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Buy Sony Xperia Pro-I Dual-SIM 512GB ROM + 12GB RAM (GSM only | No CDMA) Factory Unlocked 5G Smartphone (Frosted Black) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 512 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Sony
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Sony Xperia Pro-I Dual-SIM 512GB ROM + 12GB RAM (GSM only | No CDMA) Factory Unlocked 5G Smartphone (Frosted Black) Features

  • globally unlocked and ready to be used with your preferred GSM Carrier. THIS DEVICE IS NOT COMPATIBLE with CDMA carriers such as Cricket, Verizon, Sprint, Boost Mobile, US Cellular, etc. SIM CARD NOT INCLUDED. Please confirm device compatibility with your service provider before placing your order
Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 512 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Sony
The lowest Sony Xperia Pro-I Dual-SIM 512GB ROM + 12GB RAM (GSM only | No CDMA) Factory Unlocked 5G Smartphone (Frosted Black) Price in USA is $1,049.00 at Amazon.
Buy Sony Xperia Pro-I Dual-SIM 512GB ROM + 12GB RAM (GSM only | No CDMA) Factory Unlocked 5G Smartphone (Frosted Black) online at Amazon.
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Sony Xperia Pro-I Dual-SIM 512GB ROM + 12GB RAM (GSM only | No CDMA) Factory Unlocked 5G Smartphone (Frosted Black) Reviews from YouTube

Sony Xperia Pro-I: The FULL review
Sony Xperia Pro-I Dual-SIM 512GB ROM + 12GB RAM
Sony Xperia Pro-I is a 2021 Flagship Smartphone Contender
Sony Xperia PRO-I Two Months Later: A Great Idea, But..
This phone would've been worth it if sony actually supported their phones for more than 2 years
Motorola x30 pro ima bolje performanse i veći refresh rate
I don't like that it doesn't have the full screen and looks like a 2017 phone
Pretty solid unbias review.
It looks like I'm still buying a mirrorless dslr after watching this video. Had hope that this would blow everything out of the water with great autofocus, it looks poor
I think this is the ONLY device, Brand, truly, TRULY worth the price premium, considering the insane amount of details, options, quality and R&D that must have went into it, not to mention having not dissed all that was good and essential years ago, that should still be just as much today, like SD slot and the headphone jack. But after reviewing so many devices, I can see how one can become somewhat numb and "desensitized" to the nuances that we should all admire and appreciate from Sony here.
To the certain extent screen brightness does seem important, but past a certain level, it's simply a gimmick, like 1200 nits and nonsense like that. Unless you live on the surface of the Sun lol. Seriously, that is such a nothing-burger and it falls in the same meaningless category as screen to body ratio, which is the most amateur nonsense I am glad GSM Arena has dropped from their reviews. This screen seems plenty bright, but it leaves most others it seems in the dust, considering it's other, more relevant specifications. Though I remember some years back Xperia's screens were actually quite dim.
When you say "other flagships" in context of them doing a better job than this device, I truly hope it's not just a lazy verbiage and that it holds some merit, you'd totally redeem yourself if you actually would NAME those "amazing" flagships that by your standards seem to do a better job. Every time you say it, I giggle, because I picture the toy aka Pixel by Google and those mass consumer devices that truly insult one's intelligence with the lack of options, modes and settings.
WOW those photo samples are absolutely insane, on a phone! It looks like pro DSLR shots! I thought iPhone was great, but I truly had no clue Sony kicked this much A$$!!! Well, DUH, all the flagships' cameras use Sony cam tech, I should have connected the dots long ago! Thank You!
Mind=Blown! WOW, I never see any Sony ads, so I never even check what they got lately, compared to all the others that you see everywhere including iPhone, Huawei, and the total garbage from Google the Pixel/Pro, this thing is lightyears cooler, more advanced, more professional, absolutely bonkers!!!! This deserves a whole lot more praise and wow-reaction than you ever give it, considering all else that's on the market today. My mind is absolutely blown. To simply rate it and review it by mass market phone standards like above mentioned is a completely missed opportunity by GSM Arena and others, you cannot just look at the home screen launcher and give it a rating, this thing respects, considers, and brings all the good we've learned and had over DECADES, marries it with the absolutely bleeding, screaming latest tech of today - SD card slot + headphone jack + HD bluetooth that nobody else offers like APTX HD and sony's insane LDAC, then there's the 4K 120Hz screen, shutter button, etc, etc, ETC!!!!! Shame we, or at least I never see Sony ads, and people simply don't know what's really good out there. After HTC and LG got poached and killed off, I thought innovation and "cool" is truly over, but I had no idea Sony was doing this! I am absolutely sold! Ordering one ASAP! Thanks for the video!
Pencil case dimension
Pro-i is now $1099 at B&H. Should I get it or iPhone 14 Pro Max?
My dream phone. 🥰
Sony, camera N1.!!!!!
All good buts its snapdragon 8+gen 1,6000mah, plus 1 chip proces for camera i will buy or its go low price i will buy too
Lots of people forget that 12 to 20 MP is already more than enough, unless you want to print banners. The pixels are huge, and therefore capture more light through very high quality lenses (Only Leica is better than Zeiss, if I'm not mistaken). No amount of AI processing can beat that. If it wasn't so obscenely expensive, at least in Europe, I'd definitely buy it. But where I live, it costs between 1400 and almost 2050 euros. God knows why there's such a price difference, but doesn't matter. Still way out of my budget.
Terbaikkkk 👍
I appreciate the fair and honest review, it goes to show why GSMArena can't be beaten when it comes to reviews. I'm about to take delivery of one of these phones, and I credit this video to helping me make the choice :)
Wow wow super bro 🎥💯👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
so does moto edge 108 mp cam beat this out for half the price?
I just bought one. But the Company sent me the Pro and not the Pro-I. So they sent to me the one, that costs 700 € more. But I want the other one. So I have to wait :/ Should have arrived yesturday.
I was hoping you did an u boxing with this Sony Pro-i. I love the reaction when you opened the box. 🤣 I know this phone is a year old but I found some really good reviews on the Pro-i. I had the X 1 iii and traded it for the Pro-i, I cannot wait for the Pro-i Mark ii. Thanks for the awesome review as always.
Mann this studio.
I’ve been using Sony phones since the early 2000s and all these technology that IPhones and Samsung have been adding to their phones Sony been had them on theirs years ago. First Touch screen, first camera, first music player on a phone. First water proof, first dual sim, first high quality pictures, first Bluetooth phone, first 3G, first NFC integration connection. First IR modem connection on the T29. I used to have a Panasonic laptop and used my Sony phone to go online when dial up was still around. Forgot to mention the first 2 way video calling feature on the p990
Check out Galatians 3:13
K750i brutal pictures nack in the day
Can wait to get this phone even in 2023
The best ever
Sony Ericsson w550i phone was so cool and best sound quality earpiece Sophisticated phone structure...back in around 2007 ... sony Is Sony
Where is the purchase link?
Can you explain that,two year of system update and three year of security patch,and ridiculously expensive too,2024,end support,so how good is that,even I know is a good phone?
miert van az, hogy az osszes ilyen rangatoszarkezu hulyegyerek kap teszt telefgonakoat, ja hogy a nezzetseg miatt? kesz katasztrofa az egesz ezzel a rangatoszarkez stilussal...miert nem mesz a mezore kapalni te szarkezuseggarcfasz...
I have had Sonys first 4k phone, Xperia XZ Premium. Since then i have had Sony, now i have Xperia 1, im upgrading soon to Xperia 1 IV (and yes there is this XM4 Headphones included )
sony always been a head of the phone tech only problem they never really got credit for it specially in the US
This is the beat camera phone on the earth 2022.. Photographer will loves it Sony Xperia pro i..
For this Price i hope its good 🤣 What a Joke
she looks like a girl espicially her eye
Because Sony makes the best cameras on Earth
was that pita and tzaziki by any chance ?
Really wish they could figure out how to utilize the entire sensor. Is this even possible in a smartphone?
Wow, this after all is the company behind the (Sony) Clie! the most complicated digital device (from the future at the time) that nobody could use without reading a 300 page manual. This device seems to be truly tailored for the pro users, so it's not really meant for anything "auto" by default lol. Having said that, I strongly believe this is one of the rare devices worth it's price premium. Huge respects to Sony, for being the one smartphone maker that doesn't insult user's intelligence. Thanks for the review!
Pro-i means for Pro Photographers.. not for any regular users... but anyone can learn how to use manual mode instead of the crappy Auto
Didn't hear one mention of the sound quality or microphone set up and performance in different conditions. Obviously, can hear some of the difference between phone and studio mic which isn't too favourable but why does no review ever mention audio quality when taking video?!
It's on sale for 1100 now. I'm gonna get it
Nice review,very useful.
This reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. I know they had a phone like that before but I forgot it’s name, there were too many different Galaxies back then to remember :)
This helps. The person I want this for HATES the auto settings on most phones. She is really good at dialing in a good style, so pro use, and not just vlogs
Sony is trash.
Sony Fan here. Thank you for your thorough review. Question: If I have a Type C to HDMI cord, can I connect Xperia Pro I to any device for external display? Ex. Sony Portable projector?
Sony needs to keep the 4k Oled display but needs the same hardware specs as the Asus rog phone 6
Sorry, matte, is this a review or rather an ad? Not a word of how easily you can trigger video pro/cinema pro by touching dedicated buttons in your pocket. Not a word of how difficult is to find power button for quick unlock, that flat it is. And not a word about what's the worst of all: overheating. I'm so disappointed of this device and so disappointed of youtubers (like yourself) who praise this phone without makeing people aware of some downside critical points.
What NONE of the reviewers mention is the atrocious Xperia System update process. Sony could learn a thing or two had they really 'studied' the competition. Huge disappointment ... considering the Price Point.
Well I'm not a point & shoot type. I'm late to the party but bought a Xperia Pro-I yesterday. Should arrive next week ... 🙏
Niche market? How did you even forget to mention that you can go straight from ANY recording device (go pro, insta 360 etc), plug it directly into the phone's micro SD slot, which by the way NO other flagship phone is offering, do a quick edit and splatter it all over your social media. Literally the entire world is doing that these days! This implies that all I need on a trackday is my Go Pro and this phone. Upload footage on the very same day, share it between all of my race buddies, without having to spend hours transferring, editing, and uploading! Quite excited to get this!
Sony's delusional fan base is given on the XBOX vs PS thing, but even in the smartphone market?? 😂🤡 The biggest improvement they made was having the camera app crash on you after 15 minutes so you can be spared the embarrassment of using this phone.
I'm waiting for Sony to make a one-camera phone that does everything from wide to macro to zoom.
This this is just bogus. They gave u a manual ""option"" n u complained abt it. Computational aspect is as best as it can get for this smartphone, see their intro video.

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