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Buy T-Mobile Revvlry+ (Moto G7 Plus) 4G LTE GSM Unlocked Smartphone - No CDMA online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.24 inches, Memory: 64.0 GB, Color: Black, Brand: T-Mobile
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T-Mobile Revvlry+ (Moto G7 Plus) 4G LTE GSM Unlocked Smartphone - No CDMA Features

  • 6.24-inch FHD+ Max Vision display, 4GB RAM, 64GB
  • Qualcomm SD636 chipset
  • 16MP and 5MP dual rear cameras, a 12MP front camera
  • 1080 x 2270 pixels resolution, 19:9 ratio (~403 ppi density)
  • Bootloader unlocked, GSM Unlocked for All GSM carriers(At&t, Tmobile,cricket etc.)
  • Will NOT work with CDMA networks such as Verizon, Sprint, Boost
Display Size: 6.24 inches, Memory: 64.0 GB, Color: Black, Brand: T-Mobile
The lowest T-Mobile Revvlry+ (Moto G7 Plus) 4G LTE GSM Unlocked Smartphone - No CDMA Price in USA is $159.99 at Amazon.
Buy T-Mobile Revvlry+ (Moto G7 Plus) 4G LTE GSM Unlocked Smartphone - No CDMA online at Amazon.
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T-Mobile Revvlry+ (Moto G7 Plus) 4G LTE GSM Unlocked Smartphone - No CDMA Reviews from YouTube

T-Mobile REVVLRY+ unboxing: a Moto G7+ by another name
T-Mobile Revvlry+ Review: Don't Make THAT Face! It's a GOOD Phone!
Metro by T-Mobile Revvlry (moto g7 play) unboxing and review
Moto G7 Plus review
good luck finding a case for it,,,, ps the battery sucks....
Whenever I make a call, I can pretty much hear, loud and clear, but the person I'm Speaking to doesn't unless I put it on loudspeaker... Don't know if its a technical problem or something can be done about it..?
The button is not red is magenta
So which place can I get this phone
3 meses y ya no prendio más!! el mio en lugar de la T tiene la M de motorola Y.Y y en la caja dice motorola, entonces a quien le pido mi garantia?
Hello, where do I get the cover and case for this cell phone? for this model with oval chamber? Thank you
This phone has been rebranded by Motorola and is being sold as an unlocked phone named Moto G7 Plus. Finding a protective case that has the correct size and shape rear camera cutout is nearly impossible.
Just wondering does a Moto G7+ plus case fit this phone? I love this phone it's great!
Can yall tell me how to fix this problem this phone makes vibrations and won't turn on can yall tell me how to fix it please
So I just ordered this new Revvlry+ from the T-Mobile store online. The Revvlry+ price was $300 while the Moto G7+ price was at $200. My question to you is that is there any difference or are they pretty much exactly the same phone? If so I might as well have bought the Moto G7 Plus instead of spending 100 extra dollar's for a name swapped phone.
If I recall correctly, another video said that this phone is manufactured by Coolpad.
This the best phone sound ever. Clear. loud voice clear
Wow Super amazing phone seriously very fast
I have this phone it's pretty nice and cool
I love how you can minimize your YouTube screen while you search.
Can someone let me know if all phone's come with that plastic Right? Till we buy screen protector
Well talk review iam Getting it tomorrow from T-Mobile God bless you bro with details on the Phone.
Is it normal, my phone is its sign of charging so even its full.. its that normal?
My brother in law is sending me 1
Nice phone 👍
I've had this phone for just over a year now and I ALWAYS go for sub 200$ phones and this was the best phone I've ever had in my life. I just "upgraded" to the Moto G Power (2021) and damn this "48MP" camera is BASURA, TRASH, GARBAGE, SHITE. The 16MP(I think) on my trusty ol' Revvlry+, side by side looks sooo much more *brilliant* and _sharp_ compared to the claimed Motorola 48MP. Shame, and Revvlry and Motorola are supposed to be the same!!! What happened! It's a good phone otherwise :/
getting one for $13 for its high storage n decent specs
It's waterproof
Don't get the Revvl4 though. Worst phone in MetroPCS history
Does it have Gorrila Glass?
I broke my Moto G7 3 weeks ago. I just got this phone yesterday to replace it. Motorola has history and I do miss their name at the bottom, over all this phone feels so good in my hands I got it twice but now with a upgrade.
These are secretly Moto phones, aren't they? Similar camera interface, stock Android, TurboPower.
The Revvlry Plus is a rebranded Moto G7 Plus with an oval shaped camera protrusion on the back, which makes finding a protective case impossible.
I play Roblox on it
Good review but I have this phone and your way off on the charger and times. If you use the charger that came in box it will charge your phone from 1% to 100% in less then 20 minutes. It's the fastest charger I've ever used!!!! I can literally put my phone on that charger if I'm at 1% and 5 minutes later I have about 30%. If your looking for a phone that charges super fast this by far is the best out there for the price. My roommate paid over 1000 for her phone and she is even impressed with how fast mine is compared to hers.
I'm watching on that phone
I just received my Moto G7+ directly from Motorola for $119. It’s this phone with Motorola branding instead of T-Mobile. Weird, but still an awesome phone. I rooted it and installed LineageOS. I will have updates for quite a while on this device.
What is the standard factory RAM in this? I've seen some conflicting numbers online so wanted to ask someone that actually has it. Also, has anyone had experience playing Roblox on this phone? My current phone (Samsung A10) can't even handle some of the games, not enough memory & it's such a pain ITA.
I also love that this phone has NFC for Android pay which I use that a lot when it had Android 9 it had NFC and Android pay mine got updated to Android 10 and it still has that just love that cuz I use Android pay a lot or should I say Google pay. I have absolutely zero issues with this phone. Performance-wise and battery-wise
I am watching this video on that exact same phone and when I got it it was Android nine but it got upgraded to an Android 10. Mine came with the wall outlet that had USB type-c in the charging table was USB c to usb-c. And it was turbo power not fast charging but that the wall outlet went out on me so I bought another one a 27 Watt and it charges even faster and then the USB type-c cable went out so I got another one and it charges even faster than before. I love everything about this phone I've had it for about a year now. I love the dual speakers with Dolby Atmos and I love the fast charging. And I'm loving the Android 10 update.
I got mines for $40 and it is amazing this far Hmm I guess my hp envy is obsolete. I barely use it 😭
ليش متترجمو
By far the biggest POS phone I ever had..
Is this also called a rev4+ that's what I have and I was trying to figure out if it has smart view so I can hook it to my Roku and bring it up on my TV
2022 Ami me da battery 🔋 8:30 on screen time es bueno
Yes on my phone it's present 🤣 the corset chop turn on light 🚨🕯️
Can't move apps to SD card on revvlry
Y porque es moto g7 play??
Me hubiera gustado que estuviera en español noooooooo wey
No mention of dual SIM card, type or eSim capability. I am looking at one here in Brazil for US$115.
video is good but when you try to show the quality of showing a face.. maybe you can afford 2 minutes of showing an attractive female instead of yourself? Also, I don't see where you mention the fps of the phone's video camera, which is very very impressive if I believe the spec! Greaet for slowmo of anything e.g. sports footage, reviewing techniques.
mine no longer works when they switched off 3G
I have this phone, and I love it. It's great. Great speakers too.
God damn you Motorola software development shame on you you , make too many people stupid goddamn new Motorola
Phone 📱garbage 🗑 Get an I phones 📱12. Or Sam sung 📱. Even get a Google 📱.. 🤔👎🥵🤬💩
disgusting phone, disgusting software designers, and stupid companies.......fire all the idiots or file for bankruptcy
I just ordered one for my friend in Nigeria.
Who else is watching this on the g7 plus
Thanks for the review! was a big help!
I love this phone so far just got it a few months ago for 125 USD. it has everything a phone should have but wifi calling for that price
Moto it isn't solid anymore.. since G7 series they make low quality phones with no gorilla glass protection anymore.
Dude you rock👍
I just got this thing hope it’s good
you must be shampooing like every day or so,am i right?
One year after your review I bought it from Motorola Unlocked for , $119.99 US Dollars, free one day shipping. 1/28/21... Thorough review kudos to ya.
The only complaint I have with my plus is that it's sluggish, not nearly as smooth and responsive and the G5 Plus that it replaced
Cisco Ramon left the DC universe and launched his phone review career on youtube 🤣😆
Picked 3 up for $121 each. I think that's a fair price.
Do Not buy from Motorola.com it is absolutely the worst customer experience I might have ever had. First the wrong phone was shipped to me, then the replacement phone was shipped to their own customer service center. And now a phone that was supposed to arrive in 2 days is going on two weeks. Do yourself a favor an take your chances with Best Buy or ebay. Customer service was lacking in possible solutions or make good ideas and expect the customer to absorb their mistakes. @motorolaus

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