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Buy TracFone Blu View 2 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone (Locked) - Black - 32GB - Sim Card Included online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.45 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Black, Brand: TracFone
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TracFone Blu View 2 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone (Locked) - Black - 32GB - Sim Card Included Features

  • CARRIER: This phone is locked to Tracfone, which means this device can only be used on the Tracfone wireless network.
  • "5.5"" HD Display; 2.0GHz Quad-Core Processor; Android 10; 3,000mAh Battery"
  • "4G LTE; Wi-Fi Connectivity – 802.11 b/g/n; Bluetooth 5.1 wireless technology "
  • "13MP Rear Camera plus LED Flash/8MP Front-Facing Selfie Camera; Internal memory 32GB; 2GB RAM; Supports Micro SD up to 128GB (not included)"
  • "Unlimited Talk, Text and Data plans starting as low as 20 dollars/month."
Display Size: 5.45 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Black, Brand: TracFone
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TracFone Blu View 2 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone (Locked) - Black - 32GB - Sim Card Included Reviews from YouTube

BLU VIEW 2 Unboxing and Hands-on Tracfone
BLU View 2 - Hands On & First Impressions!
BLU View 1 Unboxing and Review For Tracfone
what s mean lock when i going to buy on amazon?
Idk why but I feel like watching reviews of these I have this phone and another one both blue and from TracFone the others turned off I can reactivate it whenever but I pay for my blue view 2 only right now.....both are great screens hd and watching my DVD charmed on here the one season is so hd and great being able to play music and movies and all on phones and all that is so nice I was desperate for another phone and I've been using blu view 2 for the past few months every phone has some lags or some problems to each they're own but is this worth the 100 something......HELL YES ESPECIALLY the colorful acreens and crispness I cannot complain I love my blue smart phones!!!! Still great and def affordable then paying a grand and like 400 for a phone bill or 200 that's a rip off when you can pay 50 or 60 for unlimited everything!!!!!! I love my phones and blue view 2 is so nice I love it!!!!!!!
E mail color changed can't set it back to gray
Does this phone led light
Believe it or not this phone still getting security updates to this day.
Got mine for 8 dollars and its fun to record videos and throw it at the wall
I'm having trouble getting it started. I can get to the point where you put all the numbers in but then it ask for a password and I don't know what to do.
I was on my motorized bicycle and I had my phone on a car cell phone holder on my bike looked up for one second but back down the phone had fell off I have a speedometer odometer app well by the time I got to the house I realized it fell off and I went back it was gone I went three times back and forth and then a quarter mile and somebody must have seen me drop it and pick it up well need the phone asap I went and got this blue for 30 bucks it's one hell of a phone but I'm used to the Nord one plus for 30 bucks yeah you get your money's worth definitely and it's a great penitentiary phone too
So how does one get from the "Lock Screen" to the "Application Folder" at 5:42. I have not set any password and wish to do so on my phone. It seems like I can just choose the icon on the right (after putting my finger on the middle bottom icon) and this "opens" the Application Folder. 6 hours, countless videos and tutorials, and hours with tech support, and they don't have the ability to explain this. Nor do they know how to get to the settings menu from the Lock Screen.
how do you change the number of rings before call goes to voicemail, mine is set at 8 rings, I'd like it to be set at 4 rings, trac tech has no idea, thank you
Every single tracfone branded device i’ve uses has had their bootloader’s locked up tight and be basically impossible to root.
Thanks so much for the information
How do you check remaining minutes? Thank you
Very similar to the old samsung phones and chrap and it has replaceable battery so it's the best offer for its money
Mine has no real bloat ware and 3gb of RAM plus it's on Android 11. Same exact phone though
I clicked on this video in hopes of figuring out how to use this thing. I've had it for almost two months and still can't figure it out. I made the huge mistake of buying it from a store that offers zero support. That was Family Dollar. It was $29 but to get it at that price I had to buy a $20 plan though to be fair they gave me $5 off that plan the first month. I had to take it home and figure out how to activate it myself. This is the very first smart phone I have ever seen up close. My old phone is a Trackfone flip phone and I've had it for four years and bought at the Walmart Clearance table for $5. I've been paying about $10 a month ever since. Prior to that I had a 1937 Western Electric model 302 but I had to toss that perfectly good phone in the trash because the county change the wiring to my mouse and it would no longer connect. I had that since 1979 when Mom gave it to me when I got my first apartment. I didn't need much in the way of service since I rarely use a phone these days. I have free unlimited internet for my laptop via a government program so the only thing I needed to use a phone for was to dial 911 or call in sick at work. I only did that once in three years so 95% of my phone usage is dialing 911 which I did twice in 2021 and once in 2020 and twice in 2019. But now my boss wants to promote me but says I need a smart phone first. It took me two weeks to figure out how to get the thing activated. It took me another two weeks to figure out how to get on the internet and then I learned really fast that I made a HUGE mistake buying this model because Trackfone does not offer unlimited data plans and I have to go through a management training program at work using my smart phone. The training program only works on smart phones and this will NOT connect to WIFI no matter what I do. So I have to either figure out why this won't connect to WIFI (keep getting a message that says "Network not secure"). Or I have to toss it in the trash and get something that I can buy an unlimited data plan. I had no idea each training module uses between 1.2 and 7 gigs of data and there are 137 I need to complete by the end of the year to complete my training. By my math that's somewhere in the neighborhood of $3000 I have to spend on data before the end of the year if I can't figure out the WIFI connection problem. Or plan B, toss this thing into the trash and get a real smart phone with an unlimited dat plan and that's expensive too, probably in the end upwards of $600+. So I came to this video hoping to learn what's going wrong with WIFI connections and I see my screen does not match the one in the video. My lock screen does not have that lock button that gives you a menu of interesting things and there is no column on the left to offer other things as well. Yes I have the Trackfone blu View 2. All I can think of is that there were different versions sold at Walmart and Family dollar and they didn't bother using a different name for the two different versions. I really don't like that they expect end users to have the knowledge of a communications engineer in order to make a basic phone call which by the way it took me almost two weeks how to figure out how to do. It shouldn't be that complicated. My flip phone only a week to figure out how to make a basic phone call. Good thing I kept the flip phone rather than toss it like I was going to. I had to use it to call Trackfone just to get them to activate the phone for me. Unfortunately by the time I discovered my data needs and figured out there was a problem with WIFI I had already purchased the 2nd month and got an 8 gig data plan for $40. outrageous since I'm used to downloading a hundred gigs of data on my laptop every day. If I relied on this phone for that I'd be spending more in a day than I get paid in a week. So now I got to figure this mess out. Thanks for posting this video but it doesn't look like it's going to be very helpful. The only real advantage of this phone though is I finally sent my first text message. "hello" I texted to my flip phone which I can't sent text messages from since there is no button for a shift key to get anything other than the letters A, D, G, J, M, P, T and W. This limits my vocabulary a lot. Oh and don't bother telling me to ask my grandchildren how to use one like the people at Walmart and Best Buy did. I don't have any nor any children and I don't actually know anyone under the age of 36. My co-workers are of no use because they laugh when I ask how to use a smart phone. I did figure out one thing, they should have called it a genius phone because it's only for people with an IQ over 160. Mine is only 123.
Bought for my little brother (4) He loves it 👍🏼
Can you use this with the prepaid airtime cards, the 60,90,120 minutes cards?
This is not real RİGHT?
I have this phone and another one both blue smartphones from TracFone got them both from dollar general both had screens I can say your better off getting one of these from dollar general then paying like a grand for a phone both are great decent price and I'm thankful for both these phones can turn the other one on whenever I want have some DVDs download to them and charmed season 7 looks so great on this phone in hd and other movies!!!!! These phones are so great trackfones are the best and very nice I love my phones!!!!!! No need to upgrade when you can just upgrade from a flip phone to one of these even love my phones!!!! Volumes great too!!!!!
Thank you!
I am considering getting one of these it seems like a good deal
What's good about this phone it's still getting security updates.
My BLU VIEW 2 "home screen" appears to be the "Lock Screen". There is no password and I can make calls and texts. I wish to open the Settings menu. Tracphones tech says swipe up but this does nothing. Nor does tapping and holding which I've seen in another video. I also can't get to the type of screen seen at the beginning of this video, which the tech calls the "Application folder." Any thoughts?
Never buy this phone it so bad I'm using it right now never buy it if ur watching somthing it just lag and take u to ur home screen
Has anyone used this on a inter state trip, for GPS location purposes? If so, how did it fair?
I just got this phone on 9/14/22 and it has the android 11 update
I got this phone recently at Dollar General for around $35. I am using it as my main phone now because it will be easy to replace if i breaks.
Use not just
Can i just this phone with total wireless?
Would be nice if someone could tell me how to connect to WIFI with this. I have hundreds of gigs of training videos to watch for work and they only work on smart phones and I can't do that if I have to pay $5 a gig. I'm not wealthy. Every attempt to connect with wifi gives me a message "network not secure" and there doesn't seem to be a way around it.
A year for a phone??? I now regret buying this. I got my first telephone in 1979 when I got my first apartment. It was the 1937 Bell model 302 that my mother gave me. I grew up with that phone. It is what I learned how to dial a phone on around 1969 when I was 9 years old. In those days children usually didn't learn how to dial a phone until they were old enough to be left alone at home but my Mom was pregnant with twins and wanted me to know how to dial in case I had to ask the operator for an ambulance for her. That phone was the phone my mother grew up with since it was manufactured two years before she was born. My grandmother gave it to her (illegally since it wasn't legal to own your own phone in those days) when my Mom got married in 1959. My grandmother had just gotten an upgrade and the guy at the phone company was going to toss it into the trash but she talked him into giving it to her. My point is that this has been my telephone and worked perfectly as intended, to make and receive phone calls until about 8 years ago when the phone company decided to redo the wiring to all houses and made it impossible for my phone to work any more. There was nothing wrong with the phone. It would have continued working for another century if the phone company didn't do what they did. 77 years is NOT a long time to own something. I have cameras I still use that are twice that old and I have a fan and three lamps that are much older. I bought my cell phone which is a Trackfone at Walmart for $5 at their clearance table and I have happily paid $10 a month for all that time. It works perfectly still but my boss wants me to have a smart phone so I can train for a promotion he wants me to get. I buy something I expect it to outlive me. Owning something for a year is to me a total waste of money. The only thing I would expect to wear out in less than a decade would be clothing and most of my clothes are older than that and some are older than my phone, my FIRST phone. How can any company have any pride making something that can be expected to need replacing in that time? Unfortunately I have run into this with computers as well so I suppose I should not be shocked by short life spans. My first computer lasted me over a decade. Each successive one less than the previous. This one is only two years old and already it is showing signs of wear. The letters on the keyboard have already worn off. Good thing I learned how to type 50 years ago and know where the keys are. My old 1928 Royal typewriter still has all it's keys intact and I've typed millions of words on it no problem. It still works perfectly too. The only hitch is I've had to make my own ribbon for the last twenty years but that's not difficult. Technology should work better and last longer as we progress into the future not be disposable and be harder to use. You also shouldn't have to re learn how to do the same thing every year or two for the rest of your life. I learned how to dial a phone in 1969. I should be able to do the same thing the same way for the rest of my life. It took me two weeks jus to figure out how to make my first phone call with this piece of junk.
I feel cheated by Apple.
another thing i love is that its hard to break or crack
I like your presentation and I appreciate it thank you. It's a phone that'll do all what I need it to do for $29.99 Thanks again for your clear understanding presentation it is appreciated
I have it
I picked up mine at Rite Aid for $20 and it comes with android 11
MY BLU VIEW 2 HAS ANDROID 11.0 bought this at walmart by st louis for $29.00 ON 6/4/22, works better that the moto G Pure i had for 1 month & kept locking up & screen would flash over & over.
How did you get rid of the Google search bar that was stuck in the middle of the screen? Plus this phone couldn't let you use other music 🎵 as ringtones. Just the few they had stored on it.
What phone card does this take or how do u set up a plan
The battery life on this phone is great this is actually my first android phone I ever got and the funny thing is I rarely use the camera on it and lg phones suck because of short battery life.
worst phone i've ever had. even for budget. didn't get used for many months, battery died on its own. very slow for its os. i'm hoping for a replacement soon
How do you transfer data from your old phone to this phone?
So, where did you find the sim card in the package? I havent found mine.
How is this phone with YouTube? I just want it to watch videos on YouTube.
I got a blu view 2 a long tine ago. And lost it
My friend gave me one of these to fix and keep, and I have to replace the charging port so I can use it until I replace the screen on my iPhone 8, and I’m using my problematic iPhone 6. This seems like a decent phone
I got won for $21
Nano or Micro Sim card please?
Good content man 🙏 thanks again
Tracfone straitalk, don't waste your money and time with them they will play games with your service and access!
I can't change to custom ring tone . So freaking annoying.
I watched this on a blu view 1
I purchased one of these phones about 1 year ago it works fine for me and I love it and I just actually found a really nice phone case to go with it but the phone itself I have never had any problems so I would recommend if people want a simple Android smartphone and the price was good
Just got a blu view 2 and there was a plastic film inside where the battery goes , was that film supposed to be removed . I tried to slide it up and out but it did not move or peel away .
Do a review on the simple mobile Blu View 2 it has 32 Gb of internal storage and 2 GB of ram
You didn't take the protective film off the rear camera lens,hence the bad quality picture.
Worse phone EVER. Do not buy under any circumstances.
I used it before it kept dropping all around cracked so much it stopped working :( I might get a new one
Work good that phone?
Kim, how do you transfer data from your old phone to this phone?
Sound is not working.
Does it connect to WIFI alright for you? I was reading other reviews that it won’t.
has FM radio?
Sarap pag may bagong phone so ba sissy Kim.
Hi! Good unboxing!
Beautiful phone
congrats for your new baby companion, the specs are good with android 10 and quad core processor. sarap naman bumili nyan. enjoy doing the vlogging Sissy.
Ooo, new phone. Love new tech items.
may extra gadget sis happy for your new cellphone ganda yang brand ng BLU view wala dito sa amin ganda ng camera very clear
chia se hay qua cam on em nhieu
wow new phone more vlog coming sissy hehe
Woow bagong phone ate ,magkana bili mo yan ate?dito sa pinas wala ata ganyang ata phone dito,wala pa ako nakakita ng ganyang phone dito
chia se hay qua cam on ban nhieu
Not familiar sa brand sis pero mukhang ok naman.
Wow sisy ang ganda nmn ng phone mo
Hello kim kim good morning here watching!!lets see 👁🥰👍🙋‍♀️❤📱📲📱📲😁 wow that is agood bargain nice !! Enjoy somtines is good to have extra phones and for that price why not nice coupons always come in handy!!
Ang ganda.

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