TCL Go Flip 2 4058G 8GB Factory Unlocked 4G LTE GSM Smart Flip Phone Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy TCL Go Flip 2 4058G 8GB Factory Unlocked 4G LTE GSM Smart Flip Phone online at Amazon. Display Size: 3 inches, Memory: 8 GB, Color: -, Brand: TCL
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TCL Go Flip 2 4058G 8GB Factory Unlocked 4G LTE GSM Smart Flip Phone Features

  • GSM Unlocked Android Smart Flip Phone. Compatible with most GSM Service providers. 2G: GSM Quad band 3G: UMTS B2/4/5 4G: LTE: B2/4/5/12/13/66/71/25/26/41, HUPE for B41 Cat4
  • Display Size: 2.8” Easy-to-use big keypad with rounded design
  • Support 4G VoLTE for clearer call quality
  • Quick-dial button for calling help in case of emergency
  • ROM/RAM: 8GB ROM / 1GB RAM SD Support: microSD up to 32GB
  • Size: 4.22” x 2.19” x 0.78”
  • Weight: 4.69 oz
  • Color: Midnight Blue
  • Camera descriptionRear
  • ManufacturerTCL
Display Size: 3 inches, Memory: 8 GB, Color: -, Brand: TCL
The lowest TCL Go Flip 2 4058G 8GB Factory Unlocked 4G LTE GSM Smart Flip Phone Price in USA is $79.00 at Amazon.
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Thank You! Bless!
Very useful video to understand such an old type phone. I needed instructions to set up the one my elderly neighbor bought himself but needs help on.
good video! Does this phone have the option to answer / end the call by lifting the cover? That is, without pressing any key ?
7:27 It did't take me anywhere.
this is a great video! does this have facebook/youtube on it? and how do i get music on it?
What is the size of the SIM card?
Can you talk 2 text on this phone? Thanks in advance
Texting is a nightmare on this flip fone.
How do you do you add new contacts? I press on a "Add" and all I get is a search bar
Just bought the phone + 1 year bundle on ebay for $20. Good as a backup phone. At first I think it was a my flip 2 which run on kaios, but it's actually a real dumb phone.
Does this support GPS and the Google Find My Devices app? I'm wondering if I can use it as a cheap GPS tracker.
Cute phone 🤳
Do you know if it's locked or unlocked for different carriers?
How do I get to the store in the phone?
I like your voice 😍
I have one and I like it.
How to download music from YouTube to tcl flip phone 4g for boost mobile
Good review! Peaceful video with peaceful music!
How do I type letters rather than numbers to that I can add a password for wifi connection, since we live out of cell phone coverage. Thanks, Curt
How do you send a .jpeg to you PC from that phone?
Cat22 flip still good?
This phone is lit 🔥
thanks for the video ,my mother in law has one of those and i like it cause it doesn't distract me while I'm outside,the t9 isn't to bad try to keep writing the sentence and you'll see ,thanks man
thanks for the video this looks like a great flip pen for my elderly mom to have
Speaker phone turns on and off by pushing OK button when call is connecting. Hope this helps some folks out there.Just got mine,had a samsung for 10 years still was working with same battery that came in it. But the 3g thing made me upgrade. I'm just an old fart and don't need or want to carry a computer around. If i do social media ? in a chair in my room, not behind the wheel of a car ,or walking not looking where I'm headed. Really like this THC does all I need and a little more,
I have TCL Flip Pro phone. its kind of a chintzy upgrade (if you can call it that) from the LG VN-170 flip phone. because of the 3G phase out, I was supposed to get a different phone in June, it never showed up at my address. told VZ about it. since my old phone was no longer working as it was disconnected from service, I got this phone from the VZ store in my area. theres some things I like about it, its bigger than the VN-170, looks more rugged and the display is really nice and big. it vibrates pretty good. the user interface on the software on the other hand sucks like a pig. ☹ it not easy to navigate. apps is limited and no store. the alarm and calendar app sucks like a turd. one of those apps doesn't have the vibration switch. I did notice that theres some apps on the phone in the video thats not present in my new phone. I gather it might have something to do with the type of plan one is in. the LG VN 170 is a better phone in some respects despite the fact it doesn't do emoticons. the TCL's emoticons selection is pretty limited. there are things that I can't do on the TCL that I could do on the VN170 or the E815 flip phones. you can't set up the UI like way you can with VN170 or E815 on the OK button controls. I don't like the message thread and it doesn't tell you how many messages there are and you can't go to the beginning that easily. theres no camera button on the side. at best, its a 2 star ⭐⭐ flip phone.
Is there a speakerphone?
How do you mute it?
Is there a speed dial on this phone? I had set up speed dial on Mom's old flip phone but it broke I need to set it up on TCL but I don't know how
i love having a flipphone no more notification dings from android and i can go about my life omg so much better
might actually drop out my smart phone for this....
Not sure if this has it, but I own a Nokia 6300 which also runs KaiOS which has 2 internet radio apps which I use all the time.
How do you turn the Speaker on
Hate the dam thing!
Left soft key not working. Any suggestions?
Great review. Unfortunately I was looking for a tutorial. SUGGESTION. If you just had a graphic or inset of what you were doing on keyboard while you were going through this it would have been a terrific tutorial. Also, if you don't already have a side-gig doing voiceovers you should set one up because you have a nice speaking voice and are easy to understand.
great video...the link to amazon shows it's Android OS...then later is says KaiOS---I'm ordering it; hoping it is KaiOS 2.54, hope it's VOLTE compatible...long time Tracfone one at Amazon, Tracfone,Ebay or anyone answers questions...
Can u put music on da SD CARD to listen to on the phone
i love your flip phone reviews! if you could compile your flip phone content on a playlist that would be great. This type of content is a bit niche so it’d be nice to have a nice collection that’s readily available. Keep it up man :)
looks perfect for grandma 🙉
Very good review; thanks 👍🏼
Great review!! I have a My Flip 2.5 and thinking about going to this My Flip 2. I was thinking about ditching my smart phone and going back to my 'My Flip', but will this phone turn a picture horizontal like the video you played ? Also how is it for receiving larger photos and attachments? I love the way you compared the phones so I could see the difference between my old My Flip and this '2' model. 5 Star Review!! Thanks
I am a kid and my mom is gonna get this for me🎉😊
I have this phone.
how to unlock this phone to support other carriers like Tmobile?
Super delayed when pressing that button to make the screen turn on
4G is CDMA only or via SIM card? Ulnocked version for overseas use? Does it have wi-fi hotspot?
it runs withou google account hopfully is only for using and not for data colection
they cant exist without huge colective of human energy thats why smart devices are allowing them to suck human energy and turn it into magic, 20 yeras from today was world much better human were humans and not smart devices who are running humans around if aliens came to earth samrtphone would be superior to human from alien point of view , we are aliens and we should control our earth and explorit as aliens.
I hope you can review also nokia 2760 filp phone...
Crap its just likr the BlackBerry os
Does it have a slot for an SD card?
Alcatel 4044 Plase tell me unlock and langauge arabic plase
Plase tell me how unlock for this phom And add arabic language in it
can it run Uber by any chance?
I just got this phone from my dad, but one thing that bothers me is that when I wanted to text my friends on Instagram in the browser, it keeps popping up saying "Turn On Notifications", and when I wanted to get out of there by scrolling down for an option, it won't scroll down like it won't respond, and there's no way I can get out of there, and whenever I wanted to log out of Instagram when I click the setting's icon to scroll down to log out, it won't even scroll down, I watch YouTube on my phone in the browser, I clicked on the video, and then it shows the ad's there, I clicked "Skip Ad", and it won't respond, I don't understand what's going on with this, but can somebody please find out why it's doing this all the time, because I feel so stumped to this thing :(!
T-Mobile charged me $140 activation fees and won't refund my money after failing to activate all of my phones.
Commenting on mine! Love it!
My elderly mom just bought this phone and is very disappointed. Are there no emojis on this phone for texting? Is there a way to get them?
No flipping or unflipping in the video , very disapointed.
Does this flip phone run KAIOS, which speaking for myself I don't really care for, or Android? Can I access Google with it? Thanks! ♐
Do you know if this Flip Go model has a built in FM radio that works when you plug in a Headset into the 3.5mm plug (Which uses the headset as an Antenna) The TCL website does not show this model. Will this phone also be available thru Metro-by T-Mobile? Will the Android AOSP REV.11 Software be upgradable to Rev.12?
As much as i like smart phones but we need more flip phones. Sometimes you want a phone that just a phone not a computer. lol Im debating about going back to a flip phone or not. I hope you guys do more various flip phone designs or even the blackberries. lol I loved those and while smart phone is nice, i dont think i need another computer distracting me while at work.
CAN you text using Google Assistant?
This phone seems locked into TMOBILE...Is there an AT&T version of it? Maybe even unlocked? It appears to be a worthwhile phone to have and use, speaking for myself! 👍♐
Phones are nice, but the kids to me are more important. They are the future.
The one issue I'm having with this phone is that I cannot figure out a way to make texting auto-complete. The texting function is so bad I may not keep this.
Got this phone for my children. Not wanting internet access for them; however, I discovered there is still an YOUTUBE app. I have not given them any internet access on these phones, yet the youtube app still plays, despite I have not entered the wifi password, and there appears to be no way to delete it. When I go into app permissions, it isn't even listed so that I can block it, because the youtube app is not listed on the apps for permissions. A little frustrated right now.
I've been thinking of getting a simple feature phone when my current Android phone dies since I don't really need any of the extra features and I'd prefer something with a removable battery which no current smartphones seem to have (at least from tmobile). I'm also thinking of using hotspots for my internet since all of tmobile's plans offer unlimited hotspot data (although I do know that depending on the plan it may not necessarily be very fast). Some like this model advertise that they can create a hotspot; does anyone have any experience with that? Is it harder to do or less reliable than with a smartphone?
T mobile is a terrible company.
Asking for gramps. how do you enable speakerphone while on call???
Isn’t this, for all intents and purposes, a rebranded Alcatel Go Flip 4?
Nice T-Mobile👍👍❤️❤️
Like!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
I wonder if flip phone like this will be here fir a long time in the future we’ll see

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