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Buy TCL 30XL |2022| Unlocked Cell Phone & TCL TAB 8 Wi-Fi Android Tablet, 8 Inch HD Display online at Amazon. Display Size: -Disk Size: -Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Cellular, Brand: TCL
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TCL 30XL |2022| Unlocked Cell Phone & TCL TAB 8 Wi-Fi Android Tablet, 8 Inch HD Display Features

  • TCL 30XL Unlocked Smartphone - The TCL 30XL works with most major U.S. carriers, including Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile (Sprint not included). This android phone is also compatible with Metro PCS, Simple Mobile, Cricket, Ultra Mobile, H2O, Visible, Tello, Consumer Cellular, RedPocket (Only GSMA network), Pure talk, etc. This cell phone isn't compatible with CDMA networks, such as Sprint, Spectrum, Xfinity, Boost Mobile, etc.
  • TCL 30XL Phone: Cinematic Viewing Experience - Featuring a 6.82 inch expansive screen with 20.5:9 aspect ratio and dual speakers design, the TCL 30XL android phone allows you to enjoy the thrill of cinematic viewing. The unique TCL NXTVISION Technology is able to boost color, clarity and contrast of visuals while protecting your eyes from harmful blue light. This TCL phone can work as a decent gaming phone, and is also perfect for streaming video and making video calls.
  • TCL 30XL Phone: Large Battery, Fun for All Day - The 5000mAh mighty battery of this unlocked android smartphone can power up your entertainment for up to 3 days on one charge (estimated data based on internal lab test). With 18W fast-charging and an on-the-go reverse charging (OTG cable not included) option you can fuel and refuel your mobile phone in an instant.
  • Portable Tablet - Weighing just 310g, TCL TAB 8 tablet is an idea for people on the go so you can easily hold it with one hand. The comfortably compact form factor helps keep your hands from getting tired, even when you've been playing for hours.With the 2-angle foldable tablet case, you could place the tablet anywhere.
  • Long-lasting Android Tablet - 4080mAh Battery supports 8 hours of online video, so you no longer have to worry about disconnection when studying in split screen.
Display Size: -Disk Size: -Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Cellular, Brand: TCL
The lowest TCL 30XL |2022| Unlocked Cell Phone & TCL TAB 8 Wi-Fi Android Tablet, 8 Inch HD Display Price in USA is $299.98 at Amazon.
Buy TCL 30XL |2022| Unlocked Cell Phone & TCL TAB 8 Wi-Fi Android Tablet, 8 Inch HD Display online at Amazon.
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TCL 30XL |2022| Unlocked Cell Phone & TCL TAB 8 Wi-Fi Android Tablet, 8 Inch HD Display Reviews from YouTube

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TCL 30 XL - Complete Review! (New for 2022)
wILL THIS get android 12?
Is this a tablet that I can download movies and streaming services for my 8 year old? Also, is this something they would be able to watch while traveling like off of our data?
Does this have a reflective screen like the TCL TabMid? Turn the brightness down to zero and shine a light on the screen.
Can you switch the back button and recent-apps button? I'd love to see a comparison of this, the Galaxy Tab A 8.4, and the Lenovo M8 FHD.
Cool video talk tech lol yes ok yep
Was told by Verizon they would not sell it without a data plan. That was the deal breaker for me.
👀😶 I saw that 😂 || Nice but not for me but I would suggest it to friend.
“...that what she said” - is that from personal experience? LOL
Blessings on your day. Nice tablet! 👍🏻
3rd 😁
I would love to find an 8" QHD, 4K tablet for gaming.
Yo big fan
The only time my phone leaves my hand is when I'm driving or you know?🤣
What the hell? Your early? Can't fool me! 🤣✌
I am looking for something to replace my nexus 7!! Miss it so much!
I figured out the speaker on the bottom left corner is not playing any sound/music. Have you had the same issue while reviewing this tablet? Many thanks.
Late to the party, but the TCL Tab 8 does not have a 1920 x 1200 display. That's the display size of the TCL Tab 10. I *wish* an 8-inch tablet had something better than 1280 x 800. Without being Apple of course.
I love the size of this, and packing a hi res screen (compared to other devices in this class usually have 800px or less). Seems perfect for me for reading comics, I wish wish it was sold in Canada!
How to make a call becouse there is no dial pad herr
TCL Tab 10s next
I have wifi problems at home, and I’m looking for a tablet compatible with HDMI is it compatible with an HDMI adapter?
Hi all , looking for some quick advice . I have a friend I've recently started handling the cell phone plans for ( not normal for me ) , and they gave me contact info for their Verizon rep . I've been working with him for almost a year now , and I'm constantly having problems getting answers from him on basic things like can he confirm he put insurance on our plans and how do I utilize the insurance after a phone is damaged ? My question to you all is : how do you normally work with Verizon on things like activation problems on new phones and questions on insurance and such ? Do you have a client rep you ask , a special number to call , or how can I get quick and reliable results here ? What is the proper way to request a new client rep ? If I make the request , I want to make sure I don't end up still stuck with the same guy . I've already had a heart to heart with him and needing faster response times , and the quality dropped after that talk .
You are the bast
Does it come in different colors?
Can it be used as phone also
Hello Do u know how to unlock kids mode on this tablet plz?
do u think u could do samsung chromebook?
Good day to you Ivan !! Thanks for the review, that budget tablet looks awesome !! Hope you're doing fine, take good care my friend and thanks again for all you do. God bless !! 🤜RR🤛
Looks bit out dated... designs wise I think it could of been better. Not bad overall tho
Will it stream Netflix in 1080p?
Hi Ivam.. I need a quick suggestion.. Is it right to go with the tab s7 plus now or wait for the tab s8 plus or ipad pro? I am getting it for around $750 (for reference)
I have never heard of this brand, or didn't pay attention before. I'm curious as to why I might need a tablet this small because my cellphone, though only 6.8", works quite nicely for me. When home, I need a minimum 10" screen to catch up with the YouTube channels I subscribe to and read a few emails. And in the evenings I occasionally cast content onto my TV, so the size of this tablet puzzles me. It's cute though! :)
Dude, you're holding it like it would be a phone 😂. The size what doesn't make sense because phones nowdays go as big as 6.8 inches be it 20:9. 10 inch 16:9/10 or 18/21:9 tablets make sens in my opinion. For some who loves small phones this would be enough of a screen size upgrade.
Hadda watch I’m moving from iPhone to this phone so yeah I don’t like iPhones at all
Is there much of a difference between this and the 30 SE?
wow that camera is great!
Good info. Slow phone and not 5G. I will skip it.
So is this a low end budget device? I'm not sure you mentioned it.
I wouldn't call a $150 phone "Very Low End".. The 39.99 to 59.99 would be "Very" low end.
Bro it's $159 on Amazon
apple yep over engineerier phone with subpar apps that don't even need a fraction of the speed and power and lowest end Android phone can run anything that's on the Apple store
Thanks for that great review. Now, I'm more informed as to whether I want to buy this phone or opt for something else! 🤙🏽
My wife just got that phone she loves it I want one now so jealous
Just for your guys reference my I-phone 7 single core is 369 Multi Core 712, I don't understand how these Android manufacturers are releasing such subpar phones. How my 6 year old phone is twice as fast as one being launched to 2022 is just crazy to me. Like walking into BestBuy and purchasing a Celeron for a gaming pc lol.
Hi thanks for info but where can I find a hard shell case thanks
Would appreciate if you add the knowledge if phones do or don't have NFC. It helps FYI, this phone does not have NFC, unfortunately that's a deal breaker for me.
Can you run android auto on it?
Does it work with att?
okay you just talked bad about the phone you didn't say anything good about it
Kevin, Can you list, or link me the entire list of manufacturer installed apps on the TCL 30XL phone? thank you sir.
i installed Geekbench 5 to my current LG Reflect It scored 130 Single Core Score & 489 Multi Core Score Meanwhile the score on the TCL 30XL shows this: 155 Single Core Score & 868 Multi Core Score Wow! Believe it or not, the TCL 30XL is going to be an improvement from what I had. lol!
I'll take it...
I'd be a little hesitant to buy, as their TV's aren't built to last, but at only $150, it's probably a pretty decent "smartphone on a budget " phone.

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