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Buy Sony Xperia L1 - Unlocked Smartphone - 16GB online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.5 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Sony
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Sony Xperia L1 - Unlocked Smartphone - 16GB Features

  • 5.5” borderless HD display with a curved back panel for a comfortable fit in your hands
  • 13MP main camera with autofocus and 3X clear zoom; 5MP front camera
  • MT6737T 64-bit Quad-core 1.5GHz processor with Android 7.0 OS support;Comes with 2620mAh battery with Qnovo Adaptive Charging & STAMINA Mode
  • 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory storage. Also supports external memory card for up to 256GB of additional storage
  • Unlocked and compatible with GSM/LTE carriers utilizing GSM network such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, MetroPCS, Cricket Wireless, Simple Mobile, Bright spot, and others
Display Size: 5.5 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Sony
The lowest Sony Xperia L1 - Unlocked Smartphone - 16GB Price in USA is $149.90 at Amazon.
Buy Sony Xperia L1 - Unlocked Smartphone - 16GB online at Amazon.
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Sony Xperia L1 - Unlocked Smartphone - 16GB Reviews from YouTube

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I have iPhone 14 pro but in need a second phone for work; so mainly calling is this phone okay?
Used to have 1 but switched to iPhone 7 then iPhone 11
How do u put in a SIM card into an LX Experia phone
I really liked this phone.
I've had this phone since release and still using it today. It was a beauty, but i need to upgrade soon. It served me well.
How to unlock Sony xperia L1 G3311 sim card code
2020 and I got this today
Mal producto.
Not good phone only have problems with it...
This phones only £79 at Argos now 😊 amazing value considering Motorola E5 play that only has a crap 480p display is £100
hope I can afford one 😥 i wish my parents will award me a phone like this since i graduated elementary and high school as valedictorian 😔 but i think its not possible to happen
Shitty phone
I have since one year. Its good phone
So L1 vs xa ultra front camera What should i buy? Help
Not gonna lie. The phones graphic capabilities is awful. When I am playing pubg it glitches and crashes all the time. The device gets really slow for no reason. And this phone can't handle 30fps without boiling up. And don't even try to use 60fps. But then again it is a budget phone so what do you expect.
No otg support and off screen gestures
Can this play Fortnite android
I’m gonna buy a cheap but nice phone to my daughter (5 years old). She will mostly use the phone for play games and other things a 5 year old girl does with a phone. Would you recommend this Sony? Right now it’s a really nice price on it!
Anyone elso watching on the Sony xperia l1 at just me
Sony Xperia L1 16GB 13MP 2GB Mobile Phone Available in UK on eBay with Argos for £129.95 or from £11759per month for 12 months
I got this phone in rose gold and dropped it a year later on the edge the piece on the edge is broken now but the screen survived
If anyone here is still using this device and also use it to watch Netflix can u plz tell me if it plays HD playback for Netflix Amazon and other streaming apps or not? In short does it have Widevine L1 support? Thanks in advance
They should improve the bezel and battery
I have my display size custom at 219 but i have mistakenly clicked on small i wnt to make again 219 size hlp please
How do you know its a 3,5 milileter heaphone jack
Very good phones
My dad has this phone and I have to say, this phone is very bad, lags so much, takes too long to boot after restarting, battery drains fast, and the screen resolution is bad, *DON'T BUY IT*
*doesn't look like any of u have had this for 3 years does it*
Raise your hands if u r watching this video with this phone 👐
Thats why SONY dropped! Only 2600+ mah? Thats too low for the new phones from other brands. They cant catch up to the latest trend at all
Got a question, Can this phone do do touch payment, for example like Google play etc
I grew up with sony
Who's watching on a Sony xperia l1
Good phone I also have this phone since 2 years but battery backup is very poor
I have a question. I have this phone and when I go into users, it says me and guest.. But I cannot remove it or do anything with it, I tap it but nothing happens.. Is that normal? Just worried my phone got hacked.
this is bad phone in the world
There is Face ID you can set it up in the settings
It almost feels like one of those expensive chocolate bars you find at gift shops
It isnt the best but there can be better
Who else has this phone
ive had this phone for a while. its gotten old and pretty slow. the camera got shitty and it cant run yt vids in 60 fps. it also likes to get hot pretty quick. im switching to a iphone 6
The down side about this phone is the battery
hey man
DO NOT BUY THIS. This is the worst phone to buy, the biggest flaw is that it heats up really fast and makes it a pain in the head to use it. Its like I am putting hot iron on my ears when ever I use it. The user interface is another level of crap.
Does it do the front led flashing of notifications at the top?
sony xperia fash look
this is not even a review..just some prick who took a new phone out of a box and just mumbling out loud.
£99 in the UK now on pay as you go
u sound like a foreign liam neeson lmao
is it pendrive supported
Does anyone know if this supports ps4 remote play?
I have that phone which is what i am using right now XD
Great, I'll get one. Like a cheap girl - good stuff.
How to get rid of green border on screen?
The top and bottom chins look so horrible. Even the buttons are on screen, so the bottom chin is useless as fuck!
is there a way to stop it only charging to 90%
Does it have screen mirroring?

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