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Buy Total by Verizon Motorola Moto g Stylus 5G,128GB, Black online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.81 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: BLACK, Brand: Total by Verizon
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Total by Verizon Motorola Moto g Stylus 5G,128GB, Black Features

  • Go even longer on a single charge with a 5000mAh battery.
  • 48MP quad camera system: Showcase your creativity from every perspective, from ultra-wide angle shots to detailed close-ups and everything in between.
  • 128GB of storage and up to 1TB expandable with microSD, blazing-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G processor, and 4GB of RAM; 6.8” FHD plus Max Vision Display
  • This phone is locked for use with Total by Verizon
  • Compatible with our no-contract talk, text & data plans that start at $30/mo.
Display Size: 6.81 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: BLACK, Brand: Total by Verizon
The lowest Total by Verizon Motorola Moto g Stylus 5G,128GB, Black Price in USA is $169.98 at Amazon.
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Got it love it
i do own an ipad but i have to say i am still interested in smartphones which include a s-pen or a stylus with it even though i may not using it for everyday task etc. but still. I just wish there is a way to make all this stylus a little bigger or thicker and not so thin like pocky stick, it does not look that robust. 😥
I owned one of these phones. It's trash. Here's my reason why. I purchased my 2021 model in June 2021. In June 2022 it's started failing. I replaced the battery and charging port because it was out of warranty. Of course. Worked better but not like it once did. It recently stopped charging again on Thanksgiving. I already paid $100 in repairs so I wasn't about to pay more to repair a dying phone. I purchased the Samsung a53 last weekend. No issues and better call quality not to mention I can talk on the phone in my house. A concept I haven't enjoyed since June 2022. Not a fan.
Doesn't this phone now have an LTPS display with 120hz refresh? That seems to be how Motorola is advertising it.
A year later, it sucks. It keeps freezing and trying to crash; the same thing happened to my last Motorola and it completely crashed and locked up. Also doesn't have wireless charging... What? For the price, it should have. Idk what I'm going with after this one crashes (inevitable) but I know what I'm not getting.
wireless adappter
cases must be hard to find for these
My favorite about Motorola is the finger scanner on back and the best thing is shake phone for light
Amazing phone got it in November 2021 dropped this phone many times and it never cracked super strong and fast phone
This phone is on sale for $199.99 at BestBuy.......I almost bought the 2022 not 5G, but it has a never I heard brand processor, so I went for this model which has Snapdragon processors. Maybe that's why it only has ONE speaker, you'd have enough money left to buy extra speakers or headphones.
Is this phone better then the iphone 7?
Is this phone better than a Samsung A12?
Where's the can you save your file? Where you play music?
Damn I wish they didn't skimp on the speaker 🔇🔊
Good show. Thanks.
I would be sad to see it go too. I am tired of Samsung taking out feathers. They want to be like what I call junky iPhones then be it. I might be the only one out there that feels this way but I am looking for other phone company. I will be giving the moto g a try, thank you so much for doing a great review on this phone. You know more then the sales rep at tmobile. Again thank you
Got ours free from Boost Mobile. Paid $100 for a new sim and phone # reassignment. Plus it has fast 5g. Our former (still used, WiFi only now) LG Stylo 5. Very happy.
I use stylus for taking pics from a distance. Very practical
This was the best phone I ever had. R.I.P
Do we need more stylus smartphones? 📲 ✍️ ------------- Moto G Stylus 5G on Amazon (Discounted): From Motorola: Moto G Stylus 4G:
Ordered it online today from Metro by T-Mobile. For FREE!!
Of course you would compare it to an Apple pencil...
Quick question I have this phone the moto g stylus 5 g 2022 and it doesn't have 8 gig ram it has 6 and has 128 rom my did not come with a micro SD card either is it the 256 version that has 8 gig ram?
The only thing I don't like bout this phone is the screen is so dam dim even in 100 brightness
Actually Motorola has released two versions of the Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G (2022). The "unlocked" version includes 256 GB on the phone plus a 256 GB pre-installed SD card. However, the Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) versions sold by some carriers includes just 128 GB storage. I could appreciate a comparison of the two or at least feedback. A Spectrum Mobile sales rep informs me that the unlocked version may or may not activate on their network!
I have seen a lot people dissing on this phone and I can't understand for the life of me why (other than they are use to using a more expensive phone and thinking all phones should be like a 1500 one) I have this phone and have had no issues whatsoever, it takes beautiful pics and awesome videos. It offers more storage than I will ever need and it is a great gaming phone. I play a lot of games and even the heavy ones perform without lagging or glitching. The battery life on these phones are also great, mine will last me all day and night depending on what I am doing. Some say a con for this phone is the size, I however love the 6'8 screen, it's not too big and it's not too small, just right for me. The stylus is a plus also, letting me be creative and I love that. I am a huge Motorola fan and I really think they outdid themselves with this phone. All in all you can't go wrong with this phone, now that being said, ya can't come off using an iphone and then get on this phone and expect it to perform the same way as an iphone, this is not a 1500 dollar phone. This is a phone that is affordable and has excellent features for people who are not willing to sink the price of a car into a phone.
They are on sale for about 300 right now.
Pretty sure this version has IOS and the 4G doesn't....also, does this have stereo speakers with the top earpiece?
Just got mine yesterday for $199 with a 100 dollar gift card from Amazon. Great phone, especially at this price.
I just got one and I'm going to return it tomorrow. Not worthy. Don't have where you play music or save music. Don't even have You tube
Well, people are now looking around for a Samsung Note replacement without the need to sell a kidney.
I am morola big fine
Lol I think the problem what you have with the phone is you keep mentioning the price I guess it's because you keep buying the phones instead of some of us smart people we go to a provider who offers the phone for less than $0 or like me I got it for $69 free and I think it's because it was free and all I had to do is pay taxes on the amount... Either way this 5G phone is still going to be amazing I had a phone Motorola Z4 for almost 9 years now and now it's time for upgrade even though I got a iPhone 11 as another backup... So the price should not always keep being conflicted it's basically the specs and then they say they have a loud speaker with doberly or microphone or something like that on here and the camera being such a high megapixel
350 usd in target now
I won't upgrade bc I have 4k camera..... I wish I had the 6.8 screen tho..
thanks for your review sir. sorry i can not catch your name. is it Wade?
Hey I accidentally changed the setting on the hidden menu to alt how do I get it back to the factory settings
I assume the camera on it still has the ability to change photos to black & white and other stuff just like previous Moto phones? I have the Moto G Fast & I really like the options to edit photos & change colors, if it hasn't changed much like you said I assume the camera options have stayed relatively the same?
I have this phone it's the best for the price
129$ @ Best Buy
i had a 5g stylus and i was unhappy with a few things. I went and checked out the g stylus that was released before it and i was impressed, it feels WAY more premium than the stylus 5 g does so i got it and i dont regreat it. Every aspect feels superiors even tho the stylug 5g is supposed to be an upgrade. Also, the g stylus has a superior camera even tho its got 1 less lens, that kinda took my by surprise.
Can you get Whatsapp on this phone?
You might want to mention that Motorola, having been bought by Lenovo, is being killed off for most if not all levels of phones in the next year or so. This is why buying these new mid level phones should be considered clearance and good luck with support and upgrading.
Outstanding review
The only downside in my opinion is the battery life. Other than that this phone rocks!
I will never get a moto phone again it keeps wanting to update and takes too long to restart so never again.
Don't like this phone don't buy this phone if you don't like having constant upgrades the Bluetooth shuts on and off by itself constantly they tried to make the phone better by getting rid of the on box but it makes it a real pain in the ass if you want to switch back and forth from apps because you have to completely log out of something before you can go back to it which makes it a pain in the butt if you're trying to find something or if you're on the line with somebody trying to get help and you can't get back to the page without closing the existing page that you're on and this phone is driving me nuts even while I'm hooked up to a wireless network the phone will turn on and off by itself apps will open up and close by themselves this phone is garbage do not buy it
How is the storage?
the processor is new an upgrade
Piece of junk ... My wife's galaxy, daughter's iphone getting reception ... While I'm sitting next to them with this garbage moto g stylus with no reception.
I hate the camera and that automatic sound adjustability I turn that thing off several times it jumps right back on
The only reason I'm looking at this is the camera... I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT STYLES..PIN...LOL
I have g stylus but it didn't have 3 holes and right is long camera like that
Yo tech boy just tell it a cheaper Androids barely url HTML code algorithm loopedata map's geo tags unfortunately cheap but 😂 okay ty good job ty.
Hurry up and gimme ur phone pal T.T
Yes I love this phone I have one watching you video on
does it have a photo gallery? or is it google pictures?
downgrade in speakers from the moto g power. Mono loudspeaker.
TL;DR: there are countless better options out there for $499. 📲 Buuuut you can at least get the Moto G Stylus at a discount:  Moto G Stylus 5G (Discounted): Moto G Stylus 5G on Amazon: Moto G Stylus 4G: TCL Stylus 5G from T-Mobile:
can anyone suggest me good 5g phone under 250 bucks and I want to use it for around 10-11 months only . I'm coming to US for my master this jan 2023. Thanks in advance.
The 2021 moto g stylus had AMAZING speakers. ⚠️Unfortunately, the 2022 version only has the ONE speaker and the sound quality is terrible! Why the hell would they take away the dual speakers? 🙅If you're in a mildly noisy atmosphere, then forget it. Even with the volume cranked ALL the way up, you will not be able to hear podcasts, movies or music. 👎 Thank you for this video- the next cell phone I shop for WILL have dual speakers.
And the phone is dope AF
U got ripped off lol paid 85$ brand new
Got it for 40$ during T mobiles deal, after 180 days of use it will become unlocked. Can't say I'm dissapointed.
This phone is free through t mobile with a 60-85 monthly plan
Got it for $150 on Google Fi, this version only has 4GB ram but otherwise is a fantastic phone for the price.
Metro Pc $130 out the door
Im not into scibbling or coloring scibbles.
I want a Minecraft sandbox
The Moto G Stylus 5G 2022 is now $299 on Amazon
Bought for $99 on Black Friday
I have this phone and I like it more than my Samsung Ultra 21. It has far more innovation. The camera is not as good but the apps work perfectly and the phone is much lighter. The stylus works great and the mike and speaker blow the ultra out of the water. You can take notes and or listen to a lecture and whisper and the phone will replay clearly. Moto is my go to. Much cheaper price and they don't cheap out on a charger.
Love this phone, 120hz of graphics, better than over priced icraps.. Samsung is alright but still way to expensive. If camera is not ur thing this phone is epic bang for your buck.
I've had mine for a few weeks now. It's an excellent phone for the price, great screen, excellent refresh rate and wonderful quality build. Beautiful phone and I picked two up for $299 each with an additional free 256gb SD card. This dude is being way too critical about the most unnecessary things, the stylus is great quality and I love the weight and size of it. I don't think this guy likes Motorola and he makes it well known.
You are being so critical and we still love it 😂😂😂😂
I want to connect the Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) to an external monitor without casting. Any way to do this? Slimport?
Bought one on cyber monday for $149.

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