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Buy TCL 10 5G UW 128GB Diamond Gray Smartphone (Verizon) (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.53 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Gray, Brand: TCL
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TCL 10 5G UW 128GB Diamond Gray Smartphone (Verizon) (Renewed) Features

  • Locked for Actviation to Verizon only; no other carriers; Please see Verizon SIM unlocking policy for more details. Can also be activated on Verizon Prepaid Plans
  • 5G Speeds: Experience super fast downloads, stream 4K video and video-chat in high definition with ultra-low lag.
  • Display: 6.53" FHD+ Display with a dedicated display engine for enhanced color, clarity and contrast battery in only 37 minutes
  • Performance: 6 GB of RAM, up to 128 GB of storage and add an additional 256 GB with a removable microSD card.
  • Battery: 4,500 mAh battery for all-day use. Power up fast to 50% battery in only 37 minutes with Quick Charge and share power with your friends or other devices with On-The-Go reverse charging capability
Display Size: 6.53 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Gray, Brand: TCL
The lowest TCL 10 5G UW 128GB Diamond Gray Smartphone (Verizon) (Renewed) Price in USA is $84.00 at Amazon.
Buy TCL 10 5G UW 128GB Diamond Gray Smartphone (Verizon) (Renewed) online at Amazon.
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TCL 10 5G UW 128GB Diamond Gray Smartphone (Verizon) (Renewed) Reviews from YouTube

TCL 10 5G UW - Complete Review! (Verizon)
TCL 10 5G UW Full Review - 30 days later
TCL 10 5G UW Unboxing: Verizon's Cheapest 5G Smartphone!
It’s 113 on Amazon 😑
Love this phone so far!!
I haven't watched the video yet, but I got 1,727mbps! Latency 20ms. Motorola Ace 5g UW.
I have this stupid piece of s*** phone and I'm currently using it to type this comment. I hate this piece of s*** phone because the volume automatically turns itself down at random intervals throughout the YouTube videos I try to watch.
The 5minute max record time for 4K reminds me of my old galaxy note 4 which had that limit. I like that this has 4k videos although 4k would take a ton of storage space.
Hey Kevin. Any chance you can do a year and half review on this. As i see this phone still for sale for under $200 with the specs and android 11 im wondering if this is the best bargain phone for those smart phone folks on tbe cheap. Ive done week of researching and this phone seems like the best screen and chip set with battery and performance for the under 300 price point that has been made. Confirm for me when you can please.
i just bought this bc it was on sale i turned it on and it said it couldnt activate i just want it to hook up to internet i dont have a carrier for it how do i do that?
I've bought this model a couple hours ago and just now found your review. I actually picked this model largely because of the storage and was really excited when I saw that it featured expandable storage. I know a lot of manufacturers are doing with sd cards but it's still nice to have the option. So far no regrets.
Damn, this phone selling for 150 dollars on eBay, unbeatable value!
Does it wireless charge ? Dos it have a display alt mode out to monitor usb c in does it work ?
it says this phone has screen recording, but I can't find it in my phone... hewlp
Most underated channel 👍
Hi Kevin, does the phone work on verizon 5g?
The scores on my galaxy s7 Single core: 203 Multi core: 598 I don't think theres currently a phone on the market that performs that low lol
Anyone know if this phone work on visible wireless which is an off branch of verizon?
The Revvl 5G with TMobile seems comparable to this phone, and it is also marked as a TCL 790W. Should be interesting if there's any difference between the two to make one swing for either Verizon or TMobile when considering cheap 5G phones
Hi Kevin I have moto G stylus and speak to text or type I'm not sure whats called its for my email stopped working when I hit the microphone icon it goes blue but it does not type only on the email how do you fix it please
All I want is your oranges. Those are nice big juice oranges.
If you're still recording on your Galaxy S10 plus or S10 how is the battery
The revvl 5g is extremely similar to this phone!
Might trade my iPhone 13 mini for this phone 👍
Please get the betta a proper home. Can you imagine living your entire life in a small, empty room?
nice phone but display size option is missing, deal breaker for my dad who likes larger icons :(
This phone sucks, I've had it for almost a year and it's buggy and the camera is so poor in quality. I wish I would've went with the google pixle.
i just bought this bc it was on sale i turned it on and it said it couldnt activate i just want it to hook up to internet i dont have a carrier for it how do i do that?
This is an introduction not a 30 days later
Will the unlocked phone work on visible wireless?
48mp or 64?
So I've had my tcl for about 3 months and now I'm really starting to regret buying this phone. The software itself is ok but when it comes to the hardware I was expecting something better. I don't like the placement of the back cameras, and the speakers being at the bottom make it harder to hear people talking to me through the phone while it's pressed up against my greasy ear. I don't know if I'm the only one who's experienced this problem but when I used the tool to make the sd and sim tray pop out it worked normally until I had to pull the rest of the tray out. The front part of the tray broke off of the rest of the tray so now my sd (which I use as portable storage) and my sim are stuck in the phone. So to exchange my 16gb sd for a larger capacity one will involve me taking the entire phone apart. The sim and sd are still in the phone and functioning but I now can't take them out. I honestly think $400 is too much for this phone. The only thing special about it is that it kept the headphone jack and it supports 5g, everything else is mediocre or even less so.
Anyone know how to switch between users after you add additional users?
Does it wireless charge ? Dos it have a display alt mode out to monitor usb c in does it work ?
What is otc reverse charging?
This was sooooooooo dryyyy
My At&t iPhone is always on 5G regado where I’m At
Hey I got a question, my impatience and lack of attention to what I was doing jammed that poker in the microphone on the top of the phone trying to access the SD card slot😑 How can tell I if I jacked it up? Great video 👍.
6:02 Nice betta.
Does anyone know how to wake this phone up without having to tap the power button on the side? I'm so spoiled with being able to hold the area under the "home" key... and it doesn't respond to the standard double-tap. Help!!
How does it stand up to rain?
Anyone have issues with Android Auto not syncing with the car screen???
Anyone know if this work on visible wireless which run on verizon network?
Thanks for the video, I could have done without the virtue signaling by pushing masks.
Does it wireless charge ? Dos it have a display alt mode out to monitor usb c in does it work ?
Watching this on my TCL 10 Pro love it!
TCL will take LG's place in my opinion
whats the ram menory?
The Verizon Wireless prepaid version of the TCL 10 5G UW can be bought at Walmart for $299. I own the TCL 10 5G UW smartphone and must say the fast charging is awesome. Using the included charger and USB-C cord it charges the battery in about 50 mins which I really like to be honest. The 48MP rear facing camera takes nice photo's and the 5MP macro lens camera takes good photo's as well. I used the macro lens and took a close up picture of a yellow flower and sent it to my mom which she loved. There is a handful of pre-installed apps but they can be uninstalled. The TCL 10 5G UW is on the slick side meaning if you are not careful you could drop it. I highly suggest buying a smartphone case for it right away. If you like the colorful back of the smartphone you could just get a clear case for it.
Macro camera is a huge huge plus for me. I need to take label pics for my job. And focusing the camera is a huge pain.
What the Hell is the Face Diaper for!?
Hey I have a question. Can you delete the preinstalled apps? If so how. I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT
Chek harganya
$299 at Walmart with Verizon prepaid a MUST buy!
Headphone jack lol dam just let it go
Wait, you said this doesn't have mmWave antennas, but the phone has UWB in the name, wouldn't that mean it has mmWave support?
Please test the camera more thoroughly. Also, the mmWave capability if you can. Thanks.
I snagged it during its zero hype launch and really like it.. It was an upgrade to my S8 (more screen and Android 10) and is quite comparable to my Oneplus 7 Pro at a better price.. Only down side so far is limited case selection ( I gave VZW $22 for a clear one which I rarely do) but the glass screens I had already for the TCL 10l fit just fine.. I dont plan on using the 5g in my area, but its nice to know its there if I want it..
Is this gonna get one year of updates,like the 10 pro 😂😂😂
xiaomi mi 10t lite smartphone 6 64gb 6 67 fhd dotdisplay snapdragon 750g 64mp ai quad camera 4820mah pearl gray cheaper better also 5g
$400 sounds like a lot for a no name phone .Specs sounds similar to the new google pixel phone without the 5g .The term "Future proofed" doesn't really apply to phones which don't last more than two years tops and where technology is changing so fast that your head spins . We need more reviews on road warrior phones ,phones that do the job speed and storage wise ,are sturdy and give us the best band for the buck !! Nice review ,thanks .
but can you use it with tmobile ?
What song is that 2:27 and nice video im thinking about getting this phone
i just bought this bc it was on sale i turned it on and it said it couldnt activate i just want it to hook up to internet i dont have a carrier for it how do i do that?
The back is Glass not Plastic I've learned that the hard way 😂
Can it be unlocked to use for other carriers like At&t?
Does it wireless charge ? Dos it have a display alt mode out to monitor usb c in does it work ?
Thank you 😁👍
hi guys, but this smartphone is dual sim .... ????
Wonder how long they’ll provide Android OS updates for this phone? Anyone know?
I bought this same phone from walmart for $322 and some change yes mine is a prepaid but awesome I am now fully running 5g
They sell a reskinned version of this on tmobile as the revvl 5g. Phones a beast for the price
Thanks for the info. Was trying to decide what I was wanting to get and this seems to have made up my mind. For the price, this phone is perfect. TCL seems to be making big plays in the tech world and keeping everything at a realistic price.
I was caught between this TCL phone & the Apple SE 2020. This one appears to be much more my speed & what I was looking for on multiple levels. Thanks for your very informative video.
Apple music on a
Cute pups!
All I wanna know is it unlocked?
Is there an unlocked version of this phone or is it only available via Verizon?
Can u please do Maono au-a04 vs tonor q9 Btw the maono au-a04 sounds way different that that other one u have review. It was the maono pm421
Thanks! Informative For Me!

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