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Buy TracFone Nokia 2760 Flip, 4GB Black online at Amazon. Display Size: 1.77 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Black, Brand: TracFone
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TracFone Nokia 2760 Flip, 4GB Black Features

  • 5MP Rear Camera with Built-In Flash
  • 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • 4GB Built-In Memory
  • 3.8 Battery Hours of Talk Time; 21.4 Days of Standby Time
  • 4G Connectivity with preloaded Web Browser, Email
Display Size: 1.77 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Black, Brand: TracFone
The lowest TracFone Nokia 2760 Flip, 4GB Black Price in USA is $19.00 at Amazon.
Buy TracFone Nokia 2760 Flip, 4GB Black online at Amazon.
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Tracfone Nokia 2760 Flip 4gb Black- Prepaid Feature Phone

TracFone Nokia 2760 Flip, 4GB Black Reviews from YouTube

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Nokia 2760 Flip Tracfone - Review
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Nokia 2760 Flip 4G - (2022) Unboxing & Review
I was looking to learn how to use the key pad as it's my first mobile phone so not much help here.
That video you made honestly wasn't bad for a flip phone. I was expecting worse.
I need the same classical phone with dual sim. Can you show me
Also, the video quality of that 5 megapixel barely looks like 5 megapixels. It looks worse than the iPhone 3GS. I would never buy cheap shit.
I would smash that shit. Tracfone is legit the worst carrier ever. I’m glad I got an iPhone 13 Pro Max on Verizon. Also, their page doesn’t fully load up!
1 hour video on a $20 phone. It's gotta be amazing
Can I use the Nokia 2760 with Red Pocket?
How much minutes and data does it come with
very detailed and useful video! thank you
Are you able to use android auto with this phone? I hate smart phones but I do need the gps lol
can you buy it, open the box, and start using it? how many minutes does it have?
How do you transfer numbers from another phone to this one?
Dispose of your microphone, pal. It sucks!
does it come with sim card
Excellent I think I will get this for my sister. Thanks sir:)
Thank you for your tutorial !!! Very appreciated ....
hi, can you instal whatsapp on nokia 2760?
You didn't show the radio did you? I need to know if you can listen to radio without having earphones plugged into phone for the antenna reception. This is important to people that use a flip phone to stay in touch for information being you don't want to use internet on these dumb phones much less than text from them. Also, is there speech to text that may be used since a dumbphone like this has no keyboard and don't give me that you use the # keys because that isn't relevant and Nokia, these days, should be well past only having text to speech if they wanted to come back to the cellphone market especially in the states! You need to have markers, placed in your video subject area, for people to drill into different points of the phone because most people will abandon your video because it is too long and they don't want to take their time to watch it all. These points are real and will help you get more views!
নকিয়া বালের ফোন অটো কল রেকর্ডিং থাকে না
If u just get the phone will it work or do I have to buy some SIM card or plan thing along with it or is it just the phone alone ready to go
Does this phone have auto answer on opening the flip
I may have missed it, but is the phone WiFi compatible?
so, buy it, activate it, and it should work? it has airtime on it already?
This is a load of crap I bought one for my boat for £9.99 FROM HOME BARGAINS ALSO FROM B&M
Does it comes with a micro sd card slot??
can we install WhatsApp in it?
This is great
Bangladesh / Singapore to available
How much is the price
Love from Africa! Interesting.... You've got a good voice...and it's given me insights into my next burner phone
Thank you - nice to get real people and honest (unpaid) opinion.
Hai T, try to review more about the nokia 2660. Pros and cons
How much in usa ?
1:44 The "3X" info in the white circle inside the box flap seems to imply that the phone will triple whatever minutes you buy for the phone later on. Yet nothing on the outside of the box advertises this HUGELY important feature. Can you confirm that the phone will triple any future airtime minutes? My impression has been that Tracfone is getting away from triple minutes and double minutes. For example, the $19.99 card is actually a 60 minute card, yet the white circle info shows 180 minutes... 3X what you pay for. It is kinda puzzling that the front of the box is not SHOUTING this valuable feature to the world in big type.
Спасибо за внимание!
I like to design, but i hate KaiOS operation. I have a nokia 6300 4g with KaiOS and it very bad to use for everyday. nokia feature phone should be run S30 RT operation to optimus experience
I was looking for the unboxing of this phone.. thanks
It's nokia Kai os s30 version the new nokia flipphone
Its fake Theres no nokia 2760
How do I activate speed dialing? I have already selected the contacts for it but can’t figure out how to turn it on
2720 flip or 2760flip
Its a phone to talk to someone on, remember thoes days
nokia 2720 or 2760 i don't know
kaiOS 3.1 0:58 usb c 4:45 no whatsapp?? 5:20 maps 6:10 no volt wifi, no hotspot
You didn't mention Bluetooth, yes?
I can't make phone calls on the phone. My phone doesn't have a phone number. How do I fix this?
@Jose Thank you for the nice review! I have two questions: 1) I want to charge it with the cradle on my night stand. Is the backlight of the frontpanel very bright when charging? Because that would annoy me when falling asleep (I need it to be dark) 2) when you flip open the device, will it automatically answer the call or do you still have to press the answer button?
Was considering picking one up at Walmart. Checked the reviews. Out of 23, 4 were 5 stars and 14 were one star, and for good reasons. No thanks.
Does this phone have Spotify? Bluetooth? Could I use Bluetooth to listen to Spotify and YouTube videos?
does it have wifi ?
I have the Nokia 2720 flip but no internet. How do I find out how many minutes I have left. Also do they let you know when you close to running out of minutes?
Sucks to text with
Always use predictive text, it is far more enjoyable, nothing beats confessing to your neighbour by text that you've been stealing his wife when you meant to say wifi, oh the fun that is had.
We can’t figure out how to use speed dial. Have entered the numbers but can’t seem to figure out how to just use the speed dial number to call.. thanks
Bhai muje chiye
Finally, a better camera. When they have a good camera like 12 MP, I'm buying
Call recordings option?
Voice recorder?
My phone
It's better to buy Nokia g21 just add some money
Can you adjust the ring time (how many times it rings before going to voice mail)?
Sir i am from india . I want to purchase this type of phone but it cannot be delivere in india . Sir please send me this phone for me
Will it support paytm?
Annoying music yes annoying f****** computer voice yes f****** pointless yes go f*** yourself and your f****** review
welcome back multitap typing... do you miss me?
Not available in india 😞😞
where can I get this in canada?
Hotspot h kya isme?
This is 2720 not 2760, , madarchot YouTuber stole someone else video and put clickbait , report this channel
Deaf one ear hard of hearing in other. How is audio?
Does it have torch
Is it available here in the US? and if so where can someone purchase this flip phone?
Fuck 2720
Buying platform please
Does it support 128 sdcard

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