. Does this model allow to bring screen to 20 fps or something like this?
I'd love to use a Sony phone.. too bad my maximum budget is just $300
Thanks you you’re awesome Micheal Fischer!
I'm the one who loves sony almost more than other products but always budget kills me to bow down i hope I'll get it once in life and it will be awesome moment 😓😓

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