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Buy Sony Xperia 5 IV 128GB Factory Unlocked Smartphone [U.S. Official w/Warranty] online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.1 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Sony
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Sony Xperia 5 IV 128GB Factory Unlocked Smartphone [U.S. Official w/Warranty] Features

  • Get creative with a choice of three lenses; 16mm, 24mm and 60mm
  • Dramatize every moment w/ 4K HDR 120fps slow motion on all lenses
  • Real-time Eye AF & object tracking for photo/video on all rear lenses
  • Brighter 6.1” FHD 120Hz HDR 21:9 wide display
  • Build-in live streaming for videographers and mobile gamers
Display Size: 6.1 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Sony
The lowest Sony Xperia 5 IV 128GB Factory Unlocked Smartphone [U.S. Official w/Warranty] Price in USA is $798.00 at Amazon.
Buy Sony Xperia 5 IV 128GB Factory Unlocked Smartphone [U.S. Official w/Warranty] online at Amazon.
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Sony Xperia 5 IV 128GB Factory Unlocked Smartphone [U.S. Official w/Warranty] Reviews from YouTube

Sony Xperia 5 IV Review: Always Almost
Sony Xperia 5 IV full review
Sony Xperia 5 IV Review | Best Pro Camera Smartphone?
This phone is SO CLOSE. - Sony Xperia 5 IV
Best buy has it for $799
This was a long ask at $999. But just ordered it @ SonyStore for $799. Still best displays over time for me; along with other upgrades. Favorite phone over the years was my Z3. The best Christmas presents are the ones you buy yourself, no?
Adjust brightness for flashlight? I'm lost
Really really want to love Sony phones but they ALWAYS drop the ball somewhere... cmon now Sony! whats with the overheating cameras? I was so close to pulling the trigger until I saw that in this review... smh it's always something I love everything else about it display, microSD, headphone jack, front facing speakers, battery life, etc all always awesome but it's always something with Sony..
Maybe they could have skimped on the travel expenses to put wifi calling in a 1,000 dollar phone
Honestly, now that my 7t is showing it's age, the Xperia 5 iii or iv are really enticing to me. My USB-C port is showing its age, not holding cables as well anymore, so I'll be able to slow that down with wireless charging and a headphone jack. Also micro SD is a super big win for me, especially with how many pictures I take. I don't take as many as I used to on my phone, but it's still a huge win in my opinion.
I had an Xperia Z1 which overheated each time I used the camera and it’s disheartening to hear Sony still has phones overheating. I would love to try a Sony phone again, but that puts me right right off!
Just got this phone as a secondary device (in Ecru White) and I love it. Doesn't overheat at all for me.
Very nice job. I like the standing seam roof as well. The porch looks really good. Reminds me of the houses in downtown Charleston SC.
Watching a review about someone else's product and hearing the word 'content creator' made me realise this is double-speak for 'pitchman' because none of you create content, you just regurgitate other people's creations.
man... sony is definitely on my list of brands to watch when deciding my next phone.. but if they aren't able to provide more software features (like samsung), stable thermals and software, and the small things mentioned in this video like flipping the phone and the UI not inverting, I have to always pass on their releases which is sad, because I do like their physical design and their stubbornness to keep the phone jack and sdcard slot. I truly wonder what is going on in their engineering department.. what is it that is keeping them from releasing a competent phone. all that said, I truly respect sony for not getting rid of the SDcard slot and headphone jack.. I'll always keep an eye on them for this. Once they get rid of those.. I'll, sadly, probably stop eye their phone releases.
I really want to try Sony but that much money and only 2 years of updates just doesn't sit well with me.
Does it work with at&t? Heard of issues of non at&t phones not working on their network
Am currently using the Xperia 5 ii and got my 5iv on the way I got it for a really good price for black Friday 600 £ bargin
I had an Xperia 5 for like 1 years and it barely worked on Verizon. Loved the headphone jack and SD card. But the finger print stopped working. Camera app was awesome. Switched to galaxy s22 and immediately the Xperia felt outdated
Does it overheat in 4K and FHD/1080 or just in 4K or maybe even 4K in high frame rates ? Sorry if I missed this part in the video but saying it overheats and not mentioning the settings being used is not as helpful as it could be. Some cameras overheat in 4K after 20 minutes but never overheat in FHD/1080 and not everyone records in 4K all the time.
Well, overheating killed this phone for me, I would use it in direct sun (in the cover though, but still). Thank you for review. As for the battery life -- what about going the other direction, saving energy. Does this model allow to bring screen to 20 fps or something like this?
I'd love to use a Sony phone.. too bad my maximum budget is just $300
Thanks you you’re awesome Micheal Fischer!
I'm the one who loves sony almost more than other products but always budget kills me to bow down i hope I'll get it once in life and it will be awesome moment 😓😓
how does their camera compare to samsung 23 ultra or 22 ultra or even A52/53 5g?
😈's advocate here: The telephone audio quality is garbage on this and any other Sony model phone Any phone-to-side-of-face contact is likely to trigger the mute button on the UI which refuses to turn off during calls. Sony also has garbage fingerprint sensors - reliably die out in 3 months of use so say goodbye to all your 2FA, banking, password management conveniences. These suckers overheat alot as soon as you shoot or play videos/ mobile games.
Great work Sony. . 👍
how is the vibration motor?
I'm gonna upgrade to this, definitely... but my worry now is No Charger, not even a cable included. Biggest CON it's got
After many years with Sony Experia, finally I found the best photo camera....IPhone! Sorry Sony, good luck 🤞!
your eyes!!! i cant....!! X)
I will wait fr it India classy better look thn IPhone
the throttling is worrying me
Please can you make a video that is not only focused on the cameras of the xperia mark iv, but also talks about the software, its behavior and utilities that can improve day-to-day use. Like voice dialing, reminders, product features, etc, etc, etc,?
Still love my z ultra, the display is just wow.
what about the heating problem. does it improve?
Hoping Sony makes another phone soon that can keep up with the competitors because I really do miss SD cards and headphone jacks but the software is really lacking right now
What is this on the right side going up at 09:34 ? Great capture Sony ;)
No,so small the text inside a narrow screen,6.7 by 5.8 inch phone!!!from 7.1 by 6.4 or 6.5 inch phone ,so expensive , appealing is the screen display! Only.Are you kidding with me?I got every piece from 1 ii,I iii and i iv,all trade away cheap cheap to let other curious but want to know ,how or what is this phone like?for model I iv,from people who used and comment about the heat from the phone when continue use for shooting picture is true!maybe can improve on that,I would try again?even normal YouTube and surfing net,still can feel the heat from side and back!
How does this compare to the iPhone 14 Pro
can you screen record more than an hour?
Great review ! Missing info about SD slot and 1 or 2 sim option. Otherwise solid
Font too small for me, does not go as big as a Samsung phone unfortunately, I don't want apps to do this, phone should be capable of this without an app, considering the cost. Also don't like 5 across, I want 4 across. I believe this is only adjustable by adding an app. On a Samsung phone it's in settings. Great review as always, thanks 🤗
Thanks for watching my Xperia 5 IV review! Currently working on the Pixel 7/7 Pro, hoping to get some in-depth thoughts live soon, but my unboxings and early impressions will be live tomorrow ;)
Nothing like a Phone that Overheats & becomes Useless , bit like Vladimir Putin "..
Love Sony my først sony xperia xz compart and xperia xz 1 and xperia xz premium 4k and xperia xz2 and xperia xz3 and now xperia 1 4k and xperia 5ii and xperia 5iii and next week xperia 5 iv
I have had an Xperia 5 III for about a year and I'm pretty disappointed. Awful overheating issues, along with enough software issues and screen issues. The fingerprint sensor in the lock button sounds good on paper but in everyday life it's a nightmare to use
love the shows but every phone i check out to upgrade my phone, you seem to love every phone ive seen so i want to some negativity why not to buy a phone:) should i even upgrade my xperia 5ii to the 5iii or 1iii. this iv too expensive. great vids though
hello if i want to buy a mobile with best possible audio quality both speakers and connected to headphones is this the right choose? i don't care about gaming i mostly just listenin to music and taking photos
Question, which would you recommend between the Sony Xperia 5 IV and the Nokia X30, knowing the phone would be used with 2 sims, mostly for mail, social media and gaming - daily screen time between 3 and 5 hours ? (great reviews by the way 😉)
Do you know what the Sar value are on this phone? could not find it 🙃🙃
Tech Spurt hi good videos...question I am about to buy either the Sony xperia 1 mk4 or the Oppo X5 pro which would you recommend, my uses after calling are; Social media. Watching videos. Camera. Video rcording of my son riding dirt bikes. many thanks your opinion would be appreciated but i wouldn't hold you accountable 🙂 Lez.
Where do I find cool anime wallpaper like this?
Phone overheats shooting 4k video? Unacceptable. Did the Xperia 1 IV do better?
If everything goes well, I'm getting one for Christmas 😁. Being a Sony fan since I was little kid thanks to my dad, and I truly mean it, everything in my house is from them, I can definitely see them getting some positive feedback from people by dropping the price just a bit. $850 would be much better considering it's not using the latest chip... In fact, for me, the 1 IV should be $950 and this one should be $750/850. That alone would boost the sales impressively so. But aside from that, they're the only ones who offer as much as they do in a compact device like this. On the other hand, I can't really agree with the statement about performance, it's not that they're using a chip from 3 years ago... And also, it's funny how everyone complains about their support for the device, when in reality, the majority of people just change their phone every one or two years. It's even easier for the majority considering that they buy most of the time an iPhone, and companies offer them for very little per month, which isn't the case with the xperias, sadly. But any way, I'm really excited about this one, with a little bit of luck I can catch a black friday discount 😊
One thing i'll never understand about sony is,considering they supply cameras to other phones manufacturers,why are the xperia cameras so bad in comparison?? Sony don't half do some strange things.
Waiting for Xperia Pro 2 , rumored it is a beast of all beast haha
What photo gallery does it come with
Watching this on my X 5 iv, in USA.
I actually just picked up the 1 iv, and love it. It's a bit refreshing coming from the Nothing Phone (1) which I also absolutely love (held back mainly by the midrange chip as I've come to notice when using the 1iv). What I don't see anybody mention is that weird dynamic vibration thing Sony has with it, I don't quite understand it. I know what it's suppose to do (give a more rich feeling to music) just the quirkiest thing I've seen. Yeah, even with the newer chip, it still overheats when recording in 4k. lol.
wow 3 years os and security. sad for 1 iv 😢
Best smartphone of this time
I wish Sony sold them officially in my country I would totally buy it.
This phone is making all the right choices in the wrong way
Please send me this phone 📱 as a gift I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness
Any major differences between the 1 IV and 5 IV? The most I've gotten is the size, the screen resolution, the optical zoom (tof sensor too if you give a shit...), and also a lack of mmWave 5G bands.
1080p? That's 2013 tech. 1440p should be the minimum. 4k is useless till 20inch displays. Sony made 2 phones with the wrong resolution.
Ip68/65? So it's water resistant and not water resistant? You can't be ip68 and ip65. It's just ip65. So it's rain proof.
Smartphone Review in 2022: 90% Camera review.
10:36 - what does perform amazingly is the superficiality and technical ignorance of the so-called "reviewer", who obviously has no idea what a RAW actually is, why it's perfectly normal to "look like that", what it's good for and what to do with it. And of course no key important aspects of the RAW were tested: dynamic range, highlight/shadow recovery and overall a proper digital development of the RAW to compare to the in-camera JPEG.
you know he knows oneplus is king
Oh, I care about the headphone jack. It is one of the many reasons I have a Zenfone 9. It is still how I play audio in my car
You know, I don't get how the naming is confusing. They have three phone lines, the 10, the 5, & then the 1. The "Mark IV" just determines the generation. Xperia 5 Mark IV. How is that confusing?
I can't say for sure yet, but I suspect all the overheating critique is overblown. I'm only interested in 1080p video. Those people are shooting 4K at 120Hz, and this particular phone will shut down rather than degrade the video to cool down. I just want it to be able to shoot 1080p, 30fps in an extremely hot environment and keep running for 20 minutes at least.
How the fuck am i supposed to charge it
Still not worth the huge price tag
Sony is the only high end no hole in the screen phone, so yeah I'm sold
Just bought one, I'll squeeze the heck out of it!!! 😜✌🏼
Proposal to the naming convention is A B C to replace the 1 5 10. 1 -> A as Flagship, 10 -> B as the Budget, and 5 -> C as Compact range. Keep the version numbers but use the Indo-Arabic Numerals with double-digits; hence the Xperia 5v would be Xperia C05.
My Xperia Z3 Compact outperforms the Xperia 10ii. Lesson learnt is that the budget range is not comparable to the flagship model.
Brandon is my favorite camera phone/camera-related reviewer
Sony Xperia 5 XII
I’m considering switching to this phone from iPhone 12 Pro Max but am worried about security… what is the Geekbench CPU/GPU and Metal Score on this device?

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