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Buy Total by Verizon Nokia G300 5G, 64GB, Black online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.51 inches, Memory: 64 GB, Color: BLACK, Brand: total wireless
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Total by Verizon Nokia G300 5G, 64GB, Black Features

  • An advanced and lightning-fast smartphone with wow-factor features like a triple-lens camera with AI assistance.
  • 4,500mAh battery that charges up quickly.
  • A Qualcomm chipset with 5G connectivity that connects you to the world in a flash.
  • This phone is locked for use with Total by Verizon
  • Compatible with our no-contract talk, text & data plans that start at $30/mo.
Display Size: 6.51 inches, Memory: 64 GB, Color: BLACK, Brand: total wireless
The lowest Total by Verizon Nokia G300 5G, 64GB, Black Price in USA is $99.88 at Amazon.
Buy Total by Verizon Nokia G300 5G, 64GB, Black online at Amazon.
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Nokia G300 5g Price, Nokia G300 5g Specifications

Total by Verizon Nokia G300 5G, 64GB, Black Reviews from YouTube

NOKIA G 300 Unboxing and review for total wireless\Straight talk\ Tracfone
Nokia G300 Full Overview and Specifications – Awesome, yet among world’s cheapest 5G smartphones!
Nokia G300 5G Unboxing (Straight Talk)
Nokia G300 Price, Official Look, Design, Camera, Specifications, Features, and Sale Details
How can I network unlock this phone?
I pushed the phone to the max it which is the Nokia g300 and my review is that it won't hold up to asphalt 9 when you got all these apps but overall the phone hardware is okay but it can use a 4K but other than that I pushed it completely to the max I am not lying and I got over 500 music so I got two games plague and asphalt 9 I got call of duty mobile and sometimes it fades sometimes it don't and please write me back you can write me on my YouTube channel call about 25 productions thank you God bless
Wow - "we have a button right here" at 3:24!!!! No kidding - thanks for the explanation! A 5-year old could tell there is a button there.
Biggest piece of shit phone EVER MADE... DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THIS CRAP!!!!
Mantap 👍
even better, in the US, SafeLink is giving them out with free 5G. in fact, i just got it, and i LOVE it
I just berly got mines for free no complains for me.
Me watching the Nokia g300 review on my g300 Nokia phone
This phone is absolutely garbage and my apps literally crash all day and I have to do a hard reset like 2 times a day!
As an owner for 2 weeks not worth your money!! Even for 100$ don't do it!! My 4g phone ran better and faster and the sensor on this thing will have you hanging up calls all day.. things phone is junk!! (Heads up!!)
It doesn't work with 5G unless 5G doesn't work at all... I get a 5G signal and it freezes up.. can't do 2 things at once on it... It doesn't have the capacity to make it
Biggest piece of shit Ever Made.... DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE... YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!
Worst phone to ever exist, it crashes SOOOOOOO much and is so painfully slow that you can do anything and locks it self up for minutes
How do screen shot work is it one button are pressing two together?
This phone is a giant pile of shit.
This was great Thanks for Sharing
Terrible phone. Locks up all the time. Very "laggy". Sometimes impossible to answer phone with another app open. Poor camera, that can take a long time to even open. I loved the phones Nokia made for the now defunct Windows Phone system, the low end ones were very good and the high end were fabulous, but the Straight Talk branded Nokia G300 is garbage. The only good thing I can say about it is that it charges very fast.
This phone is the worst I've ever owned. It has a random lag all the time. I will never buy another Nokia product. Absolute garbage. Zero stars
Stay away stay away stay away stay away lags all over the place you got $99 on HSN I will not buy this phone ever again this phone sucks
Asking for a friend... does anyone know how to turn on voice to text feature on this phone?
Worse phone I've ever owned. Seriously this phone can hardly handle Google maps and Spotify at the same time.
A buddy got this phone and everything was ok until we figured out straight talks hotspot does not work on this phone..
Hate this phone! There's a side button that keeps getting accidentally bumped for emergency call. I don't know how to turn that off. Is extremely annoying!
Just got my for free
Easily the worst phone I've ever owned! Have to restart it at least 3 times a day because it freezes or the cellular network will just shut down and won't recalibrate until the device is restarted. I've had several people tell me that they tried to call or text me and the call or text never came through. Worthless!
I got this from Tracfone. Where do you find your minutes and service ending date?
it is the worst phone ever made - I own it - it is in a drawer now.
It's $99 now.
What to time zoom?
I just got my phone so I just had to come back and see how you got to the Seach APPS still trying to get used to it😂
I would like to know which a phone is the best a42 or the a53. please
How old is this phone?
My question is it easy to take screen shots and it's storge capacity and speed
Dude you go way too fast you're dealing with people who aren't used to this stuff
Is it able to update to Android 12 yet? I can't find much on the internet about that for this phone directly (that someone has succesfully updated to 12).
I used to use this phone and it sucks. It was slow, clunky and an all around waste of money. I had the phone since November and I didn't use a lot of memory and I always closed and cleared my apps. I hated this phone. Sorry not sorry.
I’ve had this phone for 3 months and it’s absolutely trash!!!
How is the video playback quality for YouTube resolution? Will this phone playback at 4k resolution?
I bought a wireless charger. Claims it's compatible. can't get it to work
Is straight talk good plan to get heard from ppl is not good
I need a Nokia so I don't brake my phone again
I know I'm a couple of months late; but 1) TracFone and Straight Talk bake in a system app called "Mobile Services" and that's what downloading all those games. I'm not sure when they started doing that. My Moto Optimo Maxx has it. I find that it's best to skip signing into WiFi/turning on data when doing the initial setup. Go to Settings > Apps > See All > Hit the hamburger button and select Show System > then scroll down to Mobile Services and disable it. Then you can sign into the WiFi. 2) This Nokia looks more like a Motorola than new Motorolas do. That centered camera island Oreo was Moto's thing for years. I wish they hadn't went away from it. I liked it better than the offset islands everyone else seems to be using these days, and I like Nokia's interpretation of the old Moto look a lot.
@CV Tech That is a good phone imagine I would give this to my four-year-old cousin but that’s too big for him maybe I’ll just get him a little phone instead but that is still a good phone
Had this phone for about 2 weeks now, and I absolutely hate it
does removing 5mp + 2mp + 2mp and replace with 8mp ultrawide will increase the price ? thats why i hate all companies
I just got this
Just got one tonight so far so good the swipe works great so far huge leap from my Samsung a01
India Rajasthan se hai ya mobile hamare ko lena hai kab tak kaise prapt ho sakta hai
Which one is the best out of G300 / Vivo 20 please soonest
Tnx 4 an informative video.
How much does it cost to reduce the chin??

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