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Buy Sony Xperia 5 III 125GB 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone, Green [U.S. Official w/Warranty] online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.1 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Green, Brand: Sony
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Sony Xperia 5 III 125GB 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone, Green [U.S. Official w/Warranty] Features

  • Immersive 120Hz 6.1” HDR OLED display.Form_factor : Bar.Display resolution maximum:1080 x 2520 pixels
  • Triple camera with four focal lengths and Real-time tracking
  • Variable tele lens with dual PD sensor on a smartphone up to 105mm
  • Enhanced audio with louder full-stage stereo speakers and 360 spatial sound
Display Size: 6.1 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Green, Brand: Sony
The lowest Sony Xperia 5 III 125GB 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone, Green [U.S. Official w/Warranty] Price in USA is $698.00 at Amazon.
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Sony Xperia 5 III 125GB 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone, Green [U.S. Official w/Warranty] Reviews from YouTube

Sony Xperia 5 III review: 5 things I like and 3 that I don’t
Sony Xperia 5 III review
Sony Xperia 5 III Review | Stick with the Mark 2?
Sony Xperia 5 III | Unboxing & Full Tour
Worst phone ever made on the planet for 1k $ . Nokia 3310 much better at least it doesn't lag as iPhone 1. Never buy phones from Sony. If you need camera , buy camera not phone.
Great phone has just about everything I want just wish it had a night mode or a dark mode so that you could take pictures at night
I'd like to know at what retail price you did this review. You recommend it at a discount, but discounted from what exactly?
I thought it was Ron Jeremy for a second there
The only problem with Sony is marketing,? 💲💲💲👍👍👍👍
Just bought this. The selfie camera is awful. Far, far worse than my 4 year old Oneplus 6. I don't really care about it except I use it for work. So - if you do care about the selfie camera just be aware. Several reviewers said it was bad, but I thought that would be relative to modern competitors, not phones from 4 years ago. Otherwise is pretty good. The side mounted fingerprint scanner works nicely but is far more prone to accidentally being touched and then it tells you 'too many attempts..." Anyway. Good phone but some downsides
Literally only talks about the camera lol bruh its a phone its more than just a camera
Here's hoping Sony supports it with software updates!
I love the small size, headphone jack, etc. A little bummed it doesn't have at least one-way wireless charging, but I'll survive.
gosh, the low light photos used as examples of "poor low light performance", I thought, looked great! Much better than artificially bright look from other phones.
I like that it's narrow, super easy to use one handed. Despite that, I've been using Samsung phone for years because I've had an education store discount and they provide good trade-in values towards upgrades, assuming that your phone is in good working condition. I wish Sony had a trade-in program or something because I'd prefer to use this phone over my S20 FE 5G or any other Samsung phone.
Is 799 a good price?
I'll have to pass on this phone the slower 30w charging,smaller battery life,and meh camera quality, and the price is a deal breaker for me I'll just get a pixel 6 pro
What happened to the Xperia 5 IV???
Currently... Im going to pick this phone up on friday... Why? Because its on sale for 690$ and if i buy it before may 29... i also get headphones... The Sony wh1000xm3 at NO extra cost! Insane NOT to buy it... Also im coming from the xperia 5 mark 1 at the moment
quality review!
would you say this is now worth it at a 799 price point
I got mine with my contract (in France) for €299. I am so happy with it and glad to be able to get another Sony. Only thing o don't like is how difficult the Sim / Sd card tray is to deal with. And the battery (after four months) is doing SO much better than the battery with my previous Sony (which I needed to have replaced while it was still under warranty, but Sony refused — leaving me with a phone that finally just would NOT charge.
Estaría perfecto para un precio de 700 dls??
That 21:9 screen is just pathetic.. I wish phone's could be 16:9 like my XZ1.
I had to ask, does the experia 5mark3 have the video pro app? Went to Sony store but the sales people don't seem to know if it's there. Only 1mark4 or the pro-i has it
Just got this phone. I don't care about selfies, but the selfie camera on this phone is awful. My 4 year old OnePlus 6 is far better. It's disappointing to pay more for a new phone with worse hardware than my old model. A lot of the reviews said the selfie cam was bad but I figured that would be relative to new phones.
Is it worth waiting for the 5 iv over this?
What about the battery? Does it last longer??
-Stock android -Compact phone -Head phone jack -Zeiss lens -Dual physical sim Good job Sony.
I love Sony
Sonho volta pro Brasil por um preço justo sony faz os celular mais bonito e elegante de todas as linhas de celulares . Fato
I want to get one(April 2022) but then what if they release an Xperia 5iv soon lol
*SD888 killer overheat :v*
I don't know if I should wait for the next one or not. Or if I should just get one of the older xperia phones and then use sailfish os
Xperia Bloadware 5
Genshin Impact using this phone reavel (FPS and Thermal)
Lol, look that smokey car 7:54
My 5 II is still a boss. Super happy with it, no signs of any slowdown. I would buy Sony again in the future. Also no holes or notches in the screen like other stupid phones.
you did not tell if its USB type c charging or what ?
May i know what app used in this video to show the screen refresh rate of the phone?
Outstanding! Almost perfect phone
"let's hope Sony doesn't take long to launch it on the market" Me crying on December 21, 2021. :(
Unfortunately US version was never released and foreign versions not compatible with our 5G networks, so basically it is a year old phone with no 5G support for a $1000. If this phone will somehow make it to the US market at some point next year it would make even less sense to buy it since 5 iv is just around the corner now. I'd say it is a failure at this point and Sony knows it. That's why there is not a single comment from Sony anywhere.
I waited till the Xperia 5 IV was out and was totally disappointed. I got the Xperia 5 III and thoroughly enjoy the fourth camera. All things considered I'm happy with the 5 III.
does the heatim problem and lagging solved by OS update or not
Had the Xperia 5 II for a quite a while and decided I wanted a larger phone and got the Oneplus 10 Pro mainly for a larger display for games and media consumption, honestly I regret it and wish I had gotten the 5 IV instead.
Sony Xperia 5 III challenge Oppo Find X2 and Oppo Reno 6
English People love Chinese smartphone
Hi, I bought an xperia 5iii in china and it doesn't even have a playstore, is it possible to put the rom of the international version? Where do I go down?
Does the experia 5mark3 have the video pro app? Not the cinema pro but the one in between the vanilla video app and cinema pro
Can't help but cringe at the anime wallpapers
A late comment; I do have the Xperia 5ii and I'm very happy with it; I got it on the black Friday for 599€; an upgrade doesn't make sense for me Waiting for an eventual 5IV. Great review as always and greetings from Germany.👍
Wow Sony adds bloatware to their phone for £900, and you can't just remove it?? No thanks I'll just buy a Xiaomi instead lol
Would you say the Xperia 5 iii is worth buying in 2022?
sony's 5 III better than Samsung's S22+!! price wise and technical details!
This guy looks like he loves anime.
Is the display 1B colors like the 1 iii ?
Just swapped the mk2 for the mk3 as a free upgrade...thank you Vodafone! Only had it couple of days so far very happy! Spanker of a review as usual mr spurt!! Peace 🇺🇦
Is the wireless sound quality for headphones better than other phones is it good?
For Sony and cost you should just be able to take phone out one snap does all like any other phone Sony is junk
My only dislike about this phone is where the 3.5mm jack is placed which is on the top. I hate it there, it should have been on the bottom next to the USB-C port. I would have bought it if the headphone jack was on the bottom of the phone.
Battery life sucks. I have seen so many reviews. None mentioned the poor battery life. My ZTE Axon 10 was 3 years old, had a bigger screen, smaller battery and still lasted 2 days. With Xperia 5 iii I barely make it through the day and I don't game, ain't on social medias too much. Just casual browsing and listen to music. Plus the phone heats upp just by doing the above. LTE connection is much worse than my Axon 10 that I used to have. Camera app a bit tricky to learn and night-time photos are dark. But, this camera shoots what you see with the naked eye, which I like. Very natural images, great telephoto. Excellent audio with headphones though I am a bit disappointed with the audio from the speakers. My wife's Xiaomi 10 beats it by far. All in all I wouldn't say it is worth 900-1000 dollars, this phone should cost 600-700. It was a choice between Asus ZenFone 8 and this phone. I chose this because of the reviews that said that the Zenfone had even worse battery and overheating. Issues that I have with mine: 1. Battery 2. Overheating, can't even shoot videos more than 5 minutes and the phone shuts off camera due to overheating. 3. LTE connection is week and very poor as soon as I am inside, sometimes I can't go online inside a building with mobile internet. People can barely hear me during calls. 4. Selfie camera is worse than I thought, especially for the price. Maybe it is too tricky to make a compact phone with the specs of a flagship?
Hoping to boff out a full review next week, but what do you reckon so far? Is the Mark 3 hitting expectations? Cheers for watching!
The fact that sony doesn't have material you is a disappointingly frustrating. I don't think anyone is working on it. On a11 we could customize the colors on the pull down panel. Android 12 is just blue. Very very terrible. It's been a year. Android 12 sucks. No one is talking about this.
gday mate, is the mk4 due soon? if ur allowed to say!?
Worth it in 2022?
Please how to buy sony xperia 5 global rom original phone ..... im from sri lanka
Sony is overcharging for this phone, missing flagship features but still trying to sell for a flagship price. They need to re-evaluate their decisions.
compact phone + zeiss lens + stock android no bloatwares + headphone jack. This is the phone is what I'm looking for.
Last month I got green Xperia 5 iii! Best phone I ever had. Upgread from green XZ2. I do not think the phone is compact by the way. It the same orver all same size as xz2.
Are these front facing speakers like the Xperia 1 lll?
need upgrade my 4y old huawei 20pro, think this xperia 5 III will be nice replacemnt, can just someone confirm that there is video option 4k 60fps, or just 30 and 120 fps
Hello new subscriber here. Thinking if getting mark iii, pixel 6 or iphone 13. Please help me decided. Thank you
How much can this phone cost in India?
If money isnt an issue, do you recommend the 5 iii or the 1 iii? I listen to music , browse, and watch shorter videos on youtube, Prime Video and Netflix. I am not a fan of social media. I am a bit worried about battery time on the 1 iii. Do you think the size difference will be noticable?
Waiting xperia 5 iii review after 1 month😬
I had a screen response issue on the 5ii. Sony do so well but the drop the ball on simple things.
I am definitely getting this if new S22 wouldn't have SD card slot.
I used the first model of XPeria 5 ultra Dual, it was as hot as an oven, and that discouraged me from using sony. I hope this one is not hot.
I'm sticking to my Xperia 5 ii, nothing impressive about the iii version.
Bonjour, bonne vidéo, je cherche des personnes ayant un retour approfondie sur ce téléphone, allez vous faire une vidéo de votre avis après plusieurs mois d'utilisation ? Merci beaucoup
Does the 5iii AUTO-CORRECT highlights in blown out skies when the subject matter is a bit dark like the iPhone does?

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